exotic dishes

A spread of traditional mezes photograph by Peden & Munk

  • “Meze, which is a selection of small dishes served to accompany alcoholic drinks as a course or as appetizers before a main dish.  A big part of the dining experience in Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Arab countries. The word “meze” means “taste” and/or “snack.” The concept is very similar to the tapas of Spain,”
Amor Vincit Omnia

Pairing :  Yoongi/ OC.

Chapter count : 20

Genre : Violence , Romance, Drama ( like a lot of drama)

Warnings : Abuse. Violence.  

Description :  Arranged Marriage Gang! AU . BTS Suga/Min Yoongi and OC . The worst thing you can do to a guy? Marry him when he begs you not to. Worst thing you can do to yourself? Fall in love with him afterwards.

Chapter 1


In life, I never got second chances. If the first time didn’t work out, I wasn’t given a second time to try to improve. Instead I would be hit , tossed into the basement and denied food for three days, till I agreed to never ask for anything ever again. Till I promised to never try to embarrass my father like that again.

It happened after my debutante ball when I accidently addressed someone wrong.

It happened after my graduation, when i didn’t make valedictorian.

Afterwards, when I stayed at home, waiting for my parents to send me to college, it happened everyday till I just stopped asking or trying or…just living.

I would wake up, eat my breakfast and set out to explore the woods that surrounded our estate in Busan. I had till twelve in the morning when my mom would wake up, to indulge in all my fantasies , live a make-believe life in which I was loved by a handsome young man who adored me and spoiled me to distraction.

After lunch, I stayed perfectly still while my mom taught me everything I needed to know to be the perfect society wife. I learnt pottery, needlework and hosting. I learned table placements and ranks, learnt complicated waltzes and learned to wear my waist length hair in three dozen different ways. I learned to wear make up in a way that made my eyes look bigger, brighter. I learned how to smile in just the perfect way. How to apply lipstick in a way that would drive any man mad with desire ( Or so my mom told me.)

I learned exotic dishes from around the world. I learned to speak English and French. I learned everything that would turn me into the perfect princess for my Prince Charming.

I also learned to swallow all the screams that threatened to bubble up inside me.

In the evenings I tried to disappear into the upholstery. My father was a psychopath. One wrong word and he would grab me by the roots of my hair and drag me to the out of the room and toss me into the basement. Or worse, he’s take a belt to my calves or my thighs ( Never my arms or face ). I learned to literally stop breathing when my father was in the vicinity. But then, how did I not go to pieces, you may wonder.

Well, you see I knew that it was temporary.

When I turned twenty one my parents would have to marry me off. In our society when a girl reaches twenty one, if she stays unmarried it’s a sign of ill breeding. My parents would be disgraced if I wasn’t married off. It was my get out of jail card, marriage. I knew that every day I got closer to my marriage. When I would officially be out of my father’s protection. It would mean escape.

But what was I escaping into?

I never considered.

I always thought it would be paradise.

My prince charming would be everything I had ever dreamed of.

I believed it completely.

Until the day I actually met him.

Min Yoongi was no Prince Charming.

He was the devil in the flesh.


“You!! Fix your hair!” My father barked so loudly , I jumped. Bowing quickly and quietly and I rose up and disappeared into the restroom on the left wing of the lobby we were waiting in. I found the mirror and swallowed drily. Three simple curls had come undone from my elaborate up do . My father was a stickler for perfection which would explain my outfit. A pale pink georgette dress that fit me to perfection. Paired with pumps of the exact same shade , the dress made me look a little tall. I was rather woefully short and my father was forever cursing my lack of height.

I quickly fixed my hair and glanced at the expensive diamond studded Cartier on my wrist. It was a little past six thirty in the evening. We weren’t due to meet Min Yoongi , the young CEO of Bangtan Inc., for at least half an hour. I fidgeted a bit and reapplied my lipstick.

I’d spent three hours for make up and four hours getting ready. Literally every single feature on my face had been emphasized and perfected till I practically glowed. I had gone over a billion hair-styles to pick the perfect one. It would help highlight my slim figure and also the pretty pink and grey make-up on my eyes. I tried not to tremble as I stepped out of the room and walked back to the lounge.

I couldn’t screw this up. Min Yoongi had  to like me. Or else my father would kill me. He would literally strangle me. Trying not to think about that, I sat down demurely in front of my father who gave me another look of impatience.

“Yoongi called me. He wants to meet you alone. Apparently he thinks you can actually have some sort of a useful opinion which, really doesn’t make any sense to me. anyway, go meet him and you better keep your mouth shut, girl. Agree to everything he says and tell him you’ll be an obedient wife.” He growled at me.

As if I wouldn’t.

As if I would actually risk spending the rest of my life in hell.

I followed a suited man who looked less like an assistant and more like a hired mercenary. My hells made no noise on the plush grey velvet beneath my feet as he led me down a few flights of corridors before stopping in front of a oak-paneled door in the middle of a dimly lit corridor. I took a deep breath and when the mad held the door open, I stepped in. My heart began pounding steadily as I noticed the figure leaning casually against the heavy desk at the center of the room. The room was dimly lit and I couldn’t make out his face. On the contrary, a light hung directly ahead of me, throwing my face into sharp relief against the darkness.

“You look younger than twenty one.”

His voice surprised me. It wasn’t that of a twenty six year old. It sounded strong and masculine with a hint of Daegu accent. I felt a sudden dryness in my throat.

“I’m…I’m twenty one.” I said carefully. I couldn’t screw this up. I couldn’t screw this up.

He stayed silent for a few more seconds and then the room flooded with light. I blinked to adjust to the brightness and then almost fainted.

Min Yoongi was a work of art.

His hair was a blinding shade of blonde and his skin so pale he looked almost bloodless. His lips were pink, perfect against his bright black eyes and he had a smile that made my knees go weak. I’d never seen a more handsome man in my life and I was starstruck. He was dressed in a perfectly tailored black suit, with a pale blue tie and shoes that practically shined. He wasn’t abnormally tall. His shoulders were broad and strong, his body tapering into a slim waist and nice long legs.

