thecaptivephantom  asked:

Hi Simon, I was wondering if you ever published anything set in your Delta universe? I remember first finding concept stuff for it yeaaars ago on like deviant art or something while looking for exobio stuff and simply adoring what I saw, and was wondering if there was any more? If not, would you still consider doing so, or has your interest gone on to other projects?

Thanks for bringing that up! I’m still intrigued by the potential of this setting, and I’ve actually got a pretty solid opening chapter (which would probably run about 40 pages) all planned and outlined on my computer. That being said, it’s a setting that i’d like to explore in some sort of ongoing series - maybe even released quarterly, like @andrewmaclean​‘s head lopper.

But, similar to my continuation of other large projects (like Tiger Lung), i’m kind of paralyzed by my accumulative ideation process, which involves consuming lots of data/content and seeing how it all synthesizes in my brain (a process that i havent figured out how to reliably rush). Ideally I’ll have something to start on in the next year or two, but we shall see! 

(see attached - an art school project exploring the setting, plus a lil palette reference)

(thanks to @jakeparker​ for his wonderful paintings)