EXO’s Reactions When They Accidentally Touch Your Boobs .

Sehun:  He’d just keep doing what he was doing, not even apologizing.

Kai:  He wouldn’t even apologize for touching your boobs and would just keep doing what he was doing, acting like nothing happened.

Tao: He’d probably laugh a little and might “accidentally” touch your boob again before saying sorry to you.

D.O: His eyes would probably go wide and he’d just sit there for a few seconds. *not even realizing what he is doing.*

Chanyeol:  He’d probably just laugh, saying sorry and, while he is saying sorry, he’d be the type to touch your boob again when he says it, like he is apologizing to it.

Chen:*laughs his ass off* he wouldn't even care.

Baekyun: It’s not fault that your boob was in the way of my hand.

Lay: He probably wouldn’t have even noticed until you told him that he just touched your boob, but then he’d quickly apologize to you.

Suho: He wouldn’t really know what to do.

Kris: *Speechless*

Luhan: *you complaining in the background*That wasn’t what you said last night when I did more than touching them.

Xiumin:  Stop being a drama queen, that wasn’t even your boob!



Why does this give me so much joy?

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