Suddenly , I didn’t feel so beautiful anymore.

“Let’s make this quick. ” He said briskly before turning around and moving to sit behind the desk. I stood still, not sure what to do. There was a chair in front of the desk but I didn’t want to offend him by sitting down before he offered it to me.

He gave me an impatient look.

“Well, sit down fast , will you?” He snapped.

I scrambled to obey,  hitting my knee against the desk. I swallowed the cry of pain and bit my lip in mortification when he gave me an amused smile.

“Anyways….what i wanted to say was, I would like for you to release me from this engagement.” He said casually. I felt my breath leave my body in a single second.

“I…what? Why?” I blinked in confusion. There was a roaring sound inside my head. What did I do wrong??!!

“I’m in love with someone else.” He said almost apologetically.


Oh, God.

I stared sightlessly as he explained how he was in love with a childhood friend. He wanted to marry her when he was ready, maybe in a couple of years. His parents however were adamant about him marrying me, so he’d agreed to meet me. He couldn’t openly defy his parents , so he hoped that I would do him the favor of saying that I wasn’t interested.

I almost started laughing.

If I told my father what he asked me to say, I would be flayed alive. My father would shoot me dead.

I hesitated and then slowly stood.

“I’m sorry you don’t want to marry me.” I said softly. He gave me a sympathetic smile and held a hand out for me to shake.

“Thank you for understanding, Ji Soo ssi…” He began but I held a hand up.

“I’m sorry….because I want to marry you.” I said firmly. I felt his eyes widen in shock and I felt like the worst human being on the planet. He loved someone else. He wanted to marry someone else. What the hell was I doing??! Then I thought of my father. Of the years of being bruised and battered. The years of going without food and light, cowering in the darkness while he raged at me. If I didn’t get married my father would kill me. I didn’t want to die.

I didn’t want to die.

“Ji Soo ssi…I don’t think you understand what I’m telling you. I’m in love with Hye Mi. That’s her name. She’s the same age as you. she loves art and she’s just in her second year of college. She loves me very much. Please…Please don’t destroy our lives.” He said, his voice hardening a bit. He looked deadly serious and even a little disappointed. Like he’d thought better of me.

I hesitated. I could imagine the kind of love he shared with this girl, this Hye Mi. Some sweet and serious romance with lots of love and happiness. The kind I’d only ever dreamed of. Funny, how in the million different scenarios I’d played in my head , I’d never once considered that my prince would be in love with someone else.  I stared at him now.

He was so beautiful. Like straight out of a fairytale beautiful.

“Like I said, I want to marry you. Nothing else matters to me.” I said shakily. He looked stunned.


“What kind of a bitch are you?” He growled out furiously and I bit my lips.

“You can call me names. You can even hit me. I’m not changing my mind.” I said firmly.

He looked at me in disbelief, shaking his head. Like he couldn’t believe the nerve of me.

“Get the fuck out of my office.”

Shaking, I stepped out of the office. When ?i met my father he beamed and gave me a one armed hug that made me sick to the stomach. I’d done something right as far as he was concerned.

Two weeks later , My father received news from the Min Family that Min Yoongi had agreed to the marriage as well. As I sat across from him while the elders discussed the details of the wedding, he stared straight into my eyes, wrath written large in every feature on his handsome face. He hated me. I could feel the fury radiating from him in waves. He wanted me dead. But i couldn’t bring myself to even apologize or tell him the truth. For the first time twenty one years, my parents treated me like a human being. They didn’t yell or hit me. They thought I’d done something right. For the first time, I could leave that house and never worry about being thrown into a basement. Or being thrashed by a belt.

Min Yoongi looked dangerous but not violent.

Whatever he may yell or scream at me , I doubted he would hit me.

Finally the date for our marriage was fixed.

In two months we would be wed.

With shaky fingers I signed the prenup and the dowry. He gave me a look of calculating revenge.

“Say your prayers, you little witch. You’re in for some serious trouble ” He whispered, before stalking out of the room.

On December 7th , we were married in a small private ceremony held in the private ballroom of the Bangtan Hotel. It was attended by just the family and six of his closest friends and business associates. I was told to memorize their names. Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jung Kook.

Because Yoongi was busy with a deal, we wouldn’t be leaving on a honeymoon. All my clothes, jewelry and everything else was packed and moved to the huge penthouse on the top floor of Bangtan Inc.,

On the wedding night, I sat on the small uncomfortable couch of the foyer. The penthouse was locked and no one else was there. I was supposed to meet my husband there but he was nowhere to be found. Deep down I knew he wasn’t coming. But I couldn’t really go back downstairs and tell someone that my husband had abandoned me. So I  stayed sitting there .

After about three hours, my body started going numb. The heat in the building was slowly dying down and I was still dressed in the strapless wedding gown from the evening. I curled into a ball on the small couch, suddenly thankful for my short stature. After a few more minutes I started drifting off to sleep. And then I heard voices.

From inside the penthouse.

Surprised and still a bit groggy, I made my way to the door. I gave it a slight push and to my complete surprise, the door swung open. I had tried openeing it for a long time. Had it been closed on the inside then? If so, who had opened it now?

I followed the voices to the end of the exquisitely decorated living space and stopped short in surprise.

It wasn’t just voices.

It was moaning. Panting.

“Oh, babe, I love you so much….”

It was Yoongi’s voice. And some other woman.

I stayed frozen on the carpet, mind finally processing what was going on in the other side of the door. On our bed. On the bed that had probably been decorated for our first night as husband and wife.

My husband was having sex with another woman.

Sudden blinding pain shot through me. It was completely unwarranted. It wasn’t like he had promised me love and a happily ever after. He’d warned me that he was in love with another woman. So why did it hurt so damn much??

Maybe because I’d hoped he’d at least wait till after our first night was over, to cheat on me.

The last phrase made me laugh.

Cheat on me?

