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exo reacts to their gf being cute/shy after their first time together

(WARNING/PG-13 Content: I didn’t mark this as sensitive, but there are mentions of sex. So, I guess don’t read if you’re underage?)

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Sleeping Award

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Tittle: Sleeping Award
Words: 0.7K
Pairing: Mia/Sehun/Kyungsoo; 10th Member of EXO

‘What are you doing?’, Sehun asked, when Mia placed her head on his shoulder. She put hands around his arms, hugging them close. 

‘Just five minutes, Sehunnie.’, she said quietly, closing her eyes. Sehun chuckled, looking around, if anyone actually noticed anything. ‘I’m really tired and there’s still commercial break.

‘That soon will be over.’, he answered, shaking his body from laughter. Mia looked up at him with little pout. Sehun sighed and patted his hsoulder. ‘Come on, I’ll cover for you.’, he added. She smiled slightly and put her her back. Sehun took one of the hands, that were holding into her arm, and squeezed it slightly. He started making weird patter on the top of her palm, knowing that it’ll make her more relaxed for sure.

Sleeping in weird and loud places wasn’t anything weird for Mia. She would always have a naps whenever she can, knowing how packed her schedule always is. All of the boys knew it too. And instead of making it harder, they would always be there for her and help her. Sehun looked down carefully, not wanting to disturb her, and saw Mia clearly asleep. Her mouth was slightly opened, signalizing she’s far away from being conscious.

Kyungsoo came back to the sofas, where all idols were sitting. He immediately spotted his group and went to them. He saw empty space right between Mia and Baekhyun, so he took it and looked in her direction. He furrowed his eyebrows seeing her basically cuddling Sehun, who was looking around as if he was trying to see if anyone films them or takes photos. He smiled at sleeping girl and shook head few times. Seeing her cuddled up to Sehun in this cold arena made him shiver. Kyungsoo stood up and took off his blazed, placing it on Mia’s bare legs and lower arms. She moved slightly, adjusting it so it wouldn’t fall off, smiled and went back to sleep.

‘We need to tell our manager to slow down a little with all those promotions for her.’, Sehun said, looking at the satge in front of him. Kyungsoo just nodded, agreeing with him in one hundred percent. 

‘Are we-?’, Kyungsoo started, pointing at Mia, when the award show ended.

‘I got this.’, Sehun said, waving at him.  

He moved slightly, picking her up from the seat. Kyungsoo made sure to put his jacket over her body, so no inappropriate photos or videos would be taken. Both of the men were walking towards the exit with few of the boys behind them. They were all getting weird look and smiles from idols. Some were also laughing or helping them to get through the crowd. 

Going through the hall backstage was less hectic. There were also a lot of people, but no fans or people screaming at them, wanting only things from them. Right before the exit door, Sehun spotted two very familar people to him. He rolled his eyes playfully, but went into their direction.

‘Oh my God, is everything-’, Sou exclaimed, taking her eyes from Chanyeol. They were talking for few minutes at that point. They were making jokes and remembering things, that happened in the past, with few moments of flirting from Chanyeol’s side.

‘She just fell asleep.’, Sehun explained and both of them nodded. ‘We’re gonna take her home, since Kyungsoo doesn’t wanna go to the after party anyway.’, he added, looking at shorter man. He only rolled his eyes and Chanyeol nodded.

‘Wanna take my car? We’re gonna take taxi.’, he asked, pointing at himself and Sou. Sehun nodded and Chanyeol gave him the keys. 

‘Do you think they-?’, Sehun asked, as they left the building and went in the car’s direction.

‘Please, it’s Chanyeol. I bet he made few stupid jokes and that’s it. If it wasn’t for that programme, he wouldn’t even dare talk to her.’, Kyungsoo laughed, opening the door for Sehun to put Mia inside.



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you’re a self-taught witch who tried following a beginner-class summoning ritual. yeah, well, you’re not the best witch and summoning a shirtless demon in your bathroom was literally the last thing you wanted to do on a saturday.

warnings: swearing, mentions of sexual content

word count: 1.4k

a/n: my first sehun scenario on this blog, and you’re damn right i’m making him shirtless in the first few paragraphs. -kiki

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Exo Reaction First Time Meeting You

Xiumin :

Minseok met you late in the night when he couldn’t sleep and didn’t feel like staying at the dorm. He went out to the beach. He sat down on the sand, felt the wind blowing. It somehow calmed him down every time he came here. Then he saw you, walking comfortably knees deep in the water. You looked so beautiful in the moonlight that he couldn’t help himself and invited you to sit with him.

“ It looks so amazing here, doesn’t it?”

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Suho :

Junmyeon was waiting for the rest of his members at night hidden in a small alleyway so nobody would bother him. His members were late once again. He saw you one the other side of the street you looked like you were waiting for someone too. Junmyeon couldn’t take his eyes of you and kept looking at you. Then you looked up and your eyes met. He softly smiled at you and you smiled back. But soon after his members came and they had to go for their next schedule.

“ I hope I’ll see you again so that the next time I have an actual chance to talk to you.”

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Lay :

Lay was sitting in a local park near a big fountain. He was calmly writing new lyrics and then he heard few people yelling out. So when he stood up and went to look what was happening. He saw a person running his way and that person was you. Before you could understand what was happening you accidentally shoved him into water and you fell with him.

“No, I’m okay. But did you get hurt? Please be careful next time.”

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Baekhyun :

Baekhyun decided to sing in a small club near the centre of the town. As he was singing he saw people that came in and came out. Then you walked in, sat down and ordered a drink. Baekhyun kept watching you and when you made eye contact he winked at you. After a while he took a small break so could drink something and relax for a bit. He went to sit near you and looked at you from time to time in the club’s dimmed lights. At the end of his break he decided to approach you, having a plan in his mind.

“ Hello, I’m Baekhyun! Would you like to sing with me, please?”

