Person: so what’s this “K-pop”?
Family: oh no
Friends: oh no
Neighbours: oh no
Dog: oh no
Obama: oh no

Exo's 92 Line '3rd Older Hyungs' ♤ ♣ ♧ ♥

Byun Baekhyun 06.05.1992 (21) SN - Baekhyun

Kim Jong Dae 21.08.1992 (21) SN - Chen

Park Chan Yeol 27.11.1992 SN - Chanyeol 

92 Hyung Line is filled with Aeygo & Adorable smiles + Laughs! 

The Jokers of EXO! :D

Being Adorable Idiots Who are slowly killing my!

Winks (Melts the fan girliess) 

Airport - Back Stage - On Stage Pictures + Gifs



Baekyeol (OMO~)

Baekchen/ Chenbaek


On Screen (M/V Solos) 


Exo’s 91 Line Post Complete 


Reasons For Loving Oh Sehun❀

His Slim Body

His Cute English (His English is actually good)

His Bright Personality

His Eyes + Arm Veins

His Facial Structure

His Voice

His Moves (That Arm though) 

His Adorable Buing Buing’

His Laugh ft. Tongue 

His Cute Surprised Face

His Blinding Smile

His Poker Face While Performing 

His Rapping Skills

His Beautiful Clear Skin

His Inner Modelling Skills

His Stomach (Toned) Slip

His Gorgeous Side View

His Bed Hair Look 

His Suspenders

His On Screen Solos + Pink,Black/brown&Blonde Hair 

His Cute Peace Signs

His Mimicking 

His Supper Power (Wind) 

His Angelic Face 

His Hands 

His Little Arm Muscles 

His Cheek Bones 

His Dancing 


His Stare + Earring & Body Art

His Solo Dance In Growl

His Appreciation + Style 

His Poses 

His Eye brows

His Poker Face

My Reasons For Loving Exo’s Maknae Sehunaa~ 

Bye Byee 


My Reasons For Loving Byun Baekhyunツ

His Flawless side + Back

His Pure Look

His ways of killing the fan girls 

His On stage Performance (I’m done.) 

His Bright personality 

His Modelling 

His Reactions 

His Adorable Chinese Introduction 

His Flawless skin 

His Body 

His Little spin in a chicken costume 

His Curious Mind

His Beautiful Voice

His Cuteness

His Moves 

His Eye make up 

His Beautiful Smile 

His Face

His Peace Signs

His High notes (THAT NECK! THAT IS SEXY!!) 

His Suprised Reaction (Such a cutiee!!)

His Cute little bounce (He’s adorable i cannot even handle my feels) 

His side profile

His Swag

His perfectly straight teeth

His Cheeks/Cheek bones

His Lip bite 

His Lips & Nose

His jamming to ‘I Love It’ by Icona pop at the mamas

His Pouty face

His air Hearts 

His Eyes + Body art 

His Style

His Thoughts

His Cute little poses 

His Honesty 

His Derp faces (Oh lord baek xD) 

His way of eating chicken (chopstick style?) 

His Laugh

His Hands & Fingers

His Face stroke ( oK BAEK YOU IS SEXY) 

His Aeygo

His Sweaty image appreciation 

His Eyes 

His Love for Animals 

His Angelic ways 

His Hair in bandanas

His Adorable ears 

His Kisses 

His Love for dogs

His Close Ups (Chen Cam) 

His Confetti Dance

His Piano Skills 

His Shyness + That Chef outfit 

His Adorable Expressions (His hair omg!!) 

His Accessories 

These Are My Reasons for loving EXO’s Adorable Baek. 

Bye Byee


My Reasons For Loving Huang Zitao☯

His Face

His Cute Poses

His Toned Body

His Hearts

His Fan Service

His HOT stare

His Hair + Ability To kill fangirl *boom ovaries*

His Gorgeous Side View

His Coolness

His Martial Art Skills

His High Jumping Skills

His Wushu Skills

His Lips

His Sexy Arms

His Style

His Body

His Cuteness

His Inner Wolf

His Reaction (To sehun+lay’s kiss)

His Lip Bites

His Heart Melting Smile

His Panda (Girlfriend)

His Basketball Skills

His Time Control Skills

His Hunger for Food

His Kisses

His Precious Tears

His Killing High Kick

His Smirk

His Modelling Skills

His Clumsiness

All My Reasons For Loving Cutie & Sexy Panda Tao

Bye Byeeee