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Park Chanyeol//Throwing Stones

Chanyeol College + Long Distance Relationship + “How long have you been standing there?”

Summary: Exams are kicking your ass. Just as you’re losing all hope, a pleasant surprise comes to your rescue.

Scenario: College!au, so much Fluff! I could throw up cotton

Word Count: 1.1k. this was supposed to be a drabble. rip.

Exams. That bitch. It felt like an eternity since you last did anything but read, rephrase, memorize and repeat. The allotted time you set aside for studying had steadily drifted into your “sleep time” and you were feeling the effects of it. Your eyes were hazy and your head pounded with such intensity, the result of staring at your laptop screen and/or text book longer than your brain could handle.

You rolled your chair back from your desk and attempted to clear your head a bit; the lack of sleep had made it hard for you to focus anymore. Stretching your arms out in front of you, you rolled your neck in circular motions, trying to ease the tension that had built up there. It didn’t work.

Standing up, you began to pace around your room. Chewing your fingers to the bone, your head started spiraling with negative thoughts:

How am I going to remember any of this? What if I fail? Will I have to go to summer school? What if I can’t stay at the dorms during summer? Will I have to rent an apartment? How will I afford an apartment? I’ll need to get a part time job. Then I’ll have to commute-*tap*

Breaking your train of thought was something hitting your window. Glancing at it, you didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Confused, yet unbothered, you tried thinking again. Before you could return back to your mental breakdown though, you heard it again: *tap tap tap*

Looking for a bird (or massive moth) running into the glass of your window, you went closer. Still finding no answer, you opened it; letting in the cold night air into your small, stuffy dorm room. Peering out onto the quad of your university, you found the owner of the mysterious tapping; a face far too familiar, with a fist full of pebbles.

You gasped. The perpetrator was none other than your boyfriend, looking up in the general direction of your room. As you poked your head out of your window, his eyes landed on you, satisfied that he finally found what he’d been looking for.

Smiles consuming both of your faces, you continued to stare at each other until Chanyeol broke the silence.

“Are you going to stay up there all night? I’m lonely out here!” He teased, his dazzlingly smile making you dizzy as he waitingly stared up at you. Excitement pulsing through your body, you dashed from the window towards the door; grabbing an oversized jacket before you left.

Speeding through the hallway to the elevator, you rapidly pushed the “Down” button over and over again. Growing impatient, you opted for the stairs, nearly face planting when you decided to jump three steps at a time to get down faster.

Finally at ground level, you threw the back door open and raced towards the quad, eyes darting back and forth in search for the person of interest. Running to any large tree or information board he could be hiding behind and finding nothing, you slowly started to wonder if you had imagined him standing out there, like some strange sleep deprived hallucination.

Failing at this game of hide and seek, you sighed and looked up at the night sky.

A faint chuckle filling the open air, you whipped around, causing you to crash into a warm object. That object is none other than your giant of a boyfriend, who was now laughing at your clumsiness.

You backed up to look him up and down, still in disbelief that he was really there. Trying not to seem like a ogling pervert, you shyly mumbled: “How long have you been standing there?”

He chuckled and stuffed his hands into the pockets of his bomber jacket, still looking at you. “Not long. I wanted to see how long it would take for you to find me if I hid, but you looked so lost and pathetic out there searching, I decided to go easy on you.” He teased with a smirk that caused you to boil with rage and smile with affection all at once.

Not wanting to taint your reunion with bickering and petty competition, you bounded over to your boyfriend and wrapped your arms around his waist, taking in his warmth and aroma. Chanyeol returned your embrace, placing his head on the top of yours; both of you wanting nothingmore but to remain in that moment for as long as you could.

A wave of comfort washed over you. Anxieties of just minutes ago disappearing. You missed him so much. It had been three months since the school year started, and with both of you in full time courses, it hard been hard enough to schedule Skype calls, let alone physical visits. Having him there in your arms felt unreal. You wished you could hold him tighter, refraining from doing so though, in fear of cutting off the blood flow through his body.

You pulled back and looked at his face. Wow you missed that face. How could you forget how much you loved it?

You could’ve stared at his flawless face for hours, but you needed answers. “Not that I don’t love surprises, but what are you doing here?”

Pretending to be hurt by your questioning he gripped his chest, as if he were shot by your words.“Ouch. Maybe next time I’ll visit my girlfriend who actually wants to see me.”