Chen :

Jongdae was taking a walk around the town, bought several stuff from all kind of markets and listened to music that was playing. That’s when he didn’t pay attention and accidentally bumped into you. All your food that you bought was now ruined and on the ground. Jongdae felt rather embarrassed for ruining your night and wanted to make it up to you. And what is a better idea than inviting you for dinner?

“ I’m really sorry. I would like to make it up to you so I’ll gladly treat you to dinner if you don’t mind!”

Chanyeol :

Chanyeol met you late at night when he went to buy coffee in a small coffee shop. It was near his studio and he still didn’t finish his work yet. What Chanyeol didn’t expect wqs that there was a big line waiting for their coffee and that while waiting it strated raining. You were on your way home when it started raining and as you forgot your umbrella you ran into the coffee shop and decided to spend your time there. Chanyeol noticed that you were completely soaked and immediately went to talk to you.

“ Aren’t you cold? Here let me give you my jacket and let me order your coffee for you.”

D.O :

Kyungsoo met you on an event. Where he was invited and supposed to talk to many important people. You were invited as a guest and to say that you were enjoying yourself would be a lie. At least until Kyungsoo arrived, you were immediately interested in him. And he looked around the room and noticed you but no matter how much he wanted to talk to you. He had to talk to other people first. And although he wasn’t the type to start the conversation first he still tried.

“ Hello, I’m Do Kyungsoo. How do you like it here?”

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Kai :

Jongin went to an important event and as it goes he saw you across the room chatting with someone. You looked at him for a moment and when you looked away he quickly fanboyed. You looked so cute and Jongin wanted to pinch your cheeks so bad. After a while of staring at you he approached you.

“ Hello, I’m Jongin and you? I saw you standing here and I just couldn’t take the chance of not talking to you.”

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Sehun :

At first Sehun wanted to seem uninterested because he didn’t want you to know how much intrigued he is by meeting you. But few minutes later you noticed him staring at you. Something about him seemed so interesting and mysterious. You two kept staring at each other for the rest of the night, no one knowing if they should make the move.

“ Come on… Look at me one more time so I’ll see your beautiful eyes again.”

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The duality of a producer.

Baekhyun, singing: -voice cracks-



Trainee, singing:

Yixing: My pet iguana can belt out that song in a better key than that, disgusting—

EXO REACT: To you moaning their name in your sleep



Xiumin had gotten in late after training, so he was still winding down by reading a book in bed, you sleeping right next to him. Whilst he was sitting up, you were cuddled into his side, an arm draped over his chest. 

He was simply playing with your hair and tracing patterns over you arm nonchalantly when he heard a loud sigh fall from your puffed out lips. He glanced down from his book, but went back to it once you didn’t make another sound. However, when he heard his name fall from your lips in an exasperated whine, he placed down his book. At first he thought you were in pain, maybe asking for help.

“Y/n?” He would try not to move too much just in case you were still asleep - which you were - and brushed a hair out of your face that had fallen over your eyes. Although when he felt your leg tighten around his and his name in a gasp form come from you again, he knew what was happening. Smirking to himself, he knew that you two hadn’t done anything in a while due to his busy schedule, so feeling bad and wanting to please you, he placed his book down and focused all his attention on you, stroking your legs, kissing your neck and waking you up by his hair tickling the inside of your thighs.

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You and Suho were watching a movie on the sofa when you had fallen asleep on his chest. He was playing with your hair, completely unaware that you had fallen asleep, all of his attention still on the glowing screen. Only when you had shuffled on his chest to nuzzling your face in his neck, had he peeled his eyes from the screen and helped you re-adjust. 

“Junmyeon…” He heard you sigh satisfyingly in his ear, making him snake his arms around your waist, still not realizing you were dreaming.

“Yes baby?” You moaned quietly against the skin of his neck, sending a shiver down his spine. Suho kissed your shoulder and ran his hands under you shirt tracing your sides. And suddenly he wasn’t paying the movie any more attention. You were soon waking up to him placing you gently down on your back, him hovering over you and smirking.

“That dream of yours sounded really good baby girl. Do you want to go through it again?”

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Lay heard you moaning his name when he walked back upstairs in the middle of the night from getting a glass of water. He walked in the room to see the covers clinging to your body, you face contorted and twisting from side to side. It didn’t take long to register in Yixing’s mind what was going on as he could recognise those sort of moans anywhere.

He approached you confidentally, placing the water on the bedside table before getting back into bed with you and waking you up with a warm and heated kiss. Once you were aware of the situation and wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him more into you, he trailed his kisses down your jaw and to your neck, so he could lick and whisper in your ear.

“Tell me how good I was fucking you in your dream princess.”

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Baekhyun hissed, his eyes jumping open at the sudden pain he felt in his shoulder. He looked around hazily, still slightly asleep, and took a look at where he felt the pain. Your hand was there, clinging onto his shirt where he felt your nails dig into his skin. Confused, he looked down at you, where one of his hands was wrapped around you, pulling you into his side, his hand resting on your upper thigh. He watched contently as you scrunched your face together and shuffled against his side again. 

“Fuck, Baekhyun…”

Baekhyun’s eyes widened when he heard the words sleepily fall from your pouted lips. Undeniably, he was instantly turned on, silently praying to himself that you would say something again, but all he got was a whine and your leg intertwining with his. He groaned as you involentarily shuffled against his thigh.

Once he had enough teasing, despite you literally not being conscious, he took your hand from his shoulder and pinned it to your side, crawling in between your legs, causing your eyes to shoot open and be met with his hungry ones.

“You sound so hot when you moan my name y/n.”

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Chen stood in front of the mirror, doing up his tie for work. Your body was left unconscious, tangled in the mound of blankets that you and him had been sleeing comfortably in together not long before.

You had been tossing and turning all morning, but Chen had just pushed it off as you trying to get comfortable. That was until he heard a muffled, barely translatable, moan come from the bed where you were sound asleep in.

