Sunshine || Byun Baekhyun scenario || part 4 (finale)

A/N: is anyone still interested in this lol

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: um..fluff? and a lil bit of angst if you squint

Word count: 1,3k

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Baekhyun let out a sigh of content as he made himself more comfortable on his back, bringing the covers up to his middle. He yawned and stretched his limbs, turning his head slightly to the side to glance at the digital clock that was resting on the side table.

7:46 am.

He was supposed to get up soon, yet, he gave no sign of doing so. His eyes just continued to stare absent-mindedly at the white ceiling, sometimes going out of focus while his mind kept replaying the events of the last few days in his head.

Even now, he still flinched at the thought of your relationship almost ending because of his stupidity. He should have been honest to you about everything from the beginning and not lock away his feelings. After what happened with his ex, he should have known better.


Normally, Baekhyun would pay no mind to the ticking of the clock his manager had in his office, distracting himself with other things, but now, the annoying sound only made him more anxious and impatient as he sat down on the leather couch that was situated on the left side of the room. What happened? Was he in trouble? He could swear he didn’t play a prank this week. Good news? Then what was taking his manager so long to come and announce them? All of those questions flooded his mind as he ran a hand through his brown hair in frustration when the door finally opened with a sudden force, making him jump out of his skin in surprise.

As soon as he saw the man he’s been waiting for half an hour now, he immediately opened his mouth to voice his frustration but closed it just as fast when he saw that he wasn’t alone. A petite woman came in after him, her eyes scanning the unfamiliar place before settling on his form, a friendly smile forming on her fair features.

Baekhyun quickly recognized the woman as one of his seniors and shyly smiled back, bowing politely in her direction to show his respect. What was she doing here was beyond him but maybe his manager would finally explain everything.

The man in name closed the door before finally facing the two, clasping his hands together with a squeal

”Baekhyun, meet your new girlfriend.”

And that was it. He was pretty much forced into the first relationship of his career. Baekhyun tried to protest, ask questions but all he got was: ”It’s good for publicity, Baekhyunnie, don’t worry too much about it.”

And he didn’t. He came to terms with the fact that this ‘relationship’ as they called it, was nothing more but business and tried to make the most of it, getting to know his girlfriend and even becoming good friends with her.

What he wasn’t prepared for though were feelings.

He had no intention catching feelings for someone he was pretending to be in a relationship with for publicity, let alone fall in love with said person. But, with time, as they continued to hang out and get to know each other, he found himself falling for her charms a little more each passing day. Her smile made his day and at one point, he felt like he couldn’t continue on without seeing her. He let his feelings dictate his every move, becoming oblivious to what was happening around him and everyone else’s feelings.

Baekhyun was so certain that she felt the same way so when he finally found the courage to confess, he really wasn’t prepared for what he saw.

She…she already had someone else. And she looked the happiest he’s ever seen her.

In that moment, his heart broke into a million pieces, knocking all of the air out of his lungs, leaving him weak and fragile. Even if their relationship wasn’t real, even if it was all business, he really thought that all of the time they spent together meant something to her. He was a fool.

After that, he just went and called everything quits, letting his manager take care of everything, not even having the courage to face her and end it himself. But she knew. With time, she realized exactly what made him end things and felt bad. Yeah maybe she didn’t reciprocate his feelings, but she still cared and seeing him act like she didn’t exist every time they were both at the same event hurt her. Maybe they were never a real couple, but anyone could confirm there were definitely some kind of feelings there.


He exhaled loudly and shook his head at the memory, turning to lay on his stomach. The reason he never talked about her, he wasn’t ready to talk to you about it yet. Maybe because a part of him still hurt when he thought about it, maybe he felt embarrassed, he didn’t know. What he knew though was that he didn’t want your opinion of him to change because of what he did in his past. For you, a relationship consists of two people who have real feelings for each other, not a publicity stunt. Stuff like these happen’ all the time, he just didn’t want you to know he was part of something like this just for some fame.

Also, the reason he hugged her that time, as he explained it to you, wasn’t because his old feelings came back to him once he saw her or something cheesy like that, it was because he finally decided to put his ego aside and accept her friendship. And that was 100% true.

As he was about to doze off again with his head buried into the soft pillow, the door to his room suddenly opened accompanied by loud footsteps. He felt the other side of his bed dip slightly and allowed a small smile to appear into his sharp features.

“Baekhyun” you whispered, leaning over to poke his cheek, “wake up, it’s time for breakfast. Everyone is waiting.”

He showed no reaction to your voice or touch, keeping his eyes closed, pretending to still be asleep. You let out a sigh and he almost laughed at how frustrated you sounded already, not even 2 minutes into his room.

You then decided to take a different approach, raising the blanket and sneaking your cold hands under his shirt, running them up and down his warm chest. His eyes shot open immediately and with a squeal of surprise he sat up almost instantly.

“This is not how you’re supposed to wake up your amazing boyfriend who you love so much!” he pouted, making you finally burst out laughing.

“I’m sorry Mr. amazing boyfriend but the others won’t think you’re so amazing if you keep them waiting any longer.”

Baekhyun only shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest in a childish manner, turning his head away from you.

“I won’t move from here without a good morning kiss.”

You rolled your eyes and smiled, scooting closer to him, “as you wish.”

Before your lips could touch his soft cheek in a quick peck, he turned his head in your direction, making you kiss his lips. Your eyes widened and before you knew it, he dragged you closer to straddle his lap, his strong arms wrapping themselves around your waist. You couldn’t help but smile into the soft kiss, your own hands going up to cup his face in a loving manner, making Baekhyun lean into your touch. Your lips moved slowly against each other in a passionate kiss which left the both of your breathless by the end of it.

You broke apart after a while, Baekhyun letting out a sigh, his warm breath hitting your flustered face as he leaned his forehead against yours.

“Ok, I’m definitely awake now.”


A/N 2: here you go! I hope this cleared up some things. Thank you for reading this mini series, I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it! And like I said before, thank you for the amazing feedback this got, I still don’t think it deserves it. You’re the best <3

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Dating ChanBaek~

So no one requested this but I requested it from myself so…

I’ll do more of these if people request them

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☆ wow ok so this is a chaotic relationship

☆ but also the most loving

☆ Baek is always trying to get attention from either you or Chan

☆ he will scream if no one gives him their attention

☆ Chan is your biggest hype man

☆ will hype you two up in anything you do

☆ cuddles are so nice

☆ you lay your head on one of Chan’s shoulders, Baek does the same 

☆ or

☆ you have a spooning train with you in the middle and Baek in the front

☆ or

☆ Chan and Baek lay on top of you

☆ you never really know

☆ Chan loves it when you and Baek come to the studio with him

☆ and Baek loves it when you all play video games together

☆ they get super sad when they have to go on tour and leave you behind

☆ they send you videos every day of them being idiots wherever they are

☆ Chan writes songs for you  

☆ Baek and him perform them for you sometimes

☆ you and Baek like to prank Chan sometimes

☆ Chan usually knows when you’re about to prank him

☆ but he goes along with it to make you two happy

☆ you guys have this little hand gesture

☆ only guys know about it

☆ but they use it when they’re on stage or something and thinking about you

☆ it’s your way of say ‘I love you’ without saying it

You better believe there’s going to be an NSFW section with these~

☆ ok so Baek is a switch leaning towards sub

☆ whereas Chan is a dom

☆ Chan loves watching Baek go down on you

☆ and vice-versa, you going down on Baek

☆ Baek loves going down on you 

☆ somedays Baek wants to dom

☆ so you’ll be stuck with two doms

☆ oof

☆ Baek is such a tease 

☆ Chan won’t let Baek tease him however

☆ somedays Chan will fuck Baek as you watch 

☆ and that’s torture cuz you can’t touch yourself 

☆ Chan won’t allow that, nope

☆ ok I need to stop this is getting long

EXO Reaction: S/O is a youtuber and wants to film a video together!

A/N: I love this! I hope you guys like it, too!

Xiumin wouldn’t ever want to intrude on your youtube filming; he is more of a supporter from afar, but if you ever wanted to film a tag or Q&A with him, he would quite shyly join you no matter what. 

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Suho is the type of boyfriend that would buy you your tri-pod and all your gear for your videos and other stuff, wanting your channel to rise and you to gain the popularity you deserve. If you needed him in a video, you better your booty this man will UNDOUBTEDLY be sitting right next to you, talking to a camera to help you out!

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Lay would love to be in your videos, even if he wasn’t talking or actually in your videos. He just loved to watch you in your “element”, filming fun videos for your fans. He loved to see you happy and would just quietly watch you or join you in a video whenever you were filming.

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Chen would be in your videos, but solely to try and mess you up. He loved the idea of “boyfriend pranks s/o” and videos like that, so he would always have a new prank or joke idea for you whenever you filmed material.

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Chanyeol would be very secretive and film videos on your channel just by himself, either him talking about you and your relationship or him singing the songs he wrote just for you. He would want to surprise you with all these videos and to have you watch them whenever he was on tour or not around.

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Kai would want to try couple dancing and make those type of “couply” videos with you, loving how domestic he feels when you two act all cute and lovey-dovey with each other; he is another that would jump at any opportunity to film with you.

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Kyungsoo would want you to have a weekly mukbang video where you just both sit down and eat the food Kyungsoo makes for you. 1) he gets to see you happily eating and 2) he gets to watch you eat his food, something that makes him feel accomplished and like he is taking care of you.

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Sehun is a bit shy, so it would take a lot of convincing for him to join a video. He knows how important youtube is for you, so he wouldn’t want to take any chances of ruining or messing up a video for you. He would be like Xiumin and quietly watch you film your videos, his little way of showing his support for you and your channel.

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What dating Chen would be like
  • my bias wrecker 
  • Jongdae is so adorable
  • he would always make you smile
  • or laugh
  • or both! 
  • he’d always cheer you up when you’re down
  • being with you would make him so happy
  • that when you weren’t together
  • like when he’s on tour
  • he’d be sad
  • he’d talk with you before every concert
  • so you could cheer him up
  • he’d also call you every night before going to sleep
  • he’d always bring you some gifts from the countries where he was
  • like Baekhyun
  • he’d tease you a lot
  • but that’s ok
  • cause you tease him too
  • like you distract him during some video games
  • so you win
  • ‘‘that’s not fair jagi!’‘
  • when it comes to pda
  • Jongdae keeps it on low
  • like he holds your hand
  • and sometimes he’ll plent a kiss on your forehead
  • but behind closed doors
  • he won’t be shy
  • he’ll always kiss you
  • and you love it
  • when you became his girlfriend
  • you became best friend with Minseok
  • it was a must
  • i mean
  • they are so close
  • you would have become his friend anyway
  • sleeping with Jongdae feels like a routine
  • why?
  • because he always does the same things
  • like kissing you
  • spooning you 
  • then kissing your neck
  • before wishing you a good night
  • you are the main reason of Jongdae’s happiness
He’ll Never Know

A/N: A Chanyeol drabble of sorts. 

Genre: angstish, idk  

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When he’s in any room, he has no idea that the world around him disappears. Even if he opened the door, he wouldn’t know. His landscape is simply that- a landscape. It’s created just for him. The world truly does revolve around him. As he walks down a street and turns a corner, the street behind him disappears, and the street in front of him appears. The transition and materialization of pixels is too quick for him to notice. He never notices.

His life is a simulation, a game. Every person he meets, every friend he makes, they’re developed just for him. When he’s by himself, he thinks his friends are out living their own lives, simply existing. In reality, they’re nowhere. They may look and act human, but they’re actually layers of realistic pixels. Computer controlled designs with no true feelings. When he tells his mother that he loves her, she tells him she loves him too. She doesn’t. She can’t. She’s not real. She’s simply programmed to respond that way. When he steps on stage to perform, the crowd cheers and chants his name. His band members, his brothers, embrace him. They smile and tell him to look at what their hard work has led to. But none of it is real. His career. His hard work. His fans. His brothers. All fake, designed by a person behind a computer. And he’ll never know.

A/N: This is based on a prompt my teacher gave me in class the other day, so it’s a little rushed. But I liked it in its raw form, so here it be. If you read this, thanks!

Dating SuBaek~

I requested this of myself cuz Junmyeon is my ult and Baekhyun is up there on my bias list also I bet you never really thought about this ship

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☆ this relationship is basically Eomma Myeon and his babies

☆ you and Baek are Myeon’s babies

☆ he just wants to protect and love both of you

☆ Baek is so affectionate with both of you

☆ he loves Myeon’s hug 

☆ but who doesn’t

☆ he looks like he would give good hugs

☆ cuddles are so soft

☆ you and Baek lay on Myeon’s chest

☆ Myeon’s arms wrapped around both of you

☆ sometimes you play with Baek’s hair

☆ sometimes they’ll sing for you

☆ pun definitely intended

☆ when Myeon is stressed

☆ you and Baek go to work

☆ the two of you shower him in compliments and affection

☆ Myeon ends up a blushing mess

☆ it’s adorable

☆ the boys get sad when they have to leave you for tour

☆ Myeon makes sure to text you at least once a day

☆ they’ll video chat too before they go to bed

Ok so I’ve thought about this next part a lot~

☆ Myeon’s the dom

☆ Baek’s a switch

☆ Myeon has a daddy kink 

☆ fite me

☆ he has pet names for both of you

☆ some are ones he only uses in the bedroom

☆ and Baek, like the ass he is, will call you those in public sometimes

☆ just to get you and Myeon riled up

☆ he gets punished when he does this tho

☆ Myeon likes to go down on you while Baek marks your upper body up

☆ Baek will talk dirty in your ear 

☆ with the sounds of Myeon going down on you in the background

☆ Baek can be such a sub for Myeon tho

☆ he’ll become the good baby boy Myeon wants him to be

I need to stop

What dating Baekhyun would be like
  • this boy is such a tease
  • he always messes with you
  • like hiding something you’re looking for
  • or making you wait
  • but whenever you two are with the boys
  • you help him trick the others
  • he loves you so much
  • he’s always posting pictures with you on his Instagram
  • with some cute cheesy captions
  • like ‘’with the love of my life’’
  • or ‘’we look cute together it’s a fact’’
  • whenever you go to a show
  • he makes sure to dance in front of you during The Eve or Artificial Love
  • that little teasing shit
  • but you get your revenge at home
  • like cooking only in underwear or things like that
  • when it comes to pda
  • Baekhyun isn’t shy
  • he kisses you, holds your hand
  • the whole world will know your his
  • he’s really cute (of course)
  • you have matching bracelets or rings
  • he’s this kind of cute
  • dates with him are cheesy
  • he always makes sure you’re happy
  • and when you’re not
  • he’s there for you
  • trying to make you laugh
  • when you sleep
  • he has an arm around you
  • your head is on his shoulder
  • his nose is in your hair
  • because he loves the smell of it
  • thinking of it
  • Baekhyun absolutely loves your sweet smell
  • it reminds him of candies
  • you are the most important person in Baekhyun’s life

Water Fall

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  • Yixing’s entrance into the world of superheros was actually a complete accident, literally.
  • It was a rainy, Wednesday morning, and he was already late for his European Architecture class. I guess you could blame the fog or the slick roadway, but as he sped across the Brockdale Bridge (the town’s one and only bridge), he collided with a hydroplaning car from the oncoming lane.
  • Yixing had no time to react before his car was shoved over the guardrail and off the bridge.
  • His mangled car began to barrel roll in the air as it fell towards the lake below. CD’s, water bottles, and papers flew around his car, hitting him in the face and body. Strangely, all he could think of as he tumbled closer and closer towards his death was, “Good thing I’m wearing my seat belt.”
  • When his car hit the water, he felt nothing. No pain, no holy ascension to heaven. Nothing until… it was like something was grabbing onto every hair on his body in attempts to pull them all out. He felt himself being pulled forward by his skin. He felt a rush of water slam into his body, as if he had been thrown into a washing machine. The water swirled and gargled, foamed and bubbled.
  • Then, the top of Yixing’s head broke through the water, the rest of his body following. Yixing felt no fear, only calm. He had never been baptized, but he assumed this is what it felt like.
  • Yixing’s body was clammy, but his clothes and hair were dry. His head whipped side to side to evaluate how he had not died. He was sitting on top of the Brockdale Bridge, next to the car that had hit his. He thought, “If this is Hell, it’s not very good.”
  • The front of the car next to him was virtually gone, all of the metal being crushed or torn off. Although he was in a daze, he stood up and peered into the driver’s window. To Yixing’s surprise, the female driver was slumped against the wheel of her car. Her eyes were closed, but her back was rising with her every slow breath. The front of hair was matted with blood.  
  • Yixing didn’t even pause to consider the risks. He began to tear at the driver’s side door. The crumpled metal wouldn’t budge. The more Yixing pulled, the more he felt a burning sensation in the back of his head.
  • Suddenly, a stream of water shot from the hair follicles in Yixing’s arms. The water twisted into ropes, wrapping around the car door and yanking it off its hinges. Out of shock, Yixing leaned over and puked. After wiping his face with his shirt, Yixing slid his arms underneath the girl’s body and lifted it from the car. He laid her on the concrete next to the car, making sure not to place her near his vomit.
  • Yixing tucked a strand of the girl’s hair behind her ear to get a better look at the gash on her forehead. His hands almost recoiled when he realized he recognized the girl’s face. She sat two seats in front of him in his European Architecture class, the very one he was rushing to get to just before the crash. Yixing wondered what she was doing heading away from their local university, when class was just about to begin.
  • Yixing was stirred from his thoughts when he felt the girl’s dainty fingers wrap around the hand holding her hair. Yixing’s head jerked down to the girl’s face, their eyes meeting for the first time ever. Her lips trembled, and she whispered, “Yixing?” His name had never been said with such confusion and astonishment. She had sworn she saw his car fall off the edge of the bridge. She hadn’t meant to hydroplane into his car. Was she dead? Was she concussed and delusional?
  • Before either of them could discuss the unbelievable aspects of their crash and rescue, the sound of sirens filled the air. Yixing frantically searched for the emergency vehicles, thinking, “Well shit, how am I going to explain this mess?”
  • The answer came to him in the form of the girl’s voice. “Go! Go now. I’ll make something up.” Yixing hesitantly lowered the girl’s head onto the road. He shyly gestured to the pile of puke a few feet away from them, as his DNA was now at the scene. The girl replied, “I’ll tell them it’s mine…I owe you.”
  • As Yixing turned to leave, he looked at the bloodied girl and whispered “Thank you.” His eyes scanned for an escape route, when it came to him. When he had emerged on the bridge, he was sitting as if he were in the seat of his car. Yixing’s feet rushed to the edge of the bridge, and he leaned over the edge of the bridge. Then, Yixing jumped.
  • Yixing plummeted towards the lake for the second time that morning. He squeezed his eyes shut as he approached the water, hoping he was right. If not, he really was going to die today. He hit the water on his back, feeling the hair-pulling, water-rushing sensation all down his spine.
  • Yixing felt goosebumps rise on his arms, and he gasped for air. His eyes shot open to see the dark gray sky above. He didn’t even notice that he was laying on the muddy sand surrounding the lake because his eyes had locked with hers. She was standing on the bridge, gripping the guardrail with the hand that had held his only minutes earlier. The emergency responders were just now arriving, taking in the crash site. As they rushed to her aid, she whispered, “No, Thank you.” Yixing knew. He knew this wasn’t the last time he would use his powers. He also knew this wasn’t the last time he would talk to her.

