will be released on this June 30th so we are holding an event!!

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[Period of participation]
06/23/2015-06/30/2015 11:59PM KST.

We will be giving away 1 set of all 10 members posters from the new DVD to a random person that liked and reblogged this post!

There is also another event going on for those who pre-order the DVD at our site!
We will pick a random costumer who will receive an EXO slogan signed by Chanyeol together with their DVD! [Only for those who order until June 30th]

You can pre-order the DVD at our site ^^

So I came back to the dorm from work today to find my roommate Thomas ( @hunhan-never-dies ) went and stuck posters all over our bedroom wall.

Keeping in mind our dorm rooms are literally two meters wide, he’s being a bit of a wall hog tbh

and he hasn’t finished yet.

Not that I’m complaining, I mean they’re pretty fucking gorgeous. Just…could you warn a guy next time? Like for real bro, it kind of scared the crap out of me.

Are we even allowed posters in our dorms? Well we’ll find out. *cough*

Oh, and he owes me a new desk.


Hey guy’s!

So i am selling my Xiumin autographed photos and photocards.Poor baby he is only one left :/

Anyway here is the list of things i am selling:

Xiumin Mama era(Korean press,first press)

Xiumin Xoxox era(Korean press,first press)

Xiumin MiD era(Korean press,first press)

Xiumin Growl era(Korean press,first press)

Xiumin Overdose(Korean press,first press)

2 Xiumin autographed photos(from mama era)

If you are interested in any of this stuff or want to know more msg me here on tumblr or my email tasataka@gmail.com



A. Infinite Man In Love Era (12 all different posters available; Some are member close shots and some are photo-shoot photos) (30cm X 43cm) $4 each or $10 for three   

B. Infinite The Chaser Era (12 all different posters available; Some are member close shots and some are photo-shoot photos) (30cm X 43cm) $4 each or $10 for three                             

C. Infinite The Chaser (53cm X 77cm) $6

D. Infinite L L’s Bravo Viewtiful (53cm X 77cm) $6

E. Shinee Hello (53cm X 77cm) $6

F. Infinite Paradise (46cm X 68cm) $5

G. Infinite Hoya Photos* (9cm X 12cm) $1 each or $4 for six

H. Shinee First Concert in Seoul (Bit crumpled edges) (46cm X 60cm) $3

I. Super Junior M Super Girl (60cm X 90cm) $5 

J. Girls’ Generation The Boys (59cm X 83cm) $8 

K. EXO Miracles in December* (Red or white background)

(53cm X 72cm) $7 or $10 for 2

L. EXO Growl* (Compilation of album photos put together as an official SM merch) (62cm X 90cm) $11 

M. Kim Hyun Joong Limited Edition 3rd Album Poster* (Two posters available; Only sell if purchase is over $31. This is just because they are the posters to a limited edition album) (53cm X 76cm) $10

N. Kim Hyun Joong Break Down* (Only sell if purchase is over $31) (53cm X 76cm) $10 


O. Shinee Etude Folder* (never used) (22cm X 31cm) $5 

P. Shinee Laminated Photoshoot (10cm X 27cm) $3 

Q. Shinee in Barcelona [Son of the Sun] Photobook* (Sealed in Plastic; never opened) $38

R. EXO Wolf bag (35cm X 41cm) $18 

S. EXO Mirror* ( 7cm X 19cm) $10 

T. EXO-K MAMA era Notepad* (10cm X 30cm) $9

One Direction Calendar 2013 (Lol I don’t even know why I am selling this. It is last year calendar and this is a kpop sale post. This will be free with the purchase of any item in this post. Just in case you are wondering, there are no pen marks in the calendar.)

U. [Old Magazines]

Except for the ones that has star(*) sign, they have seriously been used. The idols featured in the magazine are those that were hot 3 years ago. I set them at a cheap price because there may be 2-3 pages that I may have ripped out. Msg me if you want sample photos. I’m only selling this hoping that it will find an owner who will actually look over it. 

Prices are same for all magazines opened and unopened in this category: $2 for one; $5 for three; $20 for fourteen 

Wawagirl (Name of the magazine) (21cm X 26cm X 1cm):

1. Mar 2009 Boys Over Flowers

2. May 2009 Big Bang

3. June 2009 SNSD and Big Bang

4. Jul 2009 Wonder girls Sunmi, Yubin, Sunye, Sohee, Yeeun

5. Sep 2009 Ftisland I want

6. Oct 2009 2pm again&again

7. Jan 2010 2pm heartbeat

8. Feb 2010 2pm winter photoshoot

9. Apr 2010 Big Bang

10. May 2010 2am I was wrong

11. Jun 2010 Big Bang

Bromide (19cm X 26cm X 0.5cm):

12. May 2010 2am I was wrong

13. Jun 2010 2pm Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

14. Jul 2011 B2st Fiction

10Ten (19cm X 26cm X 1cm):

15. Jun 2011 CNblue

Star1 (19cm X 26cm X 0.5cm):

Jul 2009 Big Bang* (Two magazines of same kind) (16. opened & 17. sealed)

Aug 2009 2pm again&again* (Two magazines of same kind) (18. opened & 19. sealed) 

Oct 2009 2pm* (Two magazines of same kind) (20. opened & 21. sealed) 

22. Nov 2009 Yoo Seung-ho

23. Dec 2009 Ft.triple

  V. [Recent Magazines]

The following three magazines are newer and I adore them a bit more. I will only sell this to you if your purchase is over $26. Price: $6 for one; $13 for three

The Star (26cm X 39cm X 0.2cm):

24. Jun 2013 Infinite Photo-shoot 

Star1 (26cm X 39cm X 0.2cm):

25. Apr 2013 Shinee Photo-shoot

26. May 2013 ZE::A and Joowon Photo-shoot (A bit crimpled on the binding part)

Used Items: I had to take a lot of my posters down while I was cleaning my room, so the only flaws with these items are the holes from the pins that I used to hold it up. Condition: Fairly new unless mentioned otherwise.

Starred (*) New Items: Never been used. Condition: excellent condition.

I will only meet you in British Columbia, Canada to sell/trade you these products.

Option 1: If you buy more than $20, I will include some free kpop gifts from the list. 

Option 2: I am willing to trade any group of my items for Korean idol CDs or photocards. I personally like EXO, Shinee, VIXX, BTS, BtoB, BAP, B1A4, Infinite, Apink, Sistar, Secret, SNSD, and Nine Muses, but I am open-minded. If you have an extra k-pop album you don’t want or is catching dust at home, I’ll happily trade with you.

 If you want a photo of the condition feel free to ask. There are just too many for me to put up in one post! I’m trying to find good owners to these items, so I will to give you deals if you buy a lot.

Done!! Feel free to msg me if you have any questions :)

Preferred contact: denni92114@gmail.com

Alternate Contact: tumblr


Anime Expo was so cool this year! The area for companies and Artist Alley seemed double the size from last year, I saw a wider age range in cosplayers along with level of cosplay, and whenever my friends and I got in a group for our own photo others would run up to take more photos. It was great and I can’t wait to go back!

So just got home and this

was in my room 

what could it be? ಠ_ಠ

well helloooo there~

ಥ⌣ಥ look who showed up!! Ermagerd they’re here!  

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(>o<)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


Special Bias Treatment ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

Shout out to my stuffed animals who helped me wrestle these 12 Boys onto the bed
Wait that sounds wrong (=ω=;)