“Chen, baby please…”

He looked over to you, stopping midway through his tie, and smiling to himself. It made him feel so happy how even in your dreams, when he wasn’t even touching you physically, you were dreaming about him, and in this way. He walked over to you and kissed your head; as much as he wanted to stay in that bed with you all day making you feel good, he had to go to work. But before he went, he was sure to leave a little note:

“I hope I made you feel good this morning princess, but it’ll be even better when I get home XX”

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Chanyeol’s eyes were focused on the TV, not really paying much attention to you sound asleep on his shoulder next to him. That was until, a breathy moan of his name grasped his attention from the show. His mouth turned upwards into a grin and he watched your eyebrows furrow together and a frustrated groan fall from your puffy lips. There was no doubt that Chanyeol found this the hands down most sexiest thing of his life. His hand ran up your thigh that was resting on his lap, and he leant down to kiss your neck gently, slowly starting to wake you up. He smirked when your eyes opened to meet his.

“I know you just woke up baby, but do you mind telling me what that dream was, so whatever happened in it I can do to you right now?”

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Kyungsoo looked at you, frozen from his place on the bed. You were an unconscious boyd lying next to him in bed. He didn’t quite know what to do; wake you up or leave you be. Although the more he seemed to leave you to calmly sleep, the more fidgeting and vocal you were becoming. 

He sat up in bed, watching you as you twisted and turned in the bed sheets.

“Y/n?” His voice whispered as he brushed a hair out of your face. “Y/n baby…”

It didn’t take much more of his delicate touches to awaken you from your dream, and although you were disapointed, you couldn’t complain to a sleepy Kyungsoo, hovering over you calling you baby.

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Jongin was sat up on his side, watching you as you were asleep. He was always the first one of you to wake up in the morning and he loved to admire your sleeping frame and the way you breathing was so deep. He was in the middle of stroking up and down you side when he heard a breathy moan escape your lips.


A smirk instantly appeared on his face and his hands started to rail lower than just your waist, lingering high up on your thigh, watching as your eyebrows furrowed together more. He was going to see how much it took to wake you from your dream about him.

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You and Sehun both had the day off and were spending it relaxing on the sofa, watching movies and just hanging out. Your head was on his lap, and Sehun was completely unaware to your dozed off state. His attention was drawn to his phone as his hands slowly brushed through your hair, massaging your scalp as you slept.


“Yeah babe?” Sehun didn’t look away from his phone when he heard his name from you, thinking you were going to ask him to get you something - not that he probably would have anyway.


“Yeah?” His slightly annoyed tone left him when he saw you asleep on his lap, mouth agape and hands clenching. A smirked triumphantly, the idea of you having a dirty dream about him boosting his ego. He let his hand trace the inner side of your thigh.

“I love that you’re begging for me even in your sleep.”

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EXO / Making up after a fight

Request: HI! I have a request for exo if that’s okay. Making up after a fight. Doesn’t have to be sexual or anything.

Thank you for requesting this, I hope you like it! 🖤


Warning: some strong language and sexual references


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You had locked yourself inside of your bedroom, refusing to talk to Minseok, or even look at him. You needed some time to get yourself and your thoughts together. But although you didn’t want to see him right now, a small part of you was kind of disappointed that he didn’t come knocking on the door right after you ran into the room.

When you finally opened the door of your bedroom three hours later, somewhat ready to start talking again, you found Minseok sitting on the floor next to the door of the bedroom. He raised his head and jumped to his feet when he saw you.

“How long have you been sitting here?” you asked, surprised.

“Ever since you went into the bedroom,” he admitted, looking down. “I wanted to apologize right away but you said you needed to be alone for a while, so I didn’t want to bother you.”

It felt as though his words squeezed your heart, forcing tears to start materializing in your eyes.

“You never bother me,” you told him before throwing your arms around his neck, catching him by surprise.

Once he recovered from the initial shock, he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer.

“I love you so much,” he said. “I’m sorry about everything I said. I didn’t mean any of that.”

You nodded, nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck. “Let’s never fight again.”


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You had left in a blind rage. You weren’t used to fighting with Junmyeon and in all the years of dating him, you only fought a few times, and both of those times you made up right away. Which is why, when two hours after the argument started, you two were still yelling, you didn’t know what to do.

You were sick and tired of it, but you didn’t know how to put an end to this completely pointless fight, so you left. You still heard Junmyeon yell as you burst through the door of your shared apartment and headed towards your car, wanting to get away from all of it.

Junmyeon watched you go. He didn’t know why he didn’t stop yelling even though he was panicking now. He feared that you wouldn’t come back to him, but he didn’t know how to tell you this, especially, when he was so emotional about the fight.

He didn’t want you to get behind the wheel when your mind was preoccupied, though, so after a few moments of hesitation, he sprinted across the parking lot of the building and jumped in front of your car right when you were about to drive.

“Junmyeon!” you shouted, opening the door of your car in anger. “What the fuck?! I could have driven you over!”

“Don’t go,” he said, walking towards you. “Please, don’t go. Let’s forget about this. Let’s just go home and just be together.”

“Junmyeon, it’s not that simple—”

“Yes it is,” he nodded, desperation clear in his voice. “In fact, I don’t even remember what we were fighting about.”

You sighed, still not moving and using the door of the car as a shield to separate him from you.

“Y/n, please,” Junmyeon said again. “I won’t be able to take it if you leave right now.”

Suddenly, you started to feel bad for resisting his attempts to make up. After all, you wanted the fight to be over, too.

“I’m sorry,” you said. “I just… I didn’t know what to do. We never fought like that before. I guess I just wanted to get away.”

“Don’t,” he said. “Don’t even think about getting behind the wheel after our fight. I wouldn’t forgive myself if something happened to you.”

This was all it took for you to take the keys out of the engine and close the door of the car, allowing Junmyeon to securely wrap his arms around you.

He exhaled a shaky breath and brought your body even closer to his. “I don’t want to lose you.”

“You’d never lose me,” you whispered back, not realizing that the two of you were standing in the middle of the parking lot. You both were too engulfed in the process of making up to care about anyone else.


