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Exo Reaction: You wake them up with kisses

Chanyeol: His eye lids flutter softly as you peck each one before moving to his cheeks and everywhere else on his face. A smirk instinctively makes its way onto his face before his eyes open and meet your. His smile grows wider and this time he kisses you back. “Morning, princess.” He says, his morning voice scruffy and deep.

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Baekhyun: He’d start giggling as your lips tickle his cheeks. He wakes up before saying “You love me that much huh?” Teasing you slightly, loving the blush that appears on your face. You slap him playfully on the chest but he grabs your hand locking your fingers together humming slightly. “I love you.”

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D.O: It takes him the longest to wake up. As you kiss him softly he scrunches up his face but remains asleep. You sigh and fall down on the bed next to him, both of you on your backs. He subconsciously puts his arm around your shoulder, yours instinctively going around his waist as he falls deep asleep again.

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Sehun: He opens one eye as he feels your touch, squinting from the light. You move back so that you can both see each other clearly. “Wow, I can’t believe I’m this irresistible.” He states, flipping his hair, completely serious. You stay quiet for a moment before you both burst into laughter. “God, I love your voice.” He whispers before pecking your lips.

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Lay: He immediately giggles as your hair tickles his face. “Babe, stop.” He whispers sleepily. You pull away, pouting but his eyes are still shut tight. “Your pout doesn’t make me any less tired.” He opens his eyes and laughs at your shocked expression. “You think I don’t know you by now?” He asks before pulling you down so your head is on his chest and rubbing circles on your back.

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Kai: You’d try to climb out of bed without waking Kai up but he reached over and pulled you to him so that his legs were tangled in yours and you were both facing each other. “Don’t go.” He’d mumble, before his grip tightens even more. You’d smile and kiss his cheeks repeatedly until he slowly opened his eyes and kissed you back.

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Xiumin: You’d be propped up on your elbows and gently kiss his forehead. As soon as you do he’d open his eyes and begin tickling you. You’d laugh hysterically falling over to the other side of the bed. Now he’d be the one hovering over you and once you stopped laughing his swiftly kiss you before tickling you once again, loving the sound of your voice.

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Chen: You’d find Chen lying on the sofa, the TV still on and food on the table. You’d laugh at the sight of him asleep, his mouth slightly open. You’d take out your phone to take a picture and decide to take one kissing his cheek. As soon as he hears the click from your phone he’d holy awake, staring at you with confused eyes. You’d laugh and ruffle his hair, running your fingers through it. He’d sigh contently and close his eyes once again.

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Suho: He’d wake up to the the feeling of your touch and once he realised your had given him a small peck he’d immediately blush. He would get so embarrassed that he would laugh and his his face with his hands refusing to look you in the eye. You would have to slowly let his hands away from his face but once you do, he would be the one to lean in and kiss you.

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Hello there! How are you? Just wanted to request a scenario of Kaminari, Todoroki and Bakugou's s/o showing their house and their exotic animals like more than one "Hey! That's my hedgehog and theres my seahorses, my snakes, my geckos..." and so on. Oh and I love this blog!

I’m good, thanks for asking dear. A bit short, hope you like them.

~Kaminari Denki~

You were a bit nervous, since this was the first time Denki was coming to visit your place. You had hang out at his place alot, but never at your place and you were a bit nervous how he’d react to your pets.

“Don’t freak out. Okay?”, you said as you stepped to the living room.

“Why would I fr-Holy shit!”, he yelped.


“Wow, this is really cool”

Oh thank god he wasn’t disgusted or anything.

“I know right. You wanna tour?”, you grinned.

“Heck yeah.”

“So here are my snakes. The bigger one is a ball python and here in the other terrarium we have a corn snake. The python is named Sal and the corn snake’s name is Ollie.”, you explained.

“Are they dangerous?”, Kaminari asked with admiration.


“Is either of them venomous?”

“Nope, pythons strangle their pray and so do corn snakes. Neither of them is big enough to kill a human.”


“Next we have my hedgehogs called Sonic and Sinda.”

“Are you serious?”


“Huh, I actually like it.”

“Well, I just thought it was a cool name, so I went with it.

“Is it fast?”, Kaminari grinned.

“Depends how you define fast.”

“His name is Sonic so he’s automatically fast.”

“Sure. Lastly there are my three axolotls.”, you presented proudly.

“Are they lizards?”

