“No matter how difficult something is, I will always be positive and smile like an idiot”

Happy Birthday to my first ever EXO Bias and my little creampuff cookie. Thank you for constantly bringing joy to our lives and for always cheering on your bandmates when they’re down. Thank you for sharing your passion, your talent, and your charisma with us. We can’t thank you enough for always being so cheerful and positive despite the hard times you’ve gone through. Please rest and take care of yourself. Happy 23rd birthday, we love you!


“…thank you for your attention, and your support for me. Thank you for always cheering us on. Because of you guys, we as EXO continue to grow. I hope that everyone can walk together with us for the infinite next 100 days from now on. You guys are the best. For you guys, I will give my everything.” 

“努力努力再努力 (work hard, work hard and work harder)”

Never have I ever heard of anyone with a heart as pure and good as yours. Thank you so much for loving us, for working so hard for us, and for always supporting your fellow EXO members. We can’t thank you enough for always smiling and putting so much effort into everything you do. Thank you so much, and we love you.

Happy 24th birthday, sweet angel.