hello everyone!

so i am a new pastel kpop blog and i don’t follow many people, so i would really appreciate it if you’d reblog/like this if you are/post any of the following:

-exo (preferably pastel, but non is fine!)
-tao/kris/luhan biased
-chen biased
-xiumin biased
-basically just exo-m biased
-white aesthetics
-purple aesthetics
-black aesthetics
-self made graphics/edits (but any graphic blogs are fine!)
-fanfiction (preferably exo & any chen/xiumin/kris ships, but others are fine!)
-fanart (preferably exo)

i will check out everyone who reblogs/likes this post! ^^


hello~ i am a new pale/pastel/kpop blog and i am looking for people to follow! if you can, could you reblog/like this post if you are/post any if the following:

-pale kpop/kpop edits 

-pastel kpop/kpop edits 

-kpop graphics 

-exo graphics/edits (preferably pale and/or pastel) 

-luhan biased 

-exo fanart (ot12 included) 

-exo fanfics (ot12 included) 

-aesthetics (grids, minimalism, photography, constellations, etc.) 






-girl groups (esp. rv, apink, mamamoo, snsd, the ark, sistar, & kara) 

that’s really it! i also love meeting new people and making friends so please don’t be shy! i’m really nice, promise kk~