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legit feeling right now

Exo reaction to blowjob and you choking (”too big”)

Can i reqs and exo gif reaction when you’re giving them a BJ and they’re like “go deeper” and u went “i can’t oppa/daddy! you’re too big” and you choked or smth 🌚🌚 thanks

Sounds good to me ;) 

- Sky x


Suho: Ahh jagi just a little deeper for daddy~

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Baekhyun: Hell yeah! I always knew I was big ;) Daddy needs you to speed it up princess

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Chanyeol: *hears you choking* Oh shit man I didn’t know I was THAT big!

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D.O: *looks up* Jagi I’m not that big.. try a little harder

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Kai: Baby please I can’t handle it… keep going…

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Sehun: *the sight of you choking turns him on even more* Oppa’s going to need you to go deeper babe

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Xiumin: Don’t lie princess I knwo you can do better for Daddy..

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Lay: Ahh Sorry baby! How about yu try to make it up to me in some other way then? ;)

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Chen: If you don’t go deeper Daddy’s going to have to punish you baby

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Exo reaction to your virginity

can you do an exo reaction to finding or you telling them that ur a virgin - I really love it blog so keep up the good work 

This has been requested since the beginning of this blog but I have just never done it. Here you guys go finally ahah!


Suho: “that’s okay princess. Daddy will take really good care of you” He would not mind at all and even might like that he is going to be your first. I think he would like it :)

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Baekhyun: “Oh! That explains so much!”  he laughs “Baek what are you talking about?” you ask deeply confused “Uh I just mean no wonder you always pulled away first ahah” He would feel honored that you want him to be your first and would do his best to make you comfortable and relaxed

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Chanyeol: “It’s okay jagi. Just follow after me” I feel like it would be a turn on for Chanyeol that he would be the first one to touch you in that way. he would be very aware of his size and take is very slow making sure you were very wet-im sure that won’t be hard ;)

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D.O: “Kyungsoo are you okay with this? you ask hesitantly “What? uh yeah of course” he would smile and hug you “This just means I have to make it 10 times more special” he would laugh it off. D.O would legit get roses and candles to make your first time the easiest it could possibly be and be hella romantic about it :)

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Kai: “Ahh so this is what you’ve been so stressed about huh?” he smiles at you. “Oh you noticed that..” you whisper “Of course I noticed” jongin laughs “please don’t stress baby it’s completely fine with me!” he would then hug you and give you sweet kisses. Kai would not give one single flying fuck if you were a virgin or not. 

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Sehun: “babe. I’m a virgin” you mutter and Sehun spits out his coffee “What??” he spits out “Uh. I’m sorry?” you answer “What? No it’s not that it’s just why didn’t you tell me earlier?” he asks “I was afraid you would leave me!” you reply “Oh thank god. I was worried you didn’t even like me everytime I tried to have sex with you!” he laughs it off and you join in before he says “Babe i’m not THAT shallow” and you guys cuddle. Sehun wouldn’t mind and his experience would help a bit in making it a lot easier for you. 

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Xiumin: “Jagiya what’s for dinner?: he calls out “Jesus I don’t know why?” you reply “I was kinder hoping I could have you” you sigh “Baby I’m a virgin” you tell him “Yeah okay but I still want you for dinner” you laugh “You dont care?” you ask him “No? Should I?” “I guess not” you laugh at him but he’s still staring at you “What?” you ask “Well I’m kinder hungry now. Bed now”. Xiummin wouldn’t care one bit but instead would wonder why you thought it was a big deal.He still loves you the same. 

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Lay: “Aw that’s so cute!” he would reply “What why?” “Princess has been saving herself for me”. He would really like that he was the first one to be with you in a sexual way and would feel a sense of pride about it. 

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Chen: “Wait what? you’re a virgin?” he asks “uh yeah?” you respond “But-you speak so dirty!”. Chen would not care at all but instead make fun of you until you guys plan to change that. not in a mean way but in an endearing way.He would feel happy that you wanted him to be your first.

