Saque el máximo provecho con Southwest

Vamos a cortar por lo sano. ¿Cómo encontrar los mejores asientos de una aerolínea que no los asigna? Usted no consigue las primeras cinco horas y la fila? No es una buena idea, ya que está obligado a quedarse dormido de pie y luego alguien cortó delante de usted. Si usted dice, oye yo estaba en el frente de batalla. “ Que se estaba soñando ”, puede responder con la realidad es que obtener los mejores asientos es muy fácil si usted volar con Southwest Airlines y he aquí cómo. Al suroeste asigna pasajeros en cuatro secciones: las familias antes de a bordo con niños menores de siete años, o personas con necesidades especiales y las secciones A, B y C y las personas a bordo del avión en ese orden. El tiempo para comprobar que lleva la sección que usted recibe. Normalmente, las personas su entrada al llegar al aeropuerto y se le dan su propia sección, pero si usted tiene un boleto de reserva puede proteger a la medianoche hora local, la noche antes del vuelo. Ir a la página web y haga clic en Southwest Airlines ‘check-in online “en la barra de herramientas en la parte superior de la página. Puede seguir para registrarse en línea hasta una hora antes de la salida del vuelo. Asegúrese de tener su número de confirmación listo y tiene una impresora con papel para que pueda imprimir su tarjeta de embarque. Con la facturación en línea, tan pronto como sea posible, es muy probable que sea colocado en la sección A. Si usted no tiene una reserva de un pasaje se recomienda el check-in en el aeropuerto cerca de dos horas y media de anticipación si desea que la sección A. Incluso después de que se asignan a una sección, sigue compitiendo con el resto de la sección A para obtener el lugar deseado. Algunas personas les importa donde usted se sienta en un avión de un extremo y algunos pasajeros están haciendo todo lo posible para conseguir un asiento. Si quieres ser el primero o segundo en la línea de la sección A, estar dispuesto a hacer cola una hora antes de la salida del vuelo. Dado que las bolsas no se pueden dejar solos en un aeropuerto de los Estados Unidos, esto significa que no puedes tirar las bolsas en línea y luego ir por un café con leche. Usted debe ser el pie en una línea, no su equipaje. Así pues, ahora usted sabe cómo conseguir los mejores asientos en Southwest Airlines. Es ’s todo es cuestión de hacer la reserva sin pasaje y la facturación en línea a la medianoche la noche antes de la salida del vuelo. No te olvides de llegar al aeropuerto temprano y asegurar su lugar en la fila una hora antes de que el vuelo despegue. Buen viaje - volar con comodidad!

Capitalism is big wicked problem and it is pretty obvious why its causing so much poverty around the world. When we have a problem and we have thinkers who work to make intervention that will make a significant difference, then that intervention is worthwhile on its own because it may suggest new interventions along the way. That is why we need to work for uthopian world. Karl Max suggested a plan to get to the state of communism, but there is no real definition of how we are going to destroy and dismantle capitalism. We need to go step by step to walk the path from point A to point B. Anything big and complicated that is subject to exogenous shocks is never going to be a thing you can plot.

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What's your opinion on the pill possibly causing depression? My Dr said it wasn't a side effect after I consulted her but just being on it for a few months I believe drove my mood way down. I didn't want to do anything or see anyone and I became suicidal. I was a pretty happy person before I went on it. After getting off it, my spirits literally lifted in a matter of days but I didnt fully recover for a while. Do you think it was all in my head or a result of the drug? I've heard similar stories

Most doctors are lying sacks of shit that should be slammed away in prison.

How the fuck can a doctor keep a straight face and say ‘nah, taking exogenous hormones CAN’T affect your mood…’.

The level of arrogance and deceit most med students get when they get the ‘Dr’ in front of their first name is horrendous.

Ive known some great docs in the last 30 years going to them and some are straight up honest as fuck but sadly they are as rare as employees who actually have passion for their job.

One morning (it was Friday, November 3), when Morgenthau came to the bedside tense with worry over some pressing problem and suggested that the [gold] price change that day be considerably greater than the 10 to 15 cents of immediately preceding days.  Roosevelt promptly announced that the increase would be 21 cents.  Why that figure?  Because ‘three times seven’ is a lucky number, said Roosevelt, his face straight but his blue eyes twinkling at Morgenthau’s recoil from such frivolous dealing with a serious matter.

