A commission for Talaran/Taldren, spurred on by a certain video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzJDimvPW1Y . Since I’m a big Dark Souls fan, he came to me with the idea, and… Well, look, you can’t say no to a ton of dragons AND inspired by one of my favorite goofy videos. It was a big project, but I’m so happy with how this turned out. Thank you, Taldren, for wanting something like this done!!

Featuring from left to right: Exodite, me, Zyleeth, TheLeonard, Talaran/Taldren, Rhos, and Tarkustralszar!

by xredninja (with additional material by TauMan942)

Xeno Scum
: You have one cow, it is far better than those stupid mon-keigh cows; but you must now protect it at all costs! That is until the day the Laughing God arises as Ynnead and destroys the She-Who-Thirsts! But before that, the cow will probably pop off and join the Craftworld’s Infinity Circuit. You will then mourn the cow’s demise by singing ten-thousand year old songs of lament.

Dark Eldar: You had two cows, but one you have tortured, mutilated, killed and resurrected so many times, that it has now gone mad. The other cow you gave to your Haemonculus…‘Oh, fuck it I’m bored!’

Exodite Eldar: You have two cows that live with you in the forest. 'The moo cows are my friends. Don’t worry little moo cows, I’m like totally veggan!’ Sadly your dragon eats your new cow friends.

Orks: You 'az two of dem 'umie kowz, but den da Big Mek takes 'em bof to make 'um all proppa shooty like. Deyz all gettin’ grot brains to mak'em shoot bedda; and red paint jobs soz dey goez fasta!

Tyranids: First you have two gene stealer cows, then sixteen, then sixty-four…but now it is too late for the unsuspecting populace of the planet! 'It’s Game Over man, Game Over!’

Necrons: You have two cows. Phareon Poopoototek: 'After sixty million years asleep you bring me what?’ The two soulless robotic cows do not reply; but stand there with glowing green eyes and gauss weapons at the ready.

Squats: You have two cows. One you convert into a trike with turbo-charger and twin-linked melta guns. Then other cow is customized into a super secret high tech weapon system. 'Sssh, we were never here! You didn’t see anything! You didn’t hear anything! You-don’t-know-anything!’

Tau: We all have two cows, who are joyfully welcomed into the Tau Empire for the glorious unity of all cows, and for the Tau'Va – Greater Good! 'Just as planned!’

Exodite Eldar

This is another rambling posts about a Warhammer 40k fan sub-faction. 

Lore:  As the Eldar Empire fell, Eldar who had avoided the excesses of their civilization were largely spared from the calamity.  These Eldar settled on Exodite Worlds and chose a life of manual labor and aesthetic simplicity so as to avoid the decadence of their empire.  This left them largely unmolested by the ravages of Slaanesh.  However, they did not abandon everything.  They simply locked their more advanced technology away until it would be needed.  During times of war, these simple agrarians and hunter gatherers break out the more advanced technology as well as the new techniques they have mastered to bring ruin to whoever might threaten harm to their way of life. 

Exodite Worlds are strange almost mystical places.  Like the infinity circuits of their craftworld brethren, Exodite souls are likewise collected and stored, but instead they are placed within the Exodite World itself.  This is called the World Spirit.  Exodite Worlds have a strange collection of crystals, standing stones, and spirit stones placed in strategic locations around the planet, almost like circuitry that channels the collective spirits of the dead around the planet.  These realms are places where the Spirit World (Warp) and the Material World (realspace) intertwine, and the dead can commune with the living.  They are likewise connected to the webway, though these paths are heavily guarded.  All this gives them an almost mystical air around their communities. 

While they have chosen a seemingly simpler form of existence, this does not mean they are barbarian savages devoid of culture or technology.  They have less access to the industry of other Eldar, and thus rely less on wraithbone.  Instead, they have learned to harness nature itself.  They can grow tools and constructs from wood thanks to their connection with the natural world.  This wood while less hardy is more malleable, flexible, and faster healing than wraithbone.  They also make use of draconic beasts not only for food, but as transport, beasts of burden, and war mounts.  These animals possess thick hides that rival metal armor and have capabilities that would seem impossible for other organic species.  The origin of these dragons dates back to before the fall of their empire, and are almost sacred beasts to the Exodites.  On top of all this, they still possess caches of weapons from before the fall of the Eldar that rival the capabilities of their more advanced counterparts. 

Worldsingers:  Unlike their craftworld counterparts who rely largely on wraithbone for their technology, the Exodites are able to shape nature itself.  They can breed and harness plantlife to make their structures, tools, and weapons.  However, it is not as sturdy as wraithbone, but is more flexible, can repair itself faster, and be shaped much more quickly.  Worldsingers are those Exodites who help control this process.  In addition, they are able to harness the forces of nature around them, and call upon the elements and the very earth to bring devastation to their foes. 

Timesingers:  Since the border between the Warp and physical world is thinner on Exodite Worlds, the flow of time is unpredictable.  Some Exodite Worlds flow slower or faster than realspace, with a rare few sometimes flowing backwards or just standing still.  This can be disorienting, especially if the Exodites want to maintain contact with other Eldar.  The Timesingers help control the flow of time for a variety of purposes.  Some Timesingers will jump back in time to undo mistakes, while others might speed up time within a given space to accelerate the completion of a great project.  On the battlefield they can undo the deaths of warriors, trap an enemy in stasis, or speed up the charge of cavalry.  However, it is an unpredictable art that even the best Timesinger has difficulty controlling. 

