why did he do this


“do you miss luhan kris and tao?”

EXO Reaction to having shared morning sickness with you

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Chanyeol: “Let’s stay home all day Y/N… maybe if we cuddle we’ll feel better” *Rubs your tummy*

Kris: “We are in this together babe. I’ll be by your side until our daughter arrives” *It’s not a burden to him, he is happy he can also have the whole experience of being a father*

Sehun: *Tries to drink something but feels sick immediately* “You feel this all the time?”

Tao: *Tries to stand up but everything spins around* “What is this baobei? I feel terrible”

Kai: *Dizzy* “Y/N do you have some pills for this? I think I’m going to have to stay here all morning with you” *Tries to be strong but has a terrible headache too*

Xiumin: *Deep breath* “Alright, I’ll call a Kyungsoo because the two of us can’t stay in bed. Don’t worry, I’ll ask for his help”

Baekhyun: *Cuddles with you* “Your man will stay here, I’ll take care of you” *Needs more help than you*

Luhan: *GIF*

Chen: “It’s alright wifey don’t worry. I’m happy because this means our baby is coming”

Kyungsoo: *Even tho he feels a little sick, he cooks something for you and takes care of you until you feel better*

Lay: “Rest baobei. I won’t go anywhere” *Positive unicorn*

Suho: “I’ll call the members and tell them to nurse us! Those sons of mine need to take care of their daddy” *Always finds a solution*


Xiumin - 150827 Disney Channel Mickey Mouse Club - Cut - [ENG SUB]

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EXO Reaction when you give them hickeys before their photoshoot

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Chanyeol: “You will pay for that, girl!”

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Chen: *hides in the bathroom* “Should I take my clothes off? So they can see the others too..”

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Suho: *looks at you* “Thank you very much, little one, daddy is amused.”

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Tao: “A+, girl. I love them.”

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Lay: >great, now everyone can see it..< *ashamed*

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Luhan:  “I’m manly, hickeys are a must.”

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Sehun: “I will punish you later, you naughty girl.”

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Baekhyun: “Great job my love, now I’m fucked.”

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Kai: *covers himself* “Why you had to do that..”

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Kyungsoo: *hides* “..I-I can’t shoot t-today..”

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Kris: “Oh, girl..I told you it’s an important shoot..”

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Xiumin: “Is this a love mark?..Oh the noes, my photo shoot!!”

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