100일 축하해 EXO :) 
8th April 2012 until 16th July 2012. 

Wow. It’s already 100 days?
To 12 of you, it will be as if you’re living the dream right?
Yes. You are indeed :)
and do believe that you already make your way to my poor fangirl heart. 

Can I just say that…. In 100 days of your debut,
not even one days you guys didn’t make me smile like an idiot by myself?
Knowing 12 of you guys, give me the new kind of excitement.
It is as if I’m falling in love again <3

TBH, in this 100 days, I still didn’t know much about you guys.
But do know that I will always be here for 12 of you.
I’m just glad that I’m one of the luckiest people,
who were there for you from day of Teaser 1 released :)
And hopefully I will be there for 12 of you till the end. 

Kris Wu & Kim Joonmyeon;
I love you guys :) 
You both, are the best leader that EXO can get.
Guide the other 10 as best as you can :)
Duizhang and Grandpa Suho FIGHTING!! <3 

Kim Jongdae, Do Kyungsoo, Byun Baekhyun;
3 people whom I know have the mind-blowing orgasmic voices in EXO.
Heavenly voices of yours makes people think twice that,
EXO only consists of pretty flower boys :) 
Keep all of us in awe again for the next album ok?

Kim Jongin & Zhang Yixing;
You guys never…ever failed to amazed me with the way you both dance.
It’s different. Let just say, I never see anyone danced like that :)
But still, take care of your health to both of you!
I know practice is important but don’t overworked yourself too much please?

Park Chanyeol, Kim Minseok & Luhan;
My happy pill, my fave baozi in this world and the cutest Chinese ullzang!
Chanyeol, whenever I had a hard time, I will always remember what you said :)
To my chingu, Baozi and Luhan, it still mind-fuck to me…
How on earth you guys both… are actually same age as me ._____. 

Oh Sehun & Huang Zitao;
The cutest, the sexiest & the badass maknae line that we could ever asked for.
Thehuna, despite whatever people said, we love you for what you are ok?
and Tao, stop being a person that I need to punch everytime I saw your face!!!
kekeke….. I love you both with all my heart <3

Today, it is officially marked 100 days of your debuts.
As of now, just take step by step and living the dream :)
Cherish the moment, appreciate your mistake and learn from it. 
Along the way, you will experience rollercoaster ride of emotions. 
Happiness, sad, frustration, joyful… I mean everything.

At the end of the day, just remember; despite all your hardship,
there will be us to cheer for you and give your strength to endure all that. 
I swear, each and every one of us, EXO fans;
will smile if 12 of you are smiling and will cry if 12 of you are crying.  
We will experience it together ok? All the joy and tears. (Happy tears I hope!)

So, to the 12 guys that ruined my fangirl life this year;
All the best and good luck in future undertaken together. 
Your journey is a long way to go.
Let’s make a wonderful and meaningful HISTORY together :) 

Hopefully we can be together for;
1000 days, 10000 days, 100000 days and many more with EXO!!!
I love 12 of you. I love EXO. I LOVE EXO M AND EXO K.
With all my poor fangirl heart ;) 

Happy Birthday Lu Han!! hmmm What should I say…

First, I don’t think I have the same feeling I had for you two monts ago, because let’s be honest, I really thought that you only were another pretty face to complete the rest of the group. But you’re not just a pretty face, and it became plainly hard to deny your cuteness together with you voice, your dance skills and your adorable habits (see thigh-touching and whispering)… Two months ago I would never had thought of liking EXO and above all, liking you, but you became one of the reason why I like love EXO rn :’)

I hope you’ll be happy, not just today, but for all the days to come, with your juniors, geges and of course, your family ^^