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Hi, i love your blog, and I was wondering if you could do an EXO reaction of their girlfriend having a crush on the Australian band 5 seconds of summer, and they get jealous. Thank you so much, I hope it's okay for you:)

a/n; Hey there, I hope this is what you had in mind! Please enjoy, and I hope everyone else does too!! :) (also, this is just a disclaimer; I don’t have anything against 5SOS, this is just what I think the members would react as. thank you!)

Xiumin: Really? Them?

Luhan: What does their group have that we don’t?


Suho: I thought we had something special, Y/N.

Lay: *after listening to a song*

Baekhyun: I thought you had good taste in music.

Chen: *takes a deep breath* I’ll only tolerate them because I love you.

Chanyeol: They’re not bad in my book!

D.O.: How cute, our vocals are way better than theirs.

Tao: I’ll do aegyo more if you stop listening to them, baobei! 

Kai: *ignores your fangirling easily*

Sehun: *judging you hard* Jagi, I don’t understand you sometimes.

[Trans] EXO Lay Instagram Update 150523

중국에 완전 멋진 가수 小猪선배님

“Thank you to my idol Show Luo senior for taking care of me.
A super cool singer in China Xiao Zhu senior.”

t/n: show luo’s nickname is xiao zhu and he’s actually from taiwan but also very popular in both countries

Show Luo Instagram Update 

很高興因為(極限挑戰)這個節目認識了你 👍 @zyxzjs 

“Really happy to have met you on this programme (Go Fighting) 👍 @zyxzjs”

Exo’s reaction when they trip in front of their crush.

Xiumin: *tries to distract you from the fact that he just faceplanted in front of you by doing a stupid dance* “Eyyy you saw nothingg..”

Luhan: “Did she saw? Yep, she definitely saw that, great now she’s laughing wow Luhan you are so smooth.” *talks to himself*

Lay: “Wellll that was embarrassing.” *pretends like nothing happened*

Tao: *tries to act cool but ends up being laughed at by his crush* “I know you saw me trip but you’ll be tripping all over me when I take you out.”

Chen: *Trips when he approaches his crush* “Well that didn’t go as smoothly as I planned.”

Kris: “This is your fault, your beauty distracted me from looking where I step! You own me a date.”

Baekhyun:  “That did not just happen..”

Chanyeol: “You try to walk with these legs, I can barely see the ground!”

Sehun: “Mmm good one Sehun you just made sure you bacame the nro 1 laughingstock for the next infinity.“

Suho: *Awkwardly stands back up while his crush keep laughing on the phone* “Great she’s definitely telling everyone what happened, good one Suho good one.“

Kai: “This is not happening.”

D.O: “What’s that flying over there? Oh it’s just my dignity.“

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EXO’s reaction to their girlfriend asking them for a school assignment.

Suho: *teacher mode* I hope you are ready

Baekhyun: Oh fun… School work.

Chanyeol: You want me to what?

D.O: Prepare for the hardest questions you’ve ever seen.

Kai: Are you being serious?


Kris: …Can we cuddle instead?

Lay: I don’t even understand most of this. But I will try.

Luhan: No thanks. 

Xiumin: Sorry, I really can’t help you with this…

Chen: Yay…School work…My favourite…

Tao:  You said you wanted to do something fun… Not bore me to death..