The consequences of being too hyped. It’s ok kyung, Kai will always be there to pick you up😁👍🏼
Good morning everybody! What’s your plan for today?
I am planning to finish one book and complete one college application✌🏼️
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Person: so what’s this “K-pop”?
Family: oh no
Friends: oh no
Neighbours: oh no
Dog: oh no
Obama: oh no

Reasons For Loving Oh Sehun❀

His Slim Body

His Cute English (His English is actually good)

His Bright Personality

His Eyes + Arm Veins

His Facial Structure

His Voice

His Moves (That Arm though) 

His Adorable Buing Buing’

His Laugh ft. Tongue 

His Cute Surprised Face

His Blinding Smile

His Poker Face While Performing 

His Rapping Skills

His Beautiful Clear Skin

His Inner Modelling Skills

His Stomach (Toned) Slip

His Gorgeous Side View

His Bed Hair Look 

His Suspenders

His On Screen Solos + Pink,Black/brown&Blonde Hair 

His Cute Peace Signs

His Mimicking 

His Supper Power (Wind) 

His Angelic Face 

His Hands 

His Little Arm Muscles 

His Cheek Bones 

His Dancing 


His Stare + Earring & Body Art

His Solo Dance In Growl

His Appreciation + Style 

His Poses 

His Eye brows

His Poker Face

My Reasons For Loving Exo’s Maknae Sehunaa~ 

Bye Byee 


[SCENARIO] EXO's endearments for you
  • Suho: If I'll have you as my girl, I'll call you my dollar. Because money is as important as you.
  • Baekhyun: My light. 'Coz you shine the brightest in my eyes.
  • Chanyeol: My smile. Because, I'm sad without you.
  • D.O.: Honey. You're the sweetest ingredient in my life.
  • Kai: Uhhh, babe? *lipbite*
  • Sehun: Baby. *drinks bubble tea*
  • Xiumin: I'll call you my.... my... I'm hungry! Ask me later.
  • Luhan: My woman. Because, I'm a man.
  • Kris: Star. I'll call you my star. I won't call you my galaxy. I'm galaxy. And I'm composed of you. Don't you dare leave me alone. Being alone is not my style.
  • Lay: My World. I can't live without you. I love you.
  • Chen: I'll call you with cute words. You know. My sugar, flour, egg, 1/2 butter, stir, pour into pan, preheat to 365°. Aren't those, cute? Hihi
  • Tao: I want to be alone.
  • credits; sekaireen.tumblr.com