exotic accessories

Gavin never lived in the US. He did plenty of jobs for Roosterteeth, the Fake AH crew and all the others, but his skill at hacking and coding meant that he never had to leave the UK.

Gavin had to work once with Jack and Geoff before the FAHC was formed and he really liked them and kinda started acting like their cyber stalker/friend. No one knows how he does the things he does. He even had the number to Griffons new burner phone, just a few minutes after she bought it. Still, hes harmless and useful and they can tell from the start he would stay on his side of the pond.

Gavin just messages Geoff sometimes at first, asking “would you rather” or “you get a million dollars but….” questions. Then he starts helping on jobs, disabling security and telling them where the police are. Geoff hired him on for a little less than he’s worth but Gavin didn’t even hesitate to accept. As soon as the crew takes over Achievement City, he bumps up his pay.

Gavin follows Jack as well. Gavin always connects to whatever car Jack is driving and tells bad jokes or plays the songs Jack has been humming all day. Jack rarely gets a red light, and cops always get called away on alarm calls before the crew hits an area. Gavin leaves little notes on Jack’s devices to say how awesome the driver is.

Geoff gets Microsoft paint doodles of dicks set as his background sometimes. To Geoff that’s just as nice as the compliment notes.

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My ethnicity is not an accessory

“You’re so exotic!” I hear it constantly. I’m ¼th Thai, and ¾ths American & Norwegian. This phrase manifests itself into other forms of “compliments” as well: “All mixed asians are so pretty!” or “I’ve never seen a girl that looks like you before.” Although these comments are almost always intended as a compliment, exclamations like these leave me feeling alienated, fetishized, and “trophied” for my mixed nationalities.

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‘Avventura Nel Deserto’ - Model: Jules Mordovets - Photographer: Marcus Ohlsson - Styling: Laura Bianchi - Hair: Mike Lundgren - Makeup: Katarina Håkansson - Velvet June 2011