exotic bets

I think Asian racism often gets overlooked, especially since Asians are considered the “model minority” but I believe it needs to be addressed, especially considering the hot topic of “China” in recent years. 

Not all Asians are East Asian, and neither does everyone fit the “model minority” stereotype. And most Asians who live in Asia are much more disadvantaged than Asian-Americans. Plus the fact that the term “model minority” inherently includes white supremacy–Asians are only “okay” because they are sometimes more successful than white Americans. 

I don’t want to hear another “you’re smart just because you’re Asian.” I work my ass off, and if you do too, then you can achieve the same grades as me. 

Asian girls are not docile China dolls nor are they exotic dragon-ladies. You bet I can beat you in a heated debate, but I won’t bow down to you either. Yellow fever is somewhat disgusting. 

Asian men are not all “beautiful” and “feminine.” Those that fit this description are handpicked and have either gotten plastic surgery, intense makeup, and put under harsh diets to fit a certain ideal. 

Please don’t think that Asians have perfect lives… My counselor even told me that I probably wouldn’t understand what mental illness are like and believe me I can sympathize. The amount of pressure some Asian parents put on their children is insane and unless you’re used to it (and even if you are used to it), you would collapse.


Day 2: first date

(This one takes place after 1x16 and a bit before 2x01 ok?)

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Exams were finally over, and thanks to a series of shenanigans, Ruby had achieved persuading Weiss to go on a date with her this Saturday and she had the perfect place for a first date: the arcade!

Well, she tried to get a reservation on a fancy restaurant in Vale without success but she could imagine Weiss may not have gone to one of these places before so this would surely surprise her. At least, that’s what the young girl hoped.

And the day finally came. An uneventful morning rituals aside from Ruby’s palpable enthusiasm and ride on the airship later, and they finally arrived and Weiss reaction could be described as puzzled rather than surprised but at least there wasn’t any trace of negativity on her face.

“Ruby, could you please explain to me, what is this place?”

“It’s an arcade!” Replied Ruby “It’s a place where you play lots of fun games, get tickets and trade them for prizes like cute plushies for example!”

“I see, so we will have a little competition on this arcade place as a first date?”

“What? Of course not!, It’s all about having fun but I won’t deny I’m basically a pro at this”

“Is that so? Then lead the way” replied the heiress and that served as a cue for Ruby to the older girl’s hand and guide her into the establishment; all while being none the wiser of the bright shade of scarlet adorning the pale face of Weiss.

The first game was skeeball, good start Weiss took after the game relatively easy but her aim could be a bit better, she admitted after a few tries on it.

The basketball game was another story though, while accuracy and coordination were traits she cultivated as much as she could to master the use of her Myrtenaster and for some damn reason all of that was failing her right now,as she has only managed to score three throws on the hoop and currently seeing the ball rolling on the ring of the “basket” and when it looked like it would go in, the ball just fell to a side and the time was up, earning five measly tickets for all her troubles.

“Drat” mumbled the white haired girl while picking the reward for her efforts.

“Weiss, wanna see something cool?” The red head girl asked, pointing a game with an electronic board, a device with a target painted on the top and a heavy looking hammer.

Once they approached the device, Ruby explained how the game is played:

“Is a game where you test your strength by hitting the target with the hammer as hard as you can, the higher the meter goes, you’ll receive lots of tickets! Wanna give it a try?”

“I would rather abstain from playing this game, thanks for asking”

“In that case, prepare to be amazed!” The scythe user replied, her eyes shining or that’s what it looked like for Weiss and grabbing the hammer. “I’m almost as good as Yang is in the punching machine, except I won’t break the machine itself like she did once back at home, but I’m very good! You’ll see!”

Once she was ready, Ruby just hit that thing very hard and the meter went all the way to the top. The huntress in training wasn’t joking when she said she was quite good at this.

‘She really can put her money where her mouth is’ the Schnee huntress in training mused while seeing Ruby retrieve her tickets.

“What can I say Ruby? I’m impressed”

“Really!? You are!?” It’s like the young girl’s smile just gained a few inches of width after hearing that.

“You know, we have enough for one last game,and I know just the one you’ll really be good at: wack a Grimm”

And indeed,Weiss proved herself to be quite the natural at it, earning the biggest amount of tickets of all the games she had played.

And the time for ticket exchange came. She had been eyeing a cute plushie that looked like a dog and while she never interacted that much with animals, the Schnee girl couldn’t help but to find it cute and wanted to indulge in this little desire.

Sadly, she didn’t have the number of tickets required to get that plushie but she wasn’t going to let her disappointment show in any way; no, she would come back eventually and win that plushie all in her own. Once she had studied all what she could to elevate her chances of success.

‘You’ll see, adorable doggie plushie, I’ll come back and win enough tickets just to have you in my hands!’

Before the train of thoughts would continue any further, said desired plushie landed in her hands. Apparently, Ruby did notice her partner eyeing that plushie and since the scythe wielder was the one who asked her on a date, she found it fair to give this prize as a gift and making Weiss happy in the process was justifiable enough to do so.

“Ruby? Why?” The heiress couldn’t help but to ask.

“Well, we are on a date and since I invited you, I’m supposed to make happy and all that and I actually want to you know?” The redhead explained, finishing with her gaze meeting the floor.

In the past, many guys have tried to endear themselves to the heiress, showing off whatever skill, wealth they would possess and she of course wasn’t a stranger to receiving gifts from any of the would be suitors but she knew that all those gestures were done in the effort of getting access to the many perks the Schnee name carried, not because of Weiss herself.

While at first she didn’t find Ruby being any different, this date has proven otherwise, more precisely, it felt quite the opposite of what she had felt on previous dates, from boredom and taking it like it was doing a chore, to amusement, curiosity, real enjoyment and finally, gratitude and appreciation.

And she intended to show Ruby how she felt about it.

“Ruby…thank you. I don’t know what else to say except thank you for this afternoon and to show you my gratitude, I would like to invite you to dinner in any place you like”

The heiress requested what Ruby considered and extension of their date and this thrilled her a lot. To the huntresses in training, it meant Weiss would be more open to go on more dates and maybe things could make a huge progress between them.

“There’s this place near here that make this exotic pizzas, I bet we can find one suited your tastes”

“In that case, lead the way Ruby”

And so, the two girls headed for the place the redhead suggested, once again the former taking the other’s hand while leading the way. This time, while still blushing, Weiss found herself quite comfortable with this and decided to just enjoy it while she could.


Day 2 complete!