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Exo reaction to being too big

How would EXO react when during sexy time their GF/BF moans out “It’s so deep!” And/Or “Its so big!” ?

I hope you like it <3 blowjob version

- Sky x


Suho: *smirks to himself* 

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Baekhyun:  Is that a challenge? *Thrusts into you deeper*

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Chanyeol:*rolss his hips deeper into you* Oh yeah? How about now? ;)

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D.O: *giggles to himself and is shy* ahah sorry baby

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Kai: *shy but proud Jongin* Don’t pretend you don’t love it Jagi

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Sehun: *smirks* Oh I know.. Let’s see how long you can last babe *rolls hips*

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Xiumin: And don’t you forget it princess *wiggles hips*

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Lay: if it’s that big I wanna hear you scream

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Chen: I’m not even sorry

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Daddy Xiumin

Smut inspired by thirsty anons ;)

Xiumin had you pinned to the couch as he started to slowly grind down on your sex. You let out small moans as you feel Xiumins hard bulge upon your womanhood. he smirks down at you as your breath hitches in your throat. His tongue explores your mouth with intense desire as his hands grab at you to bring you into his thrusts.

“babe please just let me sleep” you whine out against the pillows as he began caressing your inner thighs and pushing his bulge against your back. He moans out to you “Jagi please. I really want you right now”. You sigh out and roll onto your back in which he then moves his legs over you to ride you. he slowly starts grinding down onto you and despite being half asleep you can feel yourself getting wet in between your legs and he smirks.   

“Xiumin please I need you now” you beg up at him and he smirks down at you. “Does my princess want her daddy?” you moan out a multitude of yeses and moans as Xiumin rips your panties off and tosses them to the side. grinding down in between your legs he coats himself in you before aligning himself with you entrance. You wiggle your hips up in anticipation and he laughs to himself before he fills you up in one go. His size overwhelms you and you throw your head back. Slowly he pulls out before slamming into you again.and again.and again.  

His thrusts moved the bed back and forth as the two of you intertwine in a state of bliss. The headboard creaks. You arch your back up to meet Xiumins fast pace and his breathe hitches in his throat causing you to smirk. Serves him right. Latching onto your hips Xiumin keeps pounding into you edging on your orgasm.

Xiumin looked down at your hair all messed up and it was such a turn on. Sex hair. he grabbed at your hair and tugged at it to reestablish his dominance over you. You obliged willingly as his thrusts became rougher.   

You could feel your orgasm coming and your insides convulsed against Xiumins hard length. The way he fit inside of you so tightly and fully. Your legs trembled with every thrust and every moan that escaped his sweet lips. The sound of skin on skin resonated around the room along with a stream of your moans and begging pleas.

Xiumin continues to rolls his hips into yours at a pace that is way too fast for the both of you to keep up with. Every time your orgasm comes close Xiumin will slow down. This frustrates you deeply. “Daddy! Just let me cum!” you scream at him but he just chuckles “Beg for it baby” he growls out and you grunt back at him as his hips hit yours and hit your gspot again.

Your insides throbbed at the intense pace. You were not going to be walking tomorrow. The sounds coming from the room were animalistic as Xiumin would growl and grunt and you would moan and cry for his touch.

Your fingers curl into the bed sheets as you try desperately to latch onto anything you possibly can as Xiumin continues to tease you. “D-daddy!” you cry out. “Please please please let your baby girl cum!” you beg as you push your hips up to meet his. With a moan of intense pleasure Xiumin caves and grabs the headboard before picking up the pace again.. 

Hitting your g spot Xiumin rolls his hips for the extra simulation and your head rolls back as you claw at the bed. “Ahhh! Fuck!” you cry out as he abuses your g spot again and again. Your legs tremble and your walls tighten around him. “Daddy!’ you cry out again as Xiumin delivers the final thrust into you. He cums inside of you and at the sight you cum as well. Simultaneously you both ride out your orgasm with Xiumin still riding you. He falls beside you in a ball of sweat and heavy breathing.

