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We are a small group of creative people that plan on producing a webcomic, namely @stiftchen, @kiaz1st, @charamaffle, @tinnegan, @galeanthropus, @objective-lost, @featherstorm77, @yesgay-briel and @pandanator8664.

The comic is about a science nerd who travels to live down by the sea with her father and brother, where she hopes to spot the elusive mermaids that have been reported to live there.

Themes: Ocean, Mermaids, Pollution, fighting bad guys, great food, Tumblr humour™, dorks and ships.

This comic will have lots of LGBTQ+ characters. We try our best to be inclusive to everyone, but if you feel we’ve portrayed a minority inaccurately, please tell us.

Here’s some concept art to prepare you for what’s coming:

In thirty minutes there will be an introduction stream on twitch, we are grateful for anyone who reblogs this or visits the stream!


Mermaid AU

It’s finally here, everyone! I stayed up late to finish this, but I hope you enjoy. I really enjoy writing for any kind of Mystical Creature AUs so it was only natural that I decided to write about mermaids. Enjoy yourselves everyone! <3

The Seven Seas

As you may know there are seven main regions that the world’s oceans are split into: Arctic, Antarctic, North Pacific, South Pacific, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, and the Indian ocean. Depending on where a mermaid was born, they have different physical attributes including tails, scales, and body markings. They can also acquire powers, but not all mermaids have them. 

General Rules for Mermaids

  1. Mermaids are unable to walk on land unless they possess an enchanted pendant that can only be acquired by Sea Witches. It’s quite difficult to obtain them, and nothing comes without a price. You have to give in order to get something in return. Most Sea Witches will accept payment in the form of rare items or gems, but some are crueler, and will even ask you o give up your voice in return.
  2. If a mermaid were to take a human lover, they would have to undergo the rights of passage to become a mer-person themselves. That being said, it’s possible to change into a mermaid, but can only be done using an intricate spell that can only be accessed by the King/Queen of the Sea or a specific Sea Witch that goes by the name of Lana. (I kind of had to do this since Sea Witches play a big part in this AU. ;))
  3. For committing crimes, a mermaid can be banished to the human realm (as a human themselves) for all eternity without having memory of who they were before. This rarely happens, but it is possible.
  4. Mermaids are not immortal creatures, but their lifespan lasts for an extensive amount of time. They are able to be killed or mortally wounded.
  5. Mermaids ‘mate’ when it comes to terms of marriage. They choose to have a partner for a life time and undergo the “Rite of Souls”, an ancient ceremony performed by the mer-people to bind two people together, human or mermaid.This allows their life forces to intertwine.

Social Classes for Mermaids

Like a highly-functioning society, there are social classes to keep balance within the population.


  • They can be distinguished by the intricate markings across their bodies as well as the appearance of their tail. While colour depends on the region you were born in, a royal’s tail is much larger and extravagant than a normal mermaid’s tail. Usually embedded with jewels and other things to determine status. 

Sea Witches

  • Unlike how you would think, high witches are highly regarded in mermaid culture, the good ones at least. Since they are able to perform a multitude of spells and services, they are highly sought after. They usually have a small crescent moon engraved into a visible area of their body to display their status.  However, there are few (one at the moment) who happens to be both a Sea Witch as well as a Royal. This has only occurred once so far with the Sea Witch and Princess, Lana. (I had to add this i because Sea Witches play a big part, and if you wanted to request something, it’d all come together with Lana in here.)

The “Gifted”

  • This is a class of mermaids who were bestowed powers from birth. Not all mermaids are gifted with powers, but a large amount of them have them. Their powers vary, but aren’t strictly limited to where they were born.


  • Regular mermaids that are simply citizens. They perform regular jobs such as being veterinarians, chefs, teachers, etc.

Arctic Ocean 

Mermaids of this region are born in extremely cold temperatures and are able to withstand the coldest weather. Their tails are slender and dip into a sharp ‘V’ shape at the end. Tail colours are usually pale in comparison, ranging from snow white to icy blues. In the light, they appear to look like glittering diamonds. It’s safe to say that many mer-people were jealous of their beauty. This place is known for their adorable seals and guppies.

Who was born in this region?

  • Tsukishima Kei
  • Lev Haiba
  • Semi Eita
  • Aone Takanobu
  • Matsukawa Issei

Antarctic Ocean

Another cold region with mermaids able to withstand freezing temperatures. Similar to those in the Arctic Ocean, their tails are also of blue and lavender hues, but have flecks of pinks and purples embedded in them. The tails are slender, but branch out into wispy fins near the end to give them flair. Known for the penguins and orcas.

Who was born in this region?

  • Kenma Kozume
  • Kageyama Tobio
  • Kiyoko Shimizu
  • Ennoshita Chikara
  • Akaashi Keiji
  • Oikawa Tooru
  • Sugawara Koushi

North and South Atlantic

Depending on where you live in this ocean, it can be warm or cool. This is area is home to hundreds of northern mermaids. Their tails are hues of greens and turquoise mixed together to represent the undertones pf the ocean themselves. The mer-people that reside here are usually friendly people and welcome others to their home. That’s generally speaking however.

