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I’m staying in South Florida for vacation and my place is 10 minutes away from Ben Siegel Reptiles so I went there yesterday and I got to see Medusa and a two-headed Red Eared Slider!! Definitely one of the best days of my life.

Bold Truths...

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2nd rule: bold the statements that are true

I am 5'7" or taller
I wear glasses (for reading, driving and getting a better look at Harry!)
I have at least one tattoo
I have at least one piercing (nothing exotic, both ears)
I have blonde hair
I have brown eyes
I have short hair (Wash ‘n go kinda gal)
My abs are at least somewhat defined
I have or have had braces

I love meeting new people (love a natter, me)
People tell me that I’m funny (unless they’re trying to be funny, of course)
Helping others with their problems is a big priority for me (If I can help, I will)

I enjoy physical challenges
I enjoy mental challenges (not saying I’m any good at them..)
I’m playfully rude with people I know well (all the damn time!)
I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it
There is something I would change about my personality

I can sing well (to my ears, I’m friggin’ Whitney!)
I can play an instrument (one tune on the recorder, three on the piano! lol!)
I can do over 30 push-ups without stopping
I’m a fast runner
I can draw well 
I have a good memory
I’m good at doing math in my head
I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute
I have beaten at least 2 people in arm wrestling 
I know how to cook at least 3 meals from scratch  (3 minutes in the microwave!)
I know how to throw a proper punch

I enjoy playing sports
I’m on a sports team at my school or somewhere else
I’m in an orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else
I have learned a new song in the past week (love my music)
I work out at least once a week
I’ve gone for runs at least once a week in the warmer months
I have drawn something in the past month
I enjoy writing (in a masochistic way, yes)
Fandoms are my #1 passion
I do or have done martial arts

I have had my first kiss (many moons ago!)
I have had alcohol (current tipples are Toffee Apple cider and Snowballs)
I have scored the winning goal in a sports game
I have watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting
I have been at an overnight event
I have been in a taxi (when I had a social life eons ago)
I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year
I have beaten a video game in one day
I have visited another country (Cyprus, Egypt, Bulgaria, Scotland & England)
I have been to one of my favourite band’s concerts

I’m in a relationship (20 years hard labour)
I have a crush on a celebrity (a very mild interest in Harry Shum Jr..is that his name?)
I have a crush on someone I know
I have been in at least 3 relationships (not at the same time though!)
I have never been in a relationship
I have asked someone out or admitted my feelings to them
I get crushes easily
I have had a crush on someone for over a year
I have been in a relationship for at least a year 
I have had feelings for a friend

I have at least one person I consider a “best friend” (you know who you are!)
I live close to my school
My parents are still together (46 years - a target!)
I have at least one sibling  (older bro - remember, I will always be younger than you)
I live in the United States
There is snow right now where I live
I have hung out with a friend in the past month
I have a smartphone
I have at least 15 CD’s (and more cassettes and vinyls)
I share my room with someone (share the home with 7 other beings I love)

I have breakdanced
I know a person named Jamie
I have had a teacher with a last name that’s hard to pronounce
I have dyed my hair (vanity is the ONLY reason - no enjoyment whatsoever!)
I’m listening to one song on repeat right now  (always happens when the mood hits!)
I have punched someone in the past week
I know someone who has gone to jail
I have broken a bone
I have eaten a waffle today
I know what I want to do with my life (survive, laugh & love!)
I speak at least 2 languages
I have made a new friend in the past year (I’ve made loads, long may it continue!)

New Moons

Full moons are full of uncontrollable betas running naked through the woods, but what do New moons have to offer us?

“Okay, so you’re sure you can handle him?” Scott asked Brett, who was leaning against his doorframe.

Brett scoffed in reply. “Of course I can. May I remind you I went through this, and Satomi is my alpha.”

The older wolf nodded as his beta squirmed behind him.

“What are you even talking about? We are we here?” Liam mumbled. Yes, it was his boyfriend’s house and yes, he liked being with his boyfriend, but why did Scott and Stiles take him? And why was Scott acting like Brett was going to be babysitting him?

Brett grinned at his tiny mate. His parents were gone for the weekend, and there was a New moon Saturday, so Scott decided it’d be best for Liam to spend his first one with Brett. Full moons are where the wolves go crazy and have to control themselves. New moons are where wolves turn into… puppies. For 24 hours, you had puppy ears, urges to chase the mailman, too much energy, and can never get enough of cuddling. You can stop yourself from looking like a fool and control it, but since this was Liam’s first, he could not.

  After Stiles’ beloved Jeep disappeared, Brett gently grabbed Liam’s wrist and pulled him inside.

“So, you hungry? Want some pizza?” Brett asked as he looked for the number for the pizza place.

