exok scenarios

Paper cut

-Somewhere in China-

Yixing: *accidentally gets a paper cut*

Yixing: Ouch..

*phone suddenly starts ringing*

Yixing: Hello–


exo as the types of people you see at the gym


• very serious about the gym

• has two drink bottles: protein shake in one and water in the other

• sweats very easily and a lot 

• everyone admires him, he’s a favourite at the gym

• makes burpees look easy

• coaches others sometimes



• wears the top brands of sportswear

• squats for days

• gives encouragement to everyone around him

• starts a conversation each time he’s on the treadmill with the person next to him

• tried lifting more than he was capable to, got stuck under the bar. Very embarrassed when two other people had to help him out.

• enjoys the steam room

• muscles are always very sore the next day (always overdoes it)


• forgot his earphones 

• forgot his towels

• helps spot for other people

• irritated when people don’t put the equipment back in its original place

• assists the new gym members in using the equipment

• cleans up the area he used to its original appearance before leaving

checks himself out in the change room mirror


• tank top, shorts + 1L water bottle

• focuses more on weights than anything else

• forgets leg day

• hogs the weights by exercising in front of the weight rack

• dropped a dumbbell on his foot

• grunts + yells when lifting weights or doing pull ups

• does bicep curls in front of a mirror. Counts out loud


• reluctant to come to the gym

• but he doesn’t want to waste his gym membership that he spent money on

• places a muffin in the water bottle holder on the running machines

• spends more time on his phone whilst he hogs a machine

• social butterfly

• uses equipment, doesn’t put it back properly

• once he breaks a sweat, he’s done. Flexes and takes a photo for instagram before he leaves. #sunsoutgunsout  #nopainnogain #newyearnewme


• arrives to the gym with his squad

• multiple workout playlists ready on his phone that’s on his armband

• sings as he workouts 

• makes pull ups look easy

• starts dancing on the treadmill sometimes

• fell once when he accidentally increased the speed of the treadmill too much

• takes a picture with his friends before leaving the gym #squadgoals


• does his own thing, very quiet and minds his own business

• shy about his body, wears long sleeved t shirts plus trackies

• overheats when working out. Takes many breaks to cool down

• prefers pilates + yoga

• interested in trying new equipment/machines. Too shy to ask how

• gets flustered when people compliment him and gives him encouragements

• thanks all the trainers before leaving


• “can my dogs come into the gym? it’s hot outside”

• shows up wearing jeans???

• attends many zumba classes

• became an assistant coach for his zumba classes

• lays down for a rest between each workout. falls asleep sometimes

• most of his exercise comes from walking/running with his dogs to the gym 

• “I exercised today, I will treat myself”. Eats 30 chicken nuggets at KFC


• didn’t come at his own will, he accompanies his friends as a gym buddy

• distracts his friends by mocking them and taking selfies with them for his snapchat/instagram story

• plays with the equipment/machines since he doesn’t know how to use them

• secretly judges everyone at the gym. checks out the girls though

• brought snacks to eat 

• on his phone for most of the time, occasionally gives encouragement to his buddies

• banned from two gyms in town already

EXO Masterlist

If anyone knows how to put that on my blog description, please teach me <3, but yea , you guys have been asking for a proper masterlist for a while so there we go ;


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Attention (M)

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Requested by: @sehuns-bubble-txe

Request: Based on the song Attention by Charlie Puth

References to lyrics are in bold

Genre: Angst/Smut

Member: Sehun


You knew something was wrong, but you didn’t want to say anything about it. You’ve always hated confrontation and had felt awkward when you had to have an important conversation about something. All these years and you haven’t changed.

You had thought that you were getting better with your problem of confrontation, but that didn’t seem to be the case right now. To be fair, you weren’t sure if confrontation was the thing that you were afraid of. Maybe it was that you were more afraid of what the problem actually turned out to be and if you were the cause of it.

You noticed how Sehun started acting indifferent towards you. He just didn’t seem interested in what you had to say, in what you were doing… or you in general.

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Lay and Xiumin meeting for the first time (probably)

Yixing: 使用谷歌翻译 我的类型是对的 永远不要介意一个事情–

Minseok: … I’m not Chinese.

Yixing: Oh.


