exo reaction: SM makes you break up (hyung line)

Request: You break up with them due to their company’s insistence, and they say mean things about you, but they eventually find out.  

Situation: SM put you under a lot of pressure when it came to ending your relationship with him. You received relentless messages, but you didn’t mention them to him for fear of causing him more stress than he already had. Eventually you started to see your relationship from the company’s perspective; what benefit could you possibly have for him? And would you guys even work out in the long run? How could you with how busy he was? And what would keep him loyal to you with all the beautiful idols he was surrounded by? You decided to break it off with him.

This is mad long and took me forever so I hope everyone likes it lol

maknae line

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A-Z NSFW Headcanon — Chanyeol

This is what happens when you’re bored working the graveyard shift at your job while simultaneously going through writer’s block lmao. Because I can’t get any requests done at the moment due to my inspiration being mostly gone, I decided to start doing this game instead. I’m starting with Chanyeol which won’t surprise anyone who’s talked to me for more than 20 seconds, and I plan on doing Yugyeom and Doyoung next. If you want to request an idol for this, please feel free to drop into my inbox and do so.

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Park Chanyeol (EXO)

A — Aftercare

Chanyeol is a big softie after sex. Doesn’t matter if he’s actually been rough on you or not, he’ll make it his top priority to make sure you’re okay and not hurt and will ask you if you need anything. Once that’s taken care of, he’ll wrap his arms around you tightly, spooning you, holding your back flush against his chest. He’ll draw patterns on your lower belly until you fall asleep, sometimes leaving kisses on your shoulder or the back of your head.

B — Body Part

We all know Chanyeol is very proud (and likes to show off) his body, especially his muscular arms, so I’m fairly confident that this feature is what he likes best about himself. As for his partner, I’m 99% sure he’s a boobs guy — I wouldn’t say it’s his absolute favourite on his partner, but he does love them a lot for sure; he doesn’t necessarily do it as a sexual thing, but I do see him sneak his hands underneath his s/o’s shirt to grab and massage them when they’re cuddling. I don’t know why. It just sounds like a Chanyeol thing to do for some reason.

C — Cum

Chanyeol can be quite messy when he wants to. He especially likes cumming on his partner’s face and chest, as a way to mark them as his — he does this when he’s feeling especially possessive. Other than that, he usually cums inside; sometimes he might even collect it as it’s dripping down your thighs and make you suck it off his fingers. And god, does he love it when you swallow after he cums in your mouth.

D — Dirty Secret

Chanyeol sometimes jacks off with his partner’s underwear. He uses the panties as a cumrag instead of a towel or tissues or even the classic pair of socks. It’s not exactly a secret per se because it’s quite difficult to conceal a cum-covered pair of panties, especially if you’re the one doing the laundry, but he does it when you’re not home and really desperate and he never really acknowledges it unless you comment on it. So, to him, it counts as his dirty secret.

E — Experience

I wouldn’t say Chanyeol is a fuckboy, but he’s definitely had his fair share of one night stands. He doesn’t have much experience relationship-wise, but when it comes to sex, he definitely knows what he’s doing and it shows. He’s particularly good at using his fingers as well as spotting all the places that make you whimper under him, and he loves going down on you and pleasuring you with his tongue.

F — Favourite Position

Any position that allows him full control, to be honest. Chanyeol is a naturally dominant person — his competitive nature and ego just won’t allow him to submit, not that he even wants to in the first place. He wants to be able to show you that he’s the one who leads, the one who makes the decisions; he wants to make you feel small under him and surrender to him. Any position that allows him to do that is perfect for him.

G — Goofy

This goes without saying. Chanyeol is definitely the type to break off character during sex and turn it into some sort of game. Unless he’s sexually frustrated, for example after being away for a long time and not being able to touch you while he’s away, sex with him is definitely on the brighter side of things, and he’s not opposed to you being playful/bratty with him as well. He actually likes it, because it brings out the dominant inside of him, and it gives him a reason to teach you a little lesson about respect.

