EXO Reaction to Finding Out You (GF) Died

*Warning* This is about death and may cause feels

Ah, I just can’t handle this. My heart hurts writing this. I hope you guys enjoy this reaction <3

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Baekhyun: The moment he got the call, he could feel his heart shatter. All joy that once filled his heart disappeared and he was left feeling empty. For the first time in his life, he was at a loss for words. He never thought he would lose you. You were supposed to be the one stable thing in his life, but now you were gone. For almost a year, nothing could cheer him up. He walked around like an empty shell of himself. You will always be my light. He thought to himself every time he looked at the picture of you that rested beside his bed.

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Chanyeol: No one had ever seen him so angry. He had gotten the call after their closing concert and all excitement that he had felt was gone. He may have been the happy virus, but without you, he could not bring himself to truly smile. Day in and day out, he tried his hardest remain cheerful for the others, for your spirit, but deep down, he could do nothing but hate himself for not being there for you.

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Chen: “No, no, no. That isn’t funny. Whoever the hell this is, I will find you and make you pay for a sick joke like this.” He told the person on the phone during dance practice. The other boys listened as he continued to deny the claims of your passing. “What do you mean car accident? She would never get in a car accident. She is always careful, even when she isn’t driving.” He said, more to himself than to anyone. His tried his hardest to hold it together, repeating that it must all be a joke and that he would see you when he comes home.

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D.O.: I should have been there. I should have felt this coming. I should have protected her. I should have done something… He continuously told himself as he sat at the kitchen table. None of the boys knew what to say to him, but they noticed that he hadn’t eaten since he heard the news a few days ago and hadn’t bothered to even leave the house. All he ever did was sing My Turn To Cry and stare at your picture on the background of his phone.

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Kai: His feet felt as though they would bleed and his legs were begging him to stop, but he couldn’t. All he wanted to do was dance. All he wanted to do was keep his body moving so he wouldn’t collapse. All he wanted to do was his consume himself with the beat of the music so his mind wouldn’t be able to focus on the thought of you. He didn’t want to think about it. He danced to his solo stage for Baby Don’t Cry, and he could feel his tears rolling down his cheeks, but he never stopped moving.

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Lay: “And then the boys told me that if I didn’t return from China with food, they would send me right back. They are so funny. Especially Baekhyun. He wanted me to say hello by the way.” He said as he stared up at the sky. It was a sunny day but he couldn’t bring himself to actual smile as he slowly turned his head to look at your grave. For a brief second, he had actually hoped that he would turn and see your smiling face looking back at him instead of the cold cobblestone that had your name carved into it.

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Sehun: He sat in your room, staring down at your clothes that laid on the floor. They had asked him to pick out a dress for you… your burial dress… The thought made his heart tighten. How could he honestly pick something like that? He looked down at one of the black dresses. The dress you had worn on your first anniversary. He remembered how you had paired them with your red heels; claiming you could never go without adding a bit of color. He turned to the other dress. It was a simple white dress that you wore during one of the random dates he took you on, but when he looked at it, all he could think about what how precious you looked. If anything, you should look like the angel you are.

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Suho: “No, I don’t care what they said. There must be something that can be done. Money is not a concern in this matter. Just save her!” He yelled into the phone as the doctor told him that you were in the hospital from a car crash. He knew the moment he heard the doctor’s voice that it was too late, but he could not take that as an answer. He would not lose you. He would do anything to keep you. He would not give up. He felt everything falling apart. The next year, no one could get him out of his room. He had locked himself away; ignoring everyone and anyone who called on him. I am so sorry I couldn’t save you.

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Xiumin: “Hello, this is (Y/N). Sorry I couldn’t come to the phone. I’m probably doing something stupid with nine goofy boys. Please leave your name and number and I will try to get back to you.” Xiumin listened as the beep sounded before hanging up and redialing. He had been calling your number for the past week straight. He knew you wouldn’t answer, but it was also the only way he could hear your voice again. “Hello, this is (Y/N)…” He felt the teas slowly rolling down his cheek. He turned up the volume on his blue-tooth headphones  as he listened to the rest of your answering machine.