(Gif used is not mine)

  • Telling him how talented he is, because he is.
  • Poking his dimples.
  • Him lending you his sweaters.
  • Scaring him each time you chop something up while cooking because he doesn’t want you to hurt yourself.
  • “God you’re so beautiful babe.”
  • Cuddles when home alone.
  • Him singing you to sleep.
  • Learning chinese with him if you don’t already know the language.
  • Nose kisses.
  • “Mine, you’re mine princess. Only mine.”
  • Being at almost all his events because he does whatever in his power to get you there.
  • Adorable pouty faces when he’s not the center of your attention.
  • He’d probably dace for you all the time and try to get you to dance with him.
  • Buying him oversized sweaters because you just like the way he looks in them.
  • Seeing you smile a bit when you start humming his songs. (Both exo and Solo songs)
  • Him loving to leave kisses on your neck.
  • Having to remind him not to overwork himself.
  • Telling him your not jealous of the girl he’s acting with when you kinda are…
  • Being embarrassed when he starts hard core flirting with you in front of the other members because he were looking at you.
  • Little bit of PDA.
  • He’d find it funny/cute when you fuss about not getting your way.
  • “What colors should our wedding be?”
  • “Yixing you haven’t even asked me to marry you yet ??”
  • Seeing his jealousy when you talk about other idols.
  • Getting to see so many sides of his HUGE heart.
  • Seeing him interact with kids.
  • Being treated like royalty because that’s what you are to him.
  • Coming home to random gifts.
  • Getting phone calls at random times just so you can stop whatever it is that your doing and go out with him.
  • Hearing “I love you.” all the time from him, even if he knows/thinks you’re asleep or not paying attention he still says it.
  • He’s be so polite and caring towards your parents.
  • “Yixing!? What are you doing at my parent’s house ?”
  • “You’re mother called me over, she made me food. How sweet!”
  • Your mother would treat him like her own son and would even call him that when he’s over.
  •  If you ever get hurt or sick he’d speed to your house with medicines, foods, first aid kits, soft tissues, blankets, pillows, and basically almost his whole house.
  • “Why did you bring so many blankets? I have enough in the closet.”
  • “Because, some of them are for me because i’m spending the night to make sure you get better, princess.”
  • Feeling him squeeze your hand for comfort when nervous.
  • Using your aegyo to get something you want from him.
  • Him not being able to ever say no to you.
  • Hearing him ply the guitar sometimes when he thinks he’s alone.
  • Getting texts from him asking you if your alright and feeling fine.
  • Facetiming him whenever he has time no matter how tired he is.
  • Random 2-day romantic getaway.
  • Overall having him be head over heels in love with you and there is nothing to make him feel otherwise.

Sorry this is late !! 

To make it up to you guys, the final post of “Dating EXO would include …” Will be posted tomorrow (Suho) and boyfriend Imagine will be posted on wednesday!

Also my masterlist is currently being updated so sorry if it’s still a bit weird.

-Mari xx

Dating Chanyeol Would Include

• Dating Chanyeol would be crazy.

• he would be so nervous to ask you out. But he’ll keep on pretending that he isn’t.

• when you say yes he will be the happiest man alive

• expect phone calls at 1 am

• non stop teasing

• being the loudest couple

• getting cockblocked from the other members

• him surprising you randomly with gifts just to see your smile

• you always teasing him on how cute his ears make him look

• him randomly taking you out claiming it as a date

• traveling to random places

• couple clothes and shoes

• cute couple selcas (selfies)

• playing pranks on the other members

• being in his v live videos

• doing couple challenges

• him posting pictures of you on his instagram

• good night and morning texts

• lots of cuddles

• rough sex

• trying new food

• you reading him to sleep with your favorite books

• him singing you to sleep

• going to arcades a lot

• laughing over random things

• causing the members to get annoyed

• lots of inside jokes

• both of you taking weird pictures of each other

• him coming back to apologize when you two get into an argument

• him making you feel better about yourself

• cute little kisses in public mostly hand holding though

• but really passionate ones at home when no one’s around

• listening to music together

• him making songs about you

• there would not be any second when he isn’t saying a corny joke or pickup line

• “hey babe are you from Tennessee?”