H — Hair

I don’t think Chanyeol is completely bald down there, but he likes to keep it trimmed and on the shorter side. His hair is very clean and he doesn’t allow it to get untamed and longer than a few millimetres. I don’t think he’d mind hair on his partner either as long as it’s not completely out of control. I feel like he’s a pretty laid back dude who would let you do what you want, but he would lie if he said he didn’t prefer his partner to keep it trimmed as well.

I — Intimacy

Chanyeol describes himself as a romantic, so I’m sure he’ll try his very best to make the moment feel special. He likes taking his time to do things right, and in these moments, you’re the only thing on his mind. That in itself makes it feel so much realer. He covers your body with kisses and hickeys and just overall makes you feel like you’re the most precious thing in the world to him (which you are).

J — Jack Off

Chanyeol’s libido is a little bit higher than the average person, so if you’re not around or not in the mood, he’ll probably jerk off once or twice a day depending on how much time he has on his hands (no pun intended). He likes to edge himself and take his time, denying himself of his orgasms, so he’ll want to do it somewhere he won’t be bothered, like in the shower or in the rare cases that he’s at the dorms alone.

K — Kink

Chanyeol has a choking kink — these big hands are useful for something in bed. It’s something he does almost unconsciously when he senses that you’re about to cum; his hand just comes around your throat by itself. He never squeezes too hard unless you ask him to, but it’s enough for you to feel the pressure and to prevent you from breathing normally.

L — Location

Chanyeol would rather have proper sex on a bed, but that doesn’t mean he’s a strict “let’s have sex only in a bed” guy. Depending on how needy he is, you might not make it to the bedroom. He’s also very strong, so having sex against a wall is definitely a possibility, as well as basically anywhere in the house with a surface he can bend you over and have his way : kitchen counters, couch, on the floor, in the shower… the possibilities are endless.

M — Motivation

It’s not very hard to get Chanyeol in the mood. He’s good at putting himself in the mood while virtually doing nothing, but if you really want to get his attention, teasing him by over exaggerating your moves or by dirty talking to him is the way to go. The key is to make his competitive side come out, so if you try to take things into your own hands and be on top, he’ll be quick to remind you that he’s the one in charge.

N — No

While he isn’t opposed to very mild pain play and leaving bruises on your body, Chanyeol is absolutely against anything that could cause you to bleed. Anything in the realm of knife play or whips is out of question for him, or experimenting with bodily fluids like vomit or excrements; stuff on the more extreme side of the kink spectrum.

O — Oral

Chanyeol is very skilled at giving oral and he loves doing it a lot, probably as much as he likes being on the receiving end. However, when he goes down on you, he never expects you to return the favour every single time. But he does love a good blowjob and would never turn down the offer. He’s the most vocal when he’s receiving head, with breathy moans and low gravelly moans escaping his lips without him wanting to; the tip of his cock is very very sensitive, so if you play your cards right, you can get him to cum fairly easily.

P — Pace

It really depends on his mood, actually. He can go for slow and sensual one time and fast and rough the next, sometimes even switching between the two at once. His thrusts are however always powerful and deep, no matter the mood he’s trying to set up. But Chanyeol’s a wild card, so there’s never a way to know for sure what he’ll go for.

Q — Quickie

While not his favoured choice, Chanyeol’s not opposed to a quickie once in a while, especially if he’s really riled up and he’s squeezed in between two projects in his busy schedule, and even more so if you’ve managed to rile him up so much he can’t control himself and he has to take you right then and there even if you’re in a relatively public setting (like the studio or backstage). But he usually always make sure you can have a proper round two later in the day if possible.