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You said some things. He said some things back. You tried to leave. He grabbed your hand to stop you. And that’s when you slapped him.

You regretted this as soon as the palm of your hand came in contact with his cheek. But it was too late. Yixing stared at you in shock, his hand immediately touching the stinging pain on the side of his face.

You covered your mouth with your hands. “Yixing, I’m so—”

“No,” he shook his head. “I deserved it.”

“No, you didn’t,” you said, coming closer, to pull his hand away from his cheek so you could take a look at it. “No one deserves to be slapped. I’m so sorry. Does it hurt a lot?”

“It—uh, it stings a little,” Yixing said but you could tell that he only said that to make you feel better.

“Come to the kitchen,” you said pulling his hand. “Let’s put some ice on it.”

Yixing obeyed and followed you into the different room.

You had completely forgotten the reason for your fight, as you opened the freezer to get a bag of frozen peas. Carefully, you sat Yixing down and placed the frozen bag over his wounded cheek, refusing to let him hold the ice and holding it for him instead.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” you told him for the twentieth time. “I swear I’m never hitting you again. I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s okay,” Yixing said, already hurting to see you in so much pain about this. “I provoked you. It’s my—”

“It’s not your fault!” you interrupted him a little louder than you intended. “Violence is never the right answer and I cannot believe I did that.”

“It doesn’t hurt that bad anymore, Y/n,” Yixing said. “So, please, stop beating yourself up about it.”

“I can’t,” you said, biting your lip. “I just hit you.”

Yixing wrapped his arms around your thighs, pulling your body closer to his.

“I love you,” he told you. “And I know you would never hurt me intentionally. You lost control because of the argument that I started. I understand. And really, maybe this was the only way to put me back to my place.”

“No, Yix—”

“Shh, stop, don’t say anything,” he cut you off. “Let’s just forget about this and go cuddle in bed.”

“Okay,” you said, giving in. “Just let me hold this on your cheek for a little while longer, okay? Do you want me to make you dinner after?”

Yixing smiled at this. “I forgot how much I love it when you take care of me.”


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You knew he was doing a collaboration with a new up-and-coming female artist. And you knew that music was the only thing between them and yet whenever you read articles or tweets by his fans, you were becoming more and more worried.

Your worries especially escalated when he got home at 3am one night. When you asked him where he was, he admitted that he stayed for drinks with his singing partner.

“Oh, so you had a date,” you said, not realizing how petty you sounded.

Baekhyun tried to defend himself but you weren’t hearing anything.

“You’ve been out with her more times this week, than you’ve gone out with me in the three years that we’ve been together,” you told him.

“That’s not true—”

“Yes, it is,” you didn’t let him finish. “But don’t get me wrong, I don’t care. The only thing I expected from you is to just tell me if you lost interest in me.”

“Lost interest in you?” Baekhyun half-asked, half-laughed. “Is that what you think?”

“Well, the only interactions between us these past few weeks were about the weather,” you stated angrily. “So, forgive me for starting to think that you’re no longer into—”

You didn’t get to finish the sentence because Baekhyun was suddenly pushing you against the wall, knocking all breath out of your chest.

“Baby, if you say that I’m not interested in you one more time,” he said in a deliciously threatening tone. “I might just have to punish you for spreading lies.”

You raised your eyes to meet his and bit your lip, forcing his gaze to drift down. “I’m sorry, I just got the feeling that you no longer want me.”

Smirking at your obvious challenging tone, Baekhyun pushed himself closer to you so he could whisper in your ear. “Cancel your plans for the next few days, baby girl. I’m about to show you how much I want you.”


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Every fight left you both stressed. It could have been a small argument about whose turn was it to do the grocery shopping, and yet both of you got scared that the other one would want to break up.

So, you two rarely fought. You tried to solve every argument with as little yelling as possible. However, that proved to be more difficult with time. The number of those civil arguments grew greatly, and both of you reached the point in your relationship where you disagreed about something at least five times a day every day.

The realization that your relationship was going south scared both of you so much that one day the two of you decided to just sit down and talk it out.

Both of you agreed that maybe the reason why things haven’t been going so well lately was because you bottled your emotions up instead of actually letting them out, whether in the form of yelling or maybe even throwing things around the room.

“So, do you want to flip over a table or something?” you asked, forcing Jongdae to laugh for a good minute.

“Not really,” he said once he recovered, brushing the tears away from his eyes. “But, really, though. I think we’re both adults and I think we can handle a fight or two because I’m sure we love each other too much to let it get out of hand.”

You nodded, agreeing with everything he said. “You want to do a practice run?”

“What do you mean?” Jongdae asked, a little confused.

“Well, it was your turn to go to the store this week…”

Jongdae groaned at this. “Now I do kind of want to flip a table.”

Both of you laughed at this.

“We can go shopping together,” you said, then. “Oh, crap, did I just solve the argument before we got a chance to yell at each other?”

Jongdae laughed at this again. “Finding a compromise is a good way to end a fight. We can throw furniture around later. Maybe when we’re doing something else.”

“What do you mea—” you started to ask but then realized, and felt the warmth spread to your cheeks. “Oh.”


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When Chanyeol was on tour, you guys rarely fought. The peaceful part of your relationship continued the next few weeks after he came back from tour. However, as soon as you got used to each other again, the arguments began.

You were frustrated because he was never home. He was angry because there was nothing he could do about that. Both of you were left upset after you realized that this was a fight with no solutions.

You sat on the different ends of the couch, refusing to look at each other but not wanting to leave yet in case one of you came up with another argument to prove your point.

“I am going to leave again soon,” Chanyeol said quietly, breaking the silence.

“I know,” you replied.

“Will we have this same fight after I return?”


Silence settled in the room again.

“Do you think we’ll ever figure out what to do so we wouldn’t have the same fight over and over again?” Chanyeol asked a few minutes later.