“Hey! That’s not what I meant and you know it.” You said in a pout, crossing your arms and turning around.

“I know that’s not what you meant. I was just playing,” He laughed while grabbing your arm and spinning you back into his arms.

“You told me how much you were stressing out about exams and how much you missed home,” he replied while attempting to make himself as small as possible, “so I decided to bring home to you. Hence me standing in front of your dorm, throwing rocks at you.”

His words caused your heart to melt and your face to go red. Bashfully, you nuzzled your face in his chest as much as you could, trying not to let him see you so baffled.

Giggling, he stepped back and held out his hand for you to hold, “C’mon we should go apologize to your neighbors.”

Clasping your hand together with his you hesitantly asked: “Chanyeol…why are we apologizing to my neighbors?”

“I forgot which window was yours, so I just started throwing rocks at all of them until i found you.” He answered as he walked you towards the building entrance.

You shook your head and smiled. You didn’t care what you had to do from this point on, you were just happy to have him back in your arms.


a/n: Wow! This is my first piece of writing I’ve ever shared. It was supposed to be just a short drabble but obviously it turned into to something longer! Please Please Please let me know your thoughts! I nearly threw up from anxiety before posting this, so any feedback is good feedback!

Letting Go: Part 9

Author: biaswreckingyourlifefics

Pairing: Baekyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2537

Previous Chapter

The second you walk out of the club, you take a deep breath of the fresh air. You could still hear the muffled music and feel the vibrations tingle your skin, but you were no longer feeling suffocated by throngs of people. You were outside on the sidewalk, watching cars and people go by, not one of them having a clue of the traumatic event you just went through. The arm wrapped around your shoulders was the only thing keeping you grounded.

Looking over to your left, you see Baekhyun searching for a cab. You appreciated the thought, but you didn’t want to feel locked in a tight space at the moment, you needed to be free.

“Baekhyun…” You croak, lightly tugging at his shirt with your right hand.

His head turns to you and you can see the worry in his eyes. “Hmm? What do you need?”

“Can we walk somewhere? I just… I don’t want to…”

He begins to nod and pulls you into his body, turning you away from the street. You could tell he didn’t know what to do, but that he wanted to help you in any way possible. Truthfully, you didn’t know what to do either.

“How does a park sound?”

A park? Somewhere quiet and relatively free of people? Perfect. That’s how it sounded. You nod your head and allow him to lead you to the park. The two of you walk in silence, until Baekhyun quietly asks you a question.

“Are you okay?”

Were you okay? That man had terrified you. You had never been put in a position like that before, and the total lack of control you felt had caused panic and helplessness to course through you. If Baekhyun hadn’t been there, if your friends hadn’t noticed…. You shudder at the thought, causing Baekhyun to hold you tighter.

No. No, you refuse to let that creep hurt you this way. He already took enough from you tonight, you weren’t going to allow him to take more.

“I’m not okay… but I will be. I’ll be fine.” You answer him, and quietly repeat to yourself, “I’ll be fine.”

Baekhyun stays silent for a moment, and then he softly says, “I don’t know if there’s anything I can do, but if there is, don’t hesitate to tell me.”

You nod, appreciating him more than he could ever know. The two of you quietly walk into the park, and normally a park at almost 1 am would freak you out, but you felt safe with Baekhyun. You keep walking until you find a bench and then both of you, silently agreeing, sit down on it. You instantly look up to the sky to find comfort in the stars, forgetting about the light pollution this are of Korea had.

That was always how you had calmed down at home, looking at the constellations and feeling smaller than an ant for a moment. It saddened you that you couldn’t see them, and their magical patterns.

“Can you see the stars back home?” Baekhyun curiously asks.

You smile. “Yeah, I didn’t live by a super big city, so you could see a lot of them. I used to find quiet, grassy places and look up at the sky for hours.”

Baekhyun smiles at your words. “That sounds really nice. I wish you could see them right now… You know, there are some places around here where the air is much clearer, you just have to know where to look.”

“Really? Where?” You nearly bounce in your seat, excitement washing over you.

“That’s my secret, but maybe I’ll show you one day.” He teases, lightly bumping your shoulder with his.

“I’ll get it out of you sooner or later.”

The smile on his face widens. “I have no doubts.”

The two of you enjoy the companionable silence, until a thought pops into your head. You didn’t want to think about what had just happened, but you were curious.

“How did you know?”