R — Risk

Chanyeol is very open to experimenting and trying new things out. As for risk taking, he kind of has exhibitionist tendencies (not a lot, but enough to show characteristics of), so taking the risk of getting caught isn’t a big deal for him. He actually likes the adrenaline rush it gives him, so he’s not at all opposed to have sex in places where anyone could walk in at any moment.

S — Stamina

Chanyeol can last quite a long time compared to the average man, and he’d rather go for one longer round than multiple shorter ones. He usually cums after you, and more often than not he’s managed to make you cum multiple times before he does once. It would actually be a huge blow to his ego if he came before you, so he makes sure you’re completely satisfied before he allows his own release.

T — Toy

Chanyeol does own a few toys that he likes to use on you from time to time. He’s especially fond of rope and vibrators that he uses to make you beg for him, but a lot of times he’d rather just pleasure you with his own body because of the confidence boost it gives him to know he’s able to make you feel this good just with what he has to offer.

U — Unfair

Chanyeol is a grade A tease. He loves making you beg for his cock, loves having you writhe and whimper under him, loves edging you until you cry from overstimulation. He’s borderline evil in bed when he’s in a teasing mood, but he does know how to reward you if you’ve been good to him and done everything he’s asked of you.

V — Volume

Chanyeol is very vocal in bed, constantly showering you with praise or torturing you with his dirty talk, which he has mastered the art of. His moans can be quite loud too, especially when he’s cumming, but they’re also very low and grave and they sound more like groans than anything else. They’re loud enough for anyone around to hear through the walls, but not enough to be considered weird or too loud.

W — Wild Card

With how caring Chanyeol is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a daddy kink, to be frank. Taking good care of his baby is very important to him, and you calling him daddy would not only give him a huge ego boost, it would also tell him that he’s doing a good job at making you feel good and that’s honestly all he wants.

X — X-Ray

Chanyeol is a big man and it also applies for the size of his dick. It’s not a monster but it’s definitely bigger than average, probably around a little bit more than seven inches — but it’s very thick and difficult to take in without proper preparation. If we go with the statistics for South Korea, there’s a much higher chance (80%) of him being circumcised, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t.

Y — Yearning

Like I said earlier, his libido, while not completely out of control, is quite high compared to the average person. He definitely finds himself thinking about it multiple times a day unless he’s being distracted by something else, and it’s very easy to get him in the mood. However, there are days, although of rare occurrence, where all he wants is to cuddle with his s/o without going any further than making out.

Z — Zzz

Chanyeol can stay awake for a long time after sex. He likes to wait for you to fall asleep before he allows himself to, to make sure you’re really okay, and also because he likes watching how peaceful your facial features appear when you’re asleep. He’ll pet your hair and draw patterns on your skin to get you to relax and he’ll fall asleep with his limbs tangled with yours.

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Minseok!Mafia Boss with 25, 31,45, 64 where you were captured by the rival team and he just got you out with his Mafia (Exo). But the catch is that at the end of the mission, a little before he got you out, he almost got shot and you got in from of him to save him. But you ARe both unharmed. Hard angst (with description of your mental state if that is possible) with fluff afterwards!

A/N: [breath out deeply] It’s loooonggggg. I hope it’s what you wanted? And sorry for the explicit languages, I just can’t help it I guess…Mafia AU is definitely one of my favorites, I hope you enjoy the 3k giant!💕Sorry that I didn’t really proofread. (And I love Yoongi and JK, please don’t attack me for making them evil 😂, it’s absolutely not because I don’t like them. Please remember that Jimin is my bias…)

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It’s more painful than you think. You were just slapped for probably the 4th time since you were tied up in this chair. Is it still dark outside, or is the sun up already? You lost the count of time after the tall guy in black knocked you out the second time. The crisp sound of a leather glove against your cheek echoed in the empty, abandoned basement. Your head turned to the side forcefully due to the impact, red prints instantly visible on your skin. You spat out some blood and turned your head back.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Seeing the furious look on that guy’s face, you laughed a little, and the side of your mouth burned. Wincing, you licked where the cut is, and tasted blood. Despite the burning sensation on your cheek, you smirked and leaned your head backward. “No surprise though, you don’t look the type.”

