ExodusSatellite.TV - a TV studio in a container

Check out ExodusSatellite.TV. Economy, Culture, Globalization and People. A live action documentary along global trade routes in stereoscopic 3D by Bernhard Schipper and Carolin Wendel.

“A container equipped with a 3DTV studio travels around the world along common trade routes. There are political, economic and cultural causes and relationships of ‘going away’. We will investigate the term 'Exodus’. Why do people follow the global flow of goods, go on (business) trips, start travelling and/or leaving their homeland? What are they willing to let behind?”

April 26, 1956: The Container Ship’s Maiden Voyage:

1956: The converted tanker Ideal X leaves Newark, New Jersey, carrying 58 cargo-laden truck-trailers on its specially fitted deck. Containerization is born. Globalization has set sail.

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Since Dec. 11th we’re broadcasting in 3D

Few times the week we doing live 3D streams from our office. We’re in the planning process of our first episode of ExodusSatellite.TV - were we’ll travel with a sea freight container along global trade routes in late 2012 - to discover ‘Economy, Culture, Globalization, and People. You’re invited to join us and watch our channel.