Defender of Justice 707: Playlist

A playlist I made of kpop songs about Seven. It gets more angsty at the end :’) Please give it a listen I fell very strongly about this boy lmao

  1. Beautiful Target - B1A4
  2. I Got A Boy - SNSD
  3. Dope - BTS
  4. Love Like Oxygen - SHINee
  5. Russian Roulette - Red Velvet
  6.  Monster - EXO
  7. Calliing You - DGNA
  8. Before U Go - TVXQ
  9. One - TVXQ
  10. Why Did I Fall in Love with You? - TVXQ 


*He took a bite of the food and he saw your hopeful face as he looked up and he did not have the heart to say it was horrendous*

Y/N: “Is it alright, do you like it?”

K: “Uh yeah it’s great, how long did this take you?”

Y/N: “Like three hours”

K: “Ohhh well… its definitely really tasty”

Lie detector needed


*His first thought when he came to yours and you told him that you made dinner was drag you to the nearest restaurant to eat instead but he could see you worked so hard so he refrained*

Y/N: “I made you your favourite”

SH: “You didn't have to do that jagi….really you didn’t”


*To your face he is like*

*When he excuses himself to pop to the bathroom he is like*


*When he gets to your place he sees you are getting the pots and pans out to cook something so he dashes over to turn the situation around*

CY: “You know what jagi you have had a long week so I think it’s only fair that I treat you to a homemade meal”



*As he walks in the door he can hear the clashing around of pots and panic sets in he just wanted a decent dinner even a takeaway would do, but this night was not that night*


*He would taste your first attempt at cooking and tell you that it is not bad but it could be better so he turns into chef mode and teaches you and tells you tips to make it better*

I wouldn’t mind some cooking education with him tbh


*He decided to just stomach the food you had made which he regretted later on once he got a huge belly ache*

Y/N: “Someone is extra in need for a hug today”

C: “I always like hugs but my belly isn’t feeling so good so”

Y/N: “Why what happened?”

C: “Literally no idea”


*As soon as your back is turned he disposes of some of the dinner in the bin and uses a tissue to cover it*

Y/N: “Woah you ate that quick”

T: “What can I say I’m hungry and you’re a great cook”



*Look at this guy he can’t be telling you that you’re the worst cook to ever be put on the planet, he gotta suck it up and tell you that you’re awesome because he isn’t about that my girlfriend is sad because I don’t like her cooking life*


*He likes chicken…usually..however after he tasted yours he got scarred and it was a long time until he had chicken again, but the thought of your chicken was always in the back of his mind*


*He was so used to your horrible meals he gained the knack of being able to easily finish them off without even hesitating, he just thought he had made his body immune by now*

LH: “Great food Y/N, can’t wait for next time*

He really can wait though for a looooonnnggg time*


*Some of the other members had come round for dinner but no matter how much Xiumin persisted that you both order take out you weren’t having any of it. Whilst you went to get a drink in the kitchen the members started complaining*

Members: “I can’t be the only one thinking this tastes like cardboard, its definitely got that texture too”

XM: “What do you want me to do, I’m not going to tell her that, if you want to then be my guest but she looks so happy”

*No one says anything*

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*