You roll over to him an hit his chest “Jagi why are so mean!” you whine “You never let me cum! you know girls can come multiple times right!” you cry out and he laughs at you “yeah I know but I just like looking at you when we cum together” he laughs as he pulls you close. You can’t really argue with that.

Exo reaction to your striptease

If you ever get the chance, can you do exo reacting to you doing a striptease? I’ve read everything in your masterlist and the thirst is real

lmao here you go :D


Suho: You walk out of the bedroom and go stand right in front of the tv. Your wearing a robe that covers you but as soon as Suho’s attention is on you the robe falls off to the floor. He sucks in a large gasp of air and leans back as he just enjoys the show with the biggest smirk on his face. 

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Baekhyun: He can’t help but shove his fist in his mouth to stop himself from making some very inhuman sounds. The way your body moves as you wiggle out of your clothes has Baekhyun on the edge. Sounds escape Baekhyun that can only be described as concentrated as he stares at you with so much lust but the wait is turning him on even more. 

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Chanyeol: You try striping for Chanyeol and he just giggles and smiles. “Ugh Chan I’m trying to be sexy don’t laugh!” he giggles “Sorry babe you’re just so cute!” you begin to storm off before he chases after you and wraps you in his arms. His hands move there way around your bra he clips it off and runs away laughing. “Yah you idiot!” as you chase him holding onto your boobs (why is this cute)

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D.O: Kyungsoo tries to ignore you as he ponders all the things he has to do. He can’t help but sneak small glaces your way as you slide out of your clothes and into something you know d.o likes a whole lot better. You stand at his knees in just your underwear and kyungsoo sighs before he looks you up and down and he is a goner. 

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Kai: He laughs to himself as you finally reveal your lingerie which happen to be his favorite. “How do you know me so well?” “Oh these? I had no idea” he giggles at you “oh shut up you tease and come here”

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Sehun: Sehun would sit in silence (hard to achieve) and get so turned on. He would just not know what to say at how perfect you are. “What’s wrong Sehunnie?” you smirk at him. he just smirks at you and beckons you to come closer as you sit on his lap. 

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Xiumin: chuckles once to himself. “You think your so smart don’t you?” you only smirk at him.Your teasing is clearly driving him mad. “You have about 3 seconds to run to the bedroom before Daddy punishes you”. You sprint to the bedroom. 

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Lay: “Aw jagi did you have to do and do this to me! I’m supposed to meet the guys in 20 minutes!” you giggle to yourself as you take off your bra “I have no idea what you’re talking about” you fain innocence. “oh yeah? The. what is this??” Yixing looks down at his growing bulge then back at you “Oh that. That i can fix…”

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Chen: Jongdae can’t help but make the sexiest faces as you turn him on. You play with the lining of your panties and Chen just grunts at you. “Baby girl I can help you with that”

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Exo reaction to roleplay

EXO reaction to girlfriend being into role play? (I can see some of the members liking it XD) and yes ( ^ω^ ) I finally got the courage to request something (≧∇≦)

Yay! Since you requested it I knew I had to do it ahah! I hope you like it <3 

- Sky x 


Suho: Sure thing baby girl. Who do you want Daddy to be? 

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Baekhyun: Jagi are you sure you really want me in this outfit? I look stupid! 

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Chanyeol: Can we do this more often!!!

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D.O: *latin dance teacher roleplay* (im so sorry) 

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Kai: *grabs hand* Quick lets run to the sex shop and buy all the costumes!!

