“I noticed you buy band aid everyday. Do you get injured so often?” Hayoung asked while scanning the goods.

Sehun was taken aback, didn’t expect the conversation, “Eh… Er… Yeah,” back to your sense, Oh Sehun! “I am on the soccer team. So you know… injured… is my middle name,” what the hell. you are only good at being creepy.

Hayoung laughed, “It makes 1000 won,”

Sehun bowed slightly after putting the money on the counter. “Well, see you tomorrow then, injured man?”

Oh Sehun held his self not to do celebrating dance on the street, since she could still see him through the drugstore’s display glass. Finally the girl noticed him, after 45 packs of band aid.

Oh Hayoung as Part Timer and Oh Sehun as College Student (7/~)

*“About our new neighbor,” Bomi put night cream on her face, glancing her husband on the bed who was playing with his iPad.

“They are… kinda weird,”

“Huh?” Chanyeol still immersed in the game he played. “What do you mean?”

“They are kind, very kind but… there is something about them that made me a little bit uncomfortable. Yah! Park Chanyeol!” Bomi raised her voice, knowing Chanyeol didn’t listen to her. The husband put his game away, didn’t want to make his wife angry. “You know like… their glance, their attitude.” Bomi stole a glance from the mirror once more, satisfied that she got full attention, “Who would speak about sex life in the very first meeting?”

Chanyeol bursted into laughter, “You’re right, they are weird,” the husband turned off the iPad, while Bomi came over to his embrace, “Want to try what they suggested?” he whispered on her ear. “with whipped cream and cherry?”


Kim Joonmyeon and Jung Eunji as Annoying Neighbor ft. Park Chanyeol and Yoon Bomi as Newlywed (exopink 5/~)

Bomi, Chorong, Eunji, Hayoung, and Namjoo were surrounding in front of Naeun’s door. They were trying to catch what Naeun and Jongin were talking about. Naeun’s mood seemed really swingy today, even Bomi didn’t bother her like usual. She only looked outside the window along the way to the dorm. The ‘We Got Married’ interview today actually went well since Naeun was a good actress who could hide her real feeling.

“This is just work, Oppa. Not more!” Naeun raised her voice, annoyed that Jongin couldn’t understand her even a bit. She didn’t beg to the CEO to join this stupid show, she only hoped that Jongin realized that they were now in the same boat. But likely Jongin was blinded by jealousy to think with clear mind.

“But you are waiting for Tuesday to come, right? You miss him, right?” Jongin repeated what she said on the show in a cynical way. WGM was shot every Tuesday and would be aired in Saturday, putting him in bad mood for those two days.

“Stop it, Oppa,” Naeun closed her eyes, holding her anger. “You know it was scripted,”

“I’m sorry I don’t know,” Jongin knew he was childish, but he just couldn’t help it.

“Let’s hanging up, Oppa. I’m tired.” Naeun flopped on the bed, covering her face with pillow and screamed.

Chorong went to the room, took a seat beside the younger, “What’s wrong, Naeun-ah?”

“Everything,” she sighed, “Everything goes wrong, Eonnie,”

Kim Jongin and Son Naeun as Idol Couple (exopink 8/~)

“This big house seems so empty now…” Suho started the conversation as his wife came in to the room with a cup of tea.

“You are always melancholic after your granddaughter left,” Chorong smiled, knowing her husband’s habit.

He stared at his wife, realizing that half from his life was spent with the most beautiful woman, “Thank you,”

“What for?”

“You make my life even more beautiful,”

“Stop being cheesy, Kim Joonmyeon. You are fifty,”

“I’m not. I mean it,” the smile on his face hadn’t fade away, “You give me the best things in life, Park Chorong,”

“I have turned to be Mrs. Kim since years and years ago you know,”

“You are still the very same Park Chorong for me,” Chorong smiled, she knew that her life had changed after she met Kim Joonmyeon, but what she knew for sure and never changed since then; she loves him and always will. 

Kim Joonmyeon and Park Chorong as Married Couple (exopink 11/~)