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I jumped on board the mermaid au but i made it shance kek 

This au has lance being an alien mermaid(man??) who was taken from his home and put into an exotic creatures exhibit (so basically a zoo) >>

So for the time being Voltron is formed (allura pilots the blue lion for the time being, but blue is constantly telling her she wants “her pilot” whatever that means) and during a mission to free the aliens and creatures in the zoo Shiro comes across Lance’s display, and lance is all like “ Heeeeey look at this nice piece of meat i like this…whatever this is” and shiro’s like “Hot damn this dude is cute shit”

so shiro pushes the gay thoughts aside and comes in like “Im a paladin of voltron here to save you!! …..how do i get you out….” 

lets just say it ends up with shiro busting the glass open and getting completely soaked ^^’ 

Anyways Lance is just like “My hero~ Please get me out of here now “

Sooo yea By then all the aliens are free’d and shiro comes back to the castle-ship with lance still in his arms cause of course he’s gonna make the MERMAID FUCKING WALK and then introduces him to everyone and whoops blue screams at allura like “THATS MY PILOT GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE”

and thats as far as i got >< I still have alot of shit i wanna do for this au ^ 3^ feel free to send me idea kek i love drawing mermaid lance and like im just super gay for shance anyway lelelelel

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im sick of people being so ignorant abt asian people and asia in general. we are not!!! all!!! the !!! same !!!!! some kid today claimed that the japanese and chinese languages “are basically the same” right in my face !!!!! why do ppl think racism against asian people doesnt exist!!! why is everyone so ignorant??? why are we never discussed in the media?? why r racist jokes against us a casual funny thing?? why r we basically lumped in w white ppl.. FUCK your model minority idea!!! fuck the idea that only east asia exists and there is only ONE ASIAN CULTURE. just one?? do ppl not understand that asia is fucking huge. there r so many cultures and languages and ppl and yet we r all lumped into one and our women r treated like were all fair skinned small eyed black haired delicate girls and we r fetishized and sexualized so much. treated like were exotic creatures, objects for white men. r representation in the media is shit and r problems r never discussed and im just. sick of it

The fuck is up with the South Bay

In Northern England I could get a large Dominoes pizza for 5 quid

Here a large Dominoes pizza is over 20 dollars (tax-inclusive, because the British price would be tax-inclusive)

Like, this was post-Brexit. It wasn’t because the pound was worth something. It was literally the cost of a Dominoes pizza in England being barely over a quarter of the cost here.

That is… Not the kind of cost of living difference you expect to happen? Like, four fold rent differences happen. The restaurants being fancier in one place than another happens. But the food products of the same franchise being four times more expensive in one location than another is just insane.

How? How how how?

7 magical experiences from Malaysia that are so incredible, you’ll want to book your flight immediately!

Malaysia is no stranger to interesting and astounding locations. Wish you could be whisked away to these magical destinations right now?


Experience new heights when you venture to THE TOP of Penang’s iconic urban peak to take in the breathtaking views of George Town. Watch the world go by from the comfort of the air-conditioned Observatory Deck at Level 65 and enjoy a cocktail from at the rooftop bar. Daredevils can put their fear of heights to the test on the open-air Rainbow Skywalk, situated a thrilling 249-metres above ground.

Sipadan Island — Sabah


Ask any seasoned divers about their top five dive sites and Sipadan will almost always come up. Malaysia’s most famous diving destination is where you can meet the ocean’s most exotic creatures. Giant mantas, barracudas, turtles and varying species of sharks are just some of the aquatic marine life that roam beneath the water’s surface.

Soak in the pristine reefs and underwater biodiversity at this island paradise before sweeping your leg up in a luxurious beach resort by the water’s edge.

Tusan Beach — Miri

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Tusan Beach is a local sanctuary that is far more pristine and untouched than Miri’s more popular beaches, but that’s not its only selling point. Imagine wading into the warm unpolluted ocean, only to see blue lights shimmering all around you like your personal fairy tale. Due to the presence of an algae called ‘Dinoflagellates’, which produce a blue glow when disturbed by motion, the beach is also a great place for photo enthusiast to try out their low-light photography skills!

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre — Sabah

Get a chance to meet Borneo’s most fascinating primates at one of the largest and oldest orangutan conservation centres just 25km north of Sandakan. Learn how these injured and orphaned apes are nurtured back to health before returning them back into their natural habitat. 

