Possible song titles in Countdown(?)

So I replayed kai’s teaser at .25 speed and got a good look at all the japanese words flashing across the screen. I feel like some, if not all, are good contenders for song titles and thought I’d share:

ながれぼし; Nagareboshi; Shooting Star

はな; Hana; Flower (This one is the strongest contender imo bc it appeared many many times)

きらきら;Kira Kira; Sparkle

ガンガン;Gan Gan; Onomatopoeia for the sound of a large bell, pounding sound 

かえでむりき; Kaede Muriki; I’m not sure what this means? if anyone knows i’d appreciate the help

つる;Tsuru; Crane(?)

つばさ;Tsubasa; Wings

ヒリヒリ;Hiri Hiri; Tingling

キリキリ;Kiri Kiri; Quickly(?)

アラフラ;Arafura; In reference to Arafura Sea in the Pacific Ocean

Cataclysm | 01

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a Baekhyun mini-series

Soulmate AU | End of the World AU | Angst

Warnings: mentions of death

Summary: It’s a race against time when there’s a month left until the end of the world and you have yet to find your soulmate.

A/N: Buckle up for some sad stuff guys. And some maybe fun stuff. But mostly sad. Oops.

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EXO’s Reaction to Another Member Confessing to Liking Their S/O


Surprised, Xiumin would handle it maturely. He’d nod and thank them for being brave enough to tell him about their true feelings, however he’d end it there and make sure to never bring it up again. He’d trust that member enough to still let them around his jagi, and would act like it almost hadn’t happened.


Shocked, confused, and somewhat weirded out, Chen would have a tough time figuring out how to react to the entire situation. He’d probably just nod awkwardly and move on, hoping to forget that it happened. He wouldn’t tell you, not wanting to make it awkward since you and that member were friends.


Although Baekhyun would be a little flattered that another member liked you as much as he did, he’d become a bit jealous and overprotective of you. He wouldn’t treat the member any different, but he’d be a little warier next time you two were by each other.


Uncomfortable with the situation, Chanyeol would try to handle it the best he could. He’d awkwardly thank them for confessing to them, but he’d make sure they know that he wasn’t going to leave his jagi anytime soon just because of their feelings for you.


Surprisingly understanding about the situation, Lay would make sure to tell the member that, though he isn’t okay with their feelings, everything would be alright so long as they didn’t try to act upon them. He’d have enough trust in his friend to let them still hang around you.


Feeling a little weirded out, D.O would want to pretend like it hadn’t happened. He’d probably give them the silent treatment for a few hours as he figured out what to say. Eventually, he’d thank them for telling him, but would give them a soft warning to not try anything.


Not sure what to do in such a scenario, Suho would probably just sputter and cough until he figured out a response. He’d reassure the member that he trusted them not to flirt with you, although he may keep an eye out when you two were together- just in case.


A slight sense of betrayal would overcome Kai, and he wouldn’t talk to that member for a couple days. Over time, he’d forgive them and realize that some feelings can’t be suppressed. That being said, Kai would make damn sure the member suppressed them when he was around you.


Handling the situation maturely, Sehun would nod awkwardly and thank the member for confessing to him. It took bravery, and he could respect that. He’d probably watch them closer when they were around his jagi, but other than that, he’d pretend like it hadn’t happened.

make you feel

kim minseok x reader

wc - 1.2k // rated M for sexual themes. 

author - admin C

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Minseok had to restrain himself from bolting from the SUV that had brought him home from the airport, not wanting to look too eager to his members. Tapping his foot impatiently as the driver inched up to the side of his apartment building, he ignored the teasing remarks from his members, chewing the inside of his cheek to prevent countering them in a below-the-belt way.

“Have fun, Minseok,” Jongdae yelled loudly as Minseok flung the door open, shoving his suitcase out onto the gravel. Shooting him a withering look, Minseok shut the door, grabbing his suitcase and scrambling into the lobby.

He breathed in the fresh perfume of the lobby, a weight lifting off of his shoulders as he finally felt the comfort of familiarity. Heaving his bags on a trolley, he politely declined help from the man behind the front desk as he struggled into the elevator. Pressing the button to his floor, he wiped sweat off of his brow, growing nervous.

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EXO Reaction to them trying to help their s/o out of their comfort zone but it gets complicated

Xoxo, Admin A~

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“Please… don’t run away from me… I won’t push but please… don’t push me away. I care… I want you to be okay… to feel safe, with me. Let me be the light… let me be there for you when it’s all dark. Please…”


*He’d always be careful to not cross the lines* “Listen… I’m always going to be here… and I’m going to wait… I’ll support you baobei, no matter how hard it gets. So please don’t be afraid, because there’s no way I’m leaving”


*He’d be strong for you even if it’s hard for him to see you like this, specially when he knows it’s not that easy to let him in* “I understand why you won’t open to me so easily and I won’t fight it but I’m not leaving either Y/N, I want to be that shoulder you lean on when you need it”


