I recently (#just) hit 300 followers and felt slightly obligated to make a follow forever. I’m super surprised to have this many followers considering that I don’t stick to just one group but you all have stuck around so thank you so much :). 

I have all of my mutuals  listed but I bolded them just to be sure. If you are a mutual not listed just let me know and I’ll add you. :) I’m not putting everyone I follow (because I follow close to 900 blogs) but I’m putting a lot. If I forgot someone I’m very sorry but just know if I follow you then I love you.  

My favs are marked with a ♥ after their name. 

Starting off with the squad:  @taeseyesnoiselips♥♥♥  @jimiknee♥♥♥ @hobismole♥♥♥ these three have very easily become my best friends and have kept me sane in my final year of high school. I can’t wait to see them more often and I don’t know what I’d do without them. I’m no good at talking about my feelings so I’m just gonna shut up and post all the others.

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hey kIDs so i recently hit a follower goal of 500 which is liKE???? WH A T ??? I LOV EY OU ALL SO MUCH WHY DO YOU EVEN FOLL O W ME HE LP im not a Quality blog wyD so i figured id do a ff w my mutuals;; hmu if i forgot u + thank u so much for following me!!!! ALSO quick thank u to pretty much everyone ive ever talked to on this site everyone has been so lovely and it makes me real happy that every1 is so nice :~)

bold - you’re so talented/ you have an amazing blog/ you’re just really cool and i might totally be in love with you look up to you a whole bunch

☆ - there’s a little message for you down below!!!!

# - d

@00-jpg, @4bts, @9yoongi@adorexuminghao@aesthetic-h0well, @aesthetiicly ☆, @aesyoongi@alys-art@armyforlife, @astroismystar, @baepsaeved​, @bangtan-sonyeond-anime@bangtansqueen, @bangtoonie@beautiful-in-phan-way, @bfhoshi@blondejeon@busanie☆, @bxtchinluke ☆, @cakejimin, @candyjinwoo@changkyoongi@chimchimhasmyheart@chimchiminnie, @crayontae​, @cupidtae☆, @cypherkookie@dandanaru☆, @ddochi-jimin,@deastroying, @destroyoongi, @dimpledjoon@doitforjibooty, @dripp-dropp,

e - j

@elepantae, @emeraldphan@exoticue@fairy-taetae, @fairyngi, @flirtaeng, @floweryseoul@foreverseokjin, @frickyoongi@fuckingmagicalprincess, @galactic-memes@godlytae, @goldenhyung@gotbang7tan, @grampsyoongi@hcbies, @himynameisinternettrash, @hittthetuan, @holy-spacecow@hopseoks@hoseokery, @hoyaas, @i-ctrl-v@jae-kooks@jehope, @jeontrash, @jiminfinity​, @jiminieminymoe​, @jimins-taesty-kookie, @jiminsgrin@jiminsushi, @jinhales, @jonggk, @jongkuks​, @jungkookism, @jungkookjpeg, @jungqook

k - p

@kaepeop, @kimtaehnng@kookingwithlexi@kristindearest, @krtnnsr@kumakookie, @kyungsoosearmoles, @kyuokie ☆, @milkbui@miniatureyoongi@mirnyoongi, @mochiiu ☆, @momotairu​, @momotairu@morejimin, @myhobi@musicofbangtan, @namnjoon@nostalgicdimple, @nutaellas, @ohseokay@omojinyounghobi@oushou ☆, @parkjiminsprincess@pdnamjoon@pepperjimintsuga ☆, @pinkfairiewoozi, @pla-nethillary@pockytae, @polkadotstudy​,

q - z

@rainytaes@rockybin, @s-ngcheol, @senseipng@seokjinwfun, @seokline@seoksins, @sillycoups@sleepbin@smenterslavement, @soytae ☆, @starlightaes, @startranquil☆, @sughyun@svtdad@syubjeon@syuby☆, @syugaflake, @taegyohyung@taehyungah, @taehyungs-nuts@taehyungso, @taehyusng, @thinmintae@trashfourdays, @turtlegramps, @twinkgyu, @ultbaekhyun, @vanilltae@vernonlaugh@vtaehyunq, @wohnwoo@wonbby@wydkook☆, @xingorjin, @xobangtan, @xotaebae@yo-onmin ☆, @yoongukie@youngkooks, @zicogirl

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Hey guys! You’re fellow meme here that can’t do pretty edits so resorts to crap memes and jokes. I am so sorry for being dumb, but I have hit 420 followers which is more than I ever thought possible for someone like me! Thank you guys so much! I know this is dumb, but I am surprised that I haven’t seen this joke done before. Anyways I have so many favorites and I wanted to make sure my favorite writers also got recognition, so here come tags! (Also if you don’t recognize my new URL, I was previously taeseyesnoiselips) 

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so recently i reached 3k followers (!!!) and as a thank you i wanted to create (another) follow forever with all my favourite blogs! thank you to everyone who follows me and thank you to all my amazing mutuals too! you have all helped make this blog such an amazing experience for me and i can’t believe i’ve reached so many followers! it’s really wild to me ?! again, thank you all so much and I hope everyone is having a great day! i love you! 💞

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HELO EVERY!!!! it me…. the birthday girl. a simple june 14th gemini :D and i decided… u kno what?? it’s almost halfway through 2016 and it’s also been nearly a year since i’ve had this account on tumblr (even if i’ve only been a kpop blog for like two months), so y not make a follow forever??? (:

first of all, i want to thank all of u on this list for being AMAZING!! my tumblr experience would not be what it is today without u guys there on my dash. i love reading ur tags n getting to kno u through your place!! u guys are all amazing people and i lub u all a lot!!! <33

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hi! i’ve been meaning to make a follow forever for a while but school Killed Me for a short time so since summer (and m'bday) is coming up i thought i’d do it now! before i get started i just wanna say tht i love all my mutuals very much and if i forgot abt u just know tht i still love u a lot!! faves will be bolded.


@130moods - @1chen - @1crush - @1moonbin - @1pendeja - @305heaux -@4mstan - @4yooa - @5yubble - @6suga - @acebytaemin - @arianashoe - @arngelic - @baldhamilton - @blackgirlsvevo - @chansgf - @cheerupmv - @chensbf - @chowchowfan - @csmcgrls


@emojchic - @exoticue - @fallingslow - @fourwlls - @fruitkth - @fyoungjae - @gfhalsey - @ghostsgf - @gjrlcrush - @gorlsinvasion - @hobijimin - @hwasasgorl - @hyosunq - @ilovejoyri - @imjungkooksgf - @iujoy


@jacksonwangism - @jadelust - @jh5pe - @jiminlitmyassonfire - @jiminstolgf - @jinhmu@junghansgf - @khukh - @kibumsgrl - @lunasgrl - @minasgirl - @modeltae - @nakiebaekie - @nayeonsgrl - @nctmom


@officialsana - @parkchao - @pcystrophywife - @peachittaphon - @ricecrackers - @robynfentyvevo - @sensitivecapricorn - @seokangsjoon - @seolhyunsgorl - @seolhyunsonenonly - @seprate - @shineeisthebestgroup - @shyseulgi - @sijeong - @sofhanbin - @stantalent


@tenderhort - @tenleechaiys - @tenswcw - @thekingtaehyung - @tiffanysgrl - @vampgorl - @vernonstan - @witchspell - @yeureoms - @yjiae - @zhoutzuyu - @zitao1

+ some update blogs tht i cherish dearly

@woohyunbiased - @fyeahyoojung - @fykimtaehyung - @fykook - @fy-taekook - @fycosmicgirls - @fy-ten - @fuckyeahdaehyun