Who was born in this region?

  • Yachi Hitoka
  • Asahi Azumane
  • Bokuto Koutaro
  • Nishinoya Yu
  • Tanaka Ryuunosuke
  • Hanamaki Takahiro

North and South Pacific

This ocean is quite warm and a local tourist attraction for traveling mermaids due to the many historical sights. Mermaids who were born of in this region usually have bronze tails decorated with hints of pinks, greens, and even blues. 

Who was born in this region?

  • Daichi Sawamura
  • Futakuchi Kenji
  • Iwaizumi Hajime
  • Kyoutani Kentarou

Indian Ocean

One of the more exotic and warmer areas of the seven seas. This place is home to an exotic type of mermaid and the infamous Royal Sea Witch, Lana. Many are attracted here for the supposedly hidden power that lies here. Mermaids born here have unique tails that tend to vary in size, but each are layered with different sets of fins. The colours usually range from golds to silvery hues dotted with reds and purplish tones.

Who was born in this region?

  • Ukai Keishin
  • Yamaguchi Tadashi

  • Hinata Shoyou

  • Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Ushijima Wakatoshi

There are so many possible AUs to pick from but I finally settled on Pirate!Genji and Mermaid!Mercy. Mercy’s tail is modeled after a lionfish, the colors and patterns I felt went better with her. I know, I know. Angelfish was staring me down, but lionfish is just as beautiful for Mercy. Trust me.

Gency Week Day 2 — AU

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Lucy loves the sunshine. The golden time in the afternoon when photos look amazing but life looks even better. The time when you could laugh for the bright happiness of the sunshine dancing through the grass and the trees, reflecting off of the river or the ocean, when even the breeze becomes a gentle harmony to the sunshine. For some reason during that time Lucy never sunburned or got tired. She would climb trees and dance with nymphs and fauns and long after her siblings sat to rest, she was laughing and loving life with no exhaustion or signs of slowing down. It seemed that she could beat her brothers in a horseback race during the golden times, but rarely at other times of day. On days she couldn’t go out of the castle, she would climb to the tallest towers or visit the queens garden, and often watched the sea. The sea was always bluer and clearer for her than anyone else. And the sunlight seemed to shine to the sea bottom, showing the coral reefs, exotic fish, and mermaids who stayed in the shallows.

Peter loves the dawn. The time when the cold is slowly falling off the world and the colors are changed from gray to vibrant. The time when the clouds are orange and pink and other almost impossible, completely unique colors in a pattern that will never be seen again. When the darkness is pushed away and the light comes back into the world, like Aslan against the Winter. Peter is up earlier than everyone, except maybe the cooks, one of which often leaves warm tea or coco for him in the hallway after noticing his habit for early rising. He knows some of the best sections of walls and towers to see the sunrise over the ocean, but his favorite spot is one he found while exploring with Edmund, through an old door that squeaks on its hinges and drags on the ground, up a tight stone staircase and into a little observation room that has an open window to the East, and it has a very good ledge for leaning and sitting.

Susan loves midnight. The stars speak to her in a way that the others don’t hear. She loves the glittering majesty of the gems that stay constant, and yet still dance across the sky every night. Lucy learned the constellations in record time, but Susan learned them faster. At first she always made sure her siblings got to bed on time, but she found herself drawn outside every night, at midnight, or 2 in the morning. She watched the stars dance, and looked for hidden trails in the moonlight over the forest, and found colors that no one else could, thousands of shades of blues and purples and blacks. The stars were reds, and yellows and blues and whites and Susan saw as many colors there as in the sunsets. Instead of the nightly gazing making her tired, she gained a special kind of rest, she meditated and always managed to keep up with her siblings, they didn’t realize what she was doing for months (Edmund found her in one of his sleepless nights and joined her when he woke in the night, she never minded of course, they shared the silence) The stillness, and the calm, the fair moonlight drew her closer to Narnia and Aslan than most things. She mourned the loss of the familiar constellations the most when they returned to England.

Edmund loves the rain. Any kind of rain from storm to trickles to the oddly anticipating time before the clouds open. He loved to ride Philip in the rain just as much as he enjoyed curling up with a good book and hot coco by the fire. He thought the clearest when it was overcast or rainy, his sharp negotiating skills became even better which is quite a feat. Because he went out into the rain at every chance, he got sick more than once, but endured his siblings scolding, not that it stopped him from wandering through the woods during rain. He managed to see better and could find his way through the woods even after the dogs had given up in the rain. His love for rain helped during their campaigns though he always said that wearing armor took most of the joy out of rain. He loved watching the sea during or after a storm, it was untamable and powerful and unique. He also loved being present for the end of a storm, seeing the rainbows peeking out of the clouds, seeing patches of sunlight emerge, and the smell, whether he was sick or couldn’t sleep or couldn’t calm down, the smell of rain could fix him faster then just about anything.