At best, The 5th Wave tries to tap into the way the Hunger Games books and films turned embattled teen-girl heroes into a profitable cinematic movement, and Twilight turned teen love triangles featuring dangerous, exotic boys into a craze. It feels more commercially conscious than culturally conscious: it’s out to build a franchise and an ensemble of tough, lovable characters capable of selling another two films. But that means it’s working from a familiar framework about teen empowerment in crisis. And the film version doesn’t have many distinctive elements to flesh out that framework, or to make this look different from any of the other dystopian post-apocalypse novels that have flooded teen-lit shelves over the past decade.


northern-echo asked:

About "kings"- please don't go there, no one (I, myself, live in a city where one of those meetings are about to happen, lucky I live in different district of Katowice) has idea how many people might there be, and I don't want to hear anything happen to you. I think safest would be to inform authorities...if anyone were to listen :c.

I’ll be okay, dangerous exotics animals will protect me :3

“Don’t take life so seriously! It’s not like any of us are gettin’ out of it alive!”

Name: Inveigler Myuu

Age: Late teens - early 20′s

Gender: Female

Graduated College: Dynamics

Occupation/Affiliation: Travelling salesperson, rarely actually works.

Notable physical traits: No particularly notable physical traits. Just your average spotted asura.

Interests: Myuu’s interests lay within seeking the strange, exotic, and potentially dangerous. Using her travelling trade as an excuse to wander about the world, she enjoys sightseeing, discovering what Tyria has to offer, and throwing needlessly frivolous parties with money she has inherited. If something is exciting, unique, or just plain strange, she likely wants to try it, or already has.

Frequented Areas: Myuu is a very frequen patron of bars around Tyria, as she confiders them melting pots where quite a lot of interesting, and thus potentially fun people can be found. Though she most often frequents the bars within Divinity’s Reach, they are by no means her only visited areas.

Personality/Beliefs: By most definitions of the word, Myuu is a hedonist. She thinks very little of consequences, and quite a lot more on the heat of the moment, and having the most fun in the now. She has no desire to improve society, the world, or anything for that matter, save for the enjoyment of her own life, and by the alchemy does she enjoy nearly every moment of it. Diving off of tall structures, using all sorts of experimental equipment purely for the sake of ‘let’s see what happens’, and throwing parties with enough alchohol to make a norn blush are but a small roster of her average activities. To her, “Life is short, and way too many people spend so much time worrying about everything, that they forget to really live.” From time to time, Myuu spends time trying to convert others to this idealology, believing both that everything is more fun with company, and in general everyone needs to simply just “loosen up”. Her attempts are of course, met with mixed results, some people quite enjoying the idea, and others considering her to be simply self absorbed and vain. Despite what others may think of her, Myuu is almost constantly smiling, carrying with her a playful, if not sometimes startling casual demeanor.

Measure Each Step to Infinity - paxbanana - Avatar: The Last Airbender [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 22/22
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Azula/Katara (Avatar)
Characters: Ursa (Avatar), Iroh (Avatar), Zuko (Avatar), Mai (Avatar), The Gaang, Ozai (Avatar)
Additional Tags: Azula’s POV

Azula’s growth from defeat to victory, one little step at a time.

I simply cannot stress how AMAZING this fic is. 

It’s got everything! Love, Redemption, political maneuvering, conspiracies, exotic locations, DANGER, ACTION, laughs, feelings, SO MANY FEELINGS, parental issues (it’s Azula of course there is), and family.

And paxbanana also has additional side stories some of which are available at AO3 but all of them are available under their fanfiction.net account.

That thing about the woman who slept with a snake who stopped eating because it was getting ready to eat the woman is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t act like a fucking Disney princess thinking you have a special connection with exotic, dangerous animals

You do not & you’re gonna get your ass eaten

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Anything cause you're bored? OH MADAM YOU ALWAYS DIVE IN OVER YOUR HEAD: What is your favorite style/culture of cuisine? Have you ever used strap-ons? Is there any country you wish you could live in for an extended period? Ever used a sybian? Ever taken a cruise? Most exotic/dangerous/kinky place you've ever masturbated? Any museums/art galleries you would like to visit someday? Would you do nude modeling if someone (a professional) offered pay? Would you travel to space if given a chance?

Always love these questions.

What is your favorite style/culture of cuisine? Probably Italian.

Have you ever used strap-ons? No I haven’t but I would use one.

Is there any country you wish you could live in for an extended period?
Yes so many all of them basically but Australia is high on the list.

Ever used a sybian? No I have not.

Ever taken a cruise? Nope but I will soon.

Most exotic/dangerous/kinky place you’ve ever masturbated? I honestly don’t really masturbate that much not my thing.

Any museums/art galleries you would like to visit someday? All of them. I love stuff like that.

Would you do nude modeling if someone (a professional) offered pay? Eh I don’t know about that. Depends if it was like tasteful and where it’s go and how much. Idk.

Would you travel to space if given a chance? HELL FUCKING YES.

STay rad.

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Ultimate Dinosaur Simulator v1.0.5 APK

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Discover a long lost prehistoric world and rule over it as an all mighty Dinosaur! Travel back to a time when monstrous carnivores roamed the Earth and exotic plant life filled dangerous jungles! For the first time ever, choose from TEN PLAYABLE DINOSAURS! Hunt down food, raise a family of dinos, and battle for your life against fierce bosses like the Spinosaurus! Download the Ultimate Dinosaur Simulator today while it&time! Brand New Features REALISTIC SIMULATOR You&

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WILD- dangerous, exotic

We are WILD. People will misjudge you and it may eventually stop you from dreaming cause all you care is how yourself appears to them. Carry on. Hold on to your dreams and reach it. Never release it because someday the people who misjudged you will tell the people how they met you.


Blog 1: Racism in OITNB

Piper’s immediate reaction to women of color in prison is an innate fear and hesitation. I thought the most important and powerful scene that really displayed the assumption about the women of color, particularly the black women, was the lunch scene in which Piper was very reluctant while looking around for somewhere to sit. The camera shows the viewer glimpses of many black women very quickly, making her anxiety regarding the women evident. One of the workers in the cafeteria senses her fear and tells her to go sit with the, “nice white lady.” This line in particular really shows the innate discrimination that society, Piper specifically, immediately feels toward people of color. Piper is drawn to the white lady because white is considered safe, and black is seen as exotic, threatening, and dangerous. She finds ease and comfort near fellow white women, because she assumes the white women must be like her: higher class, educated, and in prison due to a technicality. On the other hand, she assumes the black women are violent and uncivilized.

I really enjoyed the first episode and thought it posed a lot of troubling questions that we as a society face including racism and the criminalization of women, especially women of color, as they are represented in high abundance in Orange is the New Black, and the way the high class white woman feels about the black women in the show. Since she is white and obviously higher class, she seems out of place among the lower class, seemingly uneducated, women of color.  

Piper’s assumption about the black women in prison speaks a lot about the normalized tendencies and subconscious attitudes of our society that demonizes people of color and immediately degrades them to less than the white standard. I am very excited for the next episode and to see what other problematic, and perhaps even uncomfortable, issues OITNB can bring to the surface.