exotic bets

I think Asian racism often gets overlooked, especially since Asians are considered the “model minority” but I believe it needs to be addressed, especially considering the hot topic of “China” in recent years. 

Not all Asians are East Asian, and neither does everyone fit the “model minority” stereotype. And most Asians who live in Asia are much more disadvantaged than Asian-Americans. Plus the fact that the term “model minority” inherently includes white supremacy–Asians are only “okay” because they are sometimes more successful than white Americans. 

I don’t want to hear another “you’re smart just because you’re Asian.” I work my ass off, and if you do too, then you can achieve the same grades as me. 

Asian girls are not docile China dolls nor are they exotic dragon-ladies. You bet I can beat you in a heated debate, but I won’t bow down to you either. Yellow fever is somewhat disgusting. 

Asian men are not all “beautiful” and “feminine.” Those that fit this description are handpicked and have either gotten plastic surgery, intense makeup, and put under harsh diets to fit a certain ideal. 

Please don’t think that Asians have perfect lives… My counselor even told me that I probably wouldn’t understand what mental illness are like and believe me I can sympathize. The amount of pressure some Asian parents put on their children is insane and unless you’re used to it (and even if you are used to it), you would collapse.

anonymous asked:

I wanna wear the ao dai, but I'm scared if that'll be "culture appropriation" or not since I'm a German Caucasian from the US....

I’m glad to know that you’d want to wear the ao dai, and I completely understand the fear of culture appropriation. As far as I know, you can wear it on any occasion as long as you’re not mocking the culture or trying to look “exotic”. :> I bet you’d look great in one, too!

However, please keep in mind that I can’t speak for every Vietnamese person out there fasjdg