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My brother got me an EXO poster from the anime con he went to lol. He forgot to bring it but he told me he got me an EXO poster since the last time we really talked about kpop I was into them crying over the members leaving. Now that’s what I call a true homie.


Ok, so for this story the main character female will have a name. However, I’m doing it a little different. She will only have a Korean name. Yes, the main character female in this story is half Korean. She will be described fully, and have attributes that make her identify with this blog. She will also identify herself as a black woman. Yes, she is half Korean, and she embraces both heritages, but we know the life that some mixed kids lead…you look black, they call you black. 

“So, basically he’s like get your ass home now, you’ve played around enough in the US.” Yeon, sat back rubbing her eyes, wondering why she just didn’t tell her dad no.

He paid for her college that’s why. 

“Basically. I have to go home, and finish there and who knows.” She sighed, looking out the window to the city of Atlanta. 

“But, do you want to go, that’s the thing.” Her friend, reached across the table taking her hand. 

“No, but my dad is Korean.” She laughed softly. “So, I kinda have no choice, and my mom agrees with him.” She finished her coffee, and rolled her eyes, wishing her mother would have pushed for her to stay in the states. 

She loved Korea, she loved the States; but she always felt a bit more free here. Standing up, her 5′5″ frame was lithe, but she had hips and an ass. That she got from her mother, she tossed her mid-back length 3B curls behind her, and donned a pair of Gucci shades.

“I leave in three days, he didn’t give me time to do shit. Movers will be here tomorrow, I get on the plane, and go. So, there goes all my summer plans. Good thing is though, he’s letting you come with me. Two weeks in Seoul, what do you think?”

Her friend, jumped up from her spot, clapping her hands excitedly. “YES! Oh my god what do I pack? What should I wear?”

Yeon smiled. “We’ll figure that out later.” 

Yeon washed her hands in the bathroom aboard the airplane. She made the water as hot as she could stand it, needing something to take her mind off the fact that they had been flying for 8 hours already. She wanted to run and jump, she needed to stretch her legs. Her hair in a messy bun on her head, she looked at herself in the half steamed mirror and sighed. How was she going to fit back in Korea? She had sometimes unruly curly hair that wasn’t a very common sight on a Korean woman, her copper skin, held two very Asian eyes Most people told her, her eyes looked like Kimora Lee Simmons. Plump lips, brown eyes, her figure was slightly curvy, she pushed together her 34B breasts and wondered if her breasts were also too large? Probably not. She was going to be…different. That much was certain.

“Are you ok?” A soft voice at the door asked her in Korean.

“Yes, thank you.”She answered, almost bowing before she remembered she couldn’t be seen. 

Speaking in strictly Korean, unless she was around her parents, something else, she was going to have to get used to again. She hated being different, she hated people looking at her, like she had a third eyeball. Grunting, she opened the bathroom door, walking back to her seat. 

“You ok, Yeon?” Her friend asked her, barely waking up from her nap. 

“I’m ready to get off this damn plane. My legs are killing me.” She signaled for the waitress. 

“Girl, your short ass is fine, I’m 5′8″ I’m the one suffering.” Her buddy, turned in her seat, snuggling in the cushions of first class, sleeping again. 

Would she be fine? She wasn’t so sure. 

As soon as the plane landed, both girls stretched and yawned. It was afternoon in Seoul, South Korea, and all Yeon thought about now was sleep. A sign was posted for her, Ms. Hyo Park Yeon as they came down the elevator, and she rolled her eyes, thinking to herself. ‘Wow, thanks parents, don’t even come to the airport.’

“You have an escort? What a driver too?” Her friend, chuckled and Yeon bit her lip, and tried to figure out, what she hadn’t told her friend already. 

“Ms. Hyo.” He already knew her face, and she gave a slight bow saying hello, giving him their bags. 

“This is it, the rest, was delivered here already.” With a nod of his head, the man lead the way outside, and out into the bright sunshine. The girls donned their shades, and Marcella looked around, looking quite the tourist, while Yeon ignored the urge.

He lead them both to a car, a sleek black Audi A8 L. Opening the door for them, the girls slid into the cool, cream colored interior, chilled water bottles waiting for them.

“This car is nice, man did your dad spare any expenses?” Marcella, rubbed a hand along the seats, watching as the driver got in the front seat. 

“This isn’t a Bentley, so I’m going to say, yes.” Yeon laid her head back against the seat, getting ready mentally for her best friend to choke her. “I have to tell you something, Marcella.” 

