baekhyun stans:

  • “is this really happening”
  • questioning every single thing in existence
  • probably shaking in a corner right now
  • “p- p- pass me some holy water”
  • giggles

chanyeol stans:

  • need actual help
  • lost in a train of thought lol
  • probably contemplating the reasons for human existence bc he’s too perfect to be human
  • licking lips suggestively

jongdae stans:

  • “see he’s dedicating his body to exo he’s loyal”
  • raising eyebrows suggestively
  • “hey” “that’s” “my” “nipple” “machine”
  • actually perverted
  • there’s no hope at this point

kyungsoo stans:

  • eyes are wider than his hips
  • wooowowowowowoowowowowoow
  • don’t know what to think
  • will probably just giggle in your face when you talk to them
  • “i- is this happ pppp ening/???//?//.?”

jongin stans:

  • que thirst
  • thrusting along
  • already got pregnant through their eyes so they got pregnant again
  • actually should get an EXOcism ;)););)));) i’m sorry

kris stans:

  • “what is this”
  • “what is that”
  • just a whole bunch of ?????
  • and also a bunch of “yASSSS BITCH”
  • they’re wonderful aren’t they

yixing stans:

  • need more of this in their life
  • praying that the floor thrusting begins
  • “ooooooooooooh nooooooooooooooooooo!!!”
  • ovaries died a century ago but still happening

luhan stans:

  • screaming 
  • probably made a new tumblr blog that day and changed it to “luhansdickandabshadababy” or smth lol
  • suddenly hornier than normal
  • playing lu in their head at this moment
  • drools

junmyeon stans:

  • suggestive breathing
  • normally they seem innocent but we all know they have a secret storage of sex toys in their fridge like cmon guys try harder
  • begging into the air “daddymyeon please choke me”
  • need help right now
  • looks like they’re choking on water but aren’t

sehun stans:

  • eyes are big
  • nosebleeding all over the floor
  • “am i gonna die today”
  • askjfaklfjaklja;kfj;a
  • just a whole bunch of that

tao stans:

  • “i don’t give a ssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhit”
  • that one line just killed them bc their ovaries 
  • literally on drugs at this point and probably throwing their panties or smth
  • need actual help like we should actually be concerned
  • strongly believe that the sight of his bare chest will cure all of their sicknesses and will worship that as a shrine

minseok stans:

  • suggestive blinking, walking, living, everything is just nsfw at this point
  • will literally get pregnant by breathing no joke
  • they’re even more dead than the actual dead lmao
  • dripping with sweat by the end of it bc they’re just that hor- i can’t even

anonymous asked:

can you please write an imagine where the student (f) is friends with their tc (m) after graduation and the student ends up losing their virginity to their tc?

Alright, Imagine this setting.

Now imagine he invites you into his home and pours you a glass of wine. You might be used to stronger stuff, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a good wine.

When the glass is half empty, he becomes a bit handsy. His hand travels up from your arm to your cheek and he rubs it with his thumb.

Before you know it, you’re making out.

He pulls you up and takes you to his bedroom, where he hastily starts to undress you.

You tell him to stop. You’re still a Virgin.

He understands. He smiles and gently sits you down on his bed. You lean back as he takes off your shoes, bottoms and undergarments.

He looks into your eyes, silently asking for approval. when you nod, he grabs onto your hips and starts licking you.

You moan out loud as he smirks agains the flesh of your labia. It’s like he’s exocizing a demon from there, because he’s not stopping. Not even after you’ve come. The only thing that gets him to stop is your hand, that’s pulling on his hair to remove his head from inbetween your legs.

Then, he moves up to remove your top and bra, before putting on a condom. Safety first.

It doesn’t really hurt when he thrusts inside you, but you feel it. Even though he’s kissing your neck to distract you, It starts hurting slightly when he first moves. You tell him and you ask him to let you on top.

You proceed to ride him as the pain slowly turns to pleasure. It feels good. Better than you were always lead to believe. Probably because your friends’ boyfriends never stopped to think about foreplay during their first times.

You look into each other’s eyes the entire time until he eventually comes.

You lay down beside him and catch your breath.

He asks how it was. You answer that it was good and very nice. You nuzzle your head into his neck.

The last thing you hear before you fall asleep is “can we do this again some time?” You reply by sighing “mhm”.

Defender of Justice 707: Playlist

A playlist I made of kpop songs about Seven. It gets more angsty at the end :’) Please give it a listen I fell very strongly about this boy lmao

  1. Beautiful Target - B1A4
  2. I Got A Boy - SNSD
  3. Dope - BTS
  4. Love Like Oxygen - SHINee
  5. Russian Roulette - Red Velvet
  6.  Monster - EXO
  7. Calliing You - DGNA
  8. Before U Go - TVXQ
  9. One - TVXQ
  10. Why Did I Fall in Love with You? - TVXQ 
Exemplary Outcomes Event 01

Come attend this open RP Meet and Greet!

A Snowscaped Soiree

Exemplary Outcomes is launching into the Guild Wars 2 RP scene with this friendly meet and greet; open to anyone and everyone! A dangerous snowstorm is swiftly approaching, coming to blanket Snowden Drifts.  Travelers, adventurers, and heroes alike will be seeking shelter from this blizzard in Durgar’s Homestead. Come, wander in and enjoy the food and company as strangers become acquaintances.

OOC Information:

What: A seemingly random meet up of people of different backgrounds and professions that come together to seek shelter in a storm. Food and drinks will be provided at this open-ended open RP event!

Where: Durgar’s Homestead, north of Isenfall Waypoint in Snowden Drifts.

When: Tuesday, April 7th, 2015. 9:30pm EST.

Who: This is an open event to RPers of all backgrounds and professions. Is your character a mercenary who has been hunting Svanir and didn’t notice the approaching storm? Come on over! Is your character a traveling merchant who doesn’t look at weather golems? Come seek shelter! We’re assuming the Lionguard are doing their jobs and that the roads are safe for non-combatants.
However, we ask that fighting be prohibited and that brawling is kept to a minimum. Assume that Durgar will kick you out into the blizzard if you cause a ruckus, and that physical confrontation is frowned upon. 

Why: Exemplary Outcomes is a new guild that wants to promote a welcoming atmosphere and open-ended RP. Hosting events like this help spread the word and help foster new friendships. We hope that everyone will have fun and that all your adventures have exemplary outcomes!

Exemplary Outcomes is also recruiting! We’re looking for drama-free individuals who want to be active in brainstorming ideas for events, attending events, and repping the guild. We’re hoping to enter HoT with a strong repping roster of proactive guildies.