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EXO Reaction to all of them liking the same girl

TBH, I think they would talk about it before putting their friendship in danger. I love you, Admin A~

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Chanyeol: *Serious Chan* “Listen guys, I’m into her and I won’t let her go. I’m determined and nothing will stop me”

Kris: “Say all the things you want. She loves me and no one else. I’m Galaxy Kris, what did you guys expect?”

Sehun: *He doesn’t mind that they are fighting for you. He will go straight ahead and tell you his feelings. No one takes what is his*

Tao: *Cries* “But guys… I told you I loved her… Why can’t you respect that?”

Kai: *He would play fair and give his all. If the others want you too then they would have to get your heart, but he never looses so don’t worry he won’t stop until you choose him*

Xiumin: “You better stay away from her. All of you!” *Like a boss*

Baekhyun: “Do you guys think you stand a chance? We are talking about me! The almighty Baekhyun!” 

Luhan: *Pissed* “She needs a real man! Not you guys! So she will be with me!””

Chen: *Just laughs at them* “You guys must be stupid. She loves me and only me!”

Kyungsoo: *Hearing tot heir nonsense while he is secretly planning something to win your heart*

Lay: “You guys like her too?! Isn’t she amazing?” *Fangirling with them*

Suho: “We all need to talk about your future mother! We need rules guys!”

Broken- Part 10 (A Chanyeol Scenario)

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“Jongdae…” Suho attempted to break the silence that fell upon everyone, ready to ask for an explanation. All of the boys turned towards him on instinct, and he shied away from the attention, he hadn’t really given much thought to what he would say. What was there to say?

“This is all your fault.” Chanyeol spoke, staring at the older boy with tears forming in his eyes. Chen would have rejoiced in his suffering, but at that moment, he felt just as hurt, and deep down he knew Chanyeol was right. To an extent, anyway.

“How is it my fault you idiot?” He argued back regardless, because he wasn’t going to go down without a fight, but he didn’t have it in him to throw a punch, he was way too defeated for that. The remaining boys shifted uncomfortably, no one knew what to say, or how to solve the situation. It was awkward, and impossible, and the worst case scenario.

“You told her about the phone! And you lied about me bragging! I never bragged about anything!” Chanyeol shouted, his voice raspy from the tears he was trying so hard to hold back, he couldn’t cry, not in front of Jongdae. Chen flinched at the tone, this really had caused a divide in the band, and it had ruined his friendship with the younger boy, and it hurt him, everything hurt him.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have touched her phone then! You only did that out of spite because it was me calling! And you had to come back, and rub it in my face how you had slept with her, and spent the night with her, and you knew that would hurt me!” Chen spat out, anger beginning to bubble inside him at the memories. He was right after all, Chanyeol had done all of that out of spite, to hurt him directly, so why should he feel bad about anything?

“What are you trying to say?” Chanyeol yelled at him, getting up from his spot on the couch, his hands balled into tight fists, his arms shaking, Baekhyun immediately grabbed him, in an attempt to avoid another physical confrontation. He wanted Chanyeol to hit Chen, hell, he wanted to hit him himself, but he knew a fight would get them anywhere. Right now, the problem was you, and not in the bad sense, not completely, you were somewhere out there, hurting, believing something that wasn’t necessarily true, feeling used and betrayed by two boys who you quite clearly had feelings for.

“I’m saying that none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for you! She was fine with me, we were happy, what we had was good and it was evolving! And then you come around, and mess it all up! You ruined it all!” Chen yelled back, the anger that was slowly growing to a boiling point was reaching a dangerous point. He resented Chanyeol. He knew he was in the wrong, he should have let you go the moment he found out about the taller boy’s true feelings towards you, but he was in too deep to just let you go. Somewhere in between the heated kisses, and the passionate touches, he began falling for the girl that was behind all that.

And then Chanyeol had to go cause a drama scene and make everyone pity him, asking you out on a date and making you fall for him. Maybe you already liked him from before, maybe you didn’t. He didn’t care, Chanyeol deserved your anger.

“You are an asshole! None of this would have happened if you hadn’t fucked Y/N in the first place!!” Baekhyun exploded, standing up next to Chanyeol, and glaring at Jongdae. Suho, Xiumin and Lay exchanged looks, and as quickly as they could, Sehun and Kai were on either side of the boys, ready to act as bouncers if they had to.

