The current state of my Exodite army project.

From left to right :

Lastoneshi research division :

  • Forward field-lab & Starseeker armed transport
  • Lastoneshi reasearch team (5)

Specialist force from Rillizar :

  • Rillizari Vigilants (2x4)
  • Rillizari Dreamgazer (Soilshifter)
  • Rillizari Dreamgazer (Beasttalker)

Specialist force from Arithash :

  • Aritashi Riders (5x)

To complete my project I will need :

  • The Everqueen for the Rillizari
  • The Carnosaur for the Aritashi
Warhams Wish...ful Thinking List

Gotta organize it somewhere


  • Sotek Green 
  • Sycorax Bronze
  • Lahmian Medium (been going through a lot more lately)
  • Athonian Camoshade
  • Coelia Greenshade
  • Waywatcher Green


  • Start Collecting! Dark Eldar
  • Kabalite Skysplinter
  • Venom (x2)
  • Dark Eldar Scourges (x2)
  • Incubi
  • Succubus


  • Incubi swords
  • Raider/Ravager sails for Venoms


  • Drakespawn Knights (x2)
  • Har Ganeth Executioners


  • FW Land Raider 2b w/ Ultramarines doors
  • FW Deimos-Pattern Rhino w/ Ultramarines doors (x3)
  • FW Storm Eagle w/ Ultramarines doors
  • FW Vindicator Laser Destroyer

I think I will let myself tempted by this amazing 3rd party thing. I find them better looking than the other 3rd party alternative and a lot less expensive.  They are however, a bit less dynamic, but it’s not that bad. I’m knee-deep into my exodites projects so, it is not for anytime soon, and maybe that by then GW will have updated the Aspect line of the Aeldari (one can dream)… Yeah, plans, plans, plans.


Aesthetic post for my exodite world, Almenor, especially the most powerful of the exodite nations, the “Sunset Kingdom.”

Almenor has hosted aeldari civilizations for over ten thousand years, and has seen the rise and fall of many great nations in that time. While walls and pagodas yet rise above the forests, beneath the verdure one may always find the ruin of ancient splendors long forgotten.

Almenori are fierce and passionate by the standards of most Craftworlds, more akin to the wild riders of Saim-Hann or the blended peoples of the Empire of Caliran than the grim warriors of Iyanden or the cool aesthetes of Tel-Rethan. They possess a largely medieval level of technology and tend to shun their own mystic potential for fear of drawing the eye of She Who Thirsts.

Recently, Craftworld Tel-Rethan concluded its milennia long relativistic sojourn in orbit high above Almenor, with its many billions of sophisticated Aeldari dwarfing the population and power of Almenor. Despite the Almenori’s fears, they came not as conquering imperialists, but as guests and teachers.

Humbled by Rethani might yet awed by their restraint and kindness, the sovereign of the Sunset Kingdom, High King Tarren Calraenon, has devoted his efforts to learning the ways of the ‘star-born kindred’ of the Craftworld. This has led to tension with much of his own aristocracy as he embraces Rethani egalitarianism and proposes reforms to the benefit of the peasant class. 

The majority of Almenori have already greatly benefitted by the presence of the Craftworld, receiving guided instruction in how to improve their homes, their harvests, and their hygeine along with broader, less immediately useful educations in philosophy and natural philosophy.

The Rethani debate among themselves, as well- with some calling for more a more rapid uplift of the Almenori to minimize their suffering, and others calling for more caution and less haste lest they overly pollute Almenori culture. Most agree that the end goal is a sophisticated population living alongside them as equals and with similar ethical values, but with a distinct cultural heritage.