Exo reaction to being in the hunger games


“come at me peasants”


*becomes a tree to blend in*


*cries for the rest of eternity*
“I don’t wanna”


*finally has the chance kill off all the annoying buggers*


*freaking out for the wrong reasons*
“Oh my god!! Do I get the wear the suit omg!!”


*biggest pranksters tricking everyone into the traps*


*runs runs runs away*


*falls asleep, and acts dead so he pretty much wins the game*


*isn’t chosen because he’s part of the freaking capital*
“That’s right bitchs”


*not my style*




*everyone underestimates him because he’s smol and squishy, but he almost wins the game beating everyone*

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Title: Peek-A-Boo!
Characters: Junmyeon/Reader/Sehun and OT12
Genre: Fluff, Friendship, Sort of Romance?
Word Count: 1,243
A/N: I was feeling a little spooked after watching an episode of a T.V. series I’m getting into, so I needed to write something silly and cute to make myself feel better. ;u;
This can be read as a stand-alone or as a side chapter of At A Glance. There will be references from it, so make sure you check out my series! This takes place sometime after you moved out.


Junmyeon bends over and peers into the camera screen of Sehun’s phone. He watches Sehun’s eyes crinkle in amusement when he makes an ugly face.

“I’m recording, Hyung.” Sehun chuckles, and Junmyeon gasps in horror.

“Delete it!” He says, lunging for the maknae.

The two erupt in a fit of giggles as they wrestle in the sheets, knocking things over and making a mess. The door swings open at their ruckus, but they pay no heed.

“I don’t know how this started, but you should stop if you don’t want the  manager to catch you.” They pause to see their fellow member Jongdae in the doorway of their room. Sehun throws a pillow (the only thing they hadn’t knocked off) at him.

“Since when are you the responsible one?” He pouts, and Jongdae grins.

“I’m not.” Soon, he joins the two on the bed and they proceed to rough house each other. With Jongdae thrown in the mix, their chances of staying inconspicuous is even slimmer than they were before.

“Hey,” Someone whispers sharply, making them all freeze. “What are you all  doing? Get out here and help us already.” It’s YiFan, and he looks pissed. Junmyeon’s the first to climb off the bed, hanging his head ashamedly. “Why are you in this mess, huh?” YiFan asks him accusingly.

“I just finished taking a shower. We were just playing.” He tells his friend, and YiFan pushes him into the hallway lightly.

“Well, get a move on, then.” He’s always been easier on his leader, and Jongdae always called him out on it. “_____ is only going to stay over tonight, who knows when she’ll be able to sleep here again?”

“Yah, how come you aren’t yelling at him like you’re about to us?” He whines, and YiFan sends him a chilling glare again.

“Quiet. Do you want her to wake up?” He sneers. He makes a sharp motion for them to get out of the room and leaves the doorway. Jongdae moves off of Sehun with a pout, but doesn’t say anything more.

“What time is it?” Sehun asks him, and Jongdae ganders at the clock.

“Almost time.” He warns him before ambling out of the room. Sehun, being the prankster he is, sneaks out and tip-toes down the hall to your bedroom. He’s surprised to see the door ajar, and when he opens it, he realizes he’s not the only mischievous one in the group – Junmyeon snuck his way into your room also.

“Hyung,” He calls, and Junmyeon turns to look at his maknae. He presses a finger to his lips, before turning back to your sleeping form and inching closer. He pulls out his phone and brings up the camera.

Sehun does his best to stay quiet, but he can’t help the small giggles that escape his lips. Junmyeon, feeling encouraged by his member’s laughing, carefully climbs onto the bed with you and presses a finger into your cheek. You stay as still as a rock, and he takes the opportunity to take another picture.

It’s all just fun and games with these two, so Junmyeon tries to take it a step further and climbs fully on the bed, only to knee something that definitely wasn’t you.

A pained grunt sounds underneath him, and he quickly scrambles off the bed in surprise before dashing out of the room. Sehun, not realizing what happened, watching in horror when the blankets move aside and you’re not alone in the bed.

“Sehunnie?” His hyung asks tiredly, his hair a mess and his eyes squinted in the dark. “Is that you?” He makes a mad dash out of the room, following Junmyeon, before Yixing can confirm his suspicions.

When he’s in the kitchen, Junmyeon is already there with Jongdae and Baekhyun. Sehun meets eyes with the three of them, and they all burst out in muffled laughter. “That was so scary!” Sehun exclaims in a loud whisper, pointing behind him. “He thought it was me, Hyung!” He says to Junmyeon.

“Who was it?” Junmyeon asks, not understanding Sehun’s fear.


The four of them pause, making a “o” with their mouths, before YiFan walks in.

“What are you standing around here for?” He asks, knowing these four together is never a good sign.

“I think we should go, FanFan.” Junmyeon says uncomfortably, pushing against the other leader’s arm. “XingXing is with _____ right now.” Now YiFan’s face mirrors his own.

