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mads would probably be the one to try make chocolate chip pancakes on weekends when jeffy and ham are sleeping and ham can probably lick his own elbow tbh. jeffy would probably be the one to be able to make weird exotic meals but not understanding how to make grilled cheese sandwiches. the weekends are either the times where they all just relax and cuddle or when they decide to do crazy stuff. these people are ride or die kind of people

i agree
mads would b the one who watches out for alex n tjeffs bc those 2 r wild and are like toddlers tbh
alex would probably have th room a mess and tjeffs would be the one who cleans it up

Mushroom is No Room

Context: We were traveling from one town to another and came upon a young man searching for five-spotted mushrooms in order to make an exotic meal. Figuring I’d try to give him a hand, I decided I’d help him search. 

DM: Roll a survival check.

Me (High Elf Wizard): *Rolls a 14*

DM: You don’t spot any mushrooms, but you can tell they probably wouldn’t be nearby.

Druid: Ahh what the hell, I’ll help. *Rolls a 3*

Witchhunter: So will I! *Rolls a 5*

Me: WELP! Sorry we couldn’t be of any help. I guess let’s ju-

Bard: *Rolls a nat 20* I search too.

DM: You’ve found the mushroom kingdom, and have been awarded a Dukedom.

Gift [AU - Closed]


Ben Amidala had (and would have, at the wave of a hand) anything that he needed - fine clothes, exotic meals, even a poor servant to be entertained by - but there was something that he didn’t have. It hadn’t been uncommon for royal families to have a few slaves in their household, put there to follow orders just as the other staff were, but some were asked to do a little “more” than just fetch things and deliver messages to the public. The young prince could have used one, or so everyone else in the palace thought, to keep him away from things and out of trouble. 

One day a guest had entered the palace, bringing someone else along with them: a tall, thin, red-haired man dressed in something that was quite tasteful, being dragged along by a chain binding their hands together. When the guest had reached the foot of the throne where Ben was seated alongside his mother, he announced that this man was a gift for the young prince (perhaps as a peace offering too for a favor that would be owed later on). Curious, Ben stood and came over to the guest and gave a closer look to the slave. The guest made it clear that this man was feisty, but may learn to act otherwise over time. 

“Feisty? I think I might like that. It will bring some excitement into this place,” Ben gave a small smile and turned his attention back to the slave, “What is your name?”

For @fleurreads who requested “asking your crush if they ever had their first kiss” 

Lieutenant Duckling ♥ 

“…the counters filled with exotic meals, lavender and vanilla meeting in a delicate and loving harmony, oh, you definitely would have loved it there, Swan.” 

His voice is barely a husky whisper, in the quietness of her room only floodlit by a lonely candle on her nightstand.

She loves the tender shadows outlining his handsome features, emphasizing the nobleness of his nose and the fullness of his pinkish lips, and she finds him even more handsome than usual.

Laying at his side on her bed, both of them on their stomach, a carefree hand lifts their faces freshly escaped from childhood.

She tries to ignore the heat of his body next to hers, the impassable boundary between them, and still the palpable desire for each other.

She swallows hard, admiring the way his Adam’s apple bobs as he articulates his tale.

You do know that if we get caught, you’re going to find me hung up one morning ?”

The unusual high pitched of his clearly panicked voice had made her giggle slightly.

Oh her dear lieutenant, so aware of good form.

“Don’t worry Killian, I shall die defending your useless arse.”

(They had both laughed. A little bit to ignore the fact that she wasn’t lying.)

“You’re staring, princess.”

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Richard Ramirez: Favourite thing about my blog?

Ted bundy: Most dangerous thing I’ve done?

Jeffrey Dahmer: most exotic meal I’ve ate?

Richard chase: favorite movie?

Dick Hitchcock: Favourite thing to do in my free time?

Perry smith: Favourite time of the day?

Andrei Chitaklo: scariest paranormal experience?

Edmund Kemper- my height?

Kip Kinkel- Worst year in school?

Josh Phillips- hair color?

Zodiac- Sign?