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Once again it came to no surprise when EXO won the 30th GOLDEN DISK AWARD and even though they have won many many ward in the past and will win in the future I can’t help but want to leap in joy every time. I haven’t been in this fandom as much as some but I am very proud to call myself an exo-l and be proud of how amazingly talented the boys are. They put all the sweats, tears and smile into pleasing their fans and making us happy. I hope they don’t push themselves and gets lots of rest. I also hope they continue to do their best and win many more awards in 2016, we are very proud of you guys! EXO SARANGHAJA!

Someone call the doctor~ ❤️
EXO won 3 awards during GDA (30th Golden Disc Awards) last night!
And again broke records with wining the grand prize for another 3 consecutive years!✨👏👑❤️
Wow I’m truly speechless! I am so proud of EXO!❤️ They deserve this!
EXO won The Global Popularity Award following The Bonsang Award and in the end won The Disc Daesang Award! ✨👑😍👏🎉❤️
And also they performed My Answer (Suho, Baekhyun, D.O) for the special stage then Sing For You and Love Me Right. Xiumin and Kai were sitting on chairs during the performance despite their injuries and it was so heart breaking 😭❤️
#GetWellSoonXiumin #GetWellSoonKai
I hope their legs get better soon and they rest! Please take care babies 🙏❤️
Also I wished Lay could perform with his members, he’s so busy in China and I’m concerned because of all the schedules they all have! 😭❤️
Once again CONGRATS TO EXO & EXO-L !!!👑❤️✨🎉🎉👏😍🙈😘😘❤️👑
Our fanchants were the loudest (as always ofc 😂😏) and light sticks with silver ocean looks so beautiful! EXO light sticks were everywhere!✨🙈
I want to part of the silver ocean instead of just watching them live every time! 🙏😭😍❤️
EXO SLAYYY👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️
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EXO - 160121 30th Golden Disk Awards twitter update: “[#30thGolden] 음반부문 골든디스크 글로벌 인기상 - #엑소 축하합니다. #EXO #KAI #CHEN #SEHUN #LAY #XIUMIN #BAEKHYUN #DO #SUHO #CHANYEOL”

Translation: “[#30thGolden] Global Popularity Award for the disk category at Golden Disk- Congratulations #EXO. #EXO #KAI #CHEN #SEHUN #LAY #XIUMIN #BAEKHYUN #DO #SUHO #CHANYEOL”

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EXOluXion in Manila Day 2 Done ✔
Im just so proud to say im a Philippine EXO-L, you guys really made this memorable for EXO specially when you danced in Call Me Baby. They were really impressed it was their first time seeing their fans dance in the concert Xiumin was so amussed. (Baekhyun even called us PHIXO 😂) They were really really really happy tonight, they wanted to be here again real quick, the Ocean tonight was beautiful though there were other colored lightsticks, but job well done EXO and EXO-Ls you worked hard. Take good care of yourselves EXO and so good to here that Xiumins injury is healing that fast as he said, get well soon to the both of you Kai and Xiumin. Congratulations EXO, take care, have a rest. Thank you, Mahal namin kayo! (We love you) Fighting! We are One!

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