“What I did with Y/N was none of your business! It’s not my fault Chanyeol took forever to ask her out! He didn’t even say he liked her, how was I supposed to know? I was drunk, she was drunk, and we all know she is beautiful, what is a man to do?” Chen yelled back, his fists clenched, his jaw squared, and his body trembling as red began tinting his skin. From the corner of his eye he noticed the younger boys nodding, and he knew then everyone had thought about you that way at least once. He wanted to punch them all.

“BUT YOU KEPT DOING IT AFTER YOU FOUND OUT! WE ALL HEARD HIS CRIES AT NIGHT, WE ALL SAW WHAT HE WAS GOING THROUGH, AND YOU KEPT DOING IT! YOU CHOSE TO HURT YOUR FRIEND. WHY? I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY?!” Baekhyun roared, standing in front of Chanyeol, and waving his arms around, the veins in his neck popping out, his eyes becoming narrow, and his breathing ragged.

“BECAUSE I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER!” Chen replied, his voice echoing in the room, as everyone else fell silent. Chanyeol’s eyes connected with Chen’s teary ones, and for the first time since that night at the club, he asked himself if it was actually possible that Chen’s feelings towards you resembled his own in any way. Everyone remained quiet, as they looked at Chen with wide eyes, even Baekhyun was too shocked to speak back. No one had ever expected him to have any sort of feelings towards you. Neither did he. The moment those words came out of his mouth, he covered it with his hands, utterly shocked. He felt tears prickle his eyes, before savagely rolling down his face. He wiped them away quickly, before walking off towards his room, leaving a group of stunned men behind him.

“Xiumin… You’re her best friend… Do you-Do you think she’ll come back? Please make her come back… I can’t lose her again… please…” Chanyeol begged, slumping down onto the sofa. Xiumin looked at him with pain and pity.

“I don’t know Chan… I… I-… I have never seen her like this before. I think we should give her some time before we take action. Give her space, I’ll talk to her okay? I promise I will try my best…” Xiumin stuttered weakly, because although he was dying to give some sort of comfort to his friend, he wasn’t even sure you would even listen to him the moment he tried to talk you into coming back. He knew you, he knew the way you locked yourself away, and kept everyone out when you were hurt, and the rivalry between the two idiots had most definitely hurt you.

Xiumin felt guilty, after all, this had been his fault. His fault for ever introducing you to the boys, his fault for encouraging Chanyeol so many times to ask you out, his fault for insisting you go out with them to the club that fateful night, his fault for handing you the first drink, even though you refused. It was his fault because he could be losing his best friend, his everything, because of two stupid boys, and he felt responsible for it all.

You ran back into your room, and threw yourself onto your bed, holding your pillow tightly and letting all of your emotions out onto it. You felt the tears leave your eyes, one after the other, almost as if it was a race. You felt the saltiness reach your lips, but you ignored it, because everything inside you hurt, everything inside you felt dead and rotting. You were broken, because you had trusted two men, and both had betrayed you.

You cried until you thought you had no more tears in you, until your face was red and puffy, and your eyes burned, and you had somehow managed to bite your lip too hard and make it bleed a little. You had managed to give yourself a headache from crying to hard. You were probably dehydrated.  Your heart felt like it was being squeezed by someone tightly, your chest was constricted, and your stomach upturned. It was a horrible feeling. You couldn’t breathe, no matter how deep your breaths were, or how many you took, air just didn’t seem to be filling your lungs.

You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, but you ignored it. You weren’t ready to face the world yet. The vibration stopped after a while, but soon enough it started again, and again, and again. You thought your phone was going to explode from all the spam it was receiving.

You pulled it out of your pocket, and unlocked it. You had 4 missed calls from Chanyeol, one from Xiumin, and a text, and a text from Chen, asking if you were okay. You sighed at them, and decided to turn your phone off for the night, you just couldn’t deal with it anymore. You needed to sleep, all you wanted was to sleep, to fall unconscious for a few hours, and forget about your troubles, about your pain, you didn’t want to feel anything anymore.

And so you managed to cry yourself to sleep, with your phone in your hand, and your face stuck to the pillow, your body curled up into a ball, weak and numb.

