exotic accessories

About that more unrest in Kryta

So logging in you may have noticed that Bandit Death Mark in your mail and have wondered what it does. WELL if you have it in your inventory and finish one of the champion bandit leader events, a legendary bandit executioner event will spawn.

They’ll spam AoE that knocks you down, bring in bandit casters for help, and can even finish you when downed (the only time they have their break bar susceptible to crowd control is when they’re finishing someone off.) Also, if everyone within the dome is downed/leaves the even fails (and it looked like it will knock you back when you’re outside it.) Before you defeat the executioner you’ll have to finish them off.

Once you finish them off, the bandit death mark will be consumed and you’ll get some rewards

(The Executioner’s Coin Purse seems to be a champ bag, although it dropped a rare bandit weapon that was stat-selectable for me)

You’ll also get an exotic accessory that you can select core-stats for and has a sinister-stat jewel already attached. 

If you want another bandit death mark, one did drop for me from one of the standard bandit champion bags.

Been working on actual dozens of autograph cards and operating on remarkably little sleep, so I think I find this guy more amusing than he actually is.  

Wanted to cameo him for a piece and found myself wondering why someone who has the most unique talent in all of Equestri- namely being a Badass Barbarian and Certified Salesman of Exotic Monsters and Exotic Monster Accessories- doesn’t have a cutie mark.  

It’s a mystery!

Feel free to use him for whatever, although ideally it should involve Owlbear wrestling.