A/N: This is my first post on Tumblr, but I’ve been on here for ages. Idk if anyone will read this, but I’m cool with whatever the outcome is. This was inspired by Yixing’s new ad with Biotherm Homme. Just the visuals of him falling into the water… oof god bless. Thanks! 

What dating Kai would be like
  • ok let me get this straight
  • Kai is one person
  • Jongin is another
  • sex with Kai would be rough
  • rough rough and rough
  • he’d make sure to please you though
  • sometimes he even pleases you too much
  • sex with Jongin would be soft
  • vanilla
  • he’s really protective of you
  • when there’s a boy he doesn’t like around you
  • he’ll hold your hand tightly
  • or pass an arm around your waist
  • you obviously bring him some food 
  • when the boys saw that they became jealous
  • so now you bring them food too
  • pda
  • he’s not a big fan
  • but he gives you few kisses here and there
  • and he holds your hand
  • when you sleep
  • he holds you
  • he needs to hold you
  • because he feels like he protects you
  • and he needs to know you are safe
  • if you ever have a nightmare
  • he’ll hold you tightly and whisper that you are safe
  • while kissing your head to calm you
  • he’ll post few pictures of you on his Instagram
  • the pictures always look so professional
  • he loves seeing you with his niece and his nephew
  • it makes him think of having kids with you
  • and makes him know you’d be a good mom
  • he loves you a lot 
  • and everyone knows it
Luhan Mafia Boss Headcanon
  1. He once told you all your wishes were orders. You found shortly after that he had meant it
  2. He’s like a completely different person when he’s on duty. You liked this duality of his
  3. Things like opening the car door for you, or grabbing your waist when in public. He’s a true gentleman
  4. Tries to keep you as far as he can from the mafia world, to keep you safe
  5. Your best adventures are with him
  6. “I have seen many people but no one is as beautiful as you”
  7. He’s very caring and sweet, his love is one of a kind
  8. Very touchy training sessions
  9. Can be very dorky, sometimes you find him playing soccer with his gang when you thought they were probably cleaning their guns or something
  10. Probably has a lot of style, his whole essence shouts ‘bad boy’
  11. Your mother adores him nevertheless. No one will treat you better than him
  12. If there’s something he adores, it’s when all eyes are on you and he calls you his
  13. He’s a little possessive but not too much, you honestly find it sexy
  14. He can make you melt with just one stare, strangely you can do the same to him even if he doesn’t make you aware of it
  15. Sometimes you feel you love him more but the truth is, the boy would take a thousand bullets for you
  16. He is often lost in his world but you can take all the worries away with just one kiss
  17. His friends/gang respect you and adore you because you never try to take him away from them. You respect his lifestyle even if you don’t completely agree
  18. There are hard days, of course, hard times. But somehow you always find the way to make it work
  19. Expect a lot of luxurious but underground-ish events
  20. Passion is the middle name of your relationship. Not that you have any complaints. 
  • Carat: It’s time to wake up, mon.
  • Monbebe: 5 more minutes…
  • Carat, smiling softly: 5 more minutes *snuggles up to Monbebe*
  • * * *
  • Exo-l: It’s time to wake up.
  • Army: 5 more minutes…
  • Exo-l: *Sharpening knife* Maybe you misheard me