Eu já nem sabia mais em que tom cantar, como se tivesse me perdido de todos os sons, todas as palpáveis palavras, dia a dia lutando contra a si mesma.
Passei a falar com medo de como seria ouvida, se é que seria. O medo me tomou as entranhas, impedia-me de ser quem sou. Lutando contra aquilo dado como certo que na cara não era tão assim. 
Aparências, impressões. Fim do túnel…   
Aos garranchos me reergui, o que resta nem sempre é aquilo que te satisfaz. A esperança nem sempre é aquilo que você quer no final. 
O tom, era apenas uma forma de se por de pé, de se ouvir de se ver. Com qualquer um, qualquer coisa que seja.
Tive migalhas, mas tive.
—  Fora de tom. 


UE Theater

Nagstaff kami dahil may show ang Philippine Ballet Theater sa UE Theater. After nung show, picture-picture na swertehan pa makapagpicture kay President Ester Garcia (Lola Ester) ng UE hahaha. Tapos nagpapicture din ako kay kuyang qt na dancer. HAHAHA harot. Nakakapagod pero nakakatuwa dahil sama-sama nanood mga DC with new applicants.


2 months and 6 dreams later I’m finally starting to think about you less and less throughout the day.

I hate you so much for what you did to me. You were lying when you told me you had changed and I believed you when my friends didn’t. I feel so stupid for thinking I had somehow changed you. And you’re an idiot for not realizing I was upset that you were cheating on me right in front of me. I know you don’t care about me, maybe you did at first, but you’ve done worse to other girls in the past so I made no difference in your life.

The first semester of senior year was pretty horrible, I was depressed for different reasons. When we started dating in the second semester it made me so happy. I’m just sorry it ended so soon. 

So…. fuck you. For making me feel like it was my fault for a while. For letting it be so easy to break up with you. For leaving me without any closure. Because a teeny, tiny part of me still likes you just a little.