Passionné De Parfum

kyungsoo x reader


word count ; 952

anon said: Can I pls request for a kyungsoo scenario fluff where his s/o has a cute obsession with perfumes so kyungsoo buys her diff perfumes from diff countries whenever he’s on tour? Thank you!!!

authors note: I hope you like this!! As soon as I read the request I started swooning.

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Another world concert. Yes, you loved seeing Kyungsoo do what he loved but you also craved his affection whilst he was away. But that didn’t stop you two from communicating.

You were getting ready to go out with friends, as you were putting on makeup your phone had scared you with the loud ringtone. Reading the caller ID you instantly smiled and answered. You both waved into the cameras. 

“Wow,” Kyungsoo says breathlessly at the sudden beauty that is you. “You look gorgeous.” You blushed and replied with a thank you. “Where are you going? I never gave you permission to look that stunning without me by your side.” Kyungsoo teased as you both let out a cheeky laugh.

“I’m going out with some friends tonight, it’s ___’s birthday today so she wanted to go out somewhere.” You reply as you finish the last few touches of your makeup. You stand up to show Kyungsoo your outfit. 

He was completely breathless. He thought of himself to be the luckiest man walking the earth. You were in every way perfect in his eyes, and he wouldn’t change anything about you. “You look absolutely perfect jagi. I really wish I could see you right now.”

You smiled at him and hung your head, “now you know how I feel when I see fan taken photos of you at concerts.” You tease him. “What perfume should I wear Soo?” You ask as you bring your phone to show him your vast collection of perfumes.

“You have so many,” Kyungsoo exclaims in awe. “Wear the one I got you when we went to Japan.” 

“I bought so many when we went to Japan though Soo.” You reply embarrassed that you are such an enthusiast when it came to perfumes. 

“Uh, that one with the purple top and yellow ribbon! The one I bought you when we went to Osaka.” 

It took you a while to figure out which one he was talking about but it finally clicked. “Oh! The one that smells like daisies!” Kyungsoo nods and a smile grows onto his face.

You set the phone aside and you look through the collection, slowly you pull out the perfume container only for it to be empty. You frown into the phone and Kyungsoo gives a worried face, “what happened?”

“There’s no more, Soo”

“Use another one, you have plenty.”

“But I wanted to use the one you bought me.”

“I’ll try to buy you another one okay?”

“But didn’t you already go to Japan?”

“I’m going back don’t worry okay?” 

“No it’s okay don’t worry about it.” You then hear people knocking on the door and your name being shouted. “Soo I gotta go, I’ll text you when I get back okay?”

“Okay, be safe.”

You both bid your goodbyes and you go out into the world once you finished putting on a random perfume.


“Are you sure you don’t need help with those bags Kyungsoo?” Chanyeol asks the smaller male as they get to the company building.

Kyungsoo shakes his head and smiles, “no I’m good but thanks for the offer.”

He had arrived back in Korea and was excited to see you. He was anticipating your reaction seeing him and the gifts he had bought you. He quickly went to the apartment that you had lived in and unlocked the door. “Jagiya?” He called out, making sure you weren’t home.

And as expected there was no reply, he quickly went into your room and placed all the bags on your bed. He took a note and wrote on it placing it in one of the many bags.

>> hey soo sorry I’m not home right now! I needed to cover a shift for my friend. I’m going home right now. I’ll see you in a bit, i missed you! 

<< ah it’s okay, my plane was delayed and I just got here so you don’t need to rush.

>> omg really? im so sorry soo ): do you want me to go pick you up?

<< no it’s okay, Xiumin is giving us rides, I’ll see you in a bit xoxo

Quickly, he put his phone on silent and hid behind the couch. He knew you’d be home in just a few seconds since you happened to work not that far from where you lived.

You had walked in and threw your sweater and purse on the couch Kyungsoo was hiding behind. Taking a water bottle you open your bedroom door and a loud gasp was heard. “Oh my god, what is this?” You spoke to yourself as you looked through all the bags. Various perfumes from various brands are what filled the bags. Opening the note you read his familiar handwriting.

I could’t find the perfume I got you last time from Osaka, but I made up for it by buying you so many, now you won’t run out of the perfumes that I buy for you anymore. I love you jagi. I missed you too (:

You look back once you hear his voice through the doorway, “I couldn’t help not buying you perfumes since you love them so much.” 

A smile was wide across your face and Kyungsoo was so proud that he was the reason for that smile. He engulfed you in a hug. “Plus you’re running out on almost all of the perfumes you have in there.”

You smile and push away from the hug, playfully you hit his arm. “Thank you so much, Soo. You really didn’t have to.” You reply and embrace him in a hug again.

“You don’t have to thank me. I did it because you mean a lot to me jagi.”