“Well, salamanders actually, but yeah.”

“Do they have names?”

“Well, I just got them and one of them is missing a name. The two others are Mira and Mona. Would you like to name the last one?”

“Yeah, thanks alot.”

While Kaminari was thinking and staring at the axolotls. You smiled, you were glad he liked your pets.

“Got it. His name is Kami Jr.”

“Fine with me, but how did you know it was a boy?”

“I didn’t.”

“Well I think it’s a good name for him.”

~Todoroki Shouto~

“So, this is your first time coming to visit my house, and I have a few let’s say, uncommon pets.”

“Ok. Do you want to show them to me?”

“Sure, if you wanna see. So first we have my geckos, they are adorable in my opinion.”

You watched at Todoroki looked at the geckos with his face in awe. He looked like a little kid. He was so fascinated by them. Sure this isn’t something he saw everyday, but you hadn’t really expected a reaction like this. You grinned at his enthusiasm.

“What are their names?”, he asked.

“Well, the biggest one is Carla, the neon green one is Marvin and the duller green is Hayle.”

“What species are they?”

“Madacascar day geckos.”


“Next I have my seahorses. There are many of them so I don’t really have names for them.”

“They’re pretty small.”

“Yeah, this species is.”

“Lastly, my zebra finches. They make some noise, but I they are cool.”

“They are surprisingly small.”, he stated.

“Yeah, but they make up for it with their livelines.”

“How can you take care of all of them?”

“Oh it’s not so hard when you get used to it. It take patience, but it’s worth it.”, you smiled.

“You really are amazing.”, he muttered.

“Thanks.”, you smirked.

~Bakugou Katsuki~

“What the fuck are these?”, he growled.

“Oh, my turtles. Didn’t I tell you about them?”

“No, you fucking didn’t.”, he said while staring at them.

“Well, now you know.”, you smiled.

“Do you think they could survive an explosion from me?”, he grinned.

“We’re not going to find out.”, you sighed.

“Do these fuckers have names?”

“Yes. The darker one is Bunker and the lighter one is Atom.”

He gave you a guestioning glare.

“I was just a kid, okay.”, you huffed.

“This terrarium is fucking empty.”, he growled.

“No, it’s not. There are three chameleons there.”

“I don’t fucking see them.”

You watched as Bakugou was growing irritated from not being able to locate the lizards, and you decided to show him where they were, before anything disastrous happened. You kneeled next to him and started scanning the terrarium with your eyes.

“Look, there on the corner.”, - you pointed-“I think that’s Jose. And there is Camille and Rose is on that stick. See?”

“I’m not fucking blind.”, he muttered quietly.

“And in there is my tarantula, Herman.”, you pointed at the terrarium on the shelf.

“This one I fucking like.”

“I figured. You two are similar.”

“What the fuck does that mean.”

“Well he can be pretty agressive too and he has orange and black on him, like your hero suit.”

“Are you fucking serious?”, he growled.

“Yep. You’re officially a spider now.”, you giggled.

“Oh fuck you.”

You just fell to the floor, laughing your ass off. Your boyfriend was glaring at you and the spider.

Exo Reaction: You liking their smile and it making you happy

A/N: this is really so cute Chanyeol: I feel like he’s the type to blush and start giggling. Every time he smiled at you he would remember what you said and would have to hide his red cheeks. You would have to pry them away from his face, which would make him smile even more. “Ahh, how do you have such an effect on me?”

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Lay: Once you told him that he would always smile in front of you. Even if he had the worst day in the world he’d smile at you because you being happy was the most important thing to him. Knowing that you get happy when he smiles would make him feel so loved and appreciated that he’d start doing the same to you, pulling the corners of your mouth up into a grin with his fingers. “I like it when you look like this too.” He says, his fingers holding your mouth in that position.

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D.O: He’d smile that wide smile he has as you compliment him and his heart shaped lips. He’d probably pull you in for a hug but only so that he can nuzzle his face in your chest from embarrassment. He’d grab a tight hold of your waist so that you couldn’t let go and force him to look into your eyes.

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Sehun: He would act so confident to your face. He would pretend to flick his non existent hair causing you to laugh. When you turn away however he would hide his face in his hands. When you turn back around he’d quickly try to act nonchalant again but would fail which would result in you laughing even harder and going over, comfortingly rubbing his back.