Who was I for him to cheat on me?

He didn’t love me.

He didn’t even care if I froze to death in the cold hallway.

He wasn’t a friend or a companion. The sooner I got that into my head the happier I could be.

Swallowing the pain I quickly crept to the couch in the corner of the living space. It was warm inside the penthouse. I slipped out of my gown with ease. I stood still in just the shift and my inner wear, savoring the warm air on my frozen skin. I used the skirt of my wedding dress as a sort of blanket and went to sleep on the couch. I fell asleep quickly.

like-waves-on-the-beach  asked:

Sorry you are feeling shitty and uninspired. Hope this helps. Emma explains Netflix to Killian from season four, and possibly she explains Netflix and Chill. Have fun

“You wanna go home and see what’s on Netflix?”

“I don’t know what that is, but sure.” Her pirate – it still feels weird to think of him as her’s, but, well, he is – grins back. And it’s a perfect little moment, the freaking birds chirping all around them like her life is a fairytale, but of course she ruins it.

Emma turns away, frustrated with herself, frustrated with all of it, but Killian’s disappointment radiates off him, and it isn’t so much a decision she makes as a need to kiss him in that moment. It changes the mood between them, a measure of tension leaving him, and when she finally does turn away, he’s only a few steps behind.

“Swan, I know we’ve some frosty beasty to track down, but I’ve got to ask. You mentioned Netflix just now, aye?”

She’s so confounded by what the two could possibly have to do with each other she stops in her tracks, turning to face him with a raised brow. It’s a struggle not to laugh at the way he says Netflix like it’s an exotic dish instead of a way to waste an entire day, but she manages to contain herself. “Yeah, but I was kidding. Right now anyway. Don’t really have time for Netflix.”

“So is Netflix and chill something to do with the ice creature?”

Emma nearly chokes, slapping her hand over her mouth and doubling over in the effort to contain herself. But it doesn’t work, and so help her, she can’t stop laughing at his perfectly innocent question, despite her cheeks flushing scarlet.

“Swan, do be serious. The creature is no laughing–”

She cuts him off with a kiss, Killian’s continued battle with modern technology and phrases as endearing as ever. Her amusement fades as he picks up on the change in her mood, arms tightening around her as his hook settles against the small of her back.

But as things become too intense for her, she backs off slightly, breathing deeply. “Netflix and chill is not about monsters,” she tells him, her smile creeping back. He looks more confused than ever, an ever so slight frown drawing his brows down, and Emma can’t help the small laugh. “It’s…an expression.”

“An amusing one, by your reaction,” he huffs, but he doesn’t let her go. “Share the bloody joke, Swan. Is this something I should ask Dave about?”

“Oh my god, no, don’t ever ask my father anything about Netflix and chill, please.” Emma blushes brightly all over again, and this time, Killian picks up on it, his usual leer beginning to form.

“So…this Netflix and chill…this is something we might do together?” he asks, his hips pressing suggestively into hers, and Emma has to swallow her groan. “Perhaps alone?”

“I so need to move out,” she mutters against his chest, the heat in her veins quickly chased by the disappointing fact that any chance of Netflix and chilling is slim to none given her current living situation. There is the option of Killian’s room at Granny’s – if she wants the whole town to know about it. “I really, really need my own place.”


Gina spending ten full minutes talking about herself and how she always knew she’d get her own reality tv show and that she’s the world’s greatest and people that don’t already know that are going to find out

“Oh right you wanted me to talk about the bus accident. I was run over by a bus. But I am no mere mortal so here I sit, perfect as always. Also today we’re setting the bus on fire so there’s that.”

Jake gets so so excited about being on tv but when he sits down with the cameras for the first time he acts all cool and tells his best cop stories. but the camera crew actually arrived earlier than expected and caught Jake celebrating in the precinct

“Wooooooooooooo! Guys! We’re gonna be on tv! On tv! Amy do you think we’ll become famous? Oh my god, what if we became famous cops?!! We’d get to be in Die Hard 6! Which is gonna be better than Die Hard 5 because we’ll be in it!”

He’s whooping and cheering a lot and freaking out to Amy who listens patiently and holds his hands when he gets extra excited and the thing goes on for like, ten minutes probably

Amy doesn’t want Jake and her relationship to be featured on the show in case people think that they aren’t doing their jobs bc they’re too busy dating which could harm the image of the NYPD in the eyes of the public, so Jake and Amy keep their relationship under wraps when the cameras are around in the precinct

but then the cameras catch on and one day they’re following the suspicious detectives that keep flirting with each other in the precinct and Jake and Amy are holding hands on the way to the car and chatting

“Man this pretending not to date thing is so hard, Ames. I mean, I thought we were holding back a lot in the precinct already when there weren’t cameras before, but now that there’re actual cameras recording our every move I can’t do anything but act like how we used before we started dating. I hate not openly dating you. How the hell did I do it before?”

They discuss dinner plans then the camera pans and shows them driving off together in the same car

Terry talks about yoghurt and the importance of a healthy diet and exercise in one’s life. He talks about his wife and beautiful children and his section on the show is always very healthy and pure. He even paints once

Charles has a cooking segment where he teaches how to cook certain… exotic dishes. And also a children’s cooking segment where he teaches Nickolaj simple dishes that the kids at home too, can master

Captain Holt tries to talk about important cop stuff to improve the public’s perspective of the NYPD. But when he’s asked to discuss some of his hobbies he gets going about his antique globe collection and that’s all he discusses for the rest of his time on the show

Hitchcock and Scully are just eating all the time and the camera occasionally pans to their newest meal and gross eating habits

Rosa almost never appears on the show. Its been reported that she’s punched about five cameras already that tried filming her, until she ran out of money to pay for the damages. She now tries to avoid the cameras.