“Probably not,” you said, sighing. “The only option to prevent this from happening again is to brea—”

“Don’t you dare say it!” Chanyeol said, jumping up from the couch suddenly, and forcing you to flinch. “I don’t even mind the fighting as long as we’re still together.”

“Well, that’s it, then,” you shrugged your shoulders. “We’ll keep fighting about the same thing because we’re too stubborn to put an end to this relationship.”

“I’m fine with that,” Chanyeol said, sitting back down on the couch. “And we’ll figure out what to do eventually. Because I don’t think breaking up would be the solution to this problem.”

A small smile appeared on your face. “You don’t?”

“Of course not,” he said, scooting closer to you on the couch. “In fact, I think breaking up would cause even more problems because then I’d be suffering without you. At least, now I get to suffer with you.”

You laughed, realizing how messed up his logic was, but still choosing to roll with it because you loved each other too much to let this go.


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“Oh, so now you’re going to ignore me?” you yelled at your boyfriend who was on his way out of the room.

“Yeah,” he replied. “You have a problem with that?”

“I do, actually,” you shot back. “How about you stop acting like a child and actually sit down to talk to me like an adult?”

“I can’t talk like an adult,” Kyungsoo said, crossing his arms. “I’m a child.”

You groaned. “You’re unbelievable.”

“Oh, I’m so many things!” Kyungsoo said, his voice rising a few octaves so he could imitate you. “You’re such a child, Kyungsoo! You’re unbelievable, Kyungsoo! You’re a pain in my ass, Kyungsoo!”

“You are all of those things,” you said, glaring at him. “And you’re a huge asshole on top of that.”

“You know,” Kyungsoo’s voice returned to normal, but his pupils were now dilated. You watched carefully as he made his way towards you. “That is not at all what you said last night.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh? Well, let me refresh your memory then,” he said, stopping dangerously close to you. “You told me how good I made you feel. You told me how good I was to you. No, actually, if I remember correctly, you told me I was the best you’ve ever had. And I think our neighbors can vouch for that.”

You watched him with your jaw clenched. “Fuck you, Kyungsoo.”

“Yeah,” he said, slowly licking his lips in anticipation. “Fuck me.”


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

He had locked himself in your bedroom, purposefully locking you out. But this wasn’t the first time he did that. He tended to always give you the silent treatment whenever you really pissed him off. And most times, you were just as pissed off, but this time you realized that the fight was your fault. You caused it, you provoked him, and you made him slam the door of the bedroom right in your face.

So, you waited for a little while – giving him a chance to cool down – before you knocked on the door.

“Let me in, Jongin,” you said, knocking again since he didn’t react to the first knock. “I’m sorry. Please, talk to me.”


“Jongin, come on,” you continued. “I miss you.”

You heard shuffling behind the door. He must have stood up from the bed but he still hadn’t come to the door. This was a good step forward, however.

You decided to continue. “Baby, please let me see you. I don’t even remember what you look like anymore.”

Silence again.

“Jongin,” you said. “I said I’m sorry. Please, let me in.”

“What’s the password?” a childish reply reached you from the other end of the door.

You smiled despite his immature approach to this situation. You knew very well what the password was.

“I love you,” you said.

You heard the lock of the door turn and finally, you entered the bedroom to see Jongin standing in front of you with a small victorious smile on your face.

“I love hearing you say that,” he said, letting you know that the anger he felt after the fight was already gone.


Originally posted by xehun

The first fight you had with him was the most stupid thing on the planet and yet as you stood outside of the shopping mall, you couldn’t help but feel angry.

Sehun had forgotten you at the store. He literally got into his car and drove away while you were stuck looking for him all around the shopping mall, thinking he got lost or something.

Sehun, however, found this hilarious. He laughed the entire ride back to the mall after you’d called him in distress.

When he finally came back to pick you up, you were fuming. You climbed into the car, tied the seatbelt, and refused to even look at him.

“Baby, come on,” Sehun said, still trying to control his laughter. “I’m sorry. I swear I don’t know how this happened.”

You glared at him. “Yeah, and you feel really bad about it.”

Sehun bit his lip, feeling a little guilty for wanting to laugh at a situation that obviously upset you so much.

“Come on, tell me what to do so you’d feel better,” he asked.

“How about remember that you have a girlfriend?”

He had to grip the wheel tighter so he wouldn’t start laughing again. “Y/n, come on, seriously. Do you want to stop by for ice cream?”

“So you could forget me again? No thanks,” you shot back.

“I’m sorry!” Sehun exclaimed. “I swear this will never happen again. Now let me know how I can make it up to you.”

“First of all, stop fucking laughing,” you said, after having noticed that he was biting his lip to prevent laughter. “I swear, I’m never going shopping with you again.”

“No, Y/n, come on, I said I was sorry,” he said desperately.

“You don’t look sorry.”

“What, you want me to beg you for forgiveness?”

You stayed quiet for a second longer than necessary and that was enough for Sehun to actually realize that maybe he underestimated your anger.

“We’re going to the animal shelter,” he decided. “I’m getting you a dog.”

“Sehun, you can’t get me a dog every time you fuck up,” you said, groaning.

“Yeah?” Sehun glanced at you and he could find excitement in your eyes, despite your hardest attempts to look unfazed. “Watch me.”