The car pulled away, and Marcella was looking out the window. “Mhm.” 

“So, my dad is a CEO…you know that.” 


“My mother is an interpreter for his company now. His interpreter. My grandfather, my mother’s father was a doctor.” 

Marcella’s eyes turned to slits as she looked at Yeon. “You parents are loaded aren’t they?” 

“I don’t really know about all that. I’ve had to work for anything, I’ve ever received, and maintain a strict GPA, you know I don’t flaunt a bunch of shit.” 

“Just say it! Why didn’t you tell me!” Marcella punched her arm lightly. “I’m actually kind of hurt. I’m your best friend.” 

Yeon let her head fall. “I learned the hard way, about friends who are friends because of money. Not that youre one of them! I just prefer not to be like that. I’m not stuck up and snobby, and Paris Hilton like.” 

“Don’t you think I know that dummy? I know who you are. TBH, I kind always knew I think. Tell me more about your parents though.” 

Yeon smiled, thanking god that was easier than she thought it would be. She explained that her father always had money, he inherited the company from his father. Her mother, had to scrape and earn every penny, her grandfather believed in a hard days work. He came from nothing, her parents were polar opposites. Her mother was gifted when it came to languages, she spoke 6 fluently, but Korean was not one of them. Her mother was working as an interpreter for another company when, she met her father. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. 

“Still makes me gag a little when he says, my mom had the brownest skin he ever saw, and all he thought about doing was rubbing his face against her legs.” She said playfully, she knew her father worshiped her mother. 

Her mother didn’t speak Korean, and her father didn’t speak English, however they both spoke Chinese. They went out on a few dates, and he made a decision to marry her, boom there she was. 

“They should write a book about that.” Marcella answered, taking a sip of her water. 

“Probably.” Yeon looked out the window. “This is my house.”

Marcella gasped as the gate opened to a large black and cream colored home, The gate opened to a yard, the glass front of the home, showed into the living room, around the side, there was a cement driveway, and a garage for the cars. The door was opened for them, and Marcella and Yeon walked up the pathway leading from the driveway to the front of the house. It was arched, with large dark wooden doors, and Yeon rung the bell, waiting. 

“Of course, you remember how to say hello in Korean. My father’s English is still a bit rough.” 

“Who do you think you’re talking to?” Marcella asked, rolling her eyes.

Yeon smiled, and the door opened up, her mother standing there in her apron smiling wide. “My baby is home!” She threw her arms around Yeon, hugging her tight before grabbing Marcella hugging her as well. 

“Marcella, I’m happy to have you in our home.” 

“Thank you, Mrs. Hyo.” She bowed at her. 

“Oh please, call me Jasmine.” She ushered the girls into the house. “I know, y'all are probably tired, but I have been cooking for y'all. A mix of southern food and Korean.” 

Her mother yelled in Korean, for her father, smiling back at the girls. “He’s going to play all tough baby, but you know he missed you. That’s why he wasted no time.” Her mother hugged her again, and this time Yeon held on tight. 

She forgot how her mother smelled like cloves and her favorite Prada perfume. Her mother’s tight 4a coils tickled her nose. “I missed you, Ma.” 

“I have too, we haven’t seen you in a year.” Letting her, go her mother turned towards the stairs, as her father came down them. The foyer of the home, had dark hardwood floors, contrasting against the light gray of the walls, and the cream of the carpet that lined the stairs. 

“Park Yeon.” He said her name, standing at the bottom of the stairs. 

Yeon walked over, bowing deeply, saying hello to her father in Korean. “Abeoji, I missed you.” 

Her father’s wrinkled forehead, smoothed over and he broke into a smile, hugging his little girl tightly. “My family is whole again.” He kissed her face several times, before letting go, and he also grabbed Marcella into a hug. 

“Marcella, I’m glad you could join us for awhile.” Marcella smiled, looking shy. 

“Thank you for the vacation, Mr. Hyo.” He waved a hand dismissively at her. 

“You are like a sister to my baby, call me abeoji.” Marcella tested the word on her tongue, grinning like a Cheshire cat. 

Her father, shooed both girls upstairs, informing Yeon that her things would be there, in 3-4 days. Yeon showed Marcella the guest room, and how to use the shower. “Just come in my room when youre done.” 