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Check out the little ones from the nursery viewing area as they sharpen their swinging skills on the branches above, visit the outdoor platform during feeding time (10am and 3pm) where the apes congregate for milk and bananas, or embark on a guided forest walk through the Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve and be charmed by its huge trees, tropical plants and thriving wildlife within. Doesn’t get wilder than that!

Sekinchan — Selangor

Image: chee.hong

Mere 1.5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur, fertile soil has blessed this tiny beach side village with an abundance of yield, covering the land in a sea of endless green paddy fields that stretch as far as the horizon. Capture the verdant views up close, visit the Paddy Processing Factory and Paddy Museum for a lesson in rice agriculture, or indulge in a seafood feast along the popular ‘Seafood Street’.

Any of the 104 islands in the Andaman Sea – Langkawi

There’s nothing quite like a great beach vacation to relax and recharge. Now think about having 104 islands to choose from. Yep, 104 shades of azure, white sand and sky to show off beach bods of every size. Langkawi is basically an underrated Maldives, and with such an attractive exchange rate, there really is no excuse not to book a flight there right now!

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You might want to check out AirAsia for flight details to these awesome locations mentioned above. You’re welcome!

  • Loki: Can I just bury the capital in snow for the next four years? Surely that will spare us.
  • Thor: Brother, Lady Darcy is hitting her forehead.
  • Steve: And that punishes the honest people who are just as stuck as we are.
  • Loki: Can I transform him into an exotic creature and leave it at the zoo?
  • Darcy: UGH!
  • Tony: If that gets approved can I pick the creature?
  • Loki & Tony: *brainstorming animals they can turn the leader of the new world into*
  • Thor: Man of Iron, your woman's face is red.

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How about SF or UF (your choice 😊) skeletons going to a pet shop? What pets would they get and how would they react to all the fluffy creatures? xxxx

Well, I went with the UF bros because I’m not nearly ready to give my version of the fellswap bros a day in the sun and because fellbro fluff is my favorite.

I wrote this entirely on mobile and I’m posting it on mobile, so hopefully the read more works and the major typos and errors are gone.

As usual, this went longer than intended.

Warnings for mild background angst, casual cursing, references to children in bad situations, and at a stretch, there’s some mocking about a lack of education… But otherwise this is really tame for Underfell as written by me. It’s fluff.


Life on the surface was weird getting used to.

The skeleton brothers were still getting over old wounds, and it was, frankly, getting to be a little much trying to navigate all the awkwardness that came with learning to be brothers again rather than boss and subordinate.

And so, Sans made a fairly spur of the moment decision that the obvious problem with their current living arrangement was that it was just them, alone, in an empty house on the edge of the city. Maybe it would be less awkward if there was someone or something else around to take their attentions off of each other and themselves. Or maybe that was fucking stupid, he didn’t know, but honestly, it seemed better than doing nothing.

See, once upon a time, (what felt like a lifetime or four ago at this point) when they were just kids, living on the streets, Papyrus had found and taken in a scruffy little surface beast. He named it Doomfanger. The thing was tiny. The only reason it was probably even roaming around at all was that it was small enough to slip through holes in walls and most basic traps. Sans always figured it was probably meant to be some monster’s dinner, but it was nothing but fur and bones, too scrawny to bother recapturing once it got away.

It was smaller than a rat and not nearly as cute, but Papyrus had loved the miserable thing like it was his whole world. He took it everywhere, constantly cuddling it and playing with it, giving it skeleton kisses on the head, nuzzles and hugs and constant words of encouragement that it was okay that it was little, that it was still a mighty beast no matter what anyone said.

…That hadn’t been all that weird, back then. Papyrus was a real, real sweet kid. It kind of sucked to think about, so Sans didn’t, at least not often. But still, maybe he’d be just a little bit less miserable with something scruffy and fuzzy and warm around the house.

Though, now Sans was having second thoughts. Papyrus was looking disdainfully at the crude handpainted signs inside the lobby of the animal shelter. Clearly, the artwork was not up to his standards, and he seemed annoyed to be here.

Yeah this was dumb.

“eh, boss, maybe this ain’t a great idea. you wanna head back home? cuz we can. i didn’t sign no papers. we ain’t obligated so let’s just–”

Papyrus placed a hand up, the universal symbol for “shut the hell up” and smirked. “I DON’T BELIEVE THERE IS ANY REASON FOR US TO LEAVE BEFORE WE SEE WHAT’S HERE.”

