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Fanacc according to the situation on the beijing Airport just now .

Tao is really really kind .The situation in the airport just now was really crowded and they even had some difficulties in walking.Because there’s fans being pushed away by the security or even got tripped over .Tao stopped walking and had his hands out to ‘push’ the security away from the fans .

Here’s some explanation for the translate in case people will be misunderstanding .The 'push’ I used in pushing away the security wasn’t meant to be a rude one ,so ya I hope there’s not any miss-translated or so .I translated this is to let the others know how Tao is and that he really really cared . 




Hi everyone ,I’m Tao in EXO . 

Do you guys like the first comeback stage on yesterday(1/8/2013)? I’m really happy that so many fans has been here to watch us live .Thank you EXO fans for the support towards us, please continue to look forward to EXO~ I love you all ♥

Ps: Only managed to translate the chinese part because I can’t read korean lmao .Sorry for any mistranslated if I do *~*