• classmate:You've never had a boyfriend right
  • Me:Mmmm... Yeah, How'd you know?
  • Classmate:You seem to be innocent and such I just saw it.
  • Me:Yea.... Innocent *Remembers all the time that I read hardcore smut and knows more sexual stuff than them by reading fanfics*

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Monokuma locks Mukuro out of her room without her wig or makeup on. She runs into Makoto. She tries desperately to keep up the act but fails miserably, especially when he starts complimenting her on her looks.

Did someone say undisguised Mukuro? Naekusaba

Mukuro was locked out of her room.

If she strained her ears hard enough, she could almost hear Junko laughing from afar… or was that her earpiece ringing from Junko’s cackling?

Well this was problematic considering that:

  1. She wasn’t in disguise. No makeup. Not even her wig on.
  2. Someone might see her and get her cover blown.

Of all the times that Junko could pull a prank, she chose now? Mukuro mentally sighed in frustration. Well at least it was harmless this time since she was alone in the hallway. In hindsight, she should have suspected something was up when Junko asked her to get out undisguised. It’s a bit shallow for a Junko prank but Mukuro assumed that it was just one of her twin’s random whims. Guess she just has to wait it out somewhere hidden until Junko decides to let her in again.

It’s a good thing though that they implemented the curfew so no one should be out and about at this time.

“Uh, excuse me.” A voice piped up from behind her.

Mukuro dreaded turning around but she had to. And much to her horror, it was none other than Makoto who was just as confused as her.

Junkooo!” She internally screamed. Why didn’t her sister warn her? Even worse, why didn’t she even notice him?? Junko always did tell her that Mukuro was too used to Makoto’s presence that he never registered as a threat in her radar but it’s only now that Mukuro believes her twin.

But still! This was a serious problem which could sabotage their whole plan altogether just overnight. And yet for some reason Junko was dead silent on the other end of the line. Mukuro was panicking despite her stoic face.

“Sorry but uh, who are you?” He politely questioned her even when wary.

Quick! She thought! Maybe she could still pull this off! Maybe! Somehow?!

“O-oh! Hahaha, you caught me, Makoto!” She laughed weakly as she did her Junko persona even though it felt weirder doing it without the matching disguise. She then leaned in and whispered in his ear. “Please don’t tell anyone about this. This will be our little secret” She pulled back as she winked flirtatiously at him.

She sincerely prayed that he bought it.

“Junko?” Makoto asked skeptically.

“Y-yeah! That’s me! THE Junko Enoshima!” She said a little too loudly.

“But you look so…” He trailed off as his eyes scrutinized her appearance.

“Different?” Mukuro felt a bit too self-conscious with his calculating gaze on her but she did her best effort to not let it show. For now, she still had to convince him with her on the spot excuse. “Yeaaaah, about that. I’m a model. I wear wigs and makeup all the time. Like literally, ALL THE TIME.”

“Is that so?” He narrowed his eyes on her.

“Y-yeah. That so.” She smiled perkily at him even as she sweatdropped.

A long tense silence passed between them.

“Oh, well I guess that makes sense. That actually explains a lot.” Makoto said nonchalantly with an understanding smile. “You still sounded the same but I had to check cause, you know.” 

“Yeah, I know.” Mukuro let out a huge internal sigh of relief. She was out of the fire for now but she had to make sure she wouldn’t be facing this crisis again. So she grabbed him by shoulders and leaned in to whisper again. “But keep this all under the lid! I don’t want the rest to know, ya know?”

He nodded fervently. “Of course. Your secret’s safe with me.” 

She squeezed him into an awkward hug (which made both of them blush by the way) and then let him go with a toothy smile and with an also somewhat flushed face. “Thanks a bunch, Naegi ol’ buddy!” 

“No problem. You can trust me!” He said as he pumped his chest with his fist.

“Exactly the words I want to hear.” She seconded.

Except she didn’t expect the rest of his words.

“Oh, and I think you look better without the wig and makeup.” He casually voiced out his honest opinion. “You look cute.” He added with a sincere smile.


The blush on her face just emphasized her freckles.

Before she could even form a coherent response, he already bid her a farewell. “Good night, Junko!”

And as he retreated back to his room, as her own room unlocked, as Junko laughed from afar, none of that barely registered to Mukuro. Even as she returned inside her room, minutes after it was unlocked, she was still caught in daze as her mind replayed what just happened before.

Cute. He called her cute. 

Without the disguise on.

Cute. He called her cute

And if only Mukuro had checked the mirror, she would have seen herself not only blushing… but also smiling even if only just a little bit.