Woodwraiths:  Wooden constructs that house the spirits of dead Exodites, they are much like their wraith counterparts, except for the lack of wraithbone in their construction.  This allows them even greater healing potential and flexibility.  They can even transform their weaponry and forms in the middle of battle thanks to the flexibility of their organic construction.  Many kinds exist, ranging from lowly rank and file warriors, to towering constructs.  

Dragon Knights:  The cavalry of the Exodites, they ride tamed beasts of burden that resemble dinosaurs.  While the beast itself seems simple and savage, they are quite disciplined thanks to the rider’s psychic control and link with the beast.  This bond is so great that when the rider dies, the beast goes on a rampage to avenge its fallen master. 

Wyvern Knights:  Eldar who ride flying reptilian beasts, they are much like the Dragon Knights.  However, they are more fragile than their land based counterparts and require especially experienced riders to handle in battle. 

Dragon Kings:  Large winged reptilian xenos, they resemble the dragons of ancient legends.  At any given time on a Maiden World, there is a single Dragon King which is the apex creature of the ecosystem.  The relationship between the Exodites and the Dragon King is a strange one.  Most of the time, it is a wild beast and the Exodites give it a large berth, and are cautious to not rouse its anger.  However, during times of war, a Great Dragon will fly to an Exodite community and submits itself to their rule.  Why it does this is unknown, but it is theorized that it is guided by the World Spirit of the settled Exodite World which compels the beast into service.  Large and powerful flyers, they breath beams of pure plasma at their targets. 

Relic Knights:  When the Exodites chose to return to a simpler existence, they did not abandon all their advanced technology.  Caches of weapons are kept locked away until the threat of war approaches.  Thus, despite their simple appearance, Exodites are able to field advanced technology back from when their empire was at its prime.  However, these weapons are irreplaceable and limited in quantity, meaning that the Exodites bolster their forces with their less formidable organic technology.  Relic Knights are those warriors chosen to wield their ancient machinery, and treat them with the utmost care and respect. 

I think I will let myself tempted by this amazing 3rd party thing. I find them better looking than the other 3rd party alternative and a lot less expensive.  They are however, a bit less dynamic, but it’s not that bad. I’m knee-deep into my exodites projects so, it is not for anytime soon, and maybe that by then GW will have updated the Aspect line of the Aeldari (one can dream)… Yeah, plans, plans, plans.

I really need to get to work

I’ve been putting off writing stuff for a really long time. I’m going on vacation two weeks from now, which hopefully means I’ll finally be able to actually get some damn work done.

Hopefully on my list of “shit that needs getting done pronto!” is:
*the actual Abbadonian heresy itself
*the codex Astartes and how all 18 Primarchs would have reacted to it.
*the war of the beast
*the Age of Apostasy
*the Marcharian Crusade
*the Badab War
*the Conflicts with the Tau
*the Tyrannic Wars
*(I’m taking pretty much any suggestions here, if you’d like offer any)

*The Craftworld Eldar
*the dark Eldar
*the Exodite Eldar
*the Eldar corsairs
*the Men of Iron
*the Tau Empire (and Tau Auxiliaries)
*the Tyranids
*the Genestealer Cults
*the Loyalist versions of the canon Traitor Legions
*The Adeptus Mechanicus
*The Adeptus Arbites
*the Imperialis Militia
*The Dark Mechanicus
*The Renegades and Heretics

*Some various pieces about imperial life/industry
*maayyyyyybe some short, fluffy stories if I’m feeling confident enough.
*some more fleshing out of factions I’ve put out already (Squats, Slaan, Dracons, etc.)

I think that’s everything for now… Feel free to suggest anything else I should potentially work on and expand upon!


I still have enough to make 4 with shields, I’ll do an additional leader too, so it is going to be 2x5 or something. Like 4x shield+gun and 4xshield+meleeweapon. They are from the Maiden World Rillizar.

From the Fluff Masterpost :

6th planet : Rillizar - “Shimmering Silence” - 1.4x Terra Size - 1 satellite, maiden-world, colonised.

A luxuriant world with mountain ranges, green forests and great lakes covering the whole planet. A few cities have been built in huge natural forest clearings and their inhabitants are mainly focusing on non-destructive agriculture, through underground facilities (there is the equivalent of several oceans of ready-to-drink water in underground caves).

Eldar are very protective of this world and a meticulous decontamination process is required to set foot on Rillizar. A few Eldar chose to withdraw from society and settle into a life of solitude, to better fulfill inward, meditative journeys. (This is the case of the now extremely old Razek Morr).

Its moon, Rillizarkerun is a lifeless mineral world which has a pink-to-blue hue and is of no interest for the Eldar of Caliran.

Additional info :

Upon discovery by Craftworld Lonad-Shair, it appeared that Rillizar’s Exodite population consisted entirely of Seers (aka Dreamers) from Arithash who had been banished (officially sent by Aritash’s government to protect the Maiden World, though it was a secret for no one that it was fear of the seers’ powers that motivated this exile).

Losing, over time, the knowledge of most of the history and legends of the Eldar and therefore, the nature and use of their powers, the exiled became a profoundly spiritual and animist society obsessed with answering the big questions arrising from their visions and abilities. Rillizarians didn’t reject technology though didn’t feel the need to use most of it. They kept in storage and maintained what they had brought with them, however.

Without any proper teaching, their psychic powers evolved, unconstrained, in unforseeable directions that to this day, 4000 years after joining the Empire, still baffle Craftworld-born seers.

Exodite Rillizarian population amounts to just a few millions. The most powerful of their “Nature-Seers” as they are called by the Seers of the Craftworld, are in high demand. They are usually specialised in a specific set of powers that will make them known as “Soilshifters”, “Beasttalkers” or “Forestmasters”.

Rillizar Aesthetics :