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AoEx Cast’s Fave Halloween Movies!

Rin Okumura - Monster House! 

Yukio Okumura - Edward Scissorhands! 

Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro - The Addams Family! 

Shima Renzou - Corpse Bride! 

Konekomaru Miwa - Casper! 

Shiemi Moriyama - Scary Godmother! 

Izumo Kamiki - The Nightmare Before Christmas! 

Noriko Paku - Halloweentown! 

Nemu Takara - Paranorman! 

Shura Kirigakure - Practical Magic! 

Mephisto Pheles - Hocus Pocus! 

Amaimon - Frankenweenie! 

Film, Lit, & TV References: Sherlock (Updated 8/8/17)

A Continuing Work In Progress - Most of this is relevant to S4, but it does go back into the previous seasons.

Related to Gatiss and Mycroft’s Love of Old Films (especially psych thrillers and film noir)

German Expressionism Modernized in Sherlock ( x ) (Includes some meta linked below).

Stay Explains Lighting, Editing, Twins, Flat Emotions, etc ( x ) The Original Meta ( x ) + Stay Review Explains Enough - Including the “Rug Pull” ( x ) (Also linked at bottom of this page)

The Lady From Shanghai & Swimming With Sharks ( x )

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Sherlock S2-S4 ( x )

Billy Wilder’s The Lost Weekend and John ( x )

Bank Holiday as a Sherlock Intertext ( x ) by @devoursjohnlock

Granada The Devil’s Foot, Sherlock S4 Imagery, and Moriarty or Mortimer ( x )

A Glimpse Into Granada’s Eligible Bachelor ( x ) by @ebaeschnbliah

The Woman in Green (x)

Terror By Night, Trains, and Sherlock ( x )

The Voice of Terror ( x ) by @finalproblem

The House of Fear ( x ) by @welovethebeekeeper

Kingsmen: The Secret Service, AGRA, & Sherlock ( x )

S4 and Casablanca Continues ( x )

Clue Umbrella and Cane ( x ) The Hat ( x )

Sherlock Holmes in New York ( x ) by @ebaeschnbliah

Faith Eurus & Culverton Smith as Keyser Söze from The Usual Suspects ( x )

Mycroft’s Umbrellagun ( x )

Replicating Neues vom wixxer and Norbury Scene ( x )


Related to Gatiss and John Watson’s Love of Horror & Bond Films

Batman and Sherlock Holmes ( x )

Take the Bloody Shot ( x ) by @devoursjohnlock

The Ring and TFP Part I ( x ) (I only added pieces to wonderful meta by @may-shepard

The Ring and TFP Part II ( x )

S4 Film References in One Video ( x ) by @goodmythicalmail

Horror Europa ( x ) by @isitandwonder

Argento’s Demons in HoB ( x ) by @isitandwonder​ and Suspiria as TFP ( x )

TRF, TEH, and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans ( x )

John Rug Pull, TFP, and Saw ( x )

The Ring, Inception, Silence of the Lambs, Saw, Orphan, Shutter Island, Paranormal Activity 2, It, Morgan, Yellowbeard, Skyfall, Spectre, Sinister, Neues Vom Wixxer ( x ) by @goodmythicalmail

Yellowbeard ( x ) @princess-of-fireflies

Parade Scene from Spectre and Gatiss/Abbington SDCC 2016 ( x )


Literary References (Not Shakespeare)

S4, Freud, and Vampires  ( x )

Goethe and Sherlock ( x ) (mini meta w/S4, Freud, and Vampires)

Why is John a Balloon? Because…Freud ( x )

TFP, The Uncanny, and Freud’s Influence ( x ) by @the-blue-carbuncle

Sherlock and the Thirteenth Tale ( x ) by @wibblywobblybowtie

The Cat & The Hound ( x ) by @tendergingergirl

The Scarlet Thread of Murder and Sherlock S4 ( x )

Garden of Paradise: Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tale ( x )

Entanglement Theory and My Cousin Rachel ( x )

Greek Myth and TLD ( x )

Sherlock’s Vow, Greek Oaths, Water, and Guardian of Ships ( x )

Paintings Used in TAB ( x ) by @sagestreet


Dr. Who/Torchwood/Sherlock/Dr. Strange Overlaps

Amy’s Choice ( x ) by @goodmythicalmail

Dr. Who and “Losing” Seasons of Sherlock ( x )

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Dr. Who, and Sherlock ( x ) by @isitandwonder @tjlcisthenewsexy and @devoursjohnlock

Knock Knock (Dr. Who) Season 10 & Sherlock Parallels ( x ) by @jenna221b

Torchwood S3 and Johnlock ( x )

Miss Evangelista and TAB Mary Watson ( x )

The Wedding of River Song & Sherlock: TFP ( x )

MHR and Dr. Who “Blink” ( x )

John’s Choice ( x ) by @tjlcisthenewsexy

Torchlock, TLD, Jonto/Johnlock ( x )

Torchwood ARG ( x )

In Case of Villain ( x )

Gaslight(ing), Dr. Who, and Sherlock ( x ) (Related to Mycroft’s love of old films.)