Back at the dorm, Jongdae was in his room, staring at the phone in his hands, knowing he wasn’t going to receive a reply any time soon, because his question had been stupid, you weren’t okay, and you wouldn’t be for some time. Chanyeol kept calling you, even though he got directed to voicemail every time, because he had hopes that you would let him talk to you, and explain everything. So he ended up falling asleep, on his bed, with his phone stuck to his ear, as he tried calling you one last time. And Xiumin paced the living room, clutching his phone tightly in his hand, knowing you were out there, crying and hurt, and you needed him, and he couldn’t do anything about it, because he too had messed up, and you wouldn’t want to talk to him even if you needed him more than you needed air right now.

And that night, everyone was a little broken inside.

(150804) Kai: I don't drink alcohol...
  • But then...
  • Kai:I'm a strawberry, EXO-L are grapes.
  • Kai:Anyone here raise a raptor?
  • Kai:EXO-L are eggs.
  • Kai:*Talks about getting a couple ring with EXO-L to wear on his toe*.
  • Kai:My foot size is 4000. My height is 50000.
  • Kai:I'm friends with real ghosts, but fake ghosts are scary.
  • Kai:I thought nail polish was lip balm, so I put it on my lips.
  • Me:Okay, so are you sure about your first answer?

EXO wouldn’t last a day on Beyond Scared Straight pt. 2

(the ratchet exo vine vault)

Broken- Part 11 (A Chanyeol Scenario)

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Baekhyun looked around at the dorm, and sighed deeply. Everyone was so dispirited ever since the last time you “visited”. It had been the first time any of them had seen you since that time Baekhyun rudely insulted you when you came to see Chen, and he really couldn’t imagine anything worse happening. He had to admit to himself that they had all missed you, including himself.

Ever since Minseok had brought you back to the dorm, you had made their days a little brighter, you’d often help Kyungsoo cook, and you’d crack jokes with the now no longer existent beagle line, and you’d just cheered everyone up whenever you were around. It was as if your smile lit up the entire room, your laughter was contagious, and in all honesty, he sometimes felt you were almost like a sister to him. He especially enjoyed the change they had all seen you go through, from the shy quiet girl, to the confident woman that had the world in her hands, he felt proud.

He watched Sehun and Kai playing videogames on the couch, but they didn’t bicker or argue like they usually did, they seemed to just be passing time. Kyungsoo cooked a meal silently in the kitchen, while Suho read the news on his phone. He watched Lay come out of his room, looking straight at the floor, as he dried his hair with the towel. He sighed again.

He began walking towards Chanyeol’s room, passing in front of Xiumin’s and Chen’s doors, and he cringed at the eerie silence, they had hardly left their rooms since the incident, they went out to practice, and to eat, but they refused to speak to anyone. How did things end up like this? How had all these grown men let the situation get out of control like it had done? Where was their friendship?

He stood in front of Chanyeol’s room, with his fist raised, ready to knock, when he heard the muffled sobs breaking through the tranquility, and he felt his heart break, he couldn’t stand the idea of his friend being in pain again. He leaned against the door, his hand clutching his shirt at the area where his heart should be. He knew things had gotten out of control, and right now, he was probably the only one that could do anything about it, and also, he owed you an apology.

It had been almost two months since you last saw anyone, you had spent every free moment that you weren’t working, locked away in your apartment, either crying in bed, or watching bad horror movies that you would later on freak out over at night.

You had decided to turn your phone on again about a week ago, and there wasn’t a day that passed that you didn’t receive at least one missed call from Chanyeol, and a text message telling you he was sorry and he missed you. Chen hadn’t called yet, and you knew he was giving you the space you had asked for, but he still texted every few days to make sure you were okay; you never replied, but he knew you had read them, and that was enough for him.

You felt bad for ignoring Minseok, he wasn’t at fault, but you just didn’t feel strong enough to face him yet, you felt like you had abandoned him ever since you got involved in the whole ordeal with the two boys, and that hurt you. Minseok had been your friend for so long, you no longer remembered what life was like before you met him.

Suddenly, you felt your phone vibrate beside you, as you sat down on bed, eating a bowl of cereal, and you quickly glanced at it, expecting the usual call from Chanyeol, but you almost choked with your food the moment you saw the caller ID. Baekhyun.