The longest footage the camera crew gets of Rosa is when she’s visiting Gina at the hospital. She has a very tender look on her face as she makes sure Gina’s okay and does simple little things to help her out. The camera only stops filming when Rosa’s grabbed by Gina’s hands and they start kissing

They name the show “Linetti, Set, Go”

Hanaemi - chapter 1

Originally posted by taehyung-jimin

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x reader

Genre: angst, future fluff, tattoo soulmate au (kinda?)

Description: Whenever you fall in love, a black tattoo appears somewhere on your body. They turn red once the person you love dies. But blue, blue is a different story.

Word count: 2,546

Preview ch. 2

Sometimes you compared your life to a lonely raindrop on the window of a car. As illogical and stupid as it sounds, you are that one drop, struggling hard to flee from the others coming your way. If they catch you, they only put more pressure on you. It’s hard to escape all of them, one way or another they’ll be triumphant. But you’re strong, so strong that one doesn’t affect you, two show some sign of existence. Only three or four are are already starting to become a bit heavier than you’d prefer. Continuing like that, one day you’ll have no choice but to fall down and crash against the car with them because of the overweight. Not slowly, because you’re doing your best at lifting them, but all of sudden, when your strength gives in completely without warning. It seems to be the last drop making you loose your battle, but it’s actually all of them combined that’s making you loose.

“Jimin hasn’t showed up yet? Maybe he’s just sick?” 

“It’s been 3 weeks now, I’m kinda worried. I tried calling him a few times but he won’t answer my calls or messages.”

You sat at the kitchen table while your younger sister prepared breakfast, well actually it was 9 pm. You’d both been too lazy to cook something for dinner so you ended up with eggs and toast. Well, that was a really rare occasion because you were a born chef cook that spends most of the time cooking, trying exotic dishes that sometimes end up in a disaster or just preparing a good ramen after hard study sessions. But today, there was a different tension in the air. It’s as if Akira was mad at you but you couldn’t recall anything that could’ve annoyed her. Aside from that, she seemed a bit sad with a mix of nervousness?

Maybe the topic was not her cup of tee, after all, she didn’t like how Jimin and you were some kind of ‘smoke buddies’. She’d always complain when you would go to Jimin during breaks and she would have to stay with Ana. She liked her, yes, but at some point everyone gets tired of someone, right? That’s just the way humans are, after all.

“I really hope he’ll show up tomorrow. The last time I saw him was …”
When I saw it.
You hesitated to finish the sentence. Memories still sharp in your mind how he looked so distressed and frightened when you saw it and how his beautiful smile vanished and was replaced with a terrified expression.

You looked at your little sister and stood up, moving towards to the kitchen counter to check up on the eggs while trying to stay focused on the the conversation, mind still going to Jimin’s blue tattoo. A rare, fascinating exception that no one really knew why it occurred. Generally, there are two colors the marks of love can be inked in.

Black. Black is the normal case, whenever you fall in love, surely there’ll appear a black mark somewhere on your body

Red. Red means death. It turns red once your loved one dies, as if the cruel universe is trying to tell you once again that they’re gone, shoving the sad reality into your face, and won’t come back.

But blue is something different. It’s not a common thing to have a blue tattoo. No one really knows why they change their color to blue in the first place. Researchers claim that it’s a sign of cheating because a few people they investigated admitted doing it, but there’s no reliable proof. You know from more trustworthy sources that it can’t be the truth. That’s also the reason society doesn’t like people who’re burdened with that beautiful exceptional case. They connect blue with cheating, even though many of them are guiltless. However, there are still secrets about this matter, an unsolved mystery.

“…before summer break. He said he would visit his parents in Busan. ”
Now you couldn’t contain the mixed feelings inside of you. You wanted to see him, to ask him about it so bad. How was it possible? What did you two do to deserve this? What did you have in common that the universe was punishing you for? He was such a pure boy, he looked, talked, acted so innocent how, could he be suffering the same way you did?

“I’m pretty sure he’ll eventually come one day. Why do you even worry that much? Do you like him so bad?” She asked, she sounded almost annoyed.

No, but he’s the only person who can comprehend my pain

But you had to be wary of your choice of words and actions, Akira shouldn’t get a clue about this. As hard as it was to hide a secret from everybody, it was even harder to hide it from the people surrounding you. You couldn’t talk about it, you didn’t know it for yourself what it was. Jimin was your last hope in this complex world, someone who shared the same hopelessness as you.

“No, it’s nothing like that, it’s just-” you had to stop mid sentence only to realize that you should’ve never told her to cook. How can someone burn eggs? Well, it was happening now.

“Akira, get out of the way.” You shouted, clearly mad. “How can you not even cook simple eggs?”

“Akira get up, I know it’s a monday and you hate getting up on mondays but get the fuck up now we’re gonna be late!” You were literally shaking her awake and when you were about to pull off your sister’s blanket, Akira slowly opened her eyes.
“I think I’m sick, (Y/N). Can I just stay at home for today?” She pleaded with big puppy eyes and a frown visible on her face. She’s so bad at lying, wow, she’s nothing like me.

“You’re not a tiny bit sick but okay, only for today, only because we have the same lessons today. You’ll copy my notes when I’m home.” You answered.
It was not usual for you to be that nice but it’s her own decision after all, you can’t force her to anything. Besides, you stayed home a day last week when you had little to no motivation.

You dressed up, put your hair into a bun like always, prepared your bag for the day. You were about to leave when you remembered grabbing your keys and decided to take a quick look on Akira.

There she lied, sleeping so soundly, looking as innocent as always. Sheets covering everything except her nose and eyes.
“I’ll be home late today, you know, I have to work. Don’t try to cook anything, ok? Just order a pizza or something, don’t burn the house down. Good night. Or morning, I guess?”

You left the house unknowingly of what would be awaiting you on your return.

“Dammit, where’s my fucking lighter? I thought I’d put it in this jacket…” You were furious at this point. You were in a little alley you’d never seen before, couldn’t find your damn lighter and the only reason you were here was your sister’s goodbye letter. What a coward move of her. How could she just leave you like that? You wanted to finish this together, like always, together.