Yeon walked into her room, it was almost the same way she left it. Old EXO posters on the wall, on a cork board. A few American bands on the other side, she had a new computer, new bed, new bedding. Her vanity in front of her bay window. She could decorate like she wanted later, she supposed, but she didn’t even want to live in her parents house. For goodness sake she was 20 years old, but her father probably didn’t want her living on her own either. This was going to be hard. She showered, conditioning her hair, and finger de-tangling as she let the water run down her back. She washed her face free of the makeup she wore. She had forgot to put on a primer, and setting powder so she knew she skin probably looked oily. After she was finished, she wrapped her head in a towel, sitting down at her vanity. She didn’t feel like dealing with her hair, so she set to start doing large twists. 

Marcella knocked once, letting herself inside. “I’m glad I got my hair done, before coming because I would not be in the doing it now.” 

She looked up at Marcella in the mirror, her friends shoulder length box braids now held secure in a wrap on her head. “Help me then, I ain’t trying to be here all day.” 

Marcella set to rubbing olive oil into the strands, before twisting them with twist cream on her fingers. Both girls finished, Yeon stood u, grabbing a scarf from the hook near her door, and wrapped her hair into a pineapple, before she set out to get dressed. 

“Another struggle, is finding good hair care products.” Yeon pulled on a purple V-neck shirt that said ‘J’adore’ on the front over her head. 

“Your mama is natural, what do you mean?” Marcella, looked at her posters. “Chanyeol, was still fine as hell in these pics.” 

“That’s like right after their debut. She is but she goes into Seoul, to get her hair done. You know I’m picky.” Marcella nodded, still looking over the pictures. 

The girls made their way downstairs, where Mrs. Hyo was setting the table. The girls settled themselves on cushions on the floor, as her father made his way in, sitting down at the head of the table. 

“How was the flight?” He asked in Korean.

Her mother came in with a gallon of juice, and cups. “English please, we have a guest.” Just as her father was about to protest, she held up a hand sitting down. “Your English is fine, you just never really try. I refuse to translate.” 

“Yes, yes, umma.” He replied taking some rice from a large bowl. 

“It was long. Fine though.” Yeon answered, Marcella agreeing with her. 

They ate and talked, laughing about what had happened lately in Atlanta or Korea. Inside, Yeon smiled this was good, she had forgotten how much she missed home. How much she missed really good kimchi and her mothers fried chicken. Her mother, rolled her eyes at her fathers bad jokes. 

“You can have the summer to do as you will, school starts back in September, everything is taken care of Yeon.” Her father spoke, looking at her stuff more kimchi into her mouth. 

Thanks dad, I’m just wondering how I will fit in.” He shrugged at her, chewing his rice. 

“You will be fine, you are my daughter. Besides, concentrate on school, not a social life.” Yeon took a sip of her juice, sighing. 

“I’m young dad, I have to have a social life.” She put another piece of chicken on Marcella’s plate as she spoke. 

Her father put his chopsticks down on his plate. “I have a remedy for that soon enough. For now, don’t worry, so much, you’ll get wrinkles.” 

Her mother shook her head at the two. After lunch, Yeon and Marcella went to their rooms to nap, while her mother cleared dishes with her father. 

He stood in the kitchen watching his wife. “Friday then?”

“I actually don’t think this is a good idea at all right now.” She washed the last of the plates, putting them in them in the dish drainer. 

“Why not?” He came to stand behind his wife, her short frame nestling against his. 

“It’s sneaky. You bring her here, to finish school, but you have an ulterior motive.” Her mother turned in her father’s arms to look at him. 

“I’m making sure, our daughter is secure in life.” Sighing, Mrs. Hyo, moved from her husband’s grasp. 

“I know. I just…let her see if she likes him or not. I wasn’t forced with you.” Mr. Hyo crossed to where his wife now stood, and took her chin in his hand. 

“She will like him, trust me. Choi Jun-Seo is a good man, he is already making me very proud in the company.” 

“If you say so.” Her mother leaned her head up, to give her father a gentle kiss.

He grinned, kissing her once more. “I’m always right, trust me.” 

The next few days were spent shopping, and sight-seeing. Marcella and Yeon, kicked back and relaxed most days. “We should go clubbing.” Marcella said, as Yeon sat at her computer looking at places to live near the college.

“Clubs? Yea, we can go. When?” Yeon brought up another tab, to look for good clubs when her mother walked in after knocking once. 

“Can’t go tonight, I’m sorry girls. Yeon.” Her mother laid a traditional Korean dress, on her bed. “Your father has a dinner guest, and you have to wear this. I have one for you as well Marcella.” 

