Muse - Exogenesis: Overture @ Rock am


With space ship and alien


Muse- The Resistance- Exogenesis Symphony (Overture, Cross-Pollination, Redemption)

Tagging Game

I got tagged by a lovely person named take-me-to-cydonia , so here we go :D

Shuffle on your iPod, MP3 player, phone etc. and write down the first 10 that got picked! tag 10 people and pass it on

1. Muse - Hysteria

2. Imagine Dragons - Fallen

3. Imagine Dragons - Tiptoe

4. Arctic Monkeys -  Snao Out of It

5. Muse - Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 1: Overture

6. Muse - Hysteria (HAARP version)

7. Muse - Exo-Politics

8. Muse - Falling Down

9. Fall Out Boy - Miss Missing You

10. Muse - Coma

I now tag iceddragon, healthyinwhat, novanorthman, thegirlthatcantbemoved66, dontdenythewarinside, black-holes-and-panic-stations, hyper-muse-music, prettybellamy, pwoperbitch, live-long-and-pwoper, glitterthorns, isolatedhysteria, augmentedinterval, supermassive-dragonsflies and anybody else who wants to play! 

Thank you so much take-me-to-cydonia, it was a lot of fun :D Take care and have a wonderful day ^_^ 

spook-queen asked:

1 3 6 7

  • 1. What are your 5 most played songs?

“C’mon” - Panic! at the Disco feat. fun., “A Little Less Sixteen Candles…” - FOB, “The Phoenix” - FOB, “Planetary (GO!) - MCR, “West Coast Smoker” - FOB

  • 3. Which artist do you have the most songs for?

Fall Out Boy at 97

  • 6. How many songs do you have?

1745, but there are repeats and songs with no plays

  • 7. Spell out your name with songs that you have.

Action Cat - Gerard Way and the Hormones

Little Ships - Wild Things

London Calling - The Clash

Ice - Lights 

Exogenesis Symphony part 1: Overture - Muse

Muse songs I’ve heard live

Idea by itsevaltias




Sunburn X2


New Born X2

Plug in Baby X5


Feeling Good X2

Micro Cuts

Citizen Erased


Stockholm Syndrome X5

Hysteria (+Interlude) X5

Time is Running Out X5


Apocalypse Please


Map of the Problematique X2

Starlight X5

Supermassive Black Hole X5

Knights of Cydonia (+Man w/ a Harmonica) X5

The Resistance:

Uprising X5

Resistance X4

Guiding Light X2

Unnatural Selection

Undisclosed Desires X4

United States of Eurasia X2

Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1: Overture X2


Unsustainable X2

Supremacy X2

Panic Station X2

Animals X2


Liquid State X2

Madness X2

Follow Me X2

Isolated System X2

Survival X2


Psycho (+Drill Sergeant)

The Handler

Dead Inside






Yes Please

Helsinki Jam

MK Jam

Monty Jam X2

Munich Jam

Dracula Mountain (Lightning Bolt cover)

Put your iTunes on shuffle and see the soundtrack to your life

Opening credits: Charlie Brown - Coldplay
Waking up: Exogenesis Symphony Part 1 (Overture) - Muse
Falling in love: Amore (Sexo) [ Feat. Macy Gray] - Santana
Fight song: Why did i ever like you - P!nk
Breaking up: Lacerated -Shinedown
Getting back together: Violent Love - Oingo Boingo 
Wedding: We real cool - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Birth of child: Pledging my Love - Delbert McClinton 
Final battle: Left Out - Shinedown
Death scene: Look on the Bright Side of Life -  Cast of Spamalot
Funeral song: #36 - Dave Matthews Band
End credits: Another Brick in the Wall - Pt 1 - Pink Floyd