• “not again Chanyeol”

• he loves making you smile especially when you listen to his songs

• he’ll be a major fanboy of yours

• you two will go on random shopping sprees

• probably even start playing hide and seek inside the store

• he would adopt a puppy for both of you

• video game nights with him

• he would make breakfast for you

• you stealing his t shirt

• him saying “i love you” to you every time he gets a chance

• he would show you off to everyone

• he’ll get whiny when you don’t pay attention to him

• sometimes even become a bit possessive but he knows how to keep his cool

• midnight walks

• stupid nickname

• he’ll ask you random questions

• “will you still love me if I’m bald?”

• you two roasting everyone

• he’s high key whipped

• he would do anything for you

• daddy kink

• he would show you off to everyone

• small karaoke dates

• sending cute snapchat filters

• him just listening to you about your day

• overall Chanyeol would be the most cutest and kindest boyfriend he’ll love you more than anything. He’ll cherish you and give you the love you deserve.

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Title: Three Pints (Part One)
Characters: Vampire!Baekhyun/Servant!Reader
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Slow-Burn
A/N: Felt the need to write a new series after seeing this picture of him. D’: So pretty. Also I don’t know when I’ll be updating this so. Keep in touch, I guess!

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*Somewhere in China*

-Yifan’s phone starts ringing-

Yifan: -picks it up with a confused expression-

Yifan: Oh, Junmyeon..?

*2ne1’s Come Back Home plays at the other end of the line*

Incalescent (M)

Request: hello! please may i request a baekhyun smut where he and the reader have finished their exams and decide to celebrate together on the night of the final exam :D if you don’t want to do smut - just the two of them celebrating together in other ways is fine. thank youuuu! i love your writing <3

Genre: University!AU / Fluff / Smut

Member: Baekhyun


Not proofread so please forgive any typing/grammatical errors.

Sighing, you let your pen drop onto your desk. You had just finished the last of your final exams and couldn’t feel more relieved. A weight lifted off your shoulders and you couldn’t wait to completely waste your time with a well earned holiday. 

You noticed something out of the corner of your eye. Your boyfriend, Baekhyun, was sitting a few rows away from you. He had also just finished his exam and had his head on the desk facing you, a tired smile graced his features. It had been a long year for the both of you, endless work and endless stress finally came to an end. 

Even though you and Baekhyun had often studied together, it wasn’t proper time spent with each other since your noses were in books and sometimes you forgot that he was even sitting next to you. But now you had all the free time and your mind was racing with ideas on what to do first. Binge watch tv shows? Your favourite movies? Sleep for an entire day? The list was endless and full of things that you’ve always wanted to do during the year, but couldn’t because time limited you from it. 

You were allowed to exit the exam hall after the given time and stretched your legs and back as you stood up, tired from sitting at a desk for the past 2 hours. 

When you got outside, your eyes scanned around searching for Baekhyun, but you couldn’t see him. All of a sudden a pair of arms wrapped around your waist from behind and pulled you back against a chest. A pleasant scent surrounded you that could only belong to one person.

“Baek,” you sighed, leaning your head back against his chest, “I was looking for you.” 

Baekhyun hummed softly, his soft lips placing a gentle kiss on your cheek. 

“Where were you off to?” he asks, releasing his hold on you and taking your hand in his.

“I don’t know. There’s so many things to do now and I don’t know what I want to do first.” you groaned.

“Tell you what,” Baekhyun spoke up, pulling your hand so you could face him, “why don’t we buy a lot of junk food, maybe a cake too and some champagne to celebrate the end of our year? We could go back to my apartment and just relax there or something. Watch some movies or play video games?” 

“That sounds perfect,” you agreed, wanting nothing more than to spend the entire day with Baekhyun doing completely nothing with no worries sitting in the back of your head. 

The next few hours consisted of you and Baekhyun making your way to the grocery store just a few minutes away from campus and buying a lot of junk food that the two of you probably wouldn’t even finish in one day. Baekhyun made sure to buy a cake and remembered about the champagne as you were standing in the checkout line. 

“Finally!” you breathe out when you entered Baekhyun’s apartment. Both of you put the grocery packets on the counter in the kitchen before you flopped yourself on the couch. Your legs were aching since you were in the exam hall earlier and walking around so long in the store didn’t help. 

