Today is August 4, 2015, exactly 1 year ago we officially became EXO-Ls. Here’s a hug for you  (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


“520 + Photo’s Collage”

Hey, Hey!!! How have you all been? I have Good new for all of you! Can you guess what it is? Yes, you guessed right, I’m gonna talk about HunHan activities.

  • Do I Have to make it Short? well let’s see how it ends. First of all Yesterday was the press conference of “The witness” LuHan’s movie I will tell you where is the new. in the conference they had a photo’s compilation of the two protagonist, BUT, Why was SeHun and HunHan involved in there?

I was thinking about it long time until now and maybe the protagonist have chose all the pictures in there, Important ones, or just the editor of it is secretly a HunHan shipper , EXO-L and HunLu biased, the procedure of this is a mystery i will let you take whatever result.

  • EXO’Lu’Xion in Chengdu

Yes let’s talk about this now. If you are a HunHan shipper you must now that “520″ Is an important key now. (520 Means “I Love You” in chinese) so SeHun made this “520″ with his hand during the concert, Ok, Ok, Ok, Stop right there, You can think “Well, he is in china and maybe he is just showing his love for his fans, this has nothing to do with HunHan” You were thinking it, didn’t you? Perhaps you might be right but how about LuHan yesterday did the same sign in his conference? (sorry I dind’t put Luhan’s one I didn’t download it, stupid me)  Obviously both of them are aware that fans keep shooting photos in every moment and those photos are going to be in the air sooner, They could use that method to proclaim their mutual loved without being caught or being to obvion. Ouups! They are being obvious already.

This is all I wanted to shared obviously is a quick resume it could get boring if I continue. Let’s love HunHan and trust them, Even now they keep making our flame stronger. See you next time! BYE


Sorry for don’t upload pictures, please don’t hate me.., omgggg, Baek have a new hair color is like..white and blonde.., and I think is really similar to Taeyeon hair color..lol, I like his new color, but I think black or brown are better for him, but Idk..he looks handsome. 

Hope you like it!

♡ ♡ ♡

An hour before their show starts, the members are scattered around the waiting room as they await their concert. Chanyeol is sitting at the corner of the room, a small smile playing on his lips.

“Wish you were here.” He sends you a message. He doesn’t let go of his phone until he receives your message and when the phone finally buzzes, your name across his screen pops up and he almost drops his lollipop from his mouth from smiling too big.

“I’m always in your heart. Have a fun show!” You reply and he tries but fails to suppress a giggle and Baekhyun gives him a sarcastic snarl. “Okay, we get that you have a girlfriend and that you’re all lovey-dovey but you need to control yourself.” Kai’s laughter echoes through the room and the rest of the members laugh with him.

“Hey, let him be! We should thank y/n for making him this happy.” Chen gestures towards Chanyeol and the members still laughing, agree with Chen.

Chanyeol’s smile never faltered and so did his attention which was strictly on you. He didn’t once looked up and was oblivious to the other members talking to him. “Don’t stay up too late, jagiya. Please tell me you love me before I say goodbye.” He hits send, giggling at himself. You read his message and you couldn’t help your fluttering heart.

“I love you, Park Chanyeol.” Your teeth show as your smile widens at the words you’ve just type, hitting send. Only a second passes and he replies back with the most heart emoticons you’ve ever seen. “I LOVE YOU MORE AND FOREVER.”


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