• Boss: So who inspired you to become a doctor?
  • Me: exo
  • Boss: excuse me?
  • Me: SOMEONE CALL THE DOCTOR nal butjapgo malhaejwo!!!!

I just went to watch SJM’s Swing Korean version MV… Can i just say that fans are unnecessarily hating on Exo lmao
I saw comments saying Exo doesnt deserve so much publicity or so many MV views, and SM is doing a bad job of marketing Super Junior etc etc

Lol, whiny little shits

Its very understandable that Super Junior fans are displeased with the dismal number of views that MV got I mean its been up almost 2 weeks and just 1 mil+ views :( and Swing is a really good song, they even have cool choreography in it and a kickass dance break

It is also true that SM is focusing mostly on Exo, from what i can see.

But lets face the facts people… Super Junior is getting old. Literally.
They’ve had their time, just like Exo is having their time now. They’ve gone through blowing up and becoming way more popular tham Exo even is right now.
Their members are nearing 30, they arent going to be as popular as they were at their peak.
We still love them to death, yes, but people also want fresh faces in entertainment… Just like we fell im love with SJ, people are falling in love with Exo.


people are cussing saying SM is focusing on Exo more than other groups and marketing them better but without actual FANS, all of that wouldnt take them anywhere.
The fact is there are a shit tonne of people who LOVE exo and support them, because theyre talented and attractive as heck, not to mention the peek we got at their personalities during that stupid Showtime where all they did was stuff their faces

So stop bashing and just support who you want to support, gosh.

Things change. No group is gonna be at its peak forever. Other groups deserve their time to shine, u feel me