EXO L’S Promise to EXO - (Let’s love Forever)

Finally our #exosongproject project has set off! Please watch it lots and support it guys! Below is the information on what you can do now until EXO’S next anniversary! Check the tag #exosongproject if you are confused on what this post is about :) 

Apologise for poor quality audio - I didn’t have much time to finalise it.

Remember, this is a present FROM YOU to EXO. So whether you participate or just help by spread it around, you’re still part of this project in giving back to exo! So please participate lots! Remember, WE ARE ONE!

What you can do from April 1 - April 8:

  • Reblog this post lots. You can delete it later, but as long as your followers can see the post and is aware about it, that’s good! ^_^ Try spreading this post as much as possible, so more EXO-Ls can be aware of it! Maybe queue it once a day for 8 days or something, then delete it once this project is over :)
  • Link this post to the people you follow. That way, they can see it too and they might also want to spread this around to their followers as well! ^_^ The more people who know, the better!
  • Link this post to the exo networks you’re part of. I’m sure they would want to spread this as well! :D
  • If you can, spread this project/post to other social media sites. That way, people who don’t use tumblr can also know about this as well!
  • Watch this MV if you want as well hehe :D


  • This is most important, so please read carefully:
  • On April 8th, copy the link of this video and paste it on EXO’s instagram account comments! Here are the links to our boys’ instagram accounts: SEHUN | TAO | CHANYEOL | BAEKHYUN | LAY | XIUMIN
  • Do the same for EXO’s weibo accounts! TAO | LAY || Commenting and @ ing them is fine!
  • For members who don’t have social media accounts, you can write a message on the official EXO-L homepage. Write a message and/or commenting on EXO’s past posts is okay too! We know from past experience that EXO lurks around the page during their anniversary and replies to fans’ comments, so be sure to write lots of messages! When you write your personal message, you can also include the link to this MV - kill two birds with one stone! (:
  • Please copy and paste any of these on there: “http://youtu.be/oRK9xYV3Aw4 FROM EXO L” OR “우리의 약속 http://youtu.be/oRK9xYV3Aw4″. Try to keep it constant so EXO can see a pattern and click on the video :D 
  • TRY TO COMMENT THIS LINK ONCE AN HOUR. Don’t spam because that’s very tiring for you guys, I know how it feels >_< Please set an alarm or something that reminds you to paste a comment every hour or something! Try to do it as often as possible :)))
  • An example: 


  • SPREAD this post as much as possible
  • On April 8th, comment the link of the MV on EXO’s social media accounts - try to do it once an hour at least! 
  • Head’s up: I might not be online from the 3rd of April to 10th of April, so if I give no notice of whether I’m here or not, then I leave this up to you guys to spread it and comment on EXO’s instagrams. I trust you guys. Thank you all so so so much. We worked hard guys!
  • Any questions, please ask me.
  • Watch CALL ME BABY + LAY’S #pathcode

Once again, I would like to take this space to thank every single one of you. This was originally just a small idea in my mind, and without you, this would never have happened. So thank you all so much, and let us do our best to let EXO see this MV, to remind them how much we love them. Whether you’re in the MV or not doesn’t matter, as long as you help spread the word around and comment on EXO’S instagrams. Please do that, because all this work will be for nothing if EXO doesn’t see it! LET’S TRY OUR BEST C:

Remember to do all of the above!!!!! Everything is very very important!!! Once again, thank you so much! Through this journey, I’ve come to love EXO-Ls even more! WE ARE ONE! SARANGHAJA!

Exo reaction when  their kid gets hurt

Sehun: *look at the kid scratches* I did it this time, big time.

Kai:*hears a high pitched scream in the background* Crap! what did he do this time?

Tao:*after he checks his girl for any wounds for the 10000000 time* You gave me the scared of my life! My heart was jumping from my chest when I heard you scream.

Kyungsoo: I told you so many time that you aren’t allowed to do that. It’s only Byun’s kid fault that he is turning you into a monkey. 

Chanyeol:*after he patched his kid’s knee* How I am gonna tell your mom that you fell? she will kill me for not taking good care of you……..does it still hurts you?

Chen: Watch the kid she said, it will be easy she said. Now who’s the one who will get his ass kicked for this?

Baekhyun:*gets scolded by his wife, doesn’t get to say anything to defend himself*

Lay: *after he take care of his kid* Now that you learn on your own what silly acts brings you I hope you won’t do it again. 

Suho: Y/N:All you had to do is to watch her, I didn’t ask you to go to the moon and back. What if she hurt herself? you are lucky she only have a couple of bruises. 

Kris: Thank god you didn’t hurt yourself princess, don’t ever do that cause daddy will be sad if something happens to you

Luhan:*looks out  the window*  Fuck why is climbing that tree? is he trying to kill me?

Xiumin:*sees the kid fall from the tree* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Lay - 150401 ‘The Baby From Universe’s’ weibo update: “昨晚睡前拔拔给我讲了2个故事,一个名字叫《狼来了》,一个叫《匹诺曹》 于是我受到了惊吓,拔拔我懂了……小孩纸没有愚人节,乖乖爆照吧~让你们看看我#从天儿降#帅霸天家族颜值是怎样爆表的,高颜都是自!拍!狂!子怡姐姐抱抱,今晚换你给我讲故事好不好?”

Translation: “Last night before I went to sleep baba told me two stories, one is called “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, another is called “Pinocchio”. So I got scared, baba I get it…… little kids don’t celebrate April Fools Day, I’ll just be good and reveal the photos~ Let you see our #The Baby From Universe# explosively handsome family’s faces and how extreme it is, these faces are all selfie! crazy! Ziyi-jiejie hold me, tonight it’s your turn to tell me a story okay?”

Credit: 电影从天儿降.