Wolf! Exo reaction to being in heat and horny for their s/o? If you do nsfw


★never likes to voice how needy he is 

★so he’ll just mope around 

★until you take control 

★and pull him into the bedroom

★you’ll have to take charge for the first few rounds

★but once his being relieved enough

★he’ll be frantic

★his hips will pound into yours

★while his fingers grip the skin of your hips

★he wouldn’t moan

★just let out grunts of your name

★burries his face in your neck when he cums

★knows you have limits though

★so he’ll stop after round 5

★he’ll hold you close

★and stroke your hair

★he’ll make sure you’re fully recovered

★before pleasuring the both of you again 


★knows when he gets in heat 

★so he has everything arranged for it

★fresh sheets on the bed

★plenty of snacks in for when you’re done

★bath oils ready to relax you

★and your pyjamas on standby 

★no matter how needy he is 

★he’ll make it all about you

★he’ll be able to keep it slow and loving

★until you give him the okay to be as rough as he needs

★then boi 

★you’re going to be unable to do anything but moan his name

★the noises you make make him go faster

★when you can’t moan anymore

★he’ll stop 

★go get the bath filled

★and relax with you

★you’ll end up having sex in the bath

★several times


★he won’t touch you until you want him to 

★even though you hold the key to his release 

★he’ll still respect you greatly 

★and try his best to make it about you

★he’ll probably masturbate alot

★so he can control himself around you

★he’s a loud

★so you’ll know

★and you’ll offer

★which he slowly agrees to 

★he’ll be v slow

★and soft

★but at your command

★he’ll do what he needs to to get some relief 


★he ain’t playing around 

★he needs release 

★and you’re going to give it to him 

★all signs of playful baek are gone



★’don’t what me’

★his tone would be low

★letting you know exactly what he wants

★you turning to see him with his erection pressing against his pants make you laugh

★’do you think this is funny?’

★he’ll push you back onto the sofa

★pull your clothes off as fast as possible

★and fuck you raw

★he isn’t stopping

★not until he’s had enough 


★he’d be clingy  

★but also a huge tease 

★he’d come behind you and rub himself on you 

★’do you feel that? all for you’

★sex with him would be so playful

★he’d make sure you’re both smiling and enjoying it

★’i think you better call in sick’   

★’sick of you’

★he’d giggle alot

★and press kisses all over your skin


★masturbates alot 

★but it doesn’t do the job right 

★and he also gives it away 

★bc he’s loud

★’why don’t you just come to me?’

★’because it’s embarrasing’ 

★’it’s not embarassing’ 

★he’ll slowly relax

★and have v sweet sex with you

★he’d be heart eyes at you the entire time

★he’d also hold your hand

★asks if you’re okay every other minute


★like baek 

★he needs relief from the agonising boner in his pants 

★and you’re going to give it to him 

★he won’t fuss with your normal foreplay

★straight to bending you over the counter and fucking you

★he’d actually be vocal

★grunting words of praise in your ear

★’you’re making me feel so good’

★’you’re doing such a good job’

★he’ll even grumble your name when he cums


★he’d be whiny  

★he’ll stick close to you 

★he’ll snap when you ignore him 

★and pull you away from what you’re doing

★’get in the bedroom’

★’i’m trying to do something’

★’i’m tring to do something too!’

★he’ll be v clumsy

★it’ll take him longer than usual to get you both undressed

★but once he’s got his act together

★he’ll give you the most mindblowing sex 

★he’ll growl

★bite you

★moan your name

★his face would be screwed up in pleasure


★whines alot  

★’make love to me’  

★’i’m busy’  

★’why are you rejecting your baby boy?’

★he’d rub himself against you

★while his whines get louder

★’it hurts, y/n’

★he’ll end up getting himself off by rubing on you

★when you’re done with your task

★and finally ride him

★he’ll be so happy

★his hands will rest on your hips

★while watching your face

★calls your name when he cums 

★’thank you for this. i love you so much’

Kissing Exo Members


Headcanon requests for EXO and BTS are OPEN



  • Xiubaby will steal kisses in public
  • Both arms around your waist
  • Pulling you close
  • Kissing your nose
  • Before placing a soft kiss on your lips
  • Doesn’t let go of you until you begin to protest
  • Will hold onto you and pull you in for the best hug of your life if you let him
  • In private it’s a lot of the same
  • Kisses you when he can
  • Sometimes just stares at you
  • “What are you looking at?”
  • “Nothing” he smiles before kissing you quickly
  • Xiudaddy though is a whole other story
  • Grabs your chin pulling you in for a kiss
  • Soft pecks for a second
  • Before he grabs your waist pulling you on top of him
  • One hand on your hip while the other cups face deepening the kiss
  • That hand eventually makes it to your hair bringing you closer as your arms wrap around his neck
  • Desperate kisses trying to taste as much as you can desperate to get closer


  • Rarely kisses you in public
  • When he does it’s usually on your temple
  • Or the top of your head
  • While his arm is snaked around your waist pulling you close
  • Behind closed doors though
  • He loves stealing kisses
  • While you’re cuddling on the couch
  • Cooking/baking
  • Before you go to bed
  • As soon as you wake up
  • Even while brushing your teeth he’ll sneak his arms around your waist and plant soft kisses on your neck
  • Now making out with Junmyeon
  • Let me tell ya
  • His strong arms would wrap around your waist holding you as close to him as he can
  • Lips soft against yours at first
  • Slow savoring the moment
  • But once he gets into it
  • Wow
  • Will kiss you until he can not breathe and then some
  • Aggressive and deep kisses but gentle at the same time
  • Takes his time
  • Hovers over you fingers gently stroking your cheek
  • Hands roaming all over your body


  • :(
  • I love him
  • Will kiss you anytime anywhere
  • Kisses your eyes
  • Your nose
  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Loves kisses
  • Constant chaste kisses in public
  • Long sweet passionate ones in private
  • Hovers over you while you makeout
  • Body between your legs
  • One hand always holding your face while the other explores your body
  • Typically deep and passionate kisses
  • His lips find their way to your jaw
  • Then your neck leaving a thousand soft kisses along your neck and collarbones
  • At times though
  • Rough kisses that take your breath away
  • Hips grinding into yours slightly
  • Leaving the occasional hickey on your neck or collarbone just as a reminder that you’re his