You needed this goddamn cigarette right now more than anything. You wanted nothing more than the relaxing feeling it offered when you were stressed, drowning your sorrows and problems in nicotine, hoping they’d crumble to ashes and disappear just like its remnants. You felt betrayed. You couldn’t go back home now, you didn’t feel like it, didn’t feel like entering an empty apartment while knowing that you’d be alone. All because your own sister, a person you trusted with all your heart, abandoned you. The only thing to calm your jumping nerves at this realization was fresh air and nicotine.

You looked around in hopes of finding a little shop to buy a new lighter or even matches although you didn’t really like the latter option because of the fire extinguishing really fast, before you could even make use of it.

While you walked around the empty street looking for a possibility you spotted a young man walking into your direction.

Maybe he could lend me a lighter?

You slowly walked towards him and prayed that he’d also be a smoker and eventually a nice smoker helping you out in your hour of need. You prepared your sentence in your brain, having always been shy and extremely awkward when it comes to talking to strangers.

“Excuse me?”

He averted his gaze from the pavement at the sound of your voice and tried to find the source of it.

“Yes?” He said, finally finding your eyes and waiting for an answer.

“Could you lend me a lighter, please?” You asked. Internally cringing because of your impatience that made you do this instead of searching a little shop, but you didn’t really know where you’d been to begin with or where you could find one.

“Yeah, sure.” He said, nonchalantly. Phew. While he fumbled in his pockets, you took your time examining his face, his features that seemed quite familiar. You knew this guy from somewhere, but who was he? Where’d you seen him before?

Cigarette already between your middle and index finger itching to be ignited, you stopped staring at him when he offered you the item you needed so urgently at the moment.

“Thank you.” You said, wasting no more time and bringing the cigarette in between upper and bottom lip, proceeding to light the other end. But then you took a closer look at the man’s property in your hands and you couldn’t believe your eyes. Were they playing a trick on you?

No, there’s no doubt.

This was unmistakably Jimin’s. Silver covering and a neatly written ‘Jimin’ in Katakana, the japanese alphabet used for writing foreign words. He’d told you about his trip to Tokyo and that he’d bought it there at a local souvenir shop when you once recognized the letters of your mother tongue. The owner of the shop was kind enough to write Jimin’s name on it as a personal wish. He knows how to sweet talk people way too well. But where is Jimin?

You eyes were now wide open, staring at the little thing in your hands, you were about to speak up, it was already getting a bit awkward when you didn’t return nor use it, but kept gaping at it. Maybe you were hallucinating, hoping for a little sign of him. You turned your gaze away from what you thought must be an illusion or pure coincidence, it’s not like Jimin was the only person on this planet to own such a thing, right? You lifted you head up to look once again at the helpful stranger in front of you.

Now you knew why he looked so familiar. He resembled one of Jimin’s friends, the one you occasionally got to see on his phone background or outside the library when he picked Jimin up after studying together. Unfortunately, you never really got the chance to get to know him. But you were not exactly sure if it was him. What was his name again? This couldn’t be coincidence, could it? Maybe it was only a ludicrous play of your mind, you’ve been going insane these past few months, especially today. You weren’t quite sure what you should do now but you definitely didn’t want to miss a chance to get any kind of information about Jimin.

It’s worth a try.

You don’t know if it was the adrenaline pumping in your veins of finding a hint that led to Jimin or some kind of confidence boost that made you ask him the ridiculous question that was flooding your mind: “Do you know Park Jimin ?”

Please, say yes. Tell me where he is. Is he okay?

He looked a bit taken aback and hesitant, as if contemplating wether to answer the question that seemed to be really weird, considering the fact that you didn’t know each other. Realizing the uncomfortable tension in the air and his shocked face mixed with confusion, you decided to make an explanation, trying so desperately not to sound like a creep.

“Um, it’s just, I’m sorry. I must’ve mistaken you for someone. Here, thank you. ”

You stretched out your hand and returned the lighter back to its owner, turning on your heels and walking away. You had no destination in mind, you only wanted to outrun the embarrassing situation that was a result of your blunt, unthought actions, and mostly of your despair that probably reached its limit today.

Why am I so dumb? Am I really losing my mind now? I must’ve really mistaken him for-


You came to an abrupt halt, you didn’t expect this. Why did he stop you? What was he going to say?

You turned around to face him, a bit anxious but the curiosity definitely overweighted.

“I knew Park Jimin. Who are you?”

Taehyung was his name. You were right, it was Jimin’s friend after all. After you told him your name and that you know Jimin from uni, he insisted on going to a coffee shop before answering your questions. You declined at first. He was practically still a stranger to you. Only when he’d remarked that it was a long, complicated story concerning Jimin’s whereabouts and his current state you gave in. It was weird, really weird, but so was your encounter with him a while ago. You’ve never spoken a word with Taehyung until now and though you didn’t know him, he seemed like a nice person.

“So…” he trailed off, putting down his cup of coffee, clearly not knowing how to start the conversation. His saddened expression in front of you should be preparing you for what was about to come. This was a sign that whatever he’d be telling you now, was not what you wanted to hear.

Jimin, you can’t leave me alone. Not now. Not when she left me, not when it’s getting even harder to breathe these days. Not now, please, not when the guilt increases day by day and no one but you can understand me.

Taehyung must’ve seen the despair visible on your face, he knew he couldn’t make you wait any longer only to think of every possible scenario crossing your mind about what could’ve happened to Jimin. So he started explaining, making your poor heart shatter for the second time this day. Making you realize that, unfortunately, a new raindrop was added onto you, this one the heaviest by far.

“Jimin, he had a car accident in Busan…”

He stopped talking from time to time, checking up on you. You’re gaze was fixed on the table, refusing to look anywhere else.

No, this can’t be true.

“They couldn’t help him, he’d already lost so much blood…”

Splash. You turned your emotionless face to look at the window right beside you. It started raining, and the drops, they were so big.

You had no chance fleeing from them nor could you lift them.

“He’s dead.”