“What movie are we going to watch?” you ask Baekhyun who was coming out from the kitchen carrying two glasses and the bottle of champagne. 

“I don’t mind what you put on, anything is fine.” he smiles, sitting down next to you. “Should I open this now?”

You nod in agreement, taking the glasses from him and watched as he popped the bottle open. A gleeful smile appeared on his face as he poured the champagne, taking one glass from you. 

“Here’s to saying goodbye to one hell of a year, and to enjoying our well deserved holiday together.” he grins, holding his glass out for you to clink with your own. 

“Oh I forgot the food, you can put a movie on so long.” You watch Baekhyun jump off the couch and dash into the kitchen, hearing him make a loud noise in while you decided what movie to put on, eventually deciding on The Incredibles since it’s been a while that you last saw it.

“Yes! My girlfriend knows what’s up!” Baekhyun comes back with his arms full of food, not forgetting the box with the cake inside.

Baekhyun pulled your legs onto his lap before bringing a bowl of chips in between the two of you, absently massaging your thighs as he ate.

“Doesn’t it feel a bit strange eating a whole bunch of junk and cake and then drinking this fancy bottle of champagne with it while we watch The Incredibles?” you laugh, definitely liking the way your day turned out.

“It’s the best idea,” Baekhyun replies with a mouthful of food. “We can spend the rest of our holiday like this, no problem.” 

The bottle of champagne was finished and you were beginning to feel a little hot. You weren’t sure if it was the champagne or the way that Baekhyun was still gently squeezing your thighs, but you took your sweatshirt off, tossing it off to the side. 

“Baby, are you okay? You look a little flustered.” Baekhyun says, his face showing concern. 

“I’m fine, I was just feeling hot.” 

“Are you sure?” he asks, leaning over to put his hand on your forehead. “Your face is really warm.” 

Your breath hitches when his face neared yours, the scent of him surrounding you competely, making you feel even warmer than earlier. His parted lips were right in front of yours. 

Without thinking, you leaned forward and captured his lips with your own, sending an electric shock down your body. The two of you had been so busy lately, you hadn’t had the chance to make love in so long. But now, you had all the time in the world, and you wanted him. 

“Oh, it was that.” Baekhyun lets slip a little smirk after you pulled back from the kiss. “You could have just said you wanted to.” 

“Stop,” you whine, face flushed in embarrasment. It was rare for you to initiate anything, but whenever you did, it always came as a delightful surprise to your boyfriend. 

“Don’t be embarrassed,” he chuckles lightly, “you have no idea how many times I thought of you, but couldn’t have you. It was torture.” His lips meet yours again, hungrily. Your back met the couch with Baekhyun resting himself above you. You could feel his hardened length through his jeans against you and you were surprised at how quickly he had gotten like that. 

“I had to take care of it myself because I didn’t want to bother you, but nothing feels as good as when I’m buried deep inside of you.” His hot breath danced across your neck as he whispered in your ear, grinding himself against you softly causing you to let out a soft moan. 

“You should have called me then, I’d always make time for you.” 

“It’s fine now that I have you like this.” He nips your earlobe before kissing down your jawline, moving onto your neck leaving hot, wet kisses and biting down before leaving more kisses on the spot.

He kisses your lips again, his tongue meeting yours in a sinful kiss as his hands felt their way under your shirt, feeling the warmth of your skin against his fingers while bringing your shirt up along with his hands. 

Momentarily breaking the kiss, you allow Baekhyun to lift your shirt over your head. Just as the material passes your face, his lips come back to meet yours, his fingers feeling your back for the clasp holding your bra together and unclipping it, throwing the offending material over the couch.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful, baby.” he groans, his head disappearing once more into the crook of your neck to place more kisses, working his way down to his breasts and sucking your left nipple in his mouth.

“Baek,” you moan airily, threading your fingers through his hair, back arching, pushing your chest up more while his slender fingers twirl around your other nipple, mimicking the movement his tongue was making on the other.

His mouth and fingers felt like heaven on you, but you wanted more than that. Pushing him off your chest, you tugged on his shirt, indicating that you wanted it gone and grinning when he complied, removing his shirt allowing his torso to come into view. 

