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Credit: zkdlin.

Please, wake up

genre: Sehun Fluff-angstyi-ish
type: drabble/scenario
characters: Sehun, EXO, reader
Do not copy without permission or use in any way, this is my work.

It was everywhere, it was in every headline, on every news channel, in every social media, everywhere. “Y/N from the girl idol group in critical condition”. Those were the words that made Oh Sehun stop walking and look up at the screens on the buildings. His heart sank, the moment they showed the car after the accident. They said you were still alive, but how could you be after such an accident?

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Chanyeol Headcanon when you can’t sleep
  1. He’d lay in bed with you, wrapping his arm around you to make you feel protected
  2. Gotta keep you warm and comfy while he kisses your forehead every now and then
  3. “Do you want me to play my guitar? Sing you something?”
  4. He’s often giving you sweets that apparently he keeps in his drawers 
  5. You can feel how he’s sniffing your hair sometimes, loves your shampoo
  6. “Say jagi, what if we take some days and go somewhere?”
  7. His husky voice, in your ear
  8. Sometimes he’d start to doze off but wake up. Doesn’t want to sleep until you fall asleep first.
  9. “Do you want some tea? I know a secret recipe… well my mom does…”
  10. Playing with your hand every now and then, intertwining your fingers and kissing your knuckles 
  11. Giving you his favourite hoodie, knowing you adore how it smells and how big it is
  12. “Let me be the nervous one and you relax, okay? You need to sleep”
  13. Nothing like lying your head on his chest and listening to his heartbeat.
  14. Slowly stroking your hair, rolling it around his finger.
  15. “Do you want me to try whispering in your ear? Like ASMR? Does that relax you?”
  16. He’d watch movies with you with the volume very low, his fingers tracing figures on your skin are probably distracting you though
  17. Pecking your lips every time he catches you staring at him
  18. “Am I distracting you? You should be asleep, jagi! Come here, let me hold you closer”
  19. Having him by your side will eventually calm you down and help you fall asleep
  20. “Sweet dreams, my little one. I love you”