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Sehun: *sees you walk out in your nurse roleplay and claps*

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Xiumin: *See’s you in a school girl outfit* uhh jagi we have a problem downstairs

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Lay: Here comes Ceo Zhang (not even a roleplay and it makes it 10x hotter)

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Chen: *way too exited* Professor Kim is ready to see you in his bed office now… 

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Birthday Sex-Sehun

You left the house this morning a little disappointed. Your boyfriend Sehun had completely forgotten it was your birthday. No presents. No kisses. No nothing. He wasn’t even there when you woke up. Just a note that he went to practice early. You headed off to work nonetheless. A few of your coworkers had even remembered and bought you a small cake. The rest of the day was alright but it was still tugging at the back of your mind how your own boyfriend could forget your birthday. I mean sure he was really busy these days but still. You make your way home 9 hours later and walk through the front door. The house was pitch black. Odd. You had left the curtains open when you left. You open the door further and small candles are lit upon the floor in a line. Your eyes follow were they lead and they head straight for the bedroom. A small smile escapes your lips. You drop your bags beside the door as you close it. You bend down closer and see that there are rose petals around the candles. You can’t help but smirk. Of course he didn’t forget. How could you even think he had? You slowly begin to peel the layers off as you slowly follow the small lights. You were just down to your underwear by the time you reached the doorway. Inside your bedroom candles were everywhere. They softly illuminated the perfect body of your boyfriend. Sehun was laying there with his hands behind his head wearing his own birthday suit. You speak first 

“I thought you forgot”. Your eyes follow the line of his body from his sweet lips down his sharp jaw and through his abs all the way down to his beautiful dick.  

“Obviously not” as his eyes look you up and down. Sehun gets up of the bed and moves his way over to you in the doorway. He moves his warm hands around your waist and begins playing with the back of your panties. 

“So,are you going to join me or not?” he whispers into your ear before he kisses you down your neck. You moan out and his kisses get rougher. Sehun starts sucking at your neck and leaves an array of hickeys down your neck. He moves his way down to your collar bones and he softly kisses them. He moves his hands up and down your body as he finally unclips your bra. He slides it off your body with ease. He can feel your boobs against his bare chest and his dick twitches against your panties as he gets harder. He moves his mouth down your chest and sucks at your nipples. His tongue plays with your boobs as your nipples harder with his touch. As his tongue works magic his hands slide down the back of your underwear and hold onto your ass. Grabbing it harder and harder, his dick is also getting harder and harder. Slipping you out of your panties, Sehun flings them across the room. Sehun stops playing with your boobs and moves his mouth back to yours. His tongue explores your mouth with clear dominance. He quickly stops and spins you around as he pushes you back onto the bed. He soon follows after you as his hands fall beside you and his body moves down to grind down on you. He has already started to get you wet and he can feel it in between your legs. To humiliate you further he stops and gets his finger and slides it up your clit. His finger is wet and you blush as he looks at you. 

“Really? Already baby” he laughs before he moves back up to you and puts his finger in your mouth getting you to taste yourself. You move your tongue around his finger and suck because you know how much it turns him on and you can also feel that in between your legs. You smile 

“Really baby?” You joke. He stops and eyes you off. He mutters something to himself and gets off the bed. You being afraid you offended him somehow quickly sit up to see what he is up to. Sehun returns two seconds later with a pair of handcuffs and tape. Your mouth hangs open. He laughs “happy birthday” his hands move quickly cuffing your hands together before you can resist. The tape next covers your mouth and Sehun looks you up and down. His eyes look hungry. He pushes you back down and watches you lay there with large questioning eyes. He can’t take it much longer. He is so needy for you now. He goes down in between your legs and he dives right into your lips. You try to moan out against the tape but your efforts are fruitless. His tongue flicks your clit as he endlessly teases you. He sucks so hard down on you your legs start to tremble. You try to warn him how close you are to cumming but then again you can’t speak. His tongue enters you and he can feel you building up but he keeps pushing you further. You cum hard into his mouth and he licks it all up in his mouth. He sucks you dry and then sits up. he looks you dead in the eyes before he licks his lips slowly. Leaning down again he rips off the tape and it burns before he replaces the pain with his lips. He kisses you full on the mouth and you can taste yourself in your mouth. When he’s done he grabs the tape again and slams it back over your mouth. Sehun looks down and lines himself up at your entrance and pushes into you without waiting for you to adjust to his size. God damn he is so big. He pounds into you endlessly and your eyes fall back. You try to move your handcuffed hands around his neck but he just pins them above your head. You whimper and moan out against the tape but no sounds can be heard. Holding onto your hips Sehun thrusts into you with those dancer moves and you cry out to what borderlines a scream. He turns and looks at you with innocent eyes and a smirk on his lips. As revenge you buck up your hips to meet his sting of thrusts and Shun can’t help but let a moan escape his lips. He flashes his eyes onto yours and he tells you

