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Chanyeol - 160925 Instagram account update: “오늘 받고 신나서 하루종일 차고다님 #왠지소속감이든다 #어른이된기분”

Translation: “I received this today and was so excited I wore it all day #For some reason I feel a sense of belonging #The feeling of becoming an adult”

Credit: real__pcy.

I wish people would stop hating on Exo about everything. I know this is impossible, but I feel so sorry for them especially when they’re working so hard for us. I also wish people would stop bashing Chanyeol and Sehun for their rapping. They’ve been improving so much and people should stop comparing them with other rappers. Just because they weren’t underground rappers or don’t have mixtapes doesn’t mean that they’re bad or can’t improve.

Little dark dots

Her fingers traced lines on my skin, slowly unbuttoning my shirt. She was sitting on my lap, legs wrapped around my waist. My hands held her hips, pulling her closer whenever her lips touched my bare skin. 

There was no sexual tension between us in that moment, it was just love, pure love. She was the girl I loved the most, the girl I wished to make happy for all eternity, and she was the girl that gave me life. 

Before I met her, I thought the moles on my skin were hideous, I thought they made me look more than imperfect, flawed; but she proved me wrong. As her lips kissed each one of the dark dots, I remembered each one of the sweet words coming out of her mouth, telling me how much I mattered, how perfect I was. Sometimes I still doubted it, but it doesn’t take much for her to convince me otherwise. I just need to look into her beautiful eyes, full of light, to remember that those things don’t matter, only she and me do. 

I’m looking into her eyes now, she knows I’m thinking about it, thinking how much she has changed my life. She smiles, I smile. There’s this cute blush on her cheeks that make me giggle and hug her tighter. We don’t need to exchange words, we don’t need to whisper the words that aren’t coming out. We only need to look at each other to know what we are thinking, what we are doing. Love. 

I love her and she knows. I love her and I won’t stop saying it. I love her and I always will. I love my girl. 

A/N So I know it’s a little short but I didn’t want to write a whole smut scenario, just something sweet and romantic. I’m kind of done with sexy times because it just gets boring and I think cute and romantic things like this are more intimate and beautiful. Hope you all like it! Admin A~