Quoted by Scott Sumner in The Midas Paradox, pg. 268

Scott introduces this section by saying Monetary policy doesn’t get much more exogenous than this.  

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What is the legality of physicians doing long-term management of patients who are supplementing with illegal substances? via /r/medicine
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What is the legality of physicians doing long-term management of patients who are supplementing with illegal substances?

For example, bodybuilding has always been an interest of mine. I’m under no delusion and fully acknowledge that all the pro bodybuilders as well as Hollywood actors and a significant chunk of professional athletes undergo exogenous hormonal supplementation. Where is the line in being an endocrinologist and managing these types of patients? I know there definitely are physicians out there currently doing this kind of thing and would like to get some ideas as to this “subspecialty” of endocrinology outside of geriatrics and gynecology.

Main things I’m curious about:

  1. HIPAA, so most likely no mandatory reporting to feds?
  2. Probably can’t directly (and legally) supply the hormonal supplements when no medical need? IE for sports, acting, etc NOT recovery from injury
  3. Probably CAN directly manage patients AFTER they themselves administer anabolics?
  4. Probably legal to directly test black-market anabolics to test for purity, much like how there’s free testing kits for recreational drugs in many concerts?

I mean ultimately, I’m willing to bet a significant chunk that there’s a huge fuzzy grey line here that enables physicians to prescribe anabolics for “injuries” that go beyond what’s the usual amount perfectly legally. I’m wondering where is the line in providing safe medical advice and management, since driving all this underground will just increase the health risks of the individual.

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Sometimes You Have To Feel Really Good to Find Out You Have Been Feeling Really Bad.

Sometimes You Have To Feel Really Good to Find Out You Have Been Feeling Really Bad.

An interesting thing happened to me on my journey to health and happiness.   I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.  I hadn’t felt real well for quite some time but I thought it was age, stress or I could blame it on quite a few things.  When I started drinking Keto//OS for the exogenous ketones and following a low-carb diet,  I suddenly started to feel really good.  I didn’t…

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ECON 310-1 FIRST MIDTERM (Fri Feb 5th)
Lecture 1 Notes
Equilibrium Analysis
Constrained Optimization
How does a consumer MAXIMIZE SATISFACTION given a budget constraint?
How does a firm MINIMIZE COSTS in producing its output?
Comparative Statics
Change in an exogenous, its effect on eq (affecting best choice) levels of endo
Lecture 2 Notes
Problem Set 1
Lecture 3 Notes
Lecture 4 Notes
Lecture 5 Notes
Problem Set 2
Lecture 6 Notes
Lecture 7 Notes
Problem Set 3
Lecture 8 Notes
Lecture 9 Notes
Lecture 10 Notes
Problem Set 4
Lecture 11 Notes
Lecture 12 Notes
Lecture 13 Notes
Problem Set 5
Review Ch 1-3
Read Ch 4
Read Ch 5

Paper Proposal - find topic and write about how you will explore it (Th Jan 28th)
Reread Twain part 1 and read part 2 (Th Jan 28th)
Creative Writing piece - decide on a topic and start word vomit (Th Feb 4th)

HIST 385-1
Review Essay 1 - approx 1 page per question (Sun Feb 7th)
Do all readings
Discussion makeup qs (Fri Jan 29th)

Problem Set 1
Problem Set 2
Problem Set 3 (Mon Feb 1st)
Prob & Stats ppt
Causal Inference ppt
Regression ppt
UPenn slides for Stock & Watson
Skim textbook Ch 2, 3, and whatever else tbh

Adipose-derived stromal cells for the reconstruction of a human vesical equivalent
External image

Journal Reference

J Tissue Eng Regen Med. 2015;9(11):E135-43.