Maybe you shouldn’t have spoken that much, because of the next thing you know, a balled fist connected with your lower stomach. It felt like a speeding train had collided with your body. The force of the blow was more than enough to send you doubling over with pain. You gasped for air. The rough ropes that kept your hands behind the chair were throbbingly painful. The friction probably left red marks.

You opened your eyes to see the guy looking down at you with a triumphant smirk. “How does that feel, princess? Huh?” You scoffed weakly and blew a strand of hair away from your face. “If you think beating up a tied up woman makes you powerful, then I don’t know what to say.” You shrugged.  

The guy in black tightened his fists in anger again, his arms out in an aggressive position that’s about to strike. You closed your eyes, waiting for the punch to come down. Knowing it would be on your face, you winced. It’s gonna be hard to take care of. You felt bad for poor Yixing, who has to fix things like this on a daily basis.

“Enough, Jungkook. Stand back.” A cold, unfamiliar voice came from the shadows. You tried to distinguish the silhouettes, but it was too dark, and your head was throbbing. The tall guy-no, Jungkook immediately put down his arms, although his fists were still clenched tight. The vein on the side of his neck was prominent. You looked at Jungkook, who still had fired in his eyes and winked. 

“Fucking bitch. ” He cursed under his breath but stood back a few steps.

“If you have such a pretty little mouth, why don’t you just tell me which dock it is. We can save us both some time, and… you might not need plastic surgery in the future.” You heard the sound of footsteps, and a silver haired man appeared from the shadows. All the men including Jungkook, who almost blended into the shadows bowed down in absolutely straight angles to the man.

“So it’s you.” You said, in recognition of the man’s face. He arched an eyebrow at your words, seemingly surprised that you know him.

“You know who I am?” His monotonic voice fit well with the expression on his face. Cold, and not a trace of emotion in his eyes. But you knew that he’s mildly interested, or he wouldn’t have spoken in the first place.

“Suga. Good to see you in person.” You nodded and leaned back in the uncomfortable chair. Your butt was already numb from sitting over a couple hours, your abdomen felt like it’s on fair, and your whole face was strangely warm. Your cheeks were probably swollen by now.

“He really tells you everything, huh?” Suga wasn’t nearly as hot-tempered as Jungkook. He flicked a hand, and someone pulled out a leather chair for him to sit on. One of his men handed him a bottle of water with both hands and bowed. If you didn’t feel thirsty before, you sure are now. Seeing the bottle of water triggered the cells in your brain, the dry, burning sensation in your throat felt more bothersome than ever. Your stomach would grumble if not for the pain around the area. He took a gulp and licked his lips in satisfaction. You eyed the chair and the clear liquid in a green bottle in envy. Suga sensed your gaze and lifted the corner of his lips.

“Right. You must be pretty thirsty after all the commotions today. Come on, let’s trade. We both do business. I only need the dock’s name, then you can have as much water as you want. Maybe even some food. How’s that?” Sugar leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs. He played with the rings on his fingers but kept his gaze fixed on you. The lifted curve on the side of his mouth was insulting to you. Did he really think that you were this easy? You rolled your eyes slightly and pretended that you were actually thinking about it.

“Come here then. Be a good boy, and I’ll whisper.” You glanced at Jungkook shortly, whose look can probably kill you and drag you through hell a thousand times already. The shock on his men’s faces was evident. No one probably talked like this to their boss without any consequences.

Suga remained calm,  although his eyes darkened slightly. He pushed himself up from the chair and sauntered toward you, deliberately slow. The smell of his cologne was suffocating, the entire opposite of the relaxing scent of Minseok’s. Your muscles tensed when he leaned close, his silver hair tickling your face annoyingly.

