When I was a little kid and I saw a log, or a branch, or a mossy rock sometimes I would think they looked like some sort of forest creature. I would pretend they were forest guardians or spirits. As I grew up my games with the “forest spirits” were fewer and far between, but every now and again a particularly good log would catch my imagination. When I first moved to Alderleaf I spotted a really neat looking tree branch at the base of the hill. It stretched out horizontally and had a thick mane of moss and lichen hanging off it (so much so I couldn’t even see the bark beneath it). It looked to me like a long neck of some shaggy forest dweller, and I had a little flashback to all my spontaneous woodland friends from my childhood. Anyways, this guy is based on that tree branch. Funny thing is I can’t seem to find the branch at the base of the hill anymore, it’s almost like it got up and walked away.


My hobbies include

- giving people lots of information about things they might not care about but have no choice but to listen to because I’m not actually being offensive just talking for a really long time about a potentially boring subject unless they’re into it then that’s awesome and I’ll talk for even longer until I’m done but when I’m done we will stop because I’ve exhausted my daily extroversion allotment and I need to go home now
- sleeping
- drinking
- telekinesis
- insomnia

Alien life may flourish on purple planets

Find a purple planet, and you may have spotted alien life. Some of the first Earthlings were purple bacteria that ruled the planet about 3 billion years ago. If any Earth-like exoplanets host similar microbes, their distinctive hue will be visible from space.

Previous work showed that we might be able to detect the infrared signature of vegetation on exoplanets, based on the signal given off by trees and other plants on modern Earth. Other studies suggest sniffing for gases in alien atmospheres that would only be given off by life.

But we are more likely to find microbial aliens than other kinds, because these life forms thrived on Earth for aeons before larger life forms evolved, and they will survive long after complex life dies out. Esther Sanromá at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands and her colleagues wondered if the types of microbes that existed in our planet’s past would give off a unique signature when seen from afar. If so, perhaps we could detect signs of similar microbes living on distant worlds.

Alien fingerprint

They created a model of an exoplanet similar to very early Earth and then considered several scenarios, such as the distribution of continents, cloud cover and whether microbial life thrives on land or at sea. They found that if the purple microbes flourish on land or along nutrient-rich coastlines, they produce a telltale signal in the total light reflected by the planet. If they live only in oceans, the colour is harder to see.

“A world overrun by purple bacteria could show us a very interesting spectral fingerprint,” says Lisa Kaltenegger of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany, who was not part of the research team.

The James Webb Space Telescope, due to launch in 2018, could measure such a signal, as long as the purple planet’s star system is not too far away. That star will also have to be small enough that it doesn’t outshine its orbiting planet, otherwise we will have to wait for the next generation of telescopes, which will be more sensitive and may be able to filter out the glare from brighter stars.

Journal reference: arxiv.org/abs/1311.1145


This is some concept art for my IDMP game, Exobio. This was ultimately when the game was going to be asynchronous and you could leave your body behind in the world, (ie you had about 10m to live). I still wanna play around with this concept cause it could be cool.

Ultimately it turned into a game where you could take photos and gain their abilites. (The team decided this when I was away at GDC), which is an awesome concept as well. :) . Hopefully when time permits we get to do a game which has both

Plated Lumberer - Dorky temporary name. A beast of burden native to the Bex homeworld, used for meat, labor, hides and especially for the thick armor plating that covers its dorsal region. The plating is tough but flexible and is used for an almost countless array of things from shelters to jewelry and apparel.