exotic chick


Reader: 16+

*Italics is the reader speaking Spanish.

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You were very different from your older brothers. You were not really part of the ‘Winchester Gene’ perse. You were Hispanic. Your dad apparently had something for ‘exotic’ chicks; A night with your mom and boom. You were born nine months later. You didn’t get to meet your older brothers until you were 16, And you were glad of that choice. You three were nothing alike. You had tan skin while theirs were a bit more lighter than yours. You had brown eyes and a Hispanic face, While they had beautiful eyes and perfect faces.

You were dancing some merengue in the library, Since your brothers were away on a hunt a few towns back. Your music was blasting, While you moved to the beat.

Your hips moved fast to the beat, Twirling and twirling, Being person A and person B at the same time. Your eyes were closed, Enjoying the music while singing along. Damn you loved this song. Sam came inside the library, And when he saw you dance, He laughed.

“Enjoying yourself?” He shouted, And you faced him.

Si! Ven! Baila conmigo!” (Yes! Come! Dance with me!)

You continued to dance, Even though you were walking toward him. 

“No no no. I can’t danc-” Something pushed Sam forward.

“Thank you Dean!” You yanked Sam forward, and slowed your dancing.





Sam managed to get the hang of it, But was still messing up. He was blown away at how much you needed to actually move. He was sweating!!

“Dean! Your turn!”

He looked surprised, And smiled.

“No thanks doll face. I don’t dance. Not my thing.”

“Come on Dean. If I did it, You can do it too”

His eyes widened, And tried to run away, But Sam had caught him in the nick of time.

“Nice try. Good luck. You’ll need it.“

Confession: as I lawyer I’m resigned to the notion that I won’t find my black counterpart to marry. Black male professionals aren’t too keen on bringing dark skin, natural haired, thick chicks to the firm Christmas party…even the ones that do like blk woman aren’t seeing me before the light skin, red bone, mixed/ exotic chicks…but I like myself and I won’t change for a man’s attention. Am I destined to be alone?