You took this chance to lift yourself up and push him down the other end of the couch, leaving kisses and little bites on his neck just as he had done to you earlier before making your way down his chest, your finger tracing a straight line down from his chest, down his stomach just lightly dipping into his navel and following the little trail of hairs underneath. 

Hooking your fingers at the button of his jeans, you look up at him, “these need to come off.” You whisper, hoping you sounded as seductive as you thought. 

Luckily, it seemed to have the effect you were looking for when Baekhyun let out a groan followed by some whispered curse words.

You busied yourself with unbuttoning his jeans, unzipping it and pulling it down his legs along with his briefs, releasing his erection. 

“Baby,” Baekhyun whined, the tip of his length was red and already leaking precum, just waiting to be touched. 

You wanted to lick the drops of precum that were starting to drip down the head, but you also wanted to tease him a little more. 

Moving up again, you started placing kisses on his chest, Baekhyun’s body temperature rising considerably with your actions. Leaving a love bite on his collarbone, you ran your fingernails down his body again, your tongue followed, licking a stripe down his body that your finger traced earlier. You could feel his length twitch against your body as your tongue dipped into his navel and continued down his happy trail. 

You finally gave in and sucked the tip of Baekhyun’s length, your tongue swirling around causing him to moan loudly, his fingers carressing your cheek as you took as much of him into your mouth as you could, your hands taking care of the rest. 

“Fuck, baby that feels so good,” he encourages, his chest rising and falling with his breathing that got heavier. You enjoyed watching his stomach contract with the jolts of pleasure that you were giving him, feeling proud that he was reduced to a moaning mess because of you.

Letting go of him, you got up onto your knees, Baekhyun letting out a noise in protest but going silent when he saw you unbuttoning your own jeans, pulling them and your panties down at the same time. 

The breath got caught in Baekhyun’s throat as he watched you take off the last of your clothing and he too sat up, pulling your body flush against his before standing up, carrying you with your legs wrapped around his waist.

“Bed, bed now,” he gasped out, kissing you hotly as he walked the two of you to his bedroom. You too gasped out when you felt his one hand move down, his fingers running up and down your slit feeling your wetness.

“Baby, you’re so wet,” he hummed in approval, his fingers slipping easily inside you. “I can’t wait to taste you again.” 

Before you knew it, you were on your back on his bed with Baekhyun’s face in between your thighs. You couldn’t help the loud moan that escaped you when his tongue met your clit, swirling around the nub before sucking it into his mouth and letting out a pleasant hum. 

He looked up at you with a smirk plastered on his face before lowering his head again to lick at your wetness, his middle finger disappearing inside of you letting his pointer finger graze against your clit. 

It felt so good, your head was spinning and you can’t understand how you went so long without Baekhyun’s touch. 

“You taste so good,” he smiled, sucking his finger into his mouth. The sight of that alone was enough to make your vagina clench with you feeling even more aroused than before. 

“Baek, please,” you whispered, reaching out for him and pulling his body against yours. 

“Are you ready?” he asks softly, all sense of playfulness gone, replaced with a gentle look on his face awaiting your permission.

You nodded in anticipation, unable to wait any longer than you already have. 

Gasping as Baekhyun slowly slid inside of you, pulling his body closer against yours while the pleasure overtook your body. The sound of Baekhyun’s low groan when he was completely inside of you made your walls clench around his length eliciting a moan and a tight grip on your waist as he tried to stay composed and not mindlessly start rutting into you.

“Baby,” he moaned out, the pace he set was perfect, not too fast as he wanted the moment to last, and not too slow. He kept himself up on his left elbow while his right hand was caressing your body, feeling as much of your skin as he could. 

You couldn’t describe the feeling that Baekhyun instilled in you, each thrust of his hips brought you closer and closer to the edge, your legs tightening around him, wanting to feel his body completely against yours. But you let out a gasp in surprise when Baekhyun wrapped his arms around you and pulled you up before laying on his back with you on top of him before he began thrusting up into you at a faster pace.

This way, you could feel every inch of him against you. You moved your head to kiss him. It was sloppy, the movements of your bodies made it hard to keep your lips together and the increasing amount of pleasure caused both of you to moan against each other’s mouths, breaking the kiss every time. 