You swallowed, and with shaky hands, picked up your phone, you answered the call, and brought it to your ear.

“Yes?” You asked, not sure how to respond. You almost cringed at the sound of your own voice; you weren’t sure if the crying had made it more hoarse, or if it was the fact that you were no longer used to the sound of your own voice, since you hadn’t talked to anyone since that night.

“Hey Y/N… Eh… It’s Baekhyun” He replied awkwardly, and you had to hold back a giggle, it was nice hearing him get all awkward while talking to you, it made you wonder how long he had spent trying to convince himself to make the call.

“I know, Your name popped up on the screen with that silly selca you took.” You told him, with an amused yet sassy tone. You heard him gasp, then chuckle.

“Oh… I didn’t think you’d still have my number.” He replied sincerely, and you could almost see him scratching the back of his head as he replied.

“I would never delete you Baek.” You whispered back, and judging by your tone, both you and the puppy boy could tell that you had long forgiven him for what he did. He relaxed, but he still felt incredibly guilty. You understood him though, at least now you did, he was hurting too, and when one is angry, sometimes they lash out at the wrong person.

“I know… You are too good Y/N. I don’t deserve it… Listen, I know you probably don’t want to see any of our faces right now, but I was wondering if you would like to meet me for coffee today? I promise I won’t say a word about it to anyone else. Just us two, I feel there is something I should tell you.” He spoke hurriedly, and you knew by the noise in the background, the other boys were coming towards him, and he meant to keep his promise of not telling anyone about your secret encounter. You weren’t completely comfortable with the idea of meeting him in secret, but you agreed nonetheless.

“Sure, just text me the place and time and I’ll be there.” You replied, a small smile playing on your lips. It would do you some good to get out and breathe fresh air.

“Okay, see you soon Y/N” He told you, and you nodded, before realizing he couldn’t see you, and saying goodbye verbally this time.

Less than a minute later, your phone buzzed with an incoming text from Baekhyun, and you quickly jumped in the shower, ready to clean yourself. You didn’t really mean to impress Baek, but you wanted to look at least half-decent, and someone with terrible bed hair, and sticky skin, and tense muscles, was surely nowhere near half-decent.

You got out of the shower quickly, rubbing your body with the towel to dry yourself off. You rummaged through your closet, trying to find something cute but comfortable to wear, Baekhyun could be a bit of a diva sometimes, and you weren’t really in the mood for any of his jokes about being embarrassed to be seen in public with you with the way you were dressed.

You quickly styled your hair, and did your make up, and after you were done brushing your teeth and spraying perfume on, you rushed out of your apartment, a little late to your friends date with Byun Baekhyun.

The moment he noticed you at the door of the café, looking around a little lost, and a little flustered, since you had ran all the way there, he stood up and waved at you with a wide grin on his face. You noticed him instantly, he wasn’t exactly easy to miss, so you rushed towards him, trying to avoid people’s curious glances, and sat down in front of him, your cheeks still flushed. You looked down at your hands.

“Yah! You look so cute when you blush” He told you, pinching one of your cheeks like he would with a 5 year old child. You huffed, and puffed your cheeks out, pouting.

“Baek! Stop treating me like a child! I am a grown woman you know?” You told him with a grumpy tone, and he let out a soft laugh.

“I know, the things you have done with my band members show that, naughty girl…” He replied cheekily, shaking his head as he pretended to scold you. You glared at him.

“Why are you always trying to embarrass me?!” You whined, and he looked at you and smiled.

“Because you are like my little sister, and as an older brother, it is my job to embarrass you.” He confessed softly, his smile becoming warmer, as his eyes bore into yours. You blushed.

“Y/N… I’m really sorry for what I said that day… I didn’t mean it… Well I did, then, but I really don’t think of you that way. I was just angry, and upset, and I lashed out at the wrong person. And I know there really is no excuse for what I said, and I was a total dick, and an ass, and stupid, and horrible, and mean. I know, but I just wanted to call you here today, to apologize sincerely, from the bottom of my heart. You mean a lot to me Y/N, you really do, and I’d hate to lose you for saying something stupid…” He told you, grabbing onto your hand tightly, as his eyes connected with yours, warm and sparkly, and full of honesty. Looking into his puppy eyes, you had no doubt, he really did mean everything he had said, so you rested your free hand on top of his, and smiled.