“Oh now you’re going to pay baby girl” as his thrusts get deeper and harder. Forcing your legs further apart Sehun grips onto your hips and pounds into you over and over again. The heat in your stomach and sex is almost getting out of control. You can feel Sehuns climax coming and so you tighen your walls against him and he growls. You’re so close to cumming and just before you do Sehun stops and pulls out. Your eyes shoot daggers and stare him down as he smirks at the hot mess you’ve become. 

“If you want it so bad you’re going to have to beg” he smirks down at you and you growl into the tape. You look down at it telling Sehun to take it off which he does. Once the burn has gone you look up at Sehun and reply 

“You’re going to have to make me” your eyes are filled with lust and fire and Sehun chuckles at your attempt to flip the tables. Moving a hand from your hips he slides it down between your legs and slips his two fingers into your sex. Your walls tighten and Sehun scissors his fingers before reaching your gspot and abusing it with his long fingers. He has you on the edge way sooner than you had hoped as you moan out for him to just let you cum. 

“Sehun! Sehun-ah j-just let me cum!” you pleaded  but it just wan’t good enough for him. 

“Do you even want to cum?” he questions still smirking at you. You whimper and try to roll your hips into his fingers but he pulls them away.

“Try a a little harder princess” he coos at you dripping with sex appeal and lust. 

“Sehun-ah I want your big thick cock inside of my tight pussy right now so I can scream your name and let the world know just how good Oh Sehun treats his girl. Now baby please just fuck me!” you almost yell and this has Sehun smiling so hard. 

“Call me daddy” he commands you, 

“Huh?” he has never mentioned a daddy kink before now

“I said call me daddy if you want to cum princess” he smirks down at you.

“Please fuck me hard daddy” you moan out and he was a goner. Without warning Sehun was thrusting inside of you again at the same pace he was before yet now he has found a new drive to push him even further. Even deeper. You cry out his name mixed with daddy and he pounds into you making your legs weak and tremble at his touch. You were not going to be able to walk. The bed rocks and creaks as it threatens to break underneath you both. Sehun grips at your hips trying to pull you closer and you roll your hips up to meet his. This send you both over the edge simultaneously in a heated mess of moans and growls. Sehun continues to ride out both of your orgasms as he slowly grinds into you before pulling out and falling beside you as you both desperately try to latch on to air. You laugh out 

“This was the best birthday present I have ever gotten” you laugh again as Sehun joined you. 

“What do you say?” he nudged you and you laughed 

“Thank you daddy” you respond as you lean over and kiss his cheek. He chuckles to himself before rolling over and kissing you full on the lips softly and slowly full of love. 

“Happy birthday beautiful” he coos “I love you” he murmurs into your ear before kissing you softly again. 

“I love you too Sehun” you reply as he cuddles into your naked body and you both fall into a blissful sleep. 