Dr. Who, Snowmen, and TAB ( x ) by @heartofdeduction

Dr. Who Dreamlord, TLD, and the Nyte Inspiration ( x ) (I added on.)

Dr. Who, Pilot Fish, and Sherlock ( x )

Dr. Strange Sherlock ( x )

Dr. Who “Tarmac” Conversation ( x ) by @a-candle-for-sherlock

Moffat 207 to 702 ( x ) (Two pre-existing metas about Moffat reusing these numbers.)


Why would Sherlock be close enough to hear John at the cemetery, yet not be visible to a Moriarty accomplice? ( x )

Meta Remaining…(May add to list, later)

AHS: Murder House, The Exorcist, The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby, The Amityville Horror (1979), The Shining, Carriers, The Devils, Hammer House versions of Child’s Play (1984) and The Two Faces of Evil, The Third Man (1949), The Stranger (1946)

Stay-The Naomi Watts Connection (goes with The Ring, Mulholland Drive, and Sleepwalkers metas)

Mockingjay Manor - Ch 9

Chapter One /// Chapter Two /// Chapter Three /// Chapter Four /// Chapter Five /// Chapter Six /// Chapter Seven /// Chapter Eight

Happy Tuesday, Everlarkers! It’s time for one last visit to Mockingjay Manor. Times are tense for our heroes, injuries and enemies abound. How will they extract themselves from this mess? Hang on tight as @katnissdoesnotfollowback concludes our gripping journey in dramatic style!

“Do you still have your phone?” I ask Finnick. Seneca has now made his way inside the house, dousing the floors in the foyer with gasoline as he goes, and I briefly think that it’d be too much to ask for experiment M to make a reappearance right about now.

“In my pocket, but it’s dead,” Finnick reminds me, shifting Peeta’s weight on his shoulders.

“Peeta keeps a charger in the glove box. Here.” I try to search his pockets, but Peeta mumbles something and flinches back away from me again. Finnick barely keeps them from tumbling to the ground. He’s figured out what I’m doing, though, and distracts Peeta long enough for me to get the keys out of his pocket. “Make for the Jeep, call 9-1-1 as soon as you can. I’ll try to stall Seneca somehow.”

“Be careful, Katniss,” Finnick warns and then slinks through the shadows closer to the Jeep. I creep my way up to the front porch. From behind one of the columns, I watch Effie through the windshield as she lifts a large compact and slicks on a coat of lipstick. While she’s focused on her appearance, I slip inside the house and square my shoulders.

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Zirconshipping Halloween Week Promts!

Hello again guys! I decided not to do a poll, but to give you a big choice for the whole week. This will be the post with the promts and the rules for the week.

So, here are the promts for the week:

23 Oct, Day 1: Vampire AU / Werewolf AU / Frankenstein AU

24 Oct, Day 2: First Halloween on Earth AU / Highschool Halloween Party AU

25 Oct, Day 3: Cooking Halloween Treats / Making Costumes

26 Oct, Day 4: Haunted House AU / Exorcists AU

27 Oct, Day 5: Free day!

28 Oct, Day 6: Tim Burton AU / Ghostbusters  AU

29 Oct, Day 7: Trick or Treating / Horror Movies Night


1. The week will be hosted from 23 Oct till 29 Oct, and everything still will be accepted till 5th Nov. For example, you are late and can take part in it only after the week. That’s alright. I will reblog everything arter the week for 7 more days.

2. You can skip the days, or make something for day 2 at day 3. BUT, please don’t hurry, and don’t make day 4 at day 1.

3. You are free to do ANY kind of creative. Art, writing, headcanons, cosplay, handmade, icons, ANYTHING. Be original, do whatever you want!

4. NSFW is allowed, but must be hidded behind “more” and marked as NSFW at the begining.

5. Tag @spookyzircons or @kiradillinger or both in your post, and use tag “Zirconshipping Halloween Week” so I can find and reblog your work in this blog.

If you have some questions about the rules or the promts, you are free to ask me! I’ll reblog this post sometimes, so everyone will know about the week. 

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halloween movies the signs must watch
  • Aries: Don't Look Under the Bed, Nightmare on Elm Street, Sleepy Hollow
  • Taurus: Hocus Pocus, Twitches, The Craft
  • Cancer: It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!, Coraline, Saw
  • Gemini: the Shining, Monster House, The Exorcist
  • Leo: Corpse Bride, the Addams Family, Friday the 13th
  • Virgo: Casper, Harry Potter, Chucky
  • Libra: Tower of Terror, Matilda, Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Scorpio: Halloweentown, Beetlejuice, Paranormal Activity
  • Sagittarius: Practical Magic, Edward Scissorhands, Scream
  • Capricorn: Insidious, Halloween, Poltergeist
  • Aquarius: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, the Sixth Sense
  • Pisces: Mostly Ghostly, Ghost Busters, the Blair Witch Project