“I forgive you Baek.” You replied simply, smiling at him. His eyes widened in surprise.

“You do?” He asked, completely shocked by how easily you had let go of everything he said. He didn’t deserve to be forgiven. You nodded at him, and tightened your hold on his hands.

“You are my friend Baek. You are important to me. So I forgive you, as long as you promise to never hate me for no reason again.” You told him, and he smiled at you, completely in awe with how big and precious your heart was, but something shifted inside him.

“I never hated you… Listen… Ah… How do I tell you this? Okay, there is something you need to know. I know you won’t want to hear it, but you need to. Chanyeol never bragged about sleeping with you, he just mentioned it to Chen out of spite, when Chen made a joke about how you probably just cuddled him to sleep. Okay, no, sit down, don’t leave. You have to hear this.” He told you, pulling you back down, as you tried to get up at the mention of the guy you had given your trust to.

“Listen, Chanyeol was wrong in messing with your phone, but you have to understand him, he is stupid, and in love, and that’s the worst combination you can get. Y/N don’t you understand? Chanyeol has been in love with you practically from the moment you met. He was always too scared to ask you out, always too scared of being rejected. And then you slept with Chen that night. It tore him apart. Not only that, but you became Chen’s friend with benefits, and Chanyeol had to hear you two every time you came round. You weren’t there to hear him cry, and yell, and howl in pain, you weren’t there to see the scars on his arms multiply every time. I’m not saying this is your fault, but you have to understand why he would act like this. He loves you Y/N. He really does. I think they both do, but Chanyeol has loved you from the start, and you can’t keep pushing them both away, because you know you have feelings for them.” He told you, his voice soft and soothing, as he held onto your hands tightly, too afraid you would get up and run for the door.

Your bottom lip quivered. You felt tears begin to sting your eyes, and you knew he was right. You did have feelings for them, but what feelings were those? You were shocked to find out that they both loved you.

“What the hell is this?” You heard a deep, booming voice speak from above you, and Baekhyun immediately froze in place. You quickly yanked your hand away from his, and put them on your lap, before turning to look at Chanyeol with your eyes wide open.

A/N: drama, such drama… I am currently writing part 15 ;) And I honestly hope you will love all the parts that will come ^^ Things become serious after this, just saying

EXO REACTION: You (Best friend+Crush) falling asleep on them~

Sure can! here you go anon <3 

Xiumin: She’s so precious… *tries to contain himself from pinching your cheeks*

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Luhan: *Laughs at the way you’re sleeping uncontrollably since you look so adorable* 

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Kris: *Will hold you close and kiss you softly on your cheek, and when you wake up he will smile innocently and deny it* 

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Suho: *He will feel like his heart skipped a beat when he see how cute you look snuggling closer to him. His eyes will tell a lot but he will remain silent stroking your hair humming softly for you to sleep~*  

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Lay: *He will feel flustered when a small smile appear on your face as you nuzzle your face in his chest and will start giggling crazily* 

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Baekhyun: “How dare you sleep on me!” He will say playfully attacking and tickling you like the little shit he is.

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Chen: *He will poke your cheek and tease you until you wake up and glare at him. He will apologise then startle you with a quick peck getting you both flustered and laughing awkwardly* 

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Chanyeol: *He will cover your tiny figure with his huge jacket and stare at your sleeping face, and when you wakeup he will smile warmly making you blush and hide your face in his chest only then, he will realise that he can’t keep his feelings to himself anymore* 

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Kyungsoo: *He was in the middle of telling you something then be startled when you hug his arm and breath against his neck, sleeping like a baby. He will feel flustered and will try his hardest not to freak out. When you wake up he will laugh at the way you’re rubbing your eyes cutely. He will not resist the urge to pull you in for a tight hug* 

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Tao: *Will whine and will never let you sleep* ignore Sehun and chanyeol

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Kai: *will snuggle closer to you and sleep* 

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Sehun: *Will smile genuinely when he see your innocent sleeping face, and will hold you firmly and closer to him until you wakeup. Most likely to kiss you the minute you open your eyes.* 

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