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Let me tell you about my experience with got7 in houston. First, I would just like to say that this was definitely the best kpop event I have ever been to (i’ve seen both exo and bts live in dallas). So that simple fact right there is saying something all by itself.

But anyway I’m going to start from the beginning. I had to stand in a really long line to get my wrist band for p2. Now that wouldn’t have been a problem if it weren’t so cold outside. I was freezing my butt off and watching the rest of the p2 people who had their wrist bands enter the building. It was slightly discouraging, but it was my fault because I arrived at 5:30pm from Louisiana. So I finally got my wrist band and I made it into the the p2 section. The first thing I noticed was that they had each section barricaded so the sections couldn’t mix. Even with that in place I found myself in the front of p2 off to the far left. I had a great view of the stage and managed to get a few interactions. I’ll get to that later though!

As we were waiting for the fanmeet to start they had a black girl in the balcony upstairs that was super lit! She was dancing to all the songs and hype the crowd up. I was like I want to sit by her, she’s so freaking lit right now lol. So skip forward to the fanmeet actually starting…they are so beautiful. Like they came out and they looked just like they look in their videos and pictures. Some people may say they look “better” in person, but nah they just look like their selves. What you see is what you get! Anyway, they performed and then they did the questions. The highlight of the question segment was Jackson asking Mark “why you so daddy,” and then Bambam asking “what’s daddy?” I literally died because Jackson was so extra! He gave Jinyoung a lap dance because Jinyoung said he wanted to feel his thighs. Like the whole thing was so extra and I loved every minute of it.

After the questions were over they performed some more. They were all so energetic. Nobody was slacking off and Jb and Jackson were really killing the dances. I could not take my eyes off Jackson. The way that boy moves is so sinful istg! After they performed they came back out to play the games. They did random dance play and they split them up into teams. We had Young&Rich (Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom) and the “Old” team (Jb, Mark, and Jinyoung). Young&Rich should have won based off the rules, but the fans (me included) gave the win to the Old team. They worked hard for it, especially Jb lol.

So after that happened they called the fans up to play a game. I cried for them because I was just so happy for them. They had a fourteen year old who got Jackson and her name was nana(? idk if i spelled it right), but Jackson treated her so well and he twirled her around. It was so sweet! Victoria, the only black girl, won with the help of her partner Jinyoung. He gave her lots of hugs and patted her up a lot. I was so happy for her!

So to make this shorter I’m going to skip some stuff and talk about my interactions. Jackson likes to do this thing were he pretends he’s not looking at you, but you catch him throwing glances. So I waved at Jackson and he smiled and did this little nod. He didn’t wave back and I would’ve missed it if I was watching him like a hawk. I died and came back and died and came back again! Jinyoung also waved at me at the end of the fanmeet, eye contact and all. Mark jumped off the stage to hug each of the people in the disabled section. I was literally right next to the section, and I saw Mark in like…1080hd. I was so shook and one of the girls started crying, and so I started crying for her because I was so happy!

P2 had hi-touch and so we got to stay behind and watch P1 take their pictures. Jb literally was standing behind almost all the black girls that came up there. Jackson had two black girls too, and he was massaging one of the girl’s shoulders. I yelled at her and was like,“Yaaas sista girl! Yaaaas” I don’t know if she heard me, but I was too buck for her.

So for the highlight of my entire night. So I was in the front of the line for hi-touch. Juju on that beat came on and Bambam started dancing. So the girl I was with in the line started doing the dance with me, and Bambam started vibing with both of us. We’re dancing, hittin the folks, dabbing, and Mark looks out at me and the girl and laughs. So the girl next to me yells,“you pretty, you yo daddies son!” and Bambam laughs. So we start freaking out because we had just vibed with Bambam, and then they cut the music off because the boys were too distracted.

After that I was backstage and it was time for me to go up on the stage for the hi-touch. It didn’t hit me that I was really about to meet them until I got up on the stage and started walking towards Jinyoung. So I get to Jinyoung and I have one hand on my chest because I’m thoroughly shook, and one hand out ready to shake their hands. I shake Jinyoung’s hand and say,“Thank you so much for the show.” He smiles at me, looks me in the eye, his hand was soft and kind moist, and he nods. I saw like…his freaking makeup and his pores, he’s beautiful. So Yugyeom was next and I don’t really remember what happened because my eyes started watering. I just remember his hand being much bigger than mine. I got to Youngjae and his face…Youngjae is not my bias but he is so precious! He was gorgeous! I was so took with him that I started crying. He looked worried and patted my hand between both of his. So I put the hand that was on my chest over my mouth to keep myself from ugly crying. Jb was next and he smiled at me so sweetly. I wanted to say I love you but I would’ve started sobbing. So I move to Jackson and he see’s that I’m crying and he just reaches his hand out and we hold hands for a good minute. Like I’m just crying and Jackson is looking at me with the most comforting look. He didn’t say anything but the look he wss giving me was like,“Let it out babygirl. It’s gonna be okay, let it out.” I was like 👌 this close to sobbing in his face. So I move to Bambam and he says,“Don’t cry. It’s okay, awww.” I nodded to him and he smiled. I got to Mark and he was like,“Thank you for coming, it’ll be okay. Don’t cry okay.” I nodded to him too and then he turned and waved to me as I was leaving the stage. I was on cloud 10 bruh, I was really dying inside. And so when I got outside I started sobbing and screaming at my sister. Yesterday was on of the best nights of my life. I’m still freaking out just thinking about it

I’ll post my pictures and videos on my blog @that-crazy-exotic