Exo thinking Exo is having sex

Ii saw this on another blog and thought it was funny. Exo’s reactions when they hear you and another member and youre making sort of sex sounds but it turns out you just twisted your ankle and they’re helping you try to get your shoe off (btw this blog is slowly corrupting me. I’m sweet and innocent.. I swear) ~Baby Anon

Lol I also thought this would be funny. Here you go Baby Anon <3 Yeah I have a tendency to corrupt people ahah.



When he hears: How could they? There are children Sehun present.

When he finds out it’s your ankle: *Slightly ashamed he jumped to conclusions*


When he hears: Oooo Exo’s getting laid!

When he finds out it’s your ankle: I had too much faith in us


When he hears: Wtf is that sound coming from Kai’s room?

When he finds out it’s your ankle: Are you lying? *squints*


When he hears: W-where is that coming from?

When he finds out it’s your ankle: *not surprised since it’s baekhyun*


When he hears: *hides and desperately tries to find earphones*

When he finds out it’s your ankle: *doesn’t process and stares*


When he hears: Hyung gettin some

When he finds out it’s your ankle: I trusted you


When he hears: Oh! Someones going at it!

When he finds out it’s your ankle: Seriously? I mean c’mon guys!


When he hears: gif

When he finds out it’s your ankle: ah thank god


When he hears: It can’t be… Exo is getting laid?

When he finds out it’s your ankle: Why did I trust them for a second?


When he hears: *panics*

When he finds out it’s your ankle: *not surprised/rolls eyes*

A Very Exciting Halloween for EXO (OT12)


Suho: Usually the type to like you classy and elegant but… not tonight. Tight leather with your boobs busting out the seems and your tight ass as you bend over has him overwhelmed. The amount of sex appeal would be through the roof as he takes in the corset to the tight pants. You can try and tease him but that aint gonna last long as he quickly flips the tables and here comes daddy suho…

Baekhyun: The more submissive the better! He knows he should not find something like this such a turn on but he can’t help it. The way you look so tiny in the short dress and your breasts softly exposed turns him on so much. He would really like this costume and would get overly excited about it! He would hardly be able to keep his hands off you!!  

Chanyeol: “Park Chanyeol, I will have to take you into custody. Cooperate or I will use force.” Taking on the role of police chief very seriously you will have to put Chanyeol in his place for being a naughty little criminal. The outfit hugs your body perfectly; your breasts just barely in view, teasing him slightly as your lower the zipper exposing more for his entertainment. That baton? Oh no you won’t be needing that. When Chanyeol has had enough of your teasing, he will flip the tables, slightly teasing you with that baton. But the night is interrupted as the others arrive, reminding you that the party you are to attend is very soon.

D.O: Even though you have clothing on he would find it so sexy how dominate and in control you look. It would start off you teasing him over and over again but soon he would take control and you would be under his dominate hands. Pinning you and commanding you all over the place. Get prepared to cum a lot as he is going to love this costume to..death. 

Kai: Probably a fantasy of Kai’s, he would really dig this outfit. A sexy lace and leather mix gives him a new sensation he wants to feel over and over again. From the collar he can pull and control you from, to the whip he most definitely will use on you. He’s gonna want you nice and submissive, following your costume stereotype. 

Sehun: He knows he shouldn’t get turned on. But by God the way the tight and tiny dress fits your curves and the way the cut focuses on your smooth legs has him drooling. Knowing that he shouldn’t be turned on by the nun costume just makes it 10x hotter and way more sexy and naughty for the maknae. He is going to have so much fun taking it off :)

Xiumin: The way the costume hugs your hips and cups your boobs roughly. He’s going to want to be your commander and order you around. And girl you better call him commander..or at least daddy. He would like this costume since it’s so different and sexy. He would definitely like this costume :))

Lay: The simple yet completely sexy costume of a school girl would have Yixing over the edge. The way the skirt rides up your soft thighs way too high. Or the way the tight shirt pulls at your breasts. Or the way he wants to pull at your pigtails and whisper dirty things in your ear. Yixing is going to adore this costume and you can expect A LOT of sex tonight ;)

Chen: : Something you probably weren’t expecting him to like, yet somehow the way the red and black work against your skin really turns him on. And holy moly is he going to have fun using that whip on you tonight!!  