Out of the corner of your eye, you see Baekhyun visibly tense, and you knew he knew exactly what you were talking about.

“I was watching you.” He quietly answers.

You look over at him in surprise. “You were?”

Nodding, he says, “I saw him dancing with you, and at first, I thought you were okay with it, but then I saw you push him off. When you started going to the stairs, I went over to meet you, but you never showed up. When I looked again, I couldn’t find you and I freaked out.”

You stare at him with your mouth slightly agape. Baekhyun had been watching you? So many thoughts ran through your head at once, that you could barely keep track of them all. Why had he been watching you? Hadn’t he been watching Chanyeol’s girlfriend? …He had been watching out for you without you even knowing it.

Then it hit you. He could’ve just saved your life. None of you knew what that man was going to do. He could’ve killed you, and because of Baekhyun, he never got the chance to do anything. Suddenly thank you didn’t seem like enough, but it was a good place to start.

“Thank you, Baekhyun.”

“You don’t have to thank me, Y/N.” He says, while shaking his head.

“Yes, I do. I absolutely do. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know if…”

When you let your sentence trail off, Baekhyun turns his body towards you. “Hey… It’s alright. I’m saying you don’t have to thank me, because I care about you, and I would do it 1,000 times over if I had to.”

You quickly wipe at the tear that had decided to fall without your permission, and look down at the ground, trying to calm yourself. There was no point in worrying about “what ifs”. That would just work you up even more. Looking back at Baekhyun, you see him discreetly rubbing his arms for warmth. It didn’t seem that cold to you, but maybe you were still hyped up on adrenaline, or numb. Regardless, you didn’t want him out here freezing.

“You don’t have to stay out here with me, Baek. You can go home.”

He shakes his head. “I’m fine. Besides, I’m not leaving until I know you’re safe at home.”

It was your turn to shake your head at his stubbornness, but you were also extremely grateful with his decision. You didn’t really want to go home yet, and the thought of being alone was something you weren’t ready for.

“You’re really not gonna touch on the fact that I said I care about you?” He softly asks.

You consider his question for a moment. You were friends, so it made sense that he cared about you, right? “I mean, friends care about friends… at least last time I checked?”

“No. I mean, yes, but that’s not what I meant.”

You freeze at his words. “Then what did you mean?”

He sighs. “Honestly, this seems like a terrible time to say anything, but since I’ve already brought it up, I might as well finish it…”

You look at Baekhyun, eyes searching his face, refusing to let hope blossom until you heard what he had to say.

“I was so excited to see you tonight.” He starts, a small smile gracing his face. “I couldn’t wait for you to walk into the club, so I could finally tell you how I was feeling.”

Realizing you were unconsciously holding your breath, you force some air into your lungs. Were you ready to hear this? “Well… how are you feeling?”

He meets your eyes with determination. “I’m over her. I’ve been over her. I was just holding on to something that was never there, and in doing that, I didn’t let anything happen between us. I never even gave us the possibility of a chance… and I would really like to…”

Your mind was reeling, and a smile was forming on your face before you could stop it. He didn’t full out say he liked you, but the fact that he wanted to give the two of you a chance was enough.

“I’m really happy for you, that you’re finally able to let go and move on… and I would love to give whatever’s between us a chance.”

A smile breaks out on his face. “Really?”

You nod, happiness flowing through you at the thought of potentially having a relationship with Baekhyun. Those feelings were temporarily stunted when you see Baekhyun visibly shiver. It was time for him to get inside, and if he wouldn’t leave until you left… then it was time for you to go.

“Can you take me home now?”

“Are you sure? We can stay longer?” He offers.

“No, I’m finally ready to go home.”

He quickly jumps up from the bench and holds a hand out for you. “Thank god. I’m freaking cold.”

Laughing, you accept his hand and he pulls you up. “I would just like to point out that I told you, you could go home.”

He immediately imitates you, while you watch with amusement.

“Do you feel better now?”

“Maybe.” He grins.

While the two of you walk down the street, you notice that you’re still holding his hand. His cold, but soft hand. You smile to yourself, and wonder if you will forever feel like a schoolgirl in his presence. You allow yourself to fall into thoughts of what it would be like to be with Baekhyun, until he awkwardly clears his throat.

“I have a question for you…”

“I will, most likely, have an answer.” You reply with a somber face.

He smirks at your sassiness, but quickly gets serious again. “Were you listening to our conversation at the party last week…?”