“Go to hell, Min Yoongi.” You whispered in his ear and Suga, or Min Yoongi pulled back at an alarming rate. The calm facade was gone in an instant, and by the second you locked eyes, his eyes were of a vicious cold. The aura around him changed. It sent shivers down your spine, and definitely not in a good way. You were actually scared now, but looking at the concealed shock on his face and the fact that he hasn’t killed you yet, you knew it was a right move.

“If you trust your men that much, surely you won’t mind me telling them your real name, right?” You said in a louder voice, making sure that every one of his men could hear you clearly. Yoongi gulped, and his eyes wavered for a second. You heard a distinct click, and the next second a gun was pointed at your face. You glanced at the muzzle.

“You do know that I can blow the fuck out of your brains right here and right now, do you?” Suga gritted his words out and pressed the gun harder into your skull. One of his men came closer and whispered in his ear. Suga frowned, and when he’s done listening, he pulled his gun away. You let out a breath that you held unintentionally, eyes following the gun being tucked into his belt again.

“Let’s bet, princess. It’s really simple. Will your boyfriend, leader of the great EXO, come alone or not?”

“Don’t lie, Suga. He doesn’t even know about this.” You scoffed, but on the inside you were starting to doubt yourself. He shouldn’t know where you are now. You made sure to get rid of your phone and the tracking device Kyungsoo put away before coming here. You also checked your clothes, they were clean. There’s no way he could find out.

EXO has been Suga, and BTS’s rival for years. Business slowly turned to personal competition when your boyfriend, Xuimin killed their old boss, Kim Namjoon. Known as RM in the underground world. It then made sense for Suga, the underboss to rise up and seek vengeance for his old boss and his friend. You knew that they’ve been cracking down EXO’s drug business for years.

You took three months to prepare for this. Planting traces in transactions, giving hints to people that work for Suga. You made sure that Suga’s sources would tell him that you were actually not happy in the relationship, abused even. It looked like that you had valuable information and wanted to exchange it for protection from EXO. You proposed the meeting alone so you could have a chance to kill Suga. But he was clever,  you were outsmarted when 20 people burst in and took you away.

The plan you came up with was crazy, and if Minseok knew he wouldn’t let you out of his sight once. That’s why you needed to make it into something else. You tried your best to hide it all from Minseok, and you knew that if he ever finds out, you really would become a traitor to him. But that’s the risk you had to take.

“Do you think he would care about a traitor, Suga?” You kept your voice calm, but the second your eyes wavered, Suga smirked. He knew something that you don’t. And you weren’t sure if you want to know what he’s about to speak.

He kept his mouth shut and stared at you. The unsettling feeling in your stomach was getting bigger and bigger. You tried to distract yourself by focusing on the painful wounds on your body, but your heart was pumping against the ribcage, and you were beginning to sweat.

Then out of dead silence, you heard the screechings of a car. Soon, the basement door was pushed open with a creak, and in front of you, Suga smiled.

Oh no.

From the satisfied look on his face, you knew that something went wrong. You froze when a set of familiar footsteps echoed in the room, they got louder and louder until the person walked past you and stopped in front of Suga.

“Suga.” Your boyfriend’s voice traveled to your ears, you looked up in disbelief.


He didn’t look at you once. Somehow that pains you, knowing how much you want to be in his arms and cry the pain and humiliation you went through away. Staring at his side profile, you thought bitterly. It’s your decision though. You can’t do anything about it now.

“What’s this about?” Minseok’s voice was calm. He took a look around the basement, at Suga’s men and their guns.

“Nothing big, really. Can’t two old acquaintances have a chat?” Suga put his hand on Minseok’s shoulder.

“Just get to the point. I don’t have all the time for you.” Minseok put one hand on his belt and looked at Suga with disinterest.

“Right. The leader of EXO must be busy running so many districts.” Suga didn’t hide the sarcasm in his voice, but Minseok didn’t even bat an eyelash at him.