“No wonder I couldn’t find him.” He says, face turning red. “You don’t think…?”

“No!” Baekhyun murmurs, mouth agape. “They know they’re not supposed to.”

“And they’re in the dorm!” Sehun chimes in.

“That doesn’t mean anything.” Jongdae says matter-of-factly.

“What are you all doing up so early?” They all choke on their next breath of air and turn to the sound of your voice. Your rubbing your eyes cutely, under the arm of your boyfriend, Yixing.

“Hey, Manager!” Baekhyun greets awkwardly. “We’re, uh, comparing dick sizes.” It’s the first thing he thinks of that would get you away, and luckily, you do exactly that.

“Ew, forget I asked.” You say, turning around and pulling Yixing back with you. “Wake me up when you guys are hungry.”

“Wait, what’s that?” Yixing mumbles, and you stop to look at what he’s talking about. YiFan and Junmyeon flip, running to cover up the cake on the table, but it’s too late.

“Is that..?” You whisper, squinting at it scornfully. “Is that your breakfast? That is SO unhealthy!” The boys can’t believe how naive you are.

The boys also can’t believe how idiotic their group is, either, because the other members (who were hiding in their rooms, waiting to hear your voice) jump out of their dorms and start cheering loudly, catching you and Yixing off guard.

“Happy birthday, _____!” They shout, and Jongdae’s screaming could be heard over all of them.

“This is for me?” You mutter in disbelief, your eyes wide. “How did you guys find out about that? I never told any of you.”

“Well, you told one of us.” Junmyeon grins, and you peer up at Yixing, who blinks down at you guiltily. “We wanted to celebrate it in the morning, but Sehun woke you up early.”

Sehun gasps, betrayed at his Hyung, but doesn’t get the chance to redeem himself, before Yixing points at them all accusingly. “Yah, one of you stepped on me earlier just for this?” He asks, and Sehun instantly points at Junmyeon.

“Sehunnie!” Junmyeon moans, smacking his hand away. “Sorry, Xing.” He apologizes, hanging his head.

“What do you mean, ‘just for this’?” You ask Yixing, looking at him in offense. “I’m very touched that you all did this for me, thank you.” You tell the boys, and they all grin dumbly at you.

“I didn’t mean it like that, baobei.” Yixing coos, wrapping his arms around you and kissing your hair. “I just wanted to sleep with you a little longer.”

“Ew, take your flirting elsewhere, please.” Lu Han scowls, disgusted at the sight of you two. You think his reaction is funny, so you kiss Yixing on the lips. Lu Han groans, covering his eyes. “Happy birthday, Manager, but please enjoy your present in the bedroom only.

Your jaw drops at his insinuation, but the other guys all holler in laughter. You pick up the cake knife and wave it around playfully. “Anyone who keeps laughing at that joke is my next meal!” You threaten.

The boys all run away.

Exo as Freshman (part one)

A/N: Hi guys! Sorry we haven’t posted in awhile.  Anyways, I hope you guys like this. Ive be busy so ill post part two soon :)-Mikayla


Sehun: popular. Doesn’t participate in PE because he doesn’t want to get sweaty or smelly. tried on the first day but then gave up. friends with upperclassmen. sasses off to the teacher but always gets away with it. turns in all his homework though. never eats in the cafeteria but buys from student store. gets picked up and dropped off from school. no one knows if he actually has a partner or not. doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram and only posts selfies. pretty quiet and lowkey funny.

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Chanyeol: gets in trouble for talking too much. mom still packs him lunch. takes PE to seriously and becomes a regular in the nurses office. is sad he doesn’t have a partner. plays Pokemon Go on his phone during lunch. eats school food. lowkey likes it. doesn’t like doing homework so he skips it. likes to think he’s lowkey when eating in class. everyone can hear the wrappers though. got kicked out of choir for rapping instead of singing. likes when his phone “accidentally” goes off in class. seems that he knows atleast 3 people in all of his classes.

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Kyungsoo: moved from a different district. doesn’t know anyone. is in theater. quiet and is nice to teachers. doesn’t like PE. is on his phone a lot. hates the kids who are mean to the substitutes. thinks about joining golf often but never does. judges noisy kids and turns in all his work. sometimes asks himself if he’s emo. sits in the back of the back of the class. doesnt have his headphones in much but when he does its really loud. listens to black veil brides and linkin park. if he’s feeling it.

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Yixing: has cereal in his backpack. in a ziplock just incase he gets hungry. never gets in trouble and helps out in the library during lunch. friends with staff and gets good grades. likes the classical music teachers play while student do their work. runs errands for teachers during class. never misses school. doesn’t have a partner. has two close friends. seems like he doesn’t have any friends though. everyone thinks he has a flip phone. no ones really sure though. listens to music while in pe and stands on the wrong roll call number.

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