The consequences of being too hyped. It’s ok kyung, Kai will always be there to pick you up😁👍🏼
Good morning everybody! What’s your plan for today?
I am planning to finish one book and complete one college application✌🏼️
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Now I know
why they never mention his name,
It’s not because it’s taboo
Hell, they can be as reckless as they want.
Now I know
why their answer seemed so perfect on that press conference. Too perfect.
why they’re acting so coldly,
It’s because with a slight mention of his name or even a small reference of Kris’ departure in the group,
they burst out crying.
Happy Camp proved me that fact
that they have to act like they don’t care
They have to act like nothing ever happened
They have to pretend that everything’s okay
In order for them to go on.
If they don’t,they’ll break down.
—  What they need right now, is the reassurance that it’s okay to cry.
We are one remember ?
I feel like if there’s one more scandal
regarding EXO,
then this fandom will fall
along with EXO,
just one more god forsaken scandal
and everything will be over
including their success
—  they’re already shaken as it is,
they are fragile right now
after what’s happened 
you should be careful 
it will cost them so much

Same Sky

As Baekhyun posted his message on instagram, his gaze turned towards the frame near him. A picture of 12 grinning boys so young and innocent. He remembered the awkwardness when they took that photo. It was after all, their very first photo as a group together and up until today, it’s still the best one. For it all began that day, EXO began that day. 

We promised not to leave each other and always be together… Thank you, each and every one of you 

As Luhan reads the same line over and over again, he begins to tear up. It’s okay though, he’s alone anyways. That simple message can be interpreted a million ways but to the members it can only mean one thing. The promise they made when they debuted, to not give up on each other and always be together. He’s reminding them that. It’s like he’s whispering to the members : 

Even if you turn your backs on me, I will never turn my back on you. 

Kai watches Sehun as he breaks down crying a distance from him. A little while ago, he and Sehun received a message from a very unexpected person. It wasn’t a group message, it was an individual message. He didn’t know what Kris told Sehun but it was enough to make him break down and cry. 

Jongin-ah, SMtown is near don’t overwork yourself and get plenty of sleep okay? saranghae

Joonmyun threw his phone when he read the text-message from Kris. It was a word. Yixing and Chen was with him when they all received a message at the same time. Yixing froze while Chen walked away when they all opened it. No one said a word to each other and he was thankful for that. 


Chanyeol was in the kitchen preparing food for his roommate’s when nana told him that he has a message. He quickly checked it thinking it might be his manager. But he was wrong, because when he saw it. His eyes widened and shock as Mama Shin and Nana looks at him with worry. Ga-yeon and Min-woo peaks from behind in curiosity. Chanyeol sniffs as he excuses himself forgetting his phone on the table as he rushes to the washroom. Tears quickly falling down. 

Chanyeol-ah, I’m glad you’re doing well. Cherish your roommate’s well and don’t forget to have fun. saranghae 

Kyungsoo was just about to go back to their dorm after filming his drama when his director called him over. His director handed him a bouquet of flowers as well as a handwritten note. He assumed that it was just from his fans but he was wrong when he saw the note attached. A familiar handwriting. 

You did well ! fighting ! 

Tao and Xiumin was in the car when they received a message. They were on their way back to the dorm after loosing rock paper scissor and agreeing losers would get groceries. Xiumin quickly glanced at Tao who was silently sobbing from his seat. Xiumin sighs as he blink away his own tears. He needs to be strong, for his dongsaengs. He can’t possibly cry now. 

Minseok-ah, I’m sorry for causing you pain. take care of yourself ge ge saranghaeyo

Kris stares at his phone as replies from 11 other boys came through. I should bring them here someday he thought to himself. He snapped a picture of the full moon randomly and sent it to them saying : 

As long as we’re living in the same sky. I’m always going to watch over all of you. I promise.