  • This piece of shit
  • LOVES to tease you
  • Not really into pda
  • But loves to get you riled up on public
  • He’ll stare at you from across the room
  • Leaning back in his seat
  • Biting his his lip while his eyes watch you with a calculating gaze
  • Smirks when you catch him looking and he sees that you start to blush
  • Will give your waist a slight squeeze as the two of you stand together
  • Will let his hand slip to you butt ass every once in awhile
  • But only long enough for you to notice before he slides his hand back up to your waist
  • Watches your face to see how you blush
  • Basically just loves getting a reaction out of you
  • Makeouts are typically rough and desperate
  • Never messy though
  • No Baekhyun isn’t messy
  • They happen everywhere
  • Against a wall, a couch, your bed, fuck it even in the shower
  • Hands everywhere desperately trying to feel as much of you as he can
  • Still teasing
  • Lip biting
  • Hands under your shirt
  • Just above the waistband of your underwear
  • Loves when you moan into his mouth
  • Only makes him pull you closer to you roughly
  • Definitely a lot of grinding against you


  • Not into pda at all
  • Will maybe kiss your hand from time to time
  • But mostly likes to keep intimate moments between the two of you
  • When you two are alone though he is soft
  • Grabs your face between his hands
  • Cute little peppered kisses
  • Pulls away and squishes your cheeks together laughing loudly
  • Goes back in to pepper kisses all over your face while the both of you laugh
  • On the occasion he slips his arms around your waist from behind
  • Placing soft kisses on your shoulder
  • Making his way up to your neck
  • Your arms end up around his neck pulling him closer
  • Arms still around your waist hold you tighter as he makes his way up to your lips
  • One hand eventually grabbing your neck to deepen the kiss
  • Knows what he’s doing
  • Gentle
  • But passionate
  • Uses your make out sessions to show you beautiful you are and how much he loves you


  • Ugh
  • So soft
  • Always touching you in subtle ways in public
  • But not really into kissing in public
  • The occasional peck
  • Just bc he loves kissing you so much
  • He wants it to be something just between the two of you
  • Runs his hand up and down your arms while you kiss
  • Constantly kissing your forehead/top of your head
  • Smiles into kisses
  • Lots of giggling on each others lips
  • Tickles while kissing you because he just wants to see you smile/ feel you smile against his lips
  • And vice versa because I mean have you seen his smile
  • His giant hands grip your hips
  • Or tangle themselves in your hair.
  • Loves biting
  • Will leave hickies all over your body
  • Loves when you straddle him during make out sessions
  • Hands on your ass
  • A dreamy look on his face when you finally pull away
  • Goes in for another kiss because he can’t resist the look of your swollen lips


  • Wow
  • Those lips
  • Let me tell ya
  • Also not a fan of kissing in public
  • But will kiss your hand that’s intertwined in his
  • Just to remind you he’s thinking about you always
  • Soft kisses while you cook together
  • Deep passionate kisses when you’re alone
  • One hand on your neck controlling your movements
  • Knows what he’s doing
  • Hands everywhere
  • But in a calculated way
  • Wants to be able to touch as much of you as he can
  • Talks against your lips
  • “I love you”
  • “You have no idea what you do to me”
  • Prefers to be the one on top of you
  • Body in between your legs
  • Hands roaming all over your body
  • Peppered kisses down your neck
  • Earlobe biting
  • Raspy words whispered into your ears


  • The softest person ever
  • Chaste kisses in public
  • The occasional kiss that lingers because he can’t get over how much he loves kissing you
  • Kisses your wrists and hands often
  • And shoulders
  • And collarbones
  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Everywhere
  • Whilst giggling against your skin
  • Wraps his arms around your waist from behind and places kisses along your neck and shoulders
  • Often leads to him turning you around
  • Hands on your hips
  • Pushing against the wall
  • Or closest surface really
  • Lips soft and plush against yours
  • His kisses would always be passionate
  • Getting hot and heavy only once and a while
  • With fast desperate kisses
  • He’d end up picking you up and taking you to the bedroom


  • Kisses in public are a thing
  • He doesn’t care who sees
  • Wants to show you off
  • Behind closed doors…wow
  • Always kissing you
  • Grabby hands and pouty lips
  • Those pouty lips just begging you to kiss them
  • Pulls you onto his lap
  • Peppered kisses on your lips and all over your face
  • Cupping your face between his hands
  • Slow deep kisses once he settles on your lips
  • Hands on your hips making their way down to your ass
  • One hand holding the back of your neck
  • Your hands running through his hair
  • Lip biting
  • Spends a good amount of time on your neck
  • Hickies all over so everyone knows that you’re taken and you’re his
  • Encourages you to roll your hips against his
  • Smirks against your lips when you moan against his

~admin r


Monsta X:

Originally posted by sweetramenwonho

S/O is an IKON fangirl

S/O has hidden tattoos

G/F squirts for the first time(NSFW)

S/O gives them a bj for the first time (NSFW)

How their moans sound

S/O makes them cum during a family dinner

You overstimulate them (NSFW)

S/O is really smol

GF is a long time soccer player

You don’t like skinship

Another member walks in on you two having sex (NSFW)

You give them a handjob

You have anxiety and depression

You punish them with toys

Idol GF has a sexy comeback

S/O calls them daddy for the first time

Monsta X as subs

They tell you to touch yourself

They come home to their s/o and child after a playdate

S/O goes into little space for the first time

They prank their S/O but it goes wrong

You make them cum multiple times

GF doesn’t know what she likes in bed because she never touched herself

You swear for the first time around them

They have a plus sized s/o

Shy awkward s/o likes rough sex

G/F wants to ride their thigh

S/O’s parents walks in on you having sex

S/O has mirror sex kink

Monsta X as Greek Gods

First time with Jooheon (Headcanons)

You want to try cockwarming

They hear their gf moaning and masturbating

Monsta X when they’re needy

Oral with Monsta X

You ask them to cum on your face

How they kiss

Shownu: Gloves, In Good Hands (smut), Homecoming

Wonho: Good Morning(SMut), Off Days

Jooheon: Stress Reliever (smut), Short skirts and thigh highs (smut)

Kihyun: Drive me crazy (Smut)


