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This Day in History: July 17
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In 1947, the Exodus 1947 was reported near Palestine carrying 4,500 Jewish refugees. Miles before reaching its destination, the ship was turned away by the British. The Exodus was originally a Baltimore steamer named the President Warfield that was later converted. The Exodus (above) left from Baltimore to pick up the refugees in France in February of that year. (Alexander C. Brown, Baltimore Sun file Photo) 

1821: Spain ceded Florida to the United States.

1936: The Spanish Civil War began as Gen. Francisco Franco led a military revolt.

1938: Aviator Douglas Corrigan took off from New York, saying he was headed for California. (He ended up in Ireland, earning him the nickname “Wrong Way Corrigan.”)

1959: Baltimore native and blues singer Billie Holiday died; she was 44.

Compiled by Jessica D. Evans and Paul McCardell.

Displaced persons protest the forced return to Germany of passengers from the refugee ship “Exodus 1947.” British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin is hanged in effigy. Photograph taken by Henry Ries. Hohne-Belsen, Germany, September 7, 1947.

Carrying out some revision on liberation of Bergen-Belsen in 1945. It is shocking to see the conditions Jews (amongst other ‘minority’ groups) were forced to live in five years following the war.