exotic encounters

Appreciating the Under-Appreciated Part 2: Kaa’s Second Encounter

-The exotic, mysterious. enticing music that plays as Mowgli walks through the jungle and then when he’s up in the trees. Same in the first encounter, it sets the mood beautifully with a hypnotic, lilting quality shot through with hints of danger

-The heaviness of Mowgli’s movements. He’s clearly already tired

-The tail emerges with the same shiver of peril as when Kaa’s head emerged in the first encounter, and it slides down so immediately you know Kaa was just waiting for the boy to rest

-The tail pulls him up effortlessly and silently, giving Kaa the sinuous, subtle tone that a snake needs

-Mowgli grabs onto the tail for support, he clearly doesn’t know it’s Kaa yet

-Kaa’s tail has a life of its own, it keeps trying to tuck back around Mowgli’s belly and prevent him getting off the coil seat

-When Kaa arches over Mowgli’s head, it’s clear that even his neck is thicker than the boy’s torso, he is a huge snake.

-Mowgli does a lousy job of shielding his eyes. He keeps stealing peaks when Kaa talks about seeing to it that he never has to leave the jungle. 

-Mowgli almost falls three times. First, when he jums down from the seat, then when Kaa turns his head to face him, third when he uses his toil around Mowgli’s neck to press their eyes together. All three times, Mowgli’s eyes begin to widen and he has to snap himself out of it. Even without spirals, Kaa’s eyes are clearly appealing to look at

-Mowgli is genuinely interested in the snake’s offer. As soon as not leaving the jungle is mentioned, Mowgli stops trying to push him off right up until the word ‘trust’ and the widening of his eyes reminds him he’s meant to be rejecting friends

-You can just imagine the little loop of coils slipping town over your forehead like a cool, soothing bandana

-That slow, plodding beat starts up and you know something’s about to happen as it seems to reverberate somewhere behind your navel

-Kaa is very clever to block of Mowgli’s vision, he makes Mowgli want to get it off, so it’s the boys actions that doom him. Almost reverse psychology. When he does, he might have been able to block his eyes if he hadn’t been holding up a heavy coil

-Mowgli’s slumps forward slightly as if the desire to stare deeper and the tiredness of his body are causing him to lean 

-The entire song is a demonstration of the trust Kaa is singing about. Mowgli unquestioningly follows Kaa’s seductive beckon, trusting him so much that he walks happily towards the end of the branch and a massive drop. In fact, he probably only manages to walk on the coils because of absolute trust. If he were conscious, he would be imbalanced by the fear of falling.

-The way Mowgli walks with such heavy footfalls like a tin soldier reinforces the idea of oblivious sleepwalking

-He sleepwalks to the beat of the song

-Ooh boy those coils on bare soles…especially when they’re so tired from walking

-Mowgli’s body goes stiff again, just like in the first encounter, allowing him to be perfectly balanced on Kaa’s tail

Color: Exotic Encounters (China Glaze)
Retail Price: $7.00 (USD)

This shade is from China Glaze’s fall 2012 On Safari collection. It is a dusty yet bright teal with a creme finish. I know this is a 2012 color, but emerald is the color for 2013, and I think this teal is a fun twist on this year’s trend!

As with all China Glaze cremes, I found the formula very easy to work with. The finish is smooth and glossy, and I needed two coats to achieve bottle color.

Disclosure: Product sample provided by China Glaze.