• Every KPop Boy Group Ever: Our concept this time around is actually very family appropriate- our album songs represent the struggles of children and how hard their parents work to fund them a good future.
  • In the M/V: *grabs own crotch and aggressively thrusts into the camera*
  • Me: Wat di fucc is dis?
kyungsoo’s upcoming movies projects
  • with god - December, 2017 (first part) / Summer, 2018 (second part)
  • room No. 7 will open the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival on July 13th! //  The film will be released in the second half of 2017.
  • underdog -  Summer 2017 (july)
  • swing kids - filming will start in september

That face you make when your typing ____ reactions into the Tumblr search bar.

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Your face when you typed in reactions for a certain group and you get a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GROUP. ( LIKE I TYPED IN Big Bang REACTIONS I DONT WANT EXO REACTIONS) 

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When you scroll down to some smutty reactions unexpected in a public place. 

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When you finally find a reaction but they skipped your bias.

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When you just wanted some fluffy shit but your bias is always written as the “Daddy” type. ( like gah damn, how many reactions can you read about being bent over a chair or calling your bias daddy.)

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When you have to scroll through novel worth of fan fiction to get to the reactions.

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When you get excited because you found a master list but it’s basically empty 

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