He didn’t have to elaborate, you knew exactly what conversation he was talking about. The conversation between him and Chanyeol’s girlfriend, while you were stuck in the kitchen trying not to get caught. So much happened tonight, that you had completely forgotten that was the last time you saw Baekhyun.

“No, I swear on everything I wasn’t. I had gone to the kitchen for a moment of quiet after you told me… well asked for space. Before I knew it, the two of you were talking and I was freaking out. I didn’t want to awkwardly walk out in the middle of your conversation, but I also didn’t want to stand there and listen. Luckily, Sehun saved me… Kind of…”

He nods. “That makes sense. I didn’t think you would purposely listen to my conversations, but I had to ask.”

“No, whatever was happening between you two wasn’t my business… but I have a question for you also.”

“I will, most likely, have an answer.” He mocks, causing you to giggle.

You take a deep breath. “If you’re over her, then how come you were watching her at the club?”

His eyebrows furrow in confusion. “When?”

“Well… when we first got there, and later on, before… before everything happened…”

You watch as he tries to figure out when you’re talking about, and you wonder if maybe you had it wrong or were reading into things.

“I know that when I first saw her, I wanted to make sure I was right about moving on. I was deciphering if I was truly over her. Later, when I saw her and Chanyeol together, I knew I was right. I was happy for them, and I felt nothing but friendship toward her.”

Realization dawns on you… So, you were reading into things. “Oh… so you weren’t watching her… I guess I just assumed you were… sorry…”

He shrugs. “I understand, it’s all good.”

You pull out your phone as you near your apartment. 3:03 am. Your brother knew you’d be home late, so he was probably sleeping. At least you hoped he was. You didn’t want to tell him about what happened tonight, but you always had a hard time lying to him. He knew you too well, on top of the fact that you’re a terrible liar.

When you arrive at your building, you turn to prepare to say goodbye to Baekhyun, but when you look at him, he’s already shaking his head.

“I said I wasn’t leaving until you were safe at home, which means in your apartment.”

“Baekhyun, I’ll be – “

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” He asks, cocking his head to the side.

“No, I thought I was saving you the trouble of going all the way up there. Besides, how much trouble can I get into on an elevator?”

He begins shaking his head before you finish your sentence. “Don’t say that. The person that says that always ends up in trouble.”

You make a face at him but allow Baekhyun to lead you into your building and to your apartment. When you open the door, you take note of the dark apartment and quickly flip on the light, knowing your brother sleeps with his door closed. You glance around the room to make sure everything was were you left it. You didn’t even know why. This was your safe space, you felt protected here… You force these thoughts into your head and try to relax.

“Well, now that I know you’re home, you can finally get rid of me.”

You roll your eyes and turn to face Baekhyun. “I wasn’t trying to get rid of you.”

“Good, because I don’t think my heart could take it.” He jokingly clutches his chest, causing you to smile.

“Thanks for tonight, Baek. For all of it.”

In response, he lifts his arms and slowly pulls you into a firm hug. You wrap your arms around his waist and lay your head against his chest, finally relaxing.

“I told you, you don’t have to thank me, but you’re welcome…” he quietly tells you.

You continue to stay in the embrace, drawing comfort from him. Breathing in his scent and listening to his heart steadily beat.

“Can I take you on a date?”

At first, you freeze at the random question but then decide to mess with him a little bit. “Yeah, that sounds fun.” You say nonchalantly.

He pulls away from you and arches an eyebrow. “That sounds fun? What if I’m trying to be romantic? What kind of response is that?”

You raise your eyebrows at him. “Are you trying to be romantic?”

“Well, not now!” He whisper shouts at you. You quietly laugh, grateful for him trying to make you smile.

“Alright, well… I guess its time to go… I’ll text you tomorrow.” He says, slowly backing to the door.

You watch him turn around and the complete silence behind you causes your heart to speed up. You didn’t want to be alone tonight. Yes, your brother was in the other room, but he wasn’t the one you wanted to seek comfort from. You take a deep breath.

“Wait.” Baekhyun stops and looks back at you, meeting your gaze. “Will you stay here tonight? …I don’t really want to be alone…”

His eyes quickly flick to your brothers closed door and back to you.

Nodding, he says, “Yeah, I’ll stay with you.”

Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by chanhyun

He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Epilogue

This contains mature content, so please read with caution, and do not read if you’re not 18+.