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Suho: I honestly feel like he’d low-key tear up. When he heard you say that to him it would just kind of hit him that you really loved him that much. He was so happy that you cared about him so much but you’d start to worry over his tears. “Wait. No. I’m okay, I promise.” He’d say trying to smile but failing, so instead he pulls you in for a kiss.

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Baekhyun: He would turn it into a joke between the two of you and whenever you two were alone he would start to smile ridiculously, causing you to throw a pillow at him rolling your eyes. “Wait, I’m joking.” He’d say trying to grab a hold of you was you walk away. You turn around pretending to be angry and his face drops. “I didn’t mean it, I love the fact that you love my sm-” He was cut off by you kissing his lips and pulling away smiling at him. “I love you too.”

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Xiumin: “But I love your smile more.” He’d say bopping your nose. “Just look at it. Beautiful.” He’d then go on to compliment you non stop. You’d smile and tell him to stop. “I was trying to compliment you, not the other way round.” He’d grab a hold of your face with both his hands. “How can I not compliment all of this.” He’d say squishing your cheeks.

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Chen: He’d literally start screeching. “Omg that was the cutest thing I think I’ve ever heard say it again. Say it again. Say it again.” He’d chase you around begging you to say it and every time you did he would be just as excited. “Wow, only have the power to do this to me.”

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Kai: He’d giggle slightly, suddenly really shy, even if you’ve been together for a while. “My smile?” He’d ask confused. “There’s nothing special about my smile.” He’d say looking at you with bewilderment. When you explained how it made you happy and you liked it when he smiled he’d promise to smile at you forever.

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*sobs quietly* 

EXO’s Reaction When You And Him Are Having Sex And Your Parents/The Others Members Walk In.

My special birthday reaction for my love’s <3…… I hope everyone enjoys this reaction <3…

Sehun:*When your parent walk in* ” Oh shit…. how long have they been standing there….?” *But thinks to himself its not like we committed a sin everyone has sex right?*

Kai: *When the members walk in*“Well… what had happened was…..(y/n) was showing me something…And….I just had to observe it a little closer….And get a little hands on….You know..”

Tao: “This is all your daughters idea ma’am…..She wanted to try a dance move and that’s why we are in this position…So there is nothing to see here…”

D.O:*When the members walk in*” How hard is it to lock a fucking door or knock?”

Chanyeol: *When your parents walk in*”I’M INNOCENT I PROMISE YOU…… I’M A CHILD OF GOD”

Parents: “WTF IS THIS!!!”

Chen: “What it look like i’m fucking your daughter” *Than run’s for his life*

Baekyun: *Would instantly get choke held out the bed by your father*

Lay: *When the members walk in* “I simply told you guys me and (y/n) needed some alone time…What part of alone did y'all not under fucking stand???”

Suho:*When your parents walk in*”What do you say if i give you $500 dollars and we can all just forget this happened?”

 Kris: *He would try to run past your parents then bust his ass*

Luhan:*When the parents question him* ”Wellll what had happened was……. your daughter got me so excited than i told her about that good good…..And then she asked if she could blow it like a flute…. Then after she did that i went deep”

Xiumin: *Xiumin would keep fucking you, he wouldn’t give a flying fuck if the members or your parents could hear you too….He would probably say “look…i came here to get some pussy…And NO ONE gets in the way of me and my pussy”*

Congratulation on our 900+ followers….It really means a lot to me <3……. (Low key you guy’s got me so excited)

I started thinking about the whole “aliens find humans ridiculously cute”-speculation and everything cute and funny that was mentioned about it.

But what about all the misinformation and shady business going around in the trade of exotic pets?

Like, imagine an alien family deciding to get a human and going to a shady breeder. The human they pick up is shy at first and somehow seems smaller than it ought to be, but the breeder reassures them that it’s fine. No word is mentioned of proper socialisation or the necessity of interaction with other humans.

The human is brought home and settles down, learns tricks and to mimic words and do other cute funny human stuff. But after some time it starts rapidly changing in appearance, it has doubled in size and is starting to express aggression in a way it never did before.

So they take it to a vet who goes “did you say twenty? This thing is thirteen, it won’t be fully matured for another ten years yet. Oh, and it’s going to double in size again.”