“Your pretty little girlfriend came to sell information to me. I value intel, but I hate traitors. So I told Jungkook to fix her up a bit. Are you happy with what I’ve done to her?”

Suga turned Minseok around by the shoulder. Your eyes meet instantly, the glint in his obsidian eyes shined dangerously. Minseok spared you barely a glance before turning to Suga, “As you said, she’s a traitor. The information she has is trivial anyway, so she doesn’t really know anything. I don’t care.”  

Suga saw your widened eyes and chuckled darkly, “So it won’t matter if Jungkook wants to have a bit more fun?”

Minseok sat down on the leather chair and shrugged, “Whatever.”

Your heart sank. You didn’t care if your eyes were burning a hole in Minseok. But you can’t read anything from his eyes. Does he mean it? You closed your eyes and clenched your teeth. All you could see was Minseok’s eyes looking at you as if you are nothing more than a stranger to him.

You weren’t that scared at first. At least you were tied to a chair, that means Jungkook can’t really do anything. But the moment a blade cut loose your ropes, the pace of your heartbeat skyrocketed.

Jungkook threw you onto the floor. You groaned, pushing the ground with both your arms to support your upper torso. Slowly you stood up, although your legs still wobbled and you felt like a broken puppet. Jungkook cracked his neck and delivered a fast, powerful blow to your stomach. The dulled pain from the previous punch came alive once again, you hitched a breathe and felt blood going up to your throat. Stumbling back, you almost slumped down against the wall.

There was no way to avoid him now. You squeezed your eyes shut and took the next few punches and kicks. Your whole body screamed in pain, but you pursed your lips and refused to make a sound.

“Wait wait, stop.” Suga motioned Jungkook to stop. You were crumpled up into a ball on the floor now. When you can no longer feel his presence close, you let out a shallow breathe.

“What the fuck did you say?” You dared yourself to open your eyes. Suga was furiously shouting into the phone and suddenly turned to Minseok.

“You-” Minseok pulled his gun out faster than Suga. He stood up slowly and didn’t bat an eyelash when Suga’s men pulled out their weapons as well. Suga put down his phone slowly.

“What can you do, Xiumin? Look around, you are alone.” Suga scoffed arrogantly, but his voice wavered in the end.

“Don’t kid yourself. Is this more important than my men at your HQ? I think we both know how good Kai and Sehun are. But since I have a good mood today, I will let you go.” Minseok ut his gun down and waved dismissively.  

Suga’s hateful eyes flickered back to you. He stood stiffly in front of Minseok for a while before gritting out the words to his men, “Let’s go.”

“Not so fast.” A new voice came from the entrance, and Junmyeon’s body came into view, followed by Baekhyun. Suga turned back to Minseok, anger evident on his face.

“What is this? You said-”

“You should know the rules pretty well by now. We don’t play fair.” Minseok played around with his gun watching the panic surface on Suga and his men’s faces. “You lost the chance the moment you laid a finger on her.”

He motioned to Junmyeon, “Hyung, take care of this.”

You watched as Minseok take one step and another toward you. His steps were fast, but also painfully slow to you. Just when he was about to reach you, you widened your eyes. Jungkook had his gun out pointing toward Minseok’s back when everyone else’s attention was on Suga.

“No!” You shouted, but it only came out as a whimper. You watched Jungkook smile evilly before pulling the trigger. You watched in slow motion as the bullet cut through the air in Minseok’s direction. Years of training told you to turn away from it, but instinct gave you the complete opposite signal. You gathered the little remaining strength you had and pushed Minseok to the right.

Minseok’s face changed the moment he locked eyes with you. Or rather, your arm. Another gunshot was heard, and Jungkook dropped on his knees, clutching his legs in pain. Chanyeol had shot him in the thigh.

