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Tagged by @gratia-puella thank youuu <3

  1. Chvrches - You Caught The Light
  2. Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away
  3. Hozier - Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene
  4. De Staat - Wonderer
  5. Bring Me The Horizon - Join The Club
  6. Muse - Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 1: Overture
  7. Shinedown - Shed Some Light
  8. Wolfmother - White Feather
  9. Biffy Clyro - Modern Magic Formula
  10. Linkin Park - Fallout

…wow, that turned out pretty well!

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half of you have probably been tagged by someone else already but I lost track so whatever :)

Muse - The Resistance (Album)

Genres: Alternative, Music, Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Adult Alternative
Released: 14 September 2009
℗ 2009 Warner Music UK Limited


1. Uprising
2. Resistance
3. Undisclosed Desires
4. United States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage)
5. Guiding Light
6. Unnatural Selection
7. MK Ultra
8. I Belong to You (+Mon Coeur S’ Ouvre a Ta Voix)
9. Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 1 (Overture)
10. Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 2 (Cross-pollination)
11. Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 3 (Redemption)


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