Inflict Masterlist

Oh Sehun | Fast Lane

Summary: You finally find out how your big cousin earns her money - she’s the flag girl for the illegal street races in your neighborhood, and now she’s dragging you along. And that’s where you meet the Hawaii-shirt wearing, orange-headed Oh Sehun, ace street racer and smartass. 
( i.Fast Lane ii.Step On It iii.California Stop iv.Backseat Driver  v. Hypermile vi.  Once Driven, Forever Smitten vii. Gridlock viii. Hotwire)
Scenario: street racer!au 
Word Count: 6,337

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Pink (A Sehun One-Shot)

Genre: Humor / Fluff / Smut (18+) / Neighbor!AU

Pairing: Sehun x You

Description: You run into your attractive neighbor in an unexpected place.

Word Count: 11.4K

A/N: This story is a Secret Santa gift for Alba @messyscriptorium , I was so excited to receive Alba for the gift exchange as part of @kpoptrashnetwork ’s Secret Santa Project / Holiday Haul, because I actually know her and because she’s an amazing human being whom I adore. Alba provided a few of her biases and Oh Sehun happened to be the very last one… I picked him because I’m feeling pretty fucking noodly lately and Alba, I hope you enjoy this story that I wrote just for you. :D I used Pink since the color pallet you provided included pastels and Neighbor!AU seemed doable to me as a one shot.

Also thank you to @dancinghell666 for coming up with the location for the opening scene of this story. :D it was perfect! 

It wasn’t your scene. The neon lights and bright colors when you walked through the door and that smell, what was that smell? Like a layer of industrial cleaner over something flowery and just below that was something else. Something dirty and biological maybe. Most definitely. You eyed the rows of red curtain covered doorways that lined the back wall with the sign at the top that read, in an innocuous font, a simple and nowhere near as explanatory as it should have been, “viewing rooms.” Your mind flashed to the sign on the front door with the scary message.

‘Absolutely no persons under the age of 18 allowed to enter.’

You wanted to leave.

Well, you kinda wanted to leave.

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Tease (M)

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: one shot, angst, fluff and a little bit of smut

Word Count: 3,298

Request: for @shesdreaminginoverdose :  Hi author-nim can I request 33 with Baekhyun fluff and a bit smut (*´艸`*) 

Summary: (33- “Bite me” “If you insist.”) Ever since you moved next door to Baekhyun, you have been the victim of his teasing and you had enough. 

A/N: Hey everyone, this is my first one shot from the prompt list I posted a couple days ago. I will try to post the other requests soon (btw I didn’t proofread so sorry if there are any mistakes). Enjoy!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Guilty Pleasure {BBH} (M)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Description: You and Baekhyun are best friends and you’ve lived together for three years now. It’s no news to you that Baekhyun sleeps around, but you do too…so what happens when he wants to be with someone as experienced as him? // Requested

Genre: Smut / Angst / Fluff all of the above??

Word Count: 2,432 (possible series?????? three parts at max tho I’m a busy lady)

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader (feat. Lay)

Author: Admin Xiufairy

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

“C’mon, you can’t say you haven’t thought about it.” Your best friend, Baekhyun, nudged your arm. “There’s no shame in it. It’d be nice to be with someone who finally knows what they’re doing.” You put your cup of coffee down and looked at him from across the table.

It was no secret that Baekhyun slept around, but you liked to keep things under wraps. As long as the boys didn’t know, everything was fine. Baek, being your best friend, found out on his own. You weren’t planning on telling him either.

You’d been living with Baekhyun for a couple years now - it was originally just for a few weeks until you could find a place of your own but the two of you quickly grew close.

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i’ve been so inactive the last couple of weeks aGh so i’m going to spam a lot of posts starting with eXO BECAUSE THEIR COMEBACK WAS TRULY BEAUTIFUL LIKE WOW KINGS

Park Chanyeol | Liquid Truth

Summary: You and Chanyeol go way back, and are best friends. It’s become routine for you to come over to the dorms whenever you have a fight with your boyfriend, but lately, he’s been pissed off at you, and you’re not quite sure why.
Scenario: angst, fluff
Word Count: 6,917

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Fic Rec List

I suck at describing why I like a lot of these. Basically they are all well written, diverse and exciting fics. They made me feel all of my feelings, some are damn hot and will make you need Jesus, some will make you yell at your screen and others will make you sad and in need of a cuddlebuddy. Since I update this at random and usually in bulk I’ll just say 90% of these have smut

9/10 times if I’m being too slow with updates it’s because I’m busy reading or re-reading all of these.