BTS as Air Hostesses
  • Jin: *another hostess goes to make an announcement* *pushes her out of the way* "BITCH NO. THIS IS MY PLANE NOW." *applies 50 layers of lip gloss before making announcement*
  • Suga: "Good evening everybody, I would like to announce that... Fuck it. Goodnight." *straps self into an empty seat and sleeps the entire flight*
  • J-Hope: "If you look over to your right you will see the beautiful sun. To your left is a lot of fluffy cute clouds. If you choose to look down below then you will notice that we are flying extREMELY HIGH OMG" *starts panicking and screaming*
  • Rap Monster: "-and I hope you all have a safe, happy flight" *plane crashes* *everyone dies except Rapmon* "Fuck."
  • Jimin: "We have a selection of exotic butters and marmalades but no jams. Sorry. I mean, I have jams. But this plane doesn't."
  • V: "To the little boy in seat 17B playing Pokemon Go even though he is most definitely not allowed to because *ehem* this an airplane and all mobile devices should be on flight mode... what team are you on?"
  • Jungkook: *sneaks into pilot's cockpit* *knocks out pilot and starts flying plane* "Excuse me everybody, but this is your new pilot, Mr Jeon Jungkook, but you can all call me the Golden Pilot. Thank you." *blasts G-Dragon while sipping banana milk like a boss*

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Like I promised, here it is!! :) Enjoy it xD

It was just a few minutes ago when you were just perfectly fine but that was before it happened. You were just walking over to EXO’s dorm when a group of girls came running towards you, yelling curses as they attacked you with kicks and punches. Outnumbered and defenceless, you fell on to the floor and the cake that you baked for your brother, Minseok, and his band members, to celebrate the numerous amount of awards they gotten for the award ceremonies, was dropped on to the floor, smashed. You couldn’t even scream for help as one of the kicks you received was directed to the side of your stomach, knocking the wind out of you. Wheezing for air, you could see black spots dancing around in your vision.

“Yah!!” You heard a shout and all of the attacks ceased, replaced by screams. Barely opening your eyes, you saw the blurry figures of the 12 members while they rushed past the girls and to you. There were several calls of your name as Minseok and Luhan kneeled down next to you, looking shocked and concerned.  You saw Minseok standing up again, storming to the group of girls.

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Exo Dick Size


P.s: in inches


Suho: 6

no bias I swear. This baby would actual surprise you. More likely on the girth side so he probably just makes 6 inches. By god that girth.

Baekhyun: 5 ½

Byun Baekhyun would be the proud owner of his cute girthy penis aha. Oh boy his manhood would be thick af.

Chanyeol:  7 ½

Woo don’t get me started on this boy. His dick is more son on the length side than girth, kinder just like him. With his length he could do amazing things

D.O: 5

On the smaller side but let me just say GIRTH. Fuck he would be thick. Size doesn’t even matter with a dick like his.

Kai: 6 ½

I reckon under those jeans and ballet tights, Jongin is sporting a really nice dick. Kinder just nice all over really. I reckon it will be those thrusts that will be the end of you tho.

Sehun: 7

mhmm boyyy. He has got a dick that needs to be worshiped. He has that length to make you scream yehet and that girth to make you scream his name. God damn the things he could do to you…

Xiumin:  5 ½ - 6

I reckon my baby has got a really nice package. Not too big yet not too small, but… FUCK ME MINSEOK THAT GIRTH. Ohhh god damn. He would know exactly how to use it. His size would allow for the perfect fit that hits your g-spot just right. Oh and the way he fills you up? girl you ain’t even ready

Lay: 6- 6 ½

Is there just something about dancers or the way their tight jeans fit over their cock? But our Yixing would be on the length side of things. But don’t get me wrong he has just the right about of girth to make you feel good.

Chen: 5 ½

Surprise I reckon this kid has a really nice dick. Mhmm that girth. But despite that he would know how to use it!  

Tao: 7

One of the larger dicks of Exo, Tao would be well endowed downstairs. On the length side just like Chanyeol yet not as thick as him. But don’t stress he’s got the girth just not as much as the others ;)

Luhan: 5

Sorry Lu-ge! But Luhan would be the same size as Kyungsoo. But don’t get me wrong he would fill you up in just the right places! Despite the length he has girth on his side to fill you.

Kris:  7 ½

Oh dear. He would be long and thick af. Oh shit he would have you seeing stars that aren’t even in our galaxy. This kid would be thick and I mean thick. And length? well it speaks for itself. You would definitely need to be wet for this boy but I think he’s got that covered ;)