“Why am I here?” Came Liam’s reply.

Brett chuckled and smirked, “What, don’t wanna be with your boyfriend?”

“No, it’s not that. I just-”

“Yeah yeah I know.” The older boy cut him off. He sat down and motioned for Liam to do the same.

“Look, you know how on full moons, you wolf out and can’t contain it? Well… on New moon nights, you kind of do the opposite. Instead of being a wolf, you turn into a… puppy.” The look on Liam’s face was something similar disturbance and surprise. 

“Yeah, it sounds weird. You grow little dog ears and basically have the mind of a dog. You’ll understand tomorrow when it happens. You’ll learn to control it eventually.” Brett finished. The two boys sat in silence, just staring at each other. Finally, Liam sighed. “Okay then.”


Hearing a scream when you first wake up wasn’t the very best way to start off a day. Brett absconded his room, bursting into the bathroom, the source of the shout. He expected Liam being stabbed by a Berserker or something, not Liam standing I front of the mirror, hands on top of his head.

  The young boy saw Brett in the reflection, turned around, and ran into his chest. Recovering from his shock quickly, Brett wrapped his arms around Liam. He whimpered and snuggled closer. Brett glanced down and noticed two furry triangles perched on his boyfriend’s head.

  ‘Oh, that’s adorable, ’ Brett thought to himself. He pushed Liam away a bit and bent down to his height.

“You okay?” He questioned. Liam nodded and looked down, scratching his neck.

“When do they go away?” Liam met the tall boy’s eyes.

“Later. But they look darling on you, darling,” Brett smiled and pulled him into the kitchen.



slurp slurp slurp


slurp slurp slurp


The boy’s head shot up, milk, syrup, and waffle crumbs coating his face.


Brett sighed, wiping the mess off his boyfriend’s face. “Li, do you think you could try eating like a decent human?”


What started out as a nice, friendly game of lacrosse, turned into a wild wolf chase. The oldest of the two boys had gone to get some refreshing water for the sweaty teens, just as the mailman was running his route.

Even without the scent of excitement and protection is Liam’s wake, Brett knew the boy was chasing the poor truck.

Brett started after his boyfriend, feeling sorry for the poor old man driving the mail truck. He probably had no clue what was happening, just wanted to get as quickly away from this frantic teenager as he could. He got close to the shorter wolf, thanking whatever was in heaven for being faster than Liam, and broke out into a full on sprint. 

One minute Liam was chasing this predator, and the next he was sandwiched between the road and a strange weight on his back. But this strange weight smelt familiar.

Liam writhed and squirmed until he was facing Brett. His boyfriend! His hot, altitudinous boyfriend! He smiled like an idiot and peppered the blonde’s face with kisses.

Brett chuckled lightly and stood up, extending a long arm towards Liam who looked like a bug on it’s back.

"Alright, Li-li, we’re in the middle of the street.”


“Weren’t you suppose to teach me control today?” Liam questioned. He and Brett were cuddling and watching Captain America.

“If I wanted to. Scott said it might be a good idea to let you experience this once, though.” Brett started, then smirked. “Besides, how could I pass up an opportunity to see my precious boyfriend with recherché (exotic) puppy dog ears?”

Liam merely shrugged, and sunk further into Brett’s warmth. Before his mind could catch up with his actions, Brett reached up and rubbed Liam behind his furry ears, eliciting a moan out of Liam. That caused Brett to freeze, along with Liam, both their eyes wide. Liam sunk his nails into his fist, one of his proclivities when nervous, until he felt Brett start rubbing again. This was one of the best things Liam had ever felt in his life so far.

He only had his eyes closed for a few seconds when Brett lifted Liam up, setting him in his lap. Given no time to react, Liam felt a pair of lips being smashed onto his. He quickly kissed back, twirling his fingers through Brett’s silk like hair, tugging lightly occasionally. That earned a soft groan from Brett, who slid his hands on Liam’s ass.

“I am definitely going to find more ways to get those sounds out of you,” Brett smirked before continuing his make out session.


Desert Translator SINGLE Spiral Plug

Hand carved super spiral from Holly - a beautifully natural white wood. Spiral is ½" gauge (13mm) and 3 inches in diameter. The bottom half has been hand painted and has copper inlay to break up the color sections. Where the spiral sits on the lobe is not painted, and is the natural wood.

For custom design inquiries, please message ghostriverart@gmail.com


Constant Dreamer

Hand carved “cheaters”.  Screw post earrings designed to look like real plugs.  Custom commissioned design.  Bloodwood with raw Malachite inlay - hemp wrapping - Pheasant and Parrot feathers - copper chain

made with Love & Respect always

for custom design inquiries, please massage ghostriverart@gmail.com