Kris: The naughty and sexy school girl would go well with Kris so well. He would feel so naughty and you would only make it worse. Asking him to be your teacher and spank you for being bad. There would be an overload of teasing!! get prepared for a whole lot punishments baby girl ;) 

Luhan: A sexy nurse? Oh god. Simple and classy yet full of sex appeal. This boy would be ready for his checkup.he is going to want to dominate the shit out of you. He is going to want you to strip and control him but when it comes to sex oh boy you aren’t going to have a say. he would love this costume so much!!

Tao:  He’s usually the type to like his women classy but tongiht is a whole other story! He loves the dress that is WAY too short and how the dress cups your boobs sharply. Honestly, the trashier the better! This major change would turn him on so much and he is going to love you dominating him. He won’t mind one tiny bit. 

Exo reaction to mirror sex

Hello today is my birthday and i ask pretty sehun plz make me an EXO reaction when their gf asked them have sex in front of a mirror (guilty as charged for the kink) -Vanilla

A/N: Don’t worry my love I lowkey have this kink as well ahah. So here you are my love and have a wonderful birthday! 

-Sky x


Suho: Aw Jagi but then I will see myself! *embarrassed when he see’s himself but is turned on by the sight of you*

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Baekhyun: Oh wow oh oh okay *smiles cheekily* 

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Chanyeol: B-but I was going to suggest it! 

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D.O: Aish this girl~ Yeah okay jagi

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Kai: You. me. mirror. right now *kisses* 

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Sehun: You know…I’ve always wanted to have sex in the practise room…

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Xiumin: You know I’m going to use this against you right? *smirks*

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Lay: Oh my You wanna do this now? 

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Chen: Ah- so that’s what you like… are you busy right now? 

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Im not proud of this one but i hope you guys like it ahah