“The only thing that hurts me is that you think I won’t be here, that I won’t wait for you to be ready. But Y/N, I love you and I’ll wait, I’ll be there for you when you need it. Even if you say you can do it alone, I’ll still be there. You are my princess”


“One step a time Y/N, we don’t need to run. As much as I would like you to feel comfortable, to feel safe with me, I also understand it’s not that easy. But I want to earn that trust and I will… you’ve given me your heart and I’m going to heal it, I promise”


“When you see me, I want you to see your home, I want you to feel safe. I know it’s hard to ask but I do want to be closer. I want you to rely on me just like I rely on you Y/N. I’m not saying it has to be now, but one day.. I won’t let you down okay? I’m always going to take care of you”


“Your pain is my pain jagi… I want to help you because I can’t stand seeing my girl like this. I don’t want to sit and do nothing because I love you and I know you need me and I want you to see you are not alone”


*He knows that time is what you need and even if it takes years, he’d be there to listen whenever you want to talk, to open yourself a little. And he’d be there to support you and love you, and make sure you feel safe with him*


“Listen if you are not ready, I won’t push. But babe, you can’t let your demons haunt you forever. Whenever you are ready, I’ll be there for you and I won’t judge or be hard on you. No… I’ll give you my love, that’s all I want”


“You know… it’s hard for me too… I can’t say I’ve been through the same because it’s different for everyone but I’ve been through something similar… and I know trusting others is the last thing you want to do but we can’t do everything alone, sometimes we need to rely on others. I’m not perfect and I’m probably as broken as you are but… maybe our love can make it all better”


“Did you think I would run away the moment you opened your heart to me baobei? I would never…. I love you and I don’t want you to be alone ever again. This might be hard, and this is probably your fight but I want to be there for you, I want to be by your side”


*Although he doesn’t say it, it hurts him when you close yourself to everything, when you start pushing everyone away but it’s not because you are pushing him, it’s just that it scares him just to think that you go through so much alone and he can’t do much. But he won’t give up, he’s still going to try, to one day make his arms your home*

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a rant™️

so, i was watching all the pretty chinese exo mvs and the number of views made me really sad. this isnt a new issue or anything but i dont think people stress enough on streaming the chinese mvs as well. I understand dedicating the first week after the release to the korean mv, but that doesnt mean completely abandoning the chinese mvs!! as an exo m elitist, i am disappointed. here are just a few examples of what i’m talking about:

° overdose: 153M vs 22M (131M diff.)

° ko ko bop: 91M vs 6M (85M diff.)

° power: 32M vs 3M (29M diff.)

° monster: 160M vs 5M (155M diff.)

° wolf: 107M vs 11M (96M diff.)

° cmb: 162M vs 20M (142M diff.)

° lotto: 81M vs 4M (77M diff.)

° mama: 61M vs 19M (42M diff.)

° lmr: 81M vs 8M (73M diff.)

°growl: 152M vs 11M (141M diff.)

support exo m because even though the exo m/k lines are beggining to blur (due to lack of exo m members) exo m still take pride in the chinese songs!! & they still are the mandarin sub-unit.

thanks ♡ support exo m and exo k ♡

EXO REACTION: s/o writing them a song and it’s actually pretty good

Requested by: @angelbun-mei

Xiumin: he seems like the traditional romantic type to me, so hearing your song that you wrote specially just for him, he would feel honored. How was he lucky enough to get you?

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Suho: he would find you adorable, your red cheeks as you played the song for him, your shy smiles and barely being able to look at him after would make him just want to hold you and protect your innocence for the rest of his life.

Originally posted by blondejongin

Lay: learning that you wrote a song for him instantly made him want to pick up his guitar and play along with you. At first he was just worried about matching your beat, but then he started to listen to your lyrics and turned very flustered. he would shyly thank you and give you a big hug all while shyly hiding his face in the crook of your neck. 

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Chen: this man could not help but laugh as you played your song for him. he was not laughing at the song itself, but more of how happy he was that you wrote him a song, I swear he is like a child and would become all cuddly and clingy after hearing your song for him. *you’re kai*

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Chanyeol: this man’s first thoughts were “THIS IS GOING ON THE NEW ALBUM OMGGGG”. After listening to the song and its lyrics, he learned that this song was special and he wanted to be the only man that could hear your beautiful voice singing those loving words.

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Baekhyun: hearing that you wrote a song, he would sneakily look at it and write a harmonizing part, so you both could sing the song together to make it all the more special. You both felt so lucky to have such talented partners.

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Kai: like Baekhyun, he would sneakily read your music trying to pick up the beat and choreograph a matching dance. When you told him that you had a surprise for him, he also told you he had a surprise and as you were singing he would stand and start dancing beautifully matching your smooth voice

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Kyungsoo: it was a special night for the two of you, it was your anniversary. You told him you had a surprise, and asked him to sit with you by the piano. As you started to sing, he was moved to tears, thinking about how much he loves you and how he never wants to lose you. Never.

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Sehun: this boy is the most cocky and “braggy” man out there. As you were singing him the song you wrote, he would sneakily be recording you and send the video to all the members bragging bout how he has the best girlfriend in the world.

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