Rousseau A1, Fradette J1, Bernard G1, Gauvin R1, Laterreur V1, Bolduc S1,2

Show Affiliations
  1. Centre LOEX de l’Université Laval, Génie Tissulaire et Régénération, LOEX du Centre de Recherche FRSQ du CHU de Québec, Département de Chirurgie, Faculté de Médecine, Université Laval, Québec, QC, Canada.
  2. CMDGT/LOEX-ÉquipeReconstruction Vésicale, Centre de Recherche FRQS du CHU de Québec, Aile-R, Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus, Centre Hospitalier Affilié Universitaire de Québec, QC, Canada.


Despite a wide panel of tissue-engineering models available for vesical reconstruction, the lack of a differentiated urothelium remains their main common limitation. For the first time to our knowledge, an entirely human vesical equivalent, free of exogenous matrix, has been reconstructed using the self-assembly method. Moreover, we tested the contribution of adipose-derived stromal cells, an easily available source of mesenchymal cells featuring many potential advantages, by reconstructing three types of equivalent, named fibroblast vesical  equivalent, adipose-derived stromal cell vesical equivalent and hybrid vesical equivalent – the latter containing both adipose-derived  stromal  cells and fibroblasts. The new substitutes have been compared and characterized for matrix composition and organization, functionality and mechanical behaviour. Although all three vesical equivalents displayed adequate collagen type I and III expression, only two of them, fibroblast vesical equivalent and hybrid vesical equivalent, sustained the development of a differentiated and functional urothelium. The presence of uroplakins Ib, II and III and the tight junction marker ZO-1 was detected and correlated with impermeability. The mechanical resistance of these tissues was sufficient for use by surgeons. We present here in vitro tissue-engineered vesical equivalents, built without the use of any exogenous matrix, able to sustain mechanical stress and to support the formation of a functional urothelium, i.e. able to display a barrier function similar to that of native tissue. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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from Adipose-derived stromal cells for the reconstruction of a human vesical equivalent

Kari is one happy 😄 person. Using Keto//OS has helped her lose that unwanted body fat by using the exogenous ketones.
What are #ketones and what is #ketosis ? When we think of the body’s natural fuel source, we think of glucose, or sugar. We know that our body needs to use sugar as a fuel ⛽, but what many people don’t realize is that fats can be an equally, and even superior, fuel ⛽ source to the body. The process of ketosis refers to the body’s ability to use fats as its primary source of energy, over glucose.
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Beards increase external immune response

A few reasons:
Shaving sloughs off the top layer of skin, and shaving products mess with the pH of the skin (which repels bacteria the the natural pH) allowing opportunity for bacteria to colonize.

A different environment contains different factors such as light levels, exogenous chemicals, air flow and texture. Beards and bare skin differ in these aspects.

The beard environment may allow for a certain microbial flora to propagate, and bacterial populations are always in competition. The best suited ones survive.

A beard might also pick up bacteria flowing towards the mouth and trap it, acting as a crude filter. People with beards might directly touch their skin less.

-Improved whitening effect !
-Contains Epidermal growth factor (EGF),a growth factor that stimulates cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation by binding to its receptor EGFR.
-It contains of Glutathione which is participating directly in the neutralization of free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds, as well as maintaining exogenous antioxidants such as vitamins C and E in their reduced (active) forms.
-Enhances human’s metabolism, toxins and immune system.
-Reduces wrinkles
-Moisture skin
-Reduce the appearance of pimples/acne/blemishes and minimize pores.
-Improves the skin smooth texture.
Ingredients :
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12 vials powder and 12 vials 5ml of solvent
Recommended Dosage :
This product is administered by intravenously (IV). One or two ampoules/injection every week for 1 or 2 months (*depends to your body metabolism). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every 2 weeks for maintenance.
Not Suitable For :
· Breast feeder
· Injection on women period
· Allergy to vitamin (any kind)
· Patient with cardiovascular problem
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Children suffering from early infantile autism | Ukraine Adoption Agencies | International Adoption Ukraine

Our research is devoted to children suffering from early infantile autism (RDA). Autism is a pervasive deep (i.e., covering all sides of the psyche) violation of mental development, genetic or exogenous in nature and hinder the normal development of child’s personality. The breach affects all sides of the psyche and causes asynchronous development of mental functions. The brain of an autistic differently than a healthy person, processes the incoming information. Because of the initially low mental tone, visual, auditory, tactile hypersensitivity, etc. children experience difficulties in processing sensory information.

Crunch Time?
By : Zero Hedge Published on : 2/7/2016 8:25:00 PM

Submitted by Paul Bordsky via Macro-Allocation.com,

It seems monetary policy is exhausted and the next exogenous lever to pull would be political fiscal initiatives. If/when they fail to stimulate demand, there would be only one avenue left – currency devaluation. If/when confidence in the mightiest currency wanes, we would expect the US dollar to be devalued too - not against other fiat currencies, but against a relatively scarce Fed asset.

Seriously Squirrely

On February 3, New York Fed President Bill Dudley noted financial conditions are considerably tighter than when the Fed hiked rates in December, and, though its members are not yet ready to draw conclusions about the policy path, the FOMC will surely consider such tightening financial conditions in its future deliberations. He further noted that a weakening of the global economy and additional dollar strength could have significant consequences for the U.S. economy. Bingo.

It seems we have been on the right path by arguing the Fed has taken control of dollar policy. Less clear is that the Fed acknowledges an inevitable global de-leveraging, and in such an environment a strong dollar would attract global wealth and capital to the US, which in turn would fund bank deposits and capital markets. (It is unlikely the Fed would acknowledge such a policy so economically hostile to its trade partners.)

To be sure, Dudley’s is a voice to heed. The New York Fed has a very special role in the Federal Reserve System. Not only does its president have permanent FOMC voting privileges, but the New York Fed represents Wall Street, and perhaps more significantly, the Fed’s majority shareholders. One could reasonably suspect that with Fed board members Daniel Tarullo and Jerome Powell, who generally do not comment on Fed policy, Dudley’s remarks reflect the willingness of core financial operators to endure less than optimal lending and/or yield curve conditions.

Weakening US and global credit and equity markets are hinting that policy makers may be losing their grip on the general perception that they have the collective ability to control demand and output growth. This week, the European Commission reduced its forecast for 2016 and 2017 growth in the UK. The Bank of England left its policy rate unchanged and signaled its intention to hike rates is less straightforward than it used to be.

Meanwhile, in the US this week productivity fell sharply, jobless claims were again higher than trend, but the unemployment rate fell to 4.9per, average hourly earnings rose sharply (2.5per year-over-year), and hours worked expanded. Such wage inflation provides the Fed cover to normalize rates further, which we argue it wants to do to maintain a stronger dollar.

Despite the rhetoric coming from monetary policy makers and whatever economic releases may be used to support their objectives, the real economy will do what it will do. Global trade continues to wane. The Baltic Dry Index (below) is plumbing five year lows.

External image

Growing evidence suggests that the global economy is rolling over, as has been our core view, and that global monetary policy makers, after six years of highly unconventional policies meant to synthesize demand by goosing the financial system, have emptied their bag of stimulative tricks.

Again, we think the Fed will do whatever it takes to strengthen the dollar, including maintaining its normalization process if necessary, so that the US could import global wealth and capital amid a global economic slowdown.

Gold Redux?

Five years ago I wrote a comprehensive report with Lee Quaintance called Apropos of Everything, which sought to make sense of the global monetary system in an environment of excessive and increasing systemic leverage. The long report argued quite radically that the current global monetary system would ultimately fail (all have historically) under the weight of unsustainable leverage, and would likely be replaced by a system with a fixed exchange rate, probably using gold as its anchor. It is impossible to know now whether we were wrong or just very early.

My suspicion then was that before such an event could occur, the US dollar would likely gain significant strength against all major currencies. My rationale was that, unlike any time in history, there are no competing currencies with a value fixed to anything scarce. All currencies are created in fractionally reserved banking systems overseen and protected by each economy’s political dimension, which, in turn, always has incentive to choose short-term fixes over more rational long-term economic options.

In today’s monetary regime, the US has the strongest and best reserved banking system of any major currency (thanks to past QE), and the depth, breadth, fairness and oversight of its capital markets are without peer. This implies that were a global de-leveraging to occur, global wealth and capital denominated in other major currencies would be exchanged en masse for the world’s major reserve currency – King Dollar. Its unrivaled hegemony would gain stature among all fiat currencies in a global economic downturn.