You held tightly onto Baekhyun while his one hand had a firm grip on your thigh and the other pressing down on your back. 

“I’m close,” you managed to say.

“Fuck, me too, baby,” Baekhyun groaned in your ear, moving his body into a better position before thrusting even faster into you. 

The only thing on your mind when you came was Baekhyun, repeating his name like a mantra, your body beginning to shake as your orgasm took over your entire being while he followed not too long after you.

Both completely out of breath, covered in sweat, you had no energy to move off of him. You felt as if you could fall asleep right there.

“You okay?” your boyfriend whispers, brushing your hair out of your sweaty face with his fingers. 

You hummed, unable to speak yet but just listening to the rapid thumping of his heartbeat against his chest. 

Baekhyun shifted, trying to move and you let out a noise in protest, having gotten way too comfortable in your position, you didn’t want to detach yourself from him. 

“I’m still inside you,” he points out, running his fingers down your spine.

“No. Stay like this,” you refuse, nuzzling your face into his chest, savouring the moment causing Baekhyun to let out a light chuckle.

“Okay,” his body relaxed again, he too taking the chance to think of nothing else but the feeling of you ontop of him with nothing else to worry about. 
“This is the best holiday ever.” 


Updated: April 21, 2018
Ordered by personal favorites. More scenarios are located in the Drabble Game link at the bottom.

Oh Sehun
Apartment 5108 — M — Incomplete
Angst, Contemporary Romance
Roommate, Teacher, Architect AU
// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17 // 18 //

Red — M — Complete
Angst, Contemporary Romance — “I’m not some dirty little secret.”
CEO, Assistant AU
// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

Keepers — Complete
Angst, Contemporary Romance — “Red string of fate.”
Soulmate AU
// 1 // 2 //

Habit — Slightly Suggestive — Complete
Contemporary Romance — “Bite your lip one more time.”
Flirting, Roommate AU
// 1 //

Peaches — Complete
Contemporary Romance — “A lip gloss kiss.”
Flirting, Roommate AU
// 1 //

Please — Complete
Contemporary Romance — “A secret message kiss.”
Flirting AU
// 1 //

Moan — M — Complete
Contemporary Romance — “Is Sehun a moaner in bed?”
Boyfriend AU
// 1 //

Real — Complete
Contemporary Romance — “Kiss me while everyone’s looking.”
Art, Theater, Professor AU
// 1 //

You — Slightly Suggestive — Complete
Contemporary Romance — “You’re tense, let me rub your shoulders.”
Flirting, Roommate AU
// 1 //

Hidden — Complete
Contemporary Romance — “Wow, you’re hot.”
Flirting, College AU
// 1 //

Park Chanyeol
Adverse — M — Incomplete
Contemporary Romance
Designer, Office AU
// 1 //

Two — M — Complete
Contemporary Romance 
Fling, Dream AU
// 1 //

Drabble Game — Ongoing

Anti Aging Cream

Sehun: -staring at the ceiling while laying on bed and applying some anti aging cream- Hyung, do you think that if I wear too much of this I might turn into a baby?

Kyungsoo: sigh. If we feed Vivi some cat food, will he turn into a cat?

Sehun: -blinks thrice and keeps applying cream quietly-

Kyungsoo: deep inhale. No. The answer is no, Hunnie.

Byun Baekhyun As Your Boyfriend~


- he’s always hyper 

- aegyo 

- practically lives with you 

- sings for you 

- always going out for food because you want him to eat more 

- showers with you - 

“Aww.. You showered without me?“ 

- he tries to text whenever he can 

- clingy 

- keeps you up late 

- movie night every night 

- you hold him all the time 

- lots and lots of talk about your future 

- he talks about kids 24/7 



- grabs your ass 

- plays piano for you 

- loud as hell 

- buys you cute things 

- wants a pet 

- childish as fuck 

- makes you cook for him 

- nicknames

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12 - set a 11 - set b Baekhyun Smut please 💗💗💗💗💗

Drabble Game is Closed.

lmao This request caught me off guard. XD I wasn’t sure how I’d write it, since I’ve never imagined this kind of situation… thanks for requesting it!

A12. Correcting each other’s technique
B11. “You want me to bite you?! Why?!”

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