A/N: if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me. Let me know how you think about it so far. Hope you enjoyed 🌸


Because I struggle with bad eye sight I thought I would save others the eye strain and type up what is actually written on the back of this Hannibal prop for those interested. Apparently this sold for $1000 at the Hannibal auction but all for a good cause.

And yes this is what I am doing with my valuable time instead of working on my lab report for uni. Procrastination at it’s finest XD

Hannibal The Cannibal:

The trial of Dr. Hannibal Lecter revealed to the public another side of a man who was a respected member of proper society in Baltimore. A man who was respected as one of the most brilliant psychiatric minds among his peers. A man who was a gourmand and often entertained societies elite and soirees where they wined and dined on expertly prepared exotic dishes prepared by the host himself. A man who worked a psychological profiler for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A man who was in fact the notorious Chesapeake Ripper. An infamous serial killer with a murderous career as shocking as it is prolific. The trial of Dr. Lecter - shocking as it was, was only the beginning of the disturbing story of the man who became known as Hannibal the Cannibal.This book is a deep psychiatric assessment from the very Doctor who worked with Dr. Lecter as well as knew him once as a friend. A revealing study of what caused Lecter to torture and kill the people around him. What caused him to even eat his victims and feed them to unknowing house guests. A perfect storm of brilliance, violence and psychotic behaviour that resulted in one of the worst serial killers in history.

About The Author:

Dr Frederick Chilton is a doctor of psychiatry and author having written several papers that have been published in prestigious publications such as the American Journal of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Medicine Today. He began his career soon after graduating from Harvard University by starting his own practice where he was able to treat people with a great measure of success. He soon became a fellow at the Harvard School of Psychiatric Medicine where he continued to study and publish in his field. Dr. Chilton soon became a specialist in criminal psychology and was a consultant and advisor in the Criminal Court of Maryland. He most recently has been working at the Hospital Director of the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane where he worked directly with and studied Dr. Lecter himself.

The Cook - a Black Sails FlintHamilton Fanfic

Thomas had always enjoyed good food, although he hadn’t always appreciated it.

Rich dishes and exotic flavours were part and parcel of belonging to the aristocracy, and it was only when he found himself choking on stagnant gruel in Bedlam that he realised how much he had once taken for granted.

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An excerpt from the zoological text The Hunter’s Encyclopedia of Animals (First Edition).

CHAPTER I: An overview of the common rath

The rath (Mandibulaformia terribilis) is one of three extant species in the genus Mandibulaformia and a member of the family Caelincolidae. The widely-used term common rath collectively denotes the genetic variations and phenotypic discrepancies documented between “Old World” and “New World” raths found on the five major continents. With some males exceeding 4.1 metric tons and a length of over 17 meters, it’s one of the largest flying wyverns after the gravios, diablos, and gureadomosu. The rath is one of the most widely-dispersed land species following humans and wyverians. Their range encompasses most tropical, subtropical, and temperate biomes at max elevations of 2000 meters, with average rainfall in certain climates oscillating between 21 to 170 inches annually. The rath is a least concerned species, due to extensive management from the International Hunters’ Guild in regulating the number of individuals that can be killed or captured per year.

In the wild, females (rathians) have an average lifespan of 39 to 47 years, their longevity greater than the males’ (rathalos) at a range of 35 to 42 years. They’re typically seen in forested midland ecosystems, although habitation has been observed in deserts, highlands, and volcanoes. Raths are typically solitary wyverns when unmated, and only shift their lifestyle to cooperative hunting during and after the mating season. These prenuptial hunts—much like the ruts seen in even-toed ungulates (such as the kelbi)—are a part of the sexual selection process by which a rathian chooses a potential mate amongst various candidates (barring other selection factors). Raths are apex and keystone predators, although scavenging on carrion is estimated to contribute up to 35% of their diet. Direct attacks on human, wyverian, and lynian settlements are rare, and raths will seldom prey upon and consume them should they encroach their territory. Raths are predominantly diurnal, although nocturnal behavior is not unheard of.

Due to its widespread presence on nearly every continent, the rath is an easily-recognized animal symbol in many cultures. Depictions of raths date back to the earliest traces of civilization, with paintings of them seen on cave walls, masonry, and pottery. More telling is the presence of primitive weapons constructed from talons, claws, and spines, and armor fashioned from rath scales and plates, found on archeological digs. In ancient societies it was hailed as an omen of destruction, and in certain cultures its portentous reputation is alive and flourishing today. In many countries raths are hunted not only for equipment, but as parts of exotic dishes, with their ribs and loins in high demand in markets worldwide. Raths have been kept in menageries since before the formation of the Guild. Domestication and selective breeding of a related rath ancestor 40,000 years ago gave rise to the halk (Raptor domesticus).

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The Baron’s table is lavish, with a smorgasbord of gourmet dishes, exotic ingredients, and even an entire rosted pig.  The Baron does not even sample anything, instead only sipping his glass of wine.  After a long and satisfying dinner, you cannot help but question your benefactor on this.  His face splits into a smile, revealing his unnaturally long canines-

“Oh, child, my feast is about to begin!”

Ashton’s sexual traits based on his zodiac sign

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The best way to turn on a Cancer is make your partner feel needed. In case of women especially make time for a prolonged foreplay and focusing on sharing your deepest romantic emotions as you snuggle with her in front of the fire or share deep kisses out on the porch. The most erogenous zones for Cancer men and women are the breasts, chest and tummy. So, while caressing your girlfriend, use a gentle touch and when she begins to get aroused, lightly suck on her nipples and run over her stomach with the tips of your fingers. Women of this zodiac sign are more likely than others to cry after making love, primarily because for them the experience is an intensely emotional one. So if you want to keep your girlfriend, be there to hold her hand amidst her sniffles and don’t simply turn over and start snoring. Female Cancerians are incredibly sweet and graceful and the perfect find if you like your women to be soft and feminine.