Yeon rolled her eyes, earning a scowl on her mother’s face. “Stop. You look beautiful in them.” 

The golden color of the dress, was offset by the red of the tank top, and red flowers, twined with their vibrant green leaves. The black, sheer covering had a white collar. The fabric was thick, and heavy. She picked up the dress, holding it close to her body. 

“It is pretty, dad is going all out, who is the guest?” Her mother grinned slightly, turning to Marcella. 

“Yours, will be delivered before tonight. You can take it home if you like, it’s pink and black. I thought the colors would compliment you.” 

“Ma.” Yeon put the dress down, looking back at her mother. “Why are you ignoring me?” 

“I’m not. He’s a work partner of your fathers. He’s someone your father thinks highly of. So he wants you to look your best.” Her mother turned from the room. “You guys can club tomorrow.” 

As the door closed behind her, Marcella chuckled softly but steadily it became louder. “If you don’t have this figured out by now, I’m gonna be pissed.” 

Yeon balled her hands into fists. “Stay here.” She grumbled. Her father’s office was downstairs, near the parlor. She quickly jumped down the stairs, running down the hall, her bare feet pattering gently on the hardwood. The large oak doors in front of her, she was never to enter as a child, unless invited. She knew her father would be in there, while her mother gave her the dress. 

She knocked once hard, then twice more. “Yes?” 

“Dad, you know its me.” She wanted to yell, but yelling would get her nowhere with him. 

He cleared his throat. “Come in.” 

Yeon opened the door, closing it behind her, keenly aware of how close it seemed in there. He had many small statues and vases lining the walls. The dark walls and light carpet on the floor, everything was exactly as it had been. Traditional, clean cut. She walked towards her fathers desk where he sat looking over some papers, his glasses low on his nose. 

“Who is this guy.” She pulled a chair from the desk sitting down, she was letting him know she wasn’t going anywhere. 

“His name is Choi Jun Seo. He runs the international side of the company, fluent in 3 languages, learning a fourth. He graduated top if his class-”

Yeon cut her father off, tapping on his desk. “I didn’t ask for his resume abeoji.” 

Her father slowly lifted his head, pushing his glasses on his nose. The wrinkles around his eyes, deepening as he sighed. “I think, he would be a good match for you.” 

“I knew something was up!” Yeon stood up in her chair, pointing at her father. “Is this why I came back? Don’t lie to me.” 

Her father removed his glasses, rubbing the area between his eye. “Yeon, do not raise your voice at me.” 

She ignored him. “Is it! Tell me! I don’t want to be set up, with some guy who you think is ok for me. That’s not fair!” She pushed away from his desk, throwing her hands into the air. “You can’t do this!”

“I can do as I please, I am your father!” Mr. Hyo stood up, his balled fist slamming down on his desk. 

The air was hot between them. Yeon heard her breathing, she was frustrated and angry. She closed her eyes, willing back the tears that threatened. “Did you even miss me? Or did you just want me back as some shiny little pawn to entice your co-workers with?”

Her fathers face softened. “Why would you say that? Of course, I missed you. Your mother missed you. You belong here at home. It is not safe in Atlanta, we cannot protect you.”

Yeon sniffled. “You don’t have to protect me, I’m a grown woman.” She wiped her eyes, turning her back on her father like a child. 

“You are my child. My only child. He will be here tonight to introduce himself to you in a formal setting, that is all. I am pushing however, that you two will date.” Mr. Hyo came from around his desk, at 5′9″ he towered over his daughter, lifting her chin to look at him. “Give him a chance.” 

She tugged her chin from her fathers grasp. “If he’s ugly, I’m not doing anything.” 

“Park Yeon..” He said quietly. 

“I don’t like this, and I don’t agree to it. I will be cordial though.” Her father chuckled, hugging his daughter tight. 

“You’re like your mother, I suppose that is all I can ask for now.” 

Chapter Two

So I came back to the dorm from work today to find my roommate Thomas ( @hunhan-never-dies ) went and stuck posters all over our bedroom wall.

Keeping in mind our dorm rooms are literally two meters wide, he’s being a bit of a wall hog tbh

and he hasn’t finished yet.

Not that I’m complaining, I mean they’re pretty fucking gorgeous. Just…could you warn a guy next time? Like for real bro, it kind of scared the crap out of me.

Are we even allowed posters in our dorms? Well we’ll find out. *cough*

Oh, and he owes me a new desk.