Yeah. Definitely dumb. Now Papyrus was hoping to stick with it just to get a laugh in at him later. It was marginally better than the silence that normally pervaded at home, though, so fine. Sans could stick with this too.In the back of his mind, he imagined Papyrus, 6 years old with a ball of scruff and fluff never gone from his side for a moment, and strengthened his resolve.

The human at the desk seemed friendly enough, not giving them too much flack for being monsters or being rough around the edges, and Papyrus answered her questions with formal, clipped responses, but he made no moves to “impress” or intimidate her, and already the meeting was going better than most of their ventures outside of the designated monster districts.

The human opened the doors that led to the animal holding areas, and Sans watched his brother’s expressions with great interest. The younger brother surveyed the hall as if he was examining a shipment of fine goods: detached, judgemental, but certainly not uninterested. It was the sort of face he put on when they were meeting with nobility and the uppity ups of the underground, a tea tasting face.

His voice matched to accompany his expression, knowledgeable and clear. “I DID NOT REALIZE THE SURFACE HELD SUCH A WIDE ARRAY OF DOOMFANGERS.”

Sans couldn’t bury the snicker fast enough before it came out as a loud snort. “they’re called ‘cats,’ boss,” he explained (smugly), never resisting the opportunity to look like the smarter, world-wise one of the two. He’d actually only learned that fact last week when he started researching this whole stupid plan, but that didn’t stop him.

Papyrus’s jaw clamped shut with a scowl, and Sans felt bad… but only for a second. Maybe he shouldn’t have laughed, it’s not like either of them went to school long enough to know the names of exotic surface creatures. They’d made up their own names for them all as they’d needed to.

Ah well, Papyrus would get over his embarrassment.

Sans scanned the cages, looking for any cat that might make a good match for the both of them. They came in all kinds of colors and sizes. Probably a big one was best. He didn’t fully trust Papyrus with a runty one now that he was… well… boss.

Yeah, probably get a big one, one with short fur, or maybe no fur. Neither knew anything about fur, after all, and it would make less of a mess he would get lectures about not cleaning up.

And it would have to be one of the strong ones. Papyrus did not abide weakness.


Sans was unfamiliar with the sounds of cats (Doomfanger had always been silent, besides hisses, always directed at him), but they were animals, and animals were noisy, so at first, it didn’t really faze him to hear such a sound. But after a moment, he registered that something was off about it, the timbre and direction. His eyelights darted to the side, and then up, to his brother’s skull, whose eyes were wider than they’d been in years, gloved claws clamped over his mandibles.

“did you just… squeak…!?” The color rushed into Papyrus’s cheeks as he glanced back, clearly embarrassed at being caught making that noise, but too distracted to snap back at him. “the hell?”

Papyrus gestured helplessly towards whatever he was staring, at words escaping for a moment before he just let out a shrill “DOOMFANGER!”

Sans rolled his eyes. “boss i told ya, the word is ‘cat.’ or ‘kitten.’ or ‘kitt—’”


Long, gray, mangled fur, fat and small and fluffy. One eye, one ear, three legs, no tail, scruffy and angry and almost uglier than Jerry.

Holy shit.

That was Doomfanger.

The cat was pressing against the cage, looking at Papyrus, pawing at the air between them, making similar noises to the one that the tall, haughty, disciplined skeleton had made just moments before. And speaking of, he was right against the glass, hands against it, as if he was trying hug the window between them until it shattered.

And Papyrus was, get this, crying. He was actually, honestly crying. And Sans had no clue what to even think. Because holy shit. The dumb beast was still alive. And they found it. And it found them. And it was like 16 damn years, did those things really live that long? And his brother, the asshole, the boss, the unfeeling, unemotional bastard, was crying. Not just crying, either, not like a single, dignified tear like on a damn movie. Papyrus was openly weeping. Like he did when they were kids, the day Doomfanger didn’t come back.

God, Sans was pretty sure he had never cried that bitterly since.

It was… it was friggin weird. But he crushed the part of him that wanted to make a joke about it, or that wanted to come up with a joke to tell all his good buddies later. Instead he savored the moment a bit longer (and maybe took a picture, purely for blackmail) and flagged down the human who was in charge of the place.

“Yeah we’ll take that one.”

Title: Make a Bet (Part 3 Tutor(Daugher of Tony! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Tony Stark’s hoping for smooth sailing during his party, even when Natasha and Clint make a bet on two of the youngest party goers.