In order to seduce a Cancer man, Begin with tender loving romance that goes on all night long. He will love the feeling of your hands and fingers on his skin. Let your hands roam all over his body, brush gently along his cheeks, nibble, nip and lightly kiss him all over his face. Oral sex is another way you can be sure of pleasing your Cancer mate. Alternatively invest in some super soft, stretchy c­rings to bring you both some wild vibrations that will help make sure you enter the gates of paradise at the same time. There are few things a Sensual Cancer man enjoys more than crossing the finish line together ­ with the woman he loves.

Sexual fantasies for Cancer lovers are usually intensely private and romantic. Most of them are in fact related to water which is why a long bubble-bath with your partner can turn into a truly amorous experience for you both. Other erotic scenarios include moonlight, dreamy landscapes and the soft gurgling of streams nearby. For a special night with your Cancer man, turn out in a long flowing gossamer gown preferably in aquatic shades. Or if you are keen to arouse your Cancer girlfriend, treat her to a dinner by the beach and feast on exotic sea-food dishes, avocado or grapes. Finally, make sure that your lovemaking is gentle, unhurried and focused as much on giving as on receiving pleasure.

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Soba with Oven Roasted Asian Mushrooms and Crispy Seaweed
Pirate’s Galley is an exciting new project from Sea Shepherd, which will feature vegan cooking from a range of celebrity and in house chefs. The first set of videos are filmed on board the Steve Irwin’s galley with TV chef, Simon Bryant. Simon shows off a range of exotic and delicious dishes, simple enough to cook at home or at sea.


I stumbled across the book Unmentionable Cuisine at my local library.

I would highly recommend this book to Hannibal fic writers. Not only does it have instructions on how to prepare just about every part of an animal including the organs and even blood, which with a little imagination can be extended to the proper butchery of “long pig,” but it has unusual exotic dishes from around the world. Looking for a recipe for silkworm omelets, cock’s combs or calf’s spleen. This book has it. The author, Calvin W. Schwabe, has a good dry sense of humor. The recipe for “Turkey Testes a la Rosenwald” (named for a friend who Schwabe praises as “probably the world’s leading authority on turkey testicles”) starts like this:

Partially thaw frozen turkey testicles and express the organ from its membranes by squeezing it as one would peel a Concord grape.

I looked for the ortolan bunting recipe, which it didn’t have, but it did have a recipe for a small bird casserole called “Starlings in Crust”

Remove the backbones from some prepared starlings…Wrap each bird in a piece of pig’s omentum. Pack tightly in a shallow baking dish on a bed of the backbones, chopped onions, and chopped carrots, all browned in butter…

Cook birds on a bed of their own pan-fried spines. This book is full of gems like this.

I wouldn’t use this as an actual cookbook. There are no units of measurements given and since this book was published originally in 1979, some of the factual information is out of date. There is a section on the danger of contracting trichinosis from undercooked pork (which isn’t a worry any more with the cleanliness of farmed pork), but no warnings about Mad Cow Disease from eating cow or calf brains.

Just as a warning, this book is interesting but not for the fainthearted. There is a chapter called “Dog and Cat Meat,” and Schwabe does not shy away from the topic. So if that would bother you, just skip it.

kindasortaameyzing  asked:



Send me an OTP and I’ll answer the following, in this format:

The Disorganized Person: Cinder! She’ll try to be neat just for Kai’s sake, and it works–but she’s still one of those people who have random things just lying around everywhere. Kai thinks it’s hilarious. 

The Cook: Kai. He’ll cook exotic Asian dishes for Cinder. She eventually feels bad that he’s doing all the cooking, and makes a system where she cooks every other day. She’s a terrible cook and always burns the food, but Kai will eat it anyway.

The Vacation-Obsessed: Kai! He’s used to traveling everywhere, and every year during the holidays he takes out his HUGE collection of  travel brochures and planners. He’s way too into visiting other places, and Cinder can only watch helplessly as he books them a romantic yacht to Antarctica or something. 

The One who Kisses the Other Person to Avoid Conversation: Kai. Sometimes they’ll be in casual conversation, and then Cinder will catch his eyes and get flustered. He’s amused by it all, and gives her a peck on the lips every time. 

(Cinder begins acting awkward in all their conversations just so this will happen.)

(Kai knows.)

The Home Decorator: Kai. He thinks the decor in the Lunar palace is too extreme, and brings up some furniture and paintings from Earth to make Cinder feel more at home. (They have this inside joke where Kai scribbles/sticks a drawing of a metal foot on everything. Because of this, Cinder’s room is full of metal foot posters and pillows.)

(Kai regrets nothing.)

The Morning Person: Kai. He’ll wake up and watch Cinder sleep. (She snores.) Sometimes he takes pictures of her sleeping, because her face is so content that he wants to save it on his port.

(He sneaks peeks at it during political conferences sometimes.)

(Kon Torin does not approve.)

The Ticklish One: Cinder! Kai notices this one day and discovers that she actually GIGGLES when  he tickles her. He loves the sound of her laughing, and will sometimes stop what they’re doing to tickle her. 

He has done this in front of other officials.

Again, Kon Torin does not approve. 

sittingquietly  asked:

Regarding the post about rising quinoa prices, can explain the racism and appropriation? I understand the issues surrounding a growing demand for any type of food but what makes this more than just another food fad? (Don't take this as argumentative. I just want to be informed and you are always spot on with your posts). Thanks!

i’m going to open this with a story.

when i first moved into on campus housing at Hampshire college i had a Peruvian roommate. upon learning that i’m a vegan she one day said to me “at least you’re not the kind to eat quinoia”. she then went on to explain to me that quinoa is a staple in the diets of peruvian peoples because of its nutritional benefits, such as high protein, high fiber, low calories, ect. but because the demand for quinoa in the united states has skyrocketed, people in Peru and other places where quinoa is an indigenous crop are no longer able to afford it. this means they have to shift their diets to what’s immediately available in order to survive the quinoa outsourcing boom, such as an increase in meat consumption to supplement the protein they would have gotten from quinoa in order to survive. this shift in how peruvians and other people access food in order to survive is causing a spike in diabetes, obesity, and other health problems that weren’t as significant before the quinoa boom. from a health and food justice standpoint, the quinoa boom is causing health disparities in people who had otherwise been able to survive for years. 

