(CHORUS:) we are the newly rich & spoiled.
we dry bloodstains with hundred dollar bills & burn them after. /
we pour white wine in our bathtubs to hide the bodies rotting under. /
we spray their blood on our faces & pretend it’s rosewater. /
we are nouveaux riches, we are pourris gâtés,
& impossible to please.

(  S  W  E  E  T    D  E  C  A  D  E  N  C  E  ) : a chapbook of 9 poems about how easily one falls into decadence, rot & corruption. 

inspired by (x) and (x) ; poems in the chapbook will not be published elsewhere, ever. three of them are published here, here and here


i. sun setting
with your palm on my knee
and light slashing through the sunflowers
please make me forget
all the days i prayed to see the sunset for the last time
let me bloom
but make it hurt so i’ll remember what it’s like
to be torn apart and forgotten
under the dark skies.

ii. stars glinting
with your knuckles white against the steering wheel
and a pill on my tongue
please don’t apologize
for the bruise on my neck
like a rose left for me to find in the morning
while i wonder if i’m going to make it
through another night
or another life.

(till night do us part, v.a.b.)

i uploaded chapter one of my book bc a lot of people asked for it!!

now you finally get to know the protagonists!!!!!

also before reading: keep in mind that chapter one shouldn’t be dark at all, because here we see a protagonist who hasn’t changed yet. the prologue was the result of the book and you see him changed but not what led to it and that’s what all the chapters are for. also!!! this is a rough draft and i’ve translated it in 3 days (really quickly) so if i have any grammar mistakes pls correct me! (plus if you want to suggest me ways of improving sentences etc im happy to hear your suggestions)

also omg i should promote the first edit shouldn’t I