God we’re good -Suho

You had your head in Suho’s lap one night as he was reading and you were watching crime shows on television. Maybe it was something he read, who knows, but you could certainly feel him getting hard underneath you. Taking advantage of your position you roll over and face him. You nuzzle into his crotch and he moans out for you. Before you could get him any harder, he picks you up and flips you over. Your head moves down one end of the couch and you ass rests in Suhos lap. You weren’t wearing anything but a grey sweater and pink lace panties. Suho moves your sweater off your butt and caresses his hands over you ass. He pulls at the panties and flicks them so them spring back and nip you. He comments “Are these the ones I bought you last week?”. You murmur a yes to him at which he doesn’t respond. He gives you a quick and hard slap to your ass cheeks. “What was that princess?”. You quickly stumble out “Sorry Daddy. Yes Daddy”. “That’s better”. He begins to slide his hands down your legs to which he then brings them back and slips them under your underwear. Grabbing at your ass and slapping it. His hands leave red marks that claim you as his. After he plays with you he asks “So tell me, have you been a good or bad girl?” you don’t respond. “I’ll take that as a bad girl”. He spins you over and lifts you up onto his lap as you face him. He looks you deep in the eyes and tells you “Make it up to me” as he looks down at his growing bulge. You lick your lips softly and slide down off the couch till your in between Suhos legs. You reach back up and slowly pulls his jeans off till he’s in his boxer-briefs only. You slide your hands up his legs and start to palm at his crotch. He moans out once before grabbing your wrist and looking at you “Don’t tease”. A small giggle leaves your mouth as you then take off his underwear. His hard erection springs free and you can’t help but salivate. You lean down and start sucking. God you’re good. Your hands and mouth move in unison and you have Suho on the edge far sooner than he had hoped. You can feel him building in your mouth and before he cums he quickly pulled out of your mouth. He’s panting heavily as you wipe your mouth. he commands you “Bedroom. Now” You get up and run to the bedroom with Suho close behind. You sit on the bed like the good girl you are and wait for Daddy. He walks through the doorway and eyes you up and down. He takes off his shirt and drops it to the floor before he saunters over to you. He crawls his way over and opens your legs before he starts grinding down on you. Your hands gravitate towards him but he snatches them up in his grasp and pins them above your head. Suho stops and moves slowly down your body leaving small kisses behind. He pauses in between your legs and then slowly takes your pink lace panties off. He flicks them off without a care. he stares at your sex for way to long before you start to moan out and wriggle your hips towards him. he tsks at you. “So impatient my baby girl” You moan out in response. “Daddy likes the way you taste too much. I’m going to take my time”. Suho leans down and starts off with one single lick all the way up your entrances before he starts to slowly suck on your clit. You can’t help but gasp out. His tongue works magic on you as it flicks your clit and enters you. Without warning Suho pushes one of his fingers inside of you and curls it around inside. Not a second later a second finger enters you and then another. He could feel you tightening around his fingers and he smiled as he eats your out. He pumps the fingers faster and faster and soon it’s too much for you to handle. “Daddy!” you scream out. “Daddy I’m about to cum!” He knows but he pushes you further and further. Stretching out the orgasm as much as he can. You cum all over Suhos hands and he slowly pulls them out of you. He looks down at them and then to you panting. He leans down to you and puts his fingers in your mouth. You can taste yourself and Suho loves it. He pulls them out and then licks the remains before he kisses you deeply. He looks down at your entrance and then back at you “You’re still so wet baby. Want me to take care of that?” All you can do is nod before Suho aligns himself at your entrance. You thought you were ready but the second Suho enters you, you scream and arch your back. You wriggle your hips up to meet his but Suho is going way to fast. he loves controlling the pace. You move your hands up to touch him again and he pins them to the bed board. The bed creaks and threatens to collapse but Suho keeps pounding into you. If you thought it was fast before, Suho picks up the past and you scream out “Suho!” He lifts your legs up and over his shoulders as he fills you up even more. He found it. Suho hits your g-spot over and over again. Abusing it so hard and fast your climax gets closer and closer. You can feel Suho getting closer to his edge and so you buck your hips up into him and he moans out as well. Hearing him moan was the end for you and you cum hard and fast. You fall into a state of bliss as Suho finishes inside of you. He slumps down beside you as you both breathe heavily. You giggle to yourself and he turns over to face you “What?” with a hint of suspicion. you laugh “God, we’re good” you both just laugh together as Suho takes you in his arms to snuggle. 

Let me put my love into you babe..


Let me put my love on the line..

Wu Yi Fan.

Last strains of AC/DC died off with a sort of reluctant flourish,

— you should have turned up the goddamn radio, asshole, I missed my jam

and he drinks more of that hard shit, waiting for retribution with a sick sense of humor; the music pounded on, like a pair of lovers during a late night quickie. Can’t get caught, it seemed to say, but incredibly delicious all the saaaame~

Everybody always said he was a bad boy. Born bad, they called it. A real looker, but he’s a Wu. A goddamned Wu, for chrissakes. How could he have turned out like this? His family must be ashamed.

He doesn’t care. Really. Honestly. Matter-of-factly. Having fame was a given, but he really didn’t want it. okay, maybe he did, after all, lots of girls.. And boys. And fun. Fun as in sex. Fun as in drunk-as-fuck parties. Fun as in doing stupid shit with the crew. Or.. maybe it wasn’t really fun. Maybe his brain had long since tricked him into thinking that everything was okay as it was, that nothing was fucked up — which it really was — and he didn’t need a steady love and a steady life and job.

Or maybe he was secretly waiting for a sign.

  • I’m .. Kris?
  • I’m good at sex
  • I’m good at drinking
  • I’m good at tattoos
  • I’m good at having a good time
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