Word Count: 2065

A/N: Okay….I love this a whole lot? I just really love this series, and I hope you do too! I even made an Instagram layout edit for it?? LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK LOL. I hope you enjoy!



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Elf!Phan AU Prompt

Please note: This is not canon to the Elf!Phan AU, only inspired by the story. I did not create this AU either. All credit goes to @incaseyouart (or Vic)’s outstanding Elf AU. I highly advise you check it out. Thank you :)

Warning: Semi-Sad


“I know things are hard right now, Phil. But you need to be strong.”

Phil walked around aimlessly in the small library located in his village. Other elves wandered about, attending to their lives, not paying Phil much mind. It’s funny, how on the outside he looks fine, but in the inside his world was crumbling from beneath him.

“You’re so strong. You’ve always been.”

Phil grimaced, flashbacks from last night flooding through his mind again. He bit his lip to keep in his tears. He wasn’t going to cry, not in public. But every time he closed his eyes, its all he saw. His brother Martyn, laying in bed. His body frail and sick. The way he kept on smiling, no matter how much pain it brought him. His trembling hands. His chest rising and falling heavily. How Phil could only stare, helpless, letting the inevitable truth devour his insides. Martyn was sick. He couldn’t be cured. And there was nothing anyone could do but wait.

“Look at me, Phil. Please. Promise me. Promise you’ll…you’ll keep your head held high. Don’t let your sunshine go.”

After a few seconds, Phil composed himself. He gave a big, fake smile to passerby elves, people he knew. He had to stay happy, for his brother’s sake. Phil walked through the aisles, skimming the numerous titles of the antique books, tracing his fingers along their dusty spines. In Martyn’s condition, he was forced to stay in bed, which got quite boring at times. Since he was too weak to hold a book by himself, Phil volunteered to read some for him. He tried to make the most of what time was left.

Alas, after several moments of looking, none of these books seemed fitting to his brother’s liking. Phil sighed, almost about to give up, when a thick leathered book skittered to the ground after making contact with Phil’s cape. Even in mourning, Phil found a way to be a complete clutz. Phil shook his head and bent over to grab the book.

“You have to be brave. Not for me, but for yourself.”

The sad look in his brother’s eyes. His messy hair thrown about on the pillow. Phil had knelt beside him, his eyes spilling tears onto the blanket. Phil caressed the limp, dying flower that sprouted in his brother’s head, it’s petals falling into his palm. Phil didn’t want to accept it, but he knew what it meant. And he dashed out of the room in a frenzy of sobs and grief.

Phil buried the memory deep within his mind, hoping to never see it again. He grabbed the thick book and was about to place it back on the shelf when the cover caught his eye. Exotic Flowers and Creatures: The Hidden Miracles of Nature.

Phil let out a soft “Huh.” as he opened the book. Inside laid thousands of documents about so many flowers and animals, even folklore tales. Phil loved nature, considering he was a nature elf, and found this quite intriguing despite everything going on. He was about to tuck the book under his arm, thinking maybe his brother might enjoy it as well, when his finger landed on two boldly printed words. The Panacea Bloom.

Panacea Bloom: One of the most legendary and rare plants known to elfin. It’s sweet, milky nectar, said to be found inside its center, can cure any kind of disease within hours. Panacea Bloom’s grow in the heart of the dark forest, guarded by the Sacred Tree (see page 64). For centuries, elves have looked far and wide for this exotic treasure, but only one elf was successful. Unfortunately, this elf disappeared without a trace, leaving no further evidence.

Phil stopped reading. He let the information roll around in his head. Nature Elves had practiced in the medical field for years, crafting and perfecting medicines made from herbs and flora. The doctors said Martyn’s sickness was incurable, but what if it wasn’t? What if the Panacea Bloom was found?? It had happened before. Surely, it could be found again.

That was all Phil needed. He hurriedly checked out the book, grabbing a couple others like it just in case. He ran out of the library doors and bolted off. He knew what he had to do. He knew he didn’t have much time. And he knew it was crazy, foolish, even dangerous. But what choice did he have? He was sick of just standing around, waiting for his brother to die undeservingly.

He was going to find the Panacea Bloom. And he was going to save his brother.


Holy shit this is long.
I hope you enjoyed it. Again, go check out Vic’s art and everything else. She’s absolutely amazing.