exo:the last of us

Dear Naughty Dog,

I will reluctantly and begrudgingly accept Joel’s death in TLOU pt 3 but no sooner than that.

His life has been very rough and he needs to go down easy and peacefully, with his fully grown, adopted baby girl at his side.

And if *possible* Ellie should find out where Joel buried Sarah and *try* to bury him next to her.

through the valley (shitty ass acappella cover)
ellie williams/quakebeats
through the valley (shitty ass acappella cover)

well uh, i can’t sing for SHIT and i’m super nervous when i sing in front of people but here is the best version of this that i could get before i wanted to burst into tears. sorry i can’t play guitar unless i obviously would have.

(sorry for the background noise, i needed a lyric video and music to it unless this would be really bad)

hope your ears still exist after this! enjoy!

when you’ve played a certain video game over than ten times already but you go on tumblr and see some cool gifs and pictures and you’re like “o, fuck it man, I’m gonna replay”

Logan (2017) | The Last Of Us (2013) parallels