EXO Reacts: Girlfriend Steal Their Hoodies


Jongin wouldn’t understand where all of his hoodies were going until he came over to your place and saw all of them scattered on the floor. He would laugh over it and ask for them back, playfully pouting when you tell him no. Buys close to matching hoodies so that it could be your couple item for when you both go out together.

“What do you think of this one?”

“…Jongin, that’s a puppy.”

“But it’s cute?”


His hoodies are like dresses on you. Adores seeing you in his clothes very often so he doesn’t care if you steal one or four of his sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. as long as you don’t take a specific one he was planning on wearing. Tries to shop for himself, but keeps you in mind and tries to get anything and everything that would be comfy.

“Awh, look at you! You look so cute!”


He doesn’t mind if you steal his hoodies as long as he gets them back… Which he doesn’t. Jongdae would love to see you wearing his clothes, but he ends up whining that you’ve had his favorite hoodie/sweatshirt for too long and complains that you better have not made a mess out of his clothes. 

“Yaaah, you got a stain on it!”


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