Minseok quickly scooped you in his arms and grabbed you by the shoulder. “What the hell were you thinking?” His voice was equally as loud as the gunshot, your ears were ringing when he shook your shoulder. Minseok ripped the sleeve of your blouse off and sighed in relief. “Fuck, Y/N. You could have died!”

“What…I-” The confusion in your eyes were easy enough for Minseok to know what you were thinking about.
“You really think I wouldn’t find out?” Minseok let out a sound of exasperation. “I wouldn’t be the leader of EXO if I don’t even know what the fuck my girlfriend has been planning in my own house.”

You wanted to cry. The experience in the past few months suddenly scared you, you thought about how easy you could have gotten hurt, or killed. But the world has turned black too soon, and you passed out to Minseok’s frantic shouts of your name.

“Where the fuck is Yixing?” Minseok was carrying you down to the medical wing, Kyungsoo and Chanyeol hot on his trail. He kicked the operation room door open, and Yixing dropped the book in his hand.

What happened back there?” He frowned immediately, helping Minseok and lay you on the operation table.

“I…I don’t know…just fix her. Please.” Minseok had some of your blood on his shirt, his eyes were darting around the room, not wanting to see you in that state. He can’t think about the possibility of you not waking up soon, or worse. Yixing gave Kyungsoo a look, signaling the man to drag their leader out.

“Come on, let him work. She will be fine.”


You woke up in a sea of softness and warmth. You tried to move your arms around, but they seem to not be in your control. Opening your eyes groggily, a familiar bedroom came into view. Your breath evened out when you realized that you are on your own bed, and it’s safe because Suga will no longer remain a threat. Your mind goes back to Minseok…

Then you found yourself lost in those familiar obsidian eyes. Minseok was leaning against the headboard staring at you with unblinking eyes.

“Min…” You broke out into sobs before you could even finish his name. Minseok’s strong arms were around you the next moment, surrounding you with his comforting scent and warmth. You finally calmed down a bit, feeling his body against yours and his head in the crook of your neck.

I thought I lost you.” His voice was raspy, deep. Minseok didn’t sleep at all, simply staring at you in your sleep after Yixing fixed your wounds. His heart was squeezed into a tight ball the moment he realized that Jungkook had shot you. The immense pain and fear was something he’s never felt before. “You have no idea how scared I was…” Minseok’s voice cracked, and a stray tear escaped out of the corner of his eyes.  

“You haven’t. You haven’t lost me, Min.” You shook your head and muttered softly, breathing in deep.

“Don’t ever play that trick anymore, because…I-I can’t imagine this world without you.” He didn’t try hiding the pleasingness and desperation in his words.

You could only bury your face deeper into his chest and repeat, “Me too. I’m sorry. I love you.”  

Sexy Dance

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Tittle: Sexy Dance 
Words: 0.5K
Pairing: Mia/everyone; 10th Member of EXO

‘Oh God.’, Mia groaned as soon as she saw what’s written on the card she pulled. ‘Sexy dance.’, she read, turning it around so the whole arena can see it. 

Every fan in the audience cheered and screamed, that probably only Mia was the one who wasn’t so happy about this. She pouted and looked at every member around her. They knew how she felt about showing her sexy side and that she preffered to keep it inside her. Mia looked at the audience full of girls and even some guys, holding banners with her name and screaming things towards her. She just smiled and bowed  sllightly towards them.

‘You wanna switch?’, Jongin mouthed, when Mia looked at him. 

He opened the card with ‘cute dance’ written on it and pointed at her. She send him a big smile and nodded immediately. He smiled too and motioned for her to come to him. Mia almost ran and jumped in his direction right away, not wanting to waste any time. When she was closer to Jongin, she ran even faster and almost jumped on him, making all fans in the arena scream. 

It all, however, stopped when they saw Mia taking Jongin’s card. There were few people, who cheered, for going what she wanted, but most of the fans groaned and made unsatisfied noises. Mia looked at the audience with fear in her eyes and pout on her lips. She knew a lot of people wanted to see her doing sexy moves, but wasn’t aware that there were so many of them. 

