I will forever be disappointed by the fact that progressives seem to agree on a set of core principles right up until animal rights are involved, at which point people find themselves not only utterly abandoning them, but worse, actually arguing in favour of the exact same oppressive beliefs and harmful practices that they vehemently oppose in any other context. 

My funny patronus story:

A couple of days ago I did a meditation to find my patronus. I was distracted during the whole thing. As I got to the reveal, for a split second, I saw a fox but promptly sent it out of my meditation for being too mainstream ( dumb, I know, but like I said the meditation wasn’t going so well. I didn’t believe I would have something so cool-I felt like I’d have something sort of lame, don’t ask me why). Anyway, I had the audacity to send it out and tell it to try again . It came back morphing awkwardly from one nondescript forest critter to another. I gave up and tried again later. I saw a house cat on my next attempt but figured I was sort of seeing what I was familiar with rather than what my patronus really was. The next day, I pull into my parking space at work and what do I see but a beautiful fox sitting in front of me. I get out of my car to watch her and she’s all chill, taking her time sniffing about and making her way around the building when I see a fat tabby cat stalking the fox! Folks, I kid you not, I watched open mouthed as the tabby cat chased the fox away! WTF?!! None of my co-workers believed me. I could barely believe it myself! Needless to say, I’m happy to embrace both the fox and house cat. 


visited @mayor-brianne​‘s zen town caesura! this stormy town was extremely beautiful! each area, filled with vivid flora, looked so well thought out ♡ the gorgeous qr paths were surrounded by amazing colors from the flowers and hydrangea bushes that blended flawlessly with the town ♡ there were many sections of really pretty symmetry and the whole place felt so balanced and peaceful to walk through~

♡ 5C00 - 004E - 390E ♡