Putting the list after the break because it’s getting longer now.

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Eighteen {KJM} (M)

Part 1 | Part 2
The Letter

Description: You’re an eighteen year old bartender and Junmyeon comes in with Baekhyun one day. He hits on you, then feels bad because you’re eighteen, then realizes he just doesn’t care. He likes you.

Genre: Fluff / Smut / Angst

Word Count: 10,384

Warning: Smut

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon (Suho) x Reader (feat. Baekhyun)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

At eighteen, you were perfectly content working at a bar. You just served everybody who came up to you, it was that easy. It was fun for you, but if you had a penny for every time a much older man hit on you, you’d be rich enough to leave the country.

They all backed down when you told them that you were only eighteen thankfully, but you’d begun to wonder exactly why that changed people’s minds. It wasn’t as busy as usual that night, at least at the bar. The floor was always crazy and loaded with people.

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you can see recent updates here !

i don’t take requests!

this also lists my WIPs - things that i am working on but that do not have a set upload date yet!

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Bruise [ III ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 9.1k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

The white cream swirled about in the dark coffee in front of you, your fingers clasped around the warm, pastel orange mug as the steam floated up in hazy waves. There were signs of life all around you, couples sharing intimate lunches and students laughing away their course work. The street outside the window in front of you was busy, bustling with people and lined with fall kissed trees, branches adorned in warm tones, rustling when a breeze blew. Despite the heat of life all around you, you felt cold, like your bones were made of ice, like your heart was encased in snow. The book across the table was pushed aside as Minseok sat back down, coffee in hand and round golden glasses perched on his nose as he exhaled heavily, ready to listen.

“Do you want to start or should I?”

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In the Heat of the Moment (M)

Originally, I didn’t write this for a request. But as I went through my list, I realized that it did fit one, so it’s getting posted early! This is for @spiritemofashion, who reblogged my first smut and asked for a Yixing or Kyungsoo smut. I hope it meets your expectations! ^^

Genre: X Reader, smut, werewolf AU (does not relate to Blood for Blood)

Member(s): Yixing 

POV: 2nd Person

Warning(s): Swearing, cringy dirty talk, and of course, it’s smut, so…you know ;)

Summary: Your very lovely boyfriend has been in an unlovely mood lately. I wonder why…?

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

The morning light filtered through the window, giving the room an ethereal glow. Your eyelids fluttered open, but not because of the light, or the chirping of birds outside your window. Not because of your alarm, which isn’t supposed to go off today anyway, since it’s a Sunday. No, you woke up because of a certain someone who was rutting his hips against your behind.

You could hear his soft whimpers, his breathing uneven. You were used to hearing your boyfriend’s snores at this time of the morning, so the fact that he was panting instead was kind of concerning.

Carefully, you tried to turn your body to face him without waking him. It wasn’t an easy task, considering that his arms were coiled around you, holding you in place. You managed to swivel around, his warm breath now tickling your cheeks. His hips continued to buck against you, and you could clearly feel his heated erection, even through the layers of clothes separating your bodies. He let out a low whine, his arms tightening around you and pulling you closer to his chest.

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All His - Part 1 (A Kyungsoo Series)

Genre: Fluff / Future Smut

Characters: You X Kyungsoo

Description: You are hired as an interpreter for a tour in Europe where you join forces with EXO and soon grow closer to one member in particular, Do Kyungsoo.

A/N: OMG I finally have started on another of the 3K Followers submitted requests :D  YAY!!

3K Followers Request #2

All His [M]: Canon AU - Fluff / Smut part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9 , part 10 , part 11 FINAL

“Hey did you hear? We have a new assignment. Some big group of foreigners coming in for a musical tour.” Your co worker Anna whispered into your ear as you took off your bag and set down your coffee at the big conference table. The phone call you received from your supervisor this morning advising you of the new client and requesting your presence was nothing out of the ordinary, but you were surprised to find several other translators from the firm gathered around the table as well.

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Addewid (Master List)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: PG-13

Status: Complete

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

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Cabin// pt.1

genre: smut (in later parts its full on smut, but in this part it’s just kind of like teasing and watching), fluff, friend!au (kind of?), Masturbastion baekhyun.


length: idk man, pretty long.