‘Do what you want. Don’t look at them.’, Jongin whispered, bringing all her attention to him. Mia sighed and then looked at the rest of the boys, who also smiled and nodded at her. 

‘Thank you.’, she said with sad smile, taking card from Jongin. Mia turned to the audience and with small smile and sad eyes, showed the piece of paper with ‘sexy dance’ written on it. Fans cheered once again and she bowed, going back to stand next to Jongdae. He put an arm around her shoulders, bringing her body closer to his. He kissed the side of her head and told her, that it’s okay for her to not do it. Mia just shook her head and waited for her turn. 

Mia was right after Sehun, who made it all look so easy to everyone. And even if she knew she can do it, because she’s past so many practises, Mia knew it would be hard. Probably harder for her mind to ge though it, than her body. And even if she wouldn’t look like it, inside she would be screaming to stop and have it done really fast. She doesn’t wanna show how red she would get and the awkward feeling after would be something she would carry way longer, than anyone will remember.

Music played, but she didn’t really know what she was doing. And even after that, she didn’t remember a thing from it. Maybe it was better, but then in a lot of interviews they would bring it up. A lot of fans would message her on Instagram with screenshots and photos, so it was almost impossible to go away for her. When it all stopped, she went back to Jongdae, who hugged her really close once again. 

She did it.

For EXO-Ls.


exo reaction: SM makes you break up (maknae line)

Request: You break up with them due to their company’s insistence, and they say mean things about you, but they eventually find out.  

Situation: SM put you under a lot of pressure when it came to ending your relationship with him. You received relentless messages, but you didn’t mention them to him for fear of causing him more stress than he already had. Eventually you started to see your relationship from the company’s perspective; what benefit could you possibly have for him? And would you guys even work out in the long run? How could you with how busy he was? And what would keep him loyal to you with all the beautiful idols he was surrounded by? You decided to break it off with him.

hyung line

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Ascension (pt. 1/?)

Originally posted by bkhyunverse

genre: mama!exo, reader x baekhyun

warnings: none yet

word count: 1.6k

prompt(s): Holders have always been shunned by the world, until an organization came about and started to kidnap their race to experiment on - your brother being included. You planned to only take him back until your plans take a complete twist when you cross paths with Baekhyun.

a/n: gotta make admin kay suffer sometimes too you know - ➵admin kiki

Ξ r e q u e s t Ξ

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The +1 (III)

Originally posted by glowsehun

Summary: You find yourself inviting your colleague to a wedding, and honestly? It’s all your friends’ fault.

(I) (II) (III)

Jongdae is quiet. It’s not that unusual but it still takes you by surprise. That part you haven’t thought through – what if it becomes awkward? The silence is too heavy to even try and breach it so you shift uncomfortably in your seat looking out at the window. Traffic is light, there are still a few hours left before rush hours, but it doesn’t mean that streets are empty. Most of the pedestrians are teenagers already starting to enjoy their weekend.

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Hook, Line & Sinker | Baekhyun

◇ Link to Masterlist

◇ Genre: College! AU

◇ Summary: Your life gets a whole lot more complicated when the campus playboy sets his eyes on you; because if there’s one thing you know, it’s that Byun Baekhyun always gets what he wants.

◇ Word Count: 9.2k (whoops)

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Lovesick | Baekhyun

◇ Link to Masterlist

◇ Genre: Cupid! AU, fluff, n barely there angst tbh

◇ Summary: A certain pink-haired cupid promises to help fix your love-life when he accidentally ruins it thanks to a wretched broken arrow.

◇ Word Count: 12k (rip)

◇ A/N: When Hope messaged me with this idea, I instantly fell in love (get it hehehe). So this one’s for you babe! happy (early) birthday, ily lots @hopefulbyun 😘

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