To date in 2016, default-free treasury yields have dropped significantly. Whether this is due to the perception of a slowing US economy and falling inflation or the result of capital flight from abroad – or both – is unclear.

If the global economy has indeed reached crunch time, as we suspect, then we would expect the spot price of gold to move higher, and it has. Gold has been the best performing asset in 2016, rising almost 9per through last night.

Conventional wisdom argues that Treasury bonds and gold should move in opposite directions: bond prices should rise and gold prices should fall in a disinflationary or deflationary environment, and gold prices should rise and bond prices should fall in an inflationary environment. This understanding is incomplete in a very meaningful way. History shows that gold prices rise during periods of price deflation when its driver is systemic balance sheet de-leveraging.

Applied to today, if elevated leverage levels across global government, household and corporate balance sheets begin to overwhelm and crowd-out production and animal spirits, then consumer demand and the prices of goods and services should begin to decline.

One of the first places we would theoretically see struggling output is in natural resources because their production and consumption are directly impacted by economic activity. Consumer commodity prices are tougher for credit policy makers to manage because consumers do not borrow to buy a gallon of gas or a loaf of bread.

Obviously, we have seen commodity price deflation and negative sovereign yields begin to take root across the world over the past two years. Our reading of the evidence suggests that the commercial marketplace and capital markets are experiencing and anticipating global deflation from de-leveraging.

Finally, the political dimension is beginning to react to the loss of its economic power, as one would think it would have to in a global economy characterized by excessive leverage. How else might one explain the popularity of “extreme” presidential candidates on the right and left in the US? What was political radicalism a few years ago has become popular reality today. The masses in the world’s largest and most sophisticated economy are revolting against the political center. The implication is obvious: the status quo no longer serves the people.

We are pleased with the way our long Treasury and long gold positions have fared in our model portfolios so far this year, offsetting our long equity positions. We are considering whether to use some of our significant cash positions to add to these positions.

It seems monetary policy is exhausted and financial de-leveraging and austerity are naturally being imposed on economies. We should expect continued debt deflation, asset weakness and output contraction. The next exogenous lever to pull would be political fiscal initiatives. If/when they fail to stimulate demand, there would be only one avenue left – currency devaluation. If/when confidence in the mightiest fiat currency wanes, we would expect the US dollar to be devalued too - not against other fiat currencies, but against a relatively scarce Fed asset.

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The HLA/MIF Complex as a Surface Target for Ovarian Cancer

T cells recognize cancer cells via HLA/peptide complexes, and when disease overtakes these immune mechanisms, immunotherapy can exogenously target these same HLA/peptide surface markers. We previously identified an HLA-A2–presented peptide derived from macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) and generated antibody RL21A against this HLA-A2/MIF complex. The objective of the current study was to assess the potential for targeting the HLA-A2/MIF complex in ovarian cancer. First, MIF peptide FLSELTQQL was eluted from the HLA-A2 of the human cancerous ovarian cell lines SKOV3, A2780, OV90, and FHIOSE118hi and detected by mass spectrometry. By flow cytometry, RL21A was shown to specifically stain these four cell lines in the context of HLA-A2. Next, partially matched HLA-A*02:01+ ovarian cancer (n = 27) and normal fallopian tube (n = 24) tissues were stained with RL21A by immunohistochemistry to assess differential HLA-A2/MIF complex expression. Ovarian tumor tissues revealed significantly increased RL21A staining compared with normal fallopian tube epithelium (P < 0.0001), with minimal staining of normal stroma and blood vessels (P < 0.0001 and P < 0.001 compared with tumor cells) suggesting a therapeutic window. We then demonstrated the anticancer activity of toxin-bound RL21A via the dose-dependent killing of ovarian cancer cells. In summary, MIF-derived peptide FLSELTQQL is HLA-A2–presented and recognized by RL21A on ovarian cancer cell lines and patient tumor tissues, and targeting of this HLA-A2/MIF complex with toxin-bound RL21A can induce ovarian cancer cell death. These results suggest that the HLA-A2/MIF complex should be further explored as a cell-surface target for ovarian cancer immunotherapy. Mol Cancer Ther; 15(2); 313–22. ©2015 AACR.

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