interestingly enough, she was telling this to someone who had never eaten quinoa in her life, and quite honestly didn’t know what the fuck it was until she explained it. 

there’s a lot of issues with what i’m going to call white supremacist food culture, the ways in which U.S commits food imperialism when we imports good as part of the “supply and demand model” in order to satisfy the dietary needs of a few at the expense of many

like lets be real about something 

the U.S isn’t buying quinoa in bulk and then distributing it in the hood for free. its not hitting the shelves of grocery stores located in food deserts in droves. 

its going into whole foods, small boutique health food stores, stores where the assumed consumer is white, upper class, and labelled “health conscious”. stores that are not located in places populated by people of color, whether its urban, suburban, or rural. its going into the stores where white people live and white people shop. 

there’s actually a really good essay in the anthology cultivating food justice about how one of the problems with food justice and health consumer culture is that the “conscious consumer” is assumed to be white and the “unconscious consumer” is assumed to be a person of color. and when food justice operates under the assumption that “unconscious consumers” are merely people who don’t know what’s good for them and have to be told what’s good for them then its located in white saviourism. it doesn’t address the issue of access as it relates to class, race, mobility, proximity and continues to perpetuate a power imbalance where white people are posited as the authoritative source on health  

now why is it racism and appropriation? 

the lack of tangible fair trade agreements that benefit the producer moreso than the consumer- i personally believe that fair trade can never exist within the context of a capitalist framework. current fair trade rhetorics, to be frank, are an emotional remedy for the guilt ridden conscious consumer moreso then they are a real solution to transnational trade and consumption. no matter how much people in the U.S pay for something labelled “fair trade” you are still getting it for relatively cheap in comparison to what its actually worth, because you’re importing from places that don’t have the same philosophy about labor that we do, where labor is thought to be theoretically “cheaper”. and chances are you are probably paying more for the luxury of a brand to say its “fair trade” than you are an actual, equitable exchange. in order for fair trade to truly exist there has to be complete autonomy over the means of production so that producers can play a larger role in their own economic development. essentially, the people who produce quinoa are probably not profiting off it as much as U.S companies who import it are

long term environmental consequences- the U.S has a nasty habit of overconsuming/over-importing foods labelled “exotic” by virtue of not being indigenous to Eurocentric agricultures or food cultures. this places pressure on countries of production to deplete their own natural resources in order to keep up with with the demand, such as destroying rainforests in order to make more room for more crops. especially since its not advisable to crop the same crops in the same patch of dirt over and over again. so we are playing a role in the destruction of the environment abroad, especially in countries of color who have already gone through the environmental destruction associated with European imperialism. U.S import culture fosters another form of environmental racism all on its own 

the “its not healthy or worth eating until white people eat it” gotcha of food appropriation. at the same time white supremacy loves to tell people of color that our foods are not healthy, nasty, smell bad, ect it also loves to appropriate our foods and take credit for making them more palatable to the taste buds of white people. and out of this a repackaged food culture arrives, where the representations of that food culture make whiteness the referent, the default. and where the profiteers are white. white people probably make more money off selling non-white recipes, cookbooks, ingredients/food staples ect than the actual people of color from that cultural context ever will 

the best way to see this illustrated is to go to a book store and pick up a cookbook that advertises a non-western, non-white food culture written by a white person. the emphasis will often be on rehashing recipes from that culture to make them “healthier”, i.e fat free, low in sugar, carbs, high in protein, whatever is the hot new stay healthy/stay lean diet tip of the day. this assumes that prior to white adaption and appropriation, these foods are “unhealthy” relating the health of a food culture to Eurocentric values of what it means to consume “healthy” food/”unhealthy” foods. 

yet what is considered “healthy” or necessary for a culture to survive is not going to be the same across the board. “health” is relative concept influenced by a lot of shit. and white supremacy functions to set the proverbial standard of concepts that are relative 

additionally this framing conveniently ignores the impact of European colonialism & white supremacy have on POC food cultures. a few days ago i reblogged a post where whole foods was selling collard greens, a staple vegetable in many blackamerican soul food traditions. the advertisement stated “it doesn’t take bacon to make these greens taste great”. 

well whole foods is right, you don’t have to add bacon to collard greens in order to make it taste great. especially if its not your preference

but that conveniently ignores the context by which collard greens arose as a coveted dish in the first place. they’re part of blackamerican soul food cultures, which originate out of slavery. slaves didn’t have access to what some might think of as “healthy” food. being fed during slavery was a luxury that came few and far in between. and when slaves were fed they were fed what was left of the masters meal, the throwaways. so emerges a food culture as of a method of survival, a food culture that suited the needs of people who were being physically exploited for labor and unsure of when they were going to see their next meal. dietary preference or selectivity doesn’t exist when you’re fighting to survive. 

food appropriation by white supremacist food cultures is nothing new. people who benefit from white supremacy have been either taking by force or underpaying for their “exotic” dishes, ingredients, recipes. neither is the dialogue about the appropriation of food from marginalized peoples is. the only thing that’s quite new about is in the academic discourse and scholarship that has risen out of food justice. but then to me that narrows the scope as to what is considered scholarship, who is an authoritative source, who defines such limitations

i mean whether i’ve read about it in an article or my grandma calls me on the phone one day to tell me she can no longer afford collard greens because their in high demand at the whole foods clear across town

either way i’ve learned the same lesson 

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Disgusted by the fact that you want to eat alligator meat. I know, a Cow feels just as much pain as an alligator, but seriously, do you have to eat meat from every living thing on this planet? And please don't reply to this with a long ass text about how stupid I am and how great and tolerant you are. Also, the alligator in that video was killed in a really gruesome way, and seeing that made you hungry for his meat? You're legitely terrible.

I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong. 

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