As a person that enjoys both EXO and BTS, I found the lyrics of “Monster” and “Blood, sweat and tears” similar. Before you hate me, I’ll explain. Both lyrics speak about totally surrendering to another person. EXO’s are more physical and definitely the word choice makes it sound as more rude, on the other hand, BTS’s is at a more “romantic” level. Also in “Monster” the guy is the one taking the action, while in “Blood, sweat and tears” it is the guy who is asking the girl to take action. Different doers, similar request. Love both songs, though.

D.O - 161204 CJ Entertainment Instagram update: “#200만 돌파! 감사해형~ 실시간 인증샷! 오늘은 완전체 형제 출동 준비 완료! 지금 바로 극장에서 만나형~💕 #형_절찬흥행중”

Translation: “#Surpassed 2,000,000 admissions! Thank you~ Real-time proof shot! Today, the brothers have prepared and are ready to mobilise! Let’s meet in the theatre right now~💕 #Hyung_a box-office success”

Credit: CJ Entertainment. (Note: ‘형’ - ‘Hyung’, the title of the film - is continually used in place of the similar-sounding final ‘요’ (‘yo’), both as a pun and for a cute/aegyo effect.)