Originally posted by prkchaeyoung

They get drunk and have a one night stand

Theme park first date headcanons with Rosé 


Originally posted by day6briankang

How Day6 would kiss

G/F is nervous to lose their virginity 

How would Day6 be in bed

The morning after an intimate night

You surprise them in lingerie

When they can’t get it up

When they’re jealous

You handcuff them in the middle of sex

Oral with Day6

Youngk: Goosebumps (NSFW)

Jae: I can show you the world (NSFW)


Originally posted by mmm-smukk18

S/O has tattoos they didn’t know about

They hurt their s/o’s feelings in a fight


Originally posted by giantgyu

Their kid asks where they came from HipHop unit

GF tells them she’s pregnant  HipHop unit

You hug them suddenly even though you don’t skinship

Overstimulating Seventeen Performance Vocal Hiphop

You tease them in public Hiphop Vocal Performance

You ask them to try BDSM Performance

You walk funny after sex the night before Performance


Originally posted by achenlove

G/F wakes them up because their horny

G/F wants to try public sex

Their child walks in on them having sex

Gf touches them selves in front of them [OT9] (nsfw)

They run their stressed s/o a bath

How they cuddle

You overstimulate them

They overstimulate you

Dryhumping with them

The members walk in on you having rough sex

G/F wants to ride their thigh

EXO as doms and subs

Chanyeol: Truth or dare (NSFW) 


Originally posted by fyeahkard

Member’s S/O’s contact name is daddy

BM: We don’t go to bed angry (nsfw), Tensions rise (NSFW)


Originally posted by aleyongguk

Dating B.A.P

B.A.P in bed

S/O gives them a good bj (nsfw)

B.A.P as subs

G/F is reluctant to get intimate due to body image issues

B.A.P as doms

They find sex toys in your closet

You want to try cockwarming

S/O casually wears their ex’s clothes 

You ask them for a kiss

You ask them to show you how to give good head

First Time with Yongguk (Headcanons)

Beach date with B.A.P

S/O gets their nipples pierced

Dryhump with B.A.P

You suggest a threesome

First time with Youngjae (Headcanons)

S/O always sleeps naked beside them

First Time with Zelo (Headcanons)

Yongguk: Getting out, Friendly competition

Youngjae: This wasn’t the plan

Himchan: Now (NSFW)

Daehyun: Good Girl (NSFW) 

Jongup: He’s Dangerous (NSFW) 

Zelo: You know me better (NSFW), Heartbeat (NSFW)

Skydive: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Originally posted by magiccastles

They have a crush on one of the member’s older sister

You tease them in public

S/O has a kissing scene with another member

They fall for a noona during a fanmeeting

S/O gets jealous of their kissing scene

You overstimulate them

They tell you to touch yourself

You shove your hands in their pants to get their attention

You squirt for the first time\

S/O uses their safe word during sex

Best friend comes out as gay

A boy confesses to them

You’re insecure about your first time with him

Jinyoung x Jaebum x Reader: Karma


Originally posted by royalbinsarchived

Vixx as doms and subs

They tell you to touch yourself

GF casually wears their ex’s clothes

You squirt for the first time

You have nipple piercings and a clit piercing

You tell them you’re pregnant

S/O faints due to heat exhaustion

S/O bakes them a cake for a special occasion

Oral with VIXX

Cuddling with VIXX

Cockwarming with VIXX

Leo: Lost touch (smut)

Ken: Pepero


Originally posted by ikonis

They tell their s/o to touch themselves

S/O is really smol

They confess to a close friend

You tease them in public

S/O is jealous of someone

S/O flinches/cries during argument

They confess to a close friend

S/O is really tall

GF grinds on their hand

You catch them masturbating

You ask them to show you how to give good head

You cry while saying goodbye to them

Oral with iKON

You have nipple piercings

S/O boosts their self esteem

Jinhwan: Real Punishment (NSFW)


Originally posted by mello-bell

Their GF feels insecure because they don’t tell them they love her alot

They get jealous

S/O is very tall

Their best friend comes out to them

S/O moans their name in their sleep

S/O hugs thems spontaneously


Originally posted by herewegobebe

G/F kisses them when they wants something


Originally posted by michitae

They tell you to touch yourself

They walk in on you maasturbating to a video of them

Cuddling with Lee Seunghoon

Block B:

Originally posted by rudebbomb

GF is shy around them but not others

Asking your forgiveness


Originally posted by calemiel

How ACE would kiss

How ACE would be in bed

They comfort their s/o on something they’re insecure on

Their s/o can sing very well like SO Hyang

Their s/O falls asleep on another members shoulder

G/F wakes them up because they’re horny

S/O is a dancesport champion

They catch their s/o singing in their native tongue

You kiss them in front of the other members

Idol S/O fainst on stage

You tell them you’re pregnant

You overstimulate them

G/F is cuddly when on her period

S/O walks around the house in just a t-shirt and panties

G/F has underboob tattoos and piercings

G/F asks if they can buy her tampons/pads

S/O has underboob tattoos and nipple piercings

S/O requests a hug because they are stressed

Jason: That’s how it goes (NSFW)

Originally posted by seunqjun

KNK as subs

S/O wants to have sex in public

Originally posted by jiminrolls

S/O overstimulates them

Idol S/O has to dance sexily with another idol

Oral with BTS

Idol baby sister has a cute concept


Originally posted by dovounq

G/F kisses them when they want something

You’re nervous about your first time (Legal Members)

NCT as subs (Legal members)

Overstimulating NCT 127

Dryhumping with NCT U


Originally posted by theseoks

You overstimulate them

Being Jealous

S/O wants to ride their thigh

You make them cum multiple times

They tell you to touch yourself


Originally posted by wannx-one

How JBJ would propose


Originally posted by theboyztv

#Gun as your boyfriend

#Gun overstimulating you


Originally posted by blexicana2thoughtbubble

They overstimulate you


Originally posted by 91prcnt

They overstimulate you (Legal Members)

SM stylists: do you know what would be a good idea?

me: please no no no-

SM stylists: