[INFO] EXO’s“The War”holds most #1 countries (34) on itunes for ANY kpop group EVER!


They have recently surpassed the records held by Big Bang and BTS with 25 and 27 countries respectively. Congratulations EXO!

[INFO] EXO is the ONLY group to have 100 music show wins after Big Bang and SNSD. They are THIRD for most group wins of ALL TIME, not to mention the ONLY third generation group.

They are the youngest group to enter this ever, with the above groups having at least 5 more years of music show wins. It is an honor and an incredible feat for EXO to stand side by side these older and acknowledged legends, making EXO a legend in their own right. Congratulations EXO! (x)

[INFO] EXO Becomes 1st Boy Group Ever to Achieve 100 GROUP Wins on Music Shows (not including subunits, solos) They are the only group besides SNSD to reach this number!

Call Me Baby: 18
Growl: 14
Overdose: 12
Love Me Right: 11
Miracles in December: 10
Monster: 9
Lotto: 7
Wolf: 4
Sing For You: 3
December 2014 and For Life: 1 

And lastly as of 08/10/17, KokoBop: 10

TOTAL: 100 music show wins!

No one can deny that they are now truly legends in their own right. Congratulations EXO! (X)

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EXO Wins Big at the 6th GAON Chart Music Awards!

EXO won 4 awards at the 6th GAON Chart Music Awards, winning the most awards of the night!

  • Album Artist of the Year (2nd Quarter)
  • Album Artist of the Year (3rd Quarter) 
  • Artist of Fan Choice (Individual) [SEHUN]
  • Artist of Fan Choice (Group)

Congratulations EXO!

[INFO] EXO’s “The War” album reaches 700k on Hanteo in less than 3 weeks! This is FIVE weeks faster than EX’ACT which took around EIGHT weeks to pass 700k. Once again, EXO has beat their own record!

Congratulations EXO! (x)

Top 10 Most Watched Korean OST Music Videos on YouTube

01 Chen & Punch ‘Everytime’
02 Chanyeol & Punch ‘Stay With Me’

03 Yoon Mirae ‘Always’
04 Davichi ‘This Love’
05 K.will ‘Talk Love’
06 Gummy ‘You Are My Everything’
07 Baekhyun ‘Beautiful’
08 Mad Clown & Kim Nayoung ‘Once Again’
09 EXO-CBX ‘For You’
10 Chen ‘Best Luck’ 

Congratulations EXO!