Another ordinary day in Xiuhan's life

Luhan: Hey hey Minseok

Minseok: Hmm? *waits for another Luhan’s nonsense*

Luhan: I got this very veeeery GENIUS idea!

Minseok: What?

Luhan: You should say this line when you propose to me. ‘WILL LU MARRY MIN?’
Isn’t that cute like you use both our name?!! *eyes sparkle*

Minseok: …….

Luhan: *continues to admire his own pun*

Minseok: ……Baby, we’re already married.

Luhan: But still…*pouts*

exo - monster (english translation)

i’m creeping in your heart babe

overturn, tear down and swallow

right, i’ll steal you and indulge you

i’ll mess you up

crafted in your heart

even if i die, i’ll live forever

come here girl, you call me monster

i’ll come into your heart

creeping, creeping, creeping


! masterlist !

note: this is under construction. I don’t have much now, but take it anyways.


how do I make texts? 



MULTIPLE MEMBERS : yoongi, hobi, and jungkook / poly! (& horny) tae & hobi / everyday poly! tae & hobi (part 1, part 2) / you dye and cut your hair (hoseok & rap mon) / Loosing your virginity & you think they didn’t like it (maknae line, hyung line) / everday poly! jimin & junkook / finding out you’re bi (hyung line, maknae line) / finding out you’re a youtuber (and confessing feelings, Jimin & Jungkook, Tae & hobi ) / You adopt a kitty! (Jin Rapmon & Suga, Maknae line + Hobi) / they find your sketch book (tae, jungkook) / Random texts / They’re bothering you for homework (Maknae line , Hyung line

JIN : foods ready / pokemon go 

YOONGI : jealous & forgetful (part 1, part 2) / cheating / jealous again / texting him song lyrics (beyonce) / other producers don’t take you seriously (vent) / matching outfits 

JUNGKOOK : he sees your self harm scars / impatient / pokemon go / Jealous

NAMJOON : forgetting your anniversary / jealous / clumsy / when he tries to cook / you got him some gifts / stressed / accidental texts / pranking him

TAEHYUNG : surprising you / cheating (part 1, part 2) / Jimin’s hands

JIMIN : bring me some soda / cheering you up / you and jimin are engaged, but… / You’re dating Yoongi? (suspicious older brother chim)

HOSEOK : cheating (part 1, part 2) / cute texts / cheering you up / he misses you on tour 


you like tae & hoseok 


date a 97 liner / ass vs tiddies 

Bts as…

girls that go to my school / things my friend says  / things my friend has done / tumblr blogs  


 when you get to leave school early / cutie ft. mouse / when a really cute person walks by / when your friend roasts someone / when your sibling interrupts your conversation 



MULTIPLE MEMBERS : poly! jackson and jb 

JAEBUM : Jealous about your ex / Meeting JB series ( part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4) / more jealousy 

JACKSON : possessive  / he misses you on tour / bad dream / his ex is bothering you / funny texts

YUGYEOM : angst (with a happy ending!) 

MARK : late night worries 



MOONBIN : He’s cute  

JIN JIN : I’m sorry 


like a girl the same age as them 



MULTIPLE MEMBERS : everyday poly! taemin & jonghyun 

MINHO : you stood me up! 



XIUMIN : noona 



like a girl that’s good with kids / like a girl that’s mature for her age / like a girl that can cook and bake 


they see your self harm marks / hearing you sing at a fansign