Authors note: Hey so like, I’ve been thinking about this for the past two weeks and I just needed to write it out so… enjoy!

pt: 1


You looked at him through your window. He was sitting on his bed that was up against his window scrolling through something on his computer. He was your next door neighbor and his room was parallel to yours, so even if you didn’t want to see him, you still could. His name is Baekhyun, and he’s a fucking pain in your ass.

You and Baekhyun met when you were in the 7th grade. His family moved into the house right next to yours and you both were the same age so your parents found it fit to introduce you too. Immediately you realized he didn’t like you, he would tease you or just flat out ignore you for no reason and continued his actions throughout the years of school. Even though he was mean to you, you couldn’t retaliate, it just wasn’t in you. There was something about him, the difference between the Baekhyun you know and the boy you watch through your window.


Chemistry was probably your least favorite class, for reasons 1. you sat next to Baekhyun and felt like you were always on egg shells, and 2. you just weren’t as interested in Chemistry as the rest of your classes.

“Hey, can you keep for fucking window shut you kept me up all night with your music.” you turned your head to see Baekhyun sitting in his desk right next to yours. “Sorry I was up writing an essay, I didn’t know you could hear it.” You said while looking down at your notes trying to frantically write them down as the teacher was going about lightning speed. “Just close your window tonight so I can actually get some fucking sleep.” he spat back to you while packing up to go our next period.

As you were walking out the door to try to make it to your locker he bluntly stood infront of you blocking your path. “We have the trip up to the cabin in two days.” he said while staring down at you. “Yeah I know.” you said, looking down at the floor to try to avoid eye contact. “This year since my brother and his girlfriend are coming, we have to share a room.” You quickly look up at his words “Don’t look so surprised, just bring your own blanket, I’m not sharing mine with you.” with that he turned on his heel and walked in the other direction.

Your families got really close after they moved in next door, even sharing holidays like Christmas and thanksgiving with each other. Every year around the middle of Autumn our families take a trip up to Baekhyun’s family’s cabin in the mountains. You and Baekhyun never had to share a room because you always slept in a room with your sister and he with his brother, but since both our siblings left for college last summer your sister wouldn’t be attending this year. So now, you’re stuck sharing the same room and the same bed with Baekhyun.


“It gets more and more beautiful every year.” You hear your mom say behind you as you enter the cabin. It is beautiful. The cabin is built with dark stained wood and is flourished with many large windows giving sight to the lake and many trees surrounding it. Its spacious, with 3 decent size bedrooms and a master bedroom in the loft where Baekhyun’s parents sleep.

You make your way to you and Baekhyun’s shared bedroom, setting your things on the bed. “Please try to keep your shit clean.” you hear a voice pipe up from behind you, making you jump. You turn to see Baekhyun in the doorway, his stuff in hand. You take a good look at him.

Mean to you or not, Baekhyun is undeniably beautiful. He has dark brown hair that is messy, but in the best way possible. His eyes are hooded and so dark they’re almost black. He has pink lips that are thin but also somehow plump at the same time. His skin is always a light tan during this time of year making him look like a god that stands before you. He moves from the door frame to his side of the bed, walking with such grace, it takes you everything you have to stop staring at him before he notices. You see him look up at you from the corner of your eye while unpacking. “Did you bring your own blanket?” he says to you and you nod. “Good.” and with that he leaves the room.


It’s your second night. Last night thing went… how you expected it to. Baekhyun slept as close to the edge as he possibly could and took deep dramatic deep sighs everytime you even attempted to move to get comfortable. Nonetheless sleep wasn’t a thing you really did last night.

You spent most of today reading and on your computer, catching up on the latest shows Netflix had to offer.

“Okay you two, we’ll be back tomorrow morning. Behave yourselves.” Baekhyun’s mom said with her overnight bag in hand. Our parents, and now Baekhyun’s brother being old enough, always go to the ski lodge just about a 30 miles away from the cabin for one night and day during the trip to “have some adult relaxing time”, meaning to freely drink away and eat mediocre sea food for a whole night and day. “Y/n, the keys to the car are on the hook. Don’t go anywhere unless it’s an emergency, understand?” Your Dad told you, putting extra emphasis on anywhere. “Got it. We’ll see you tomorrow night.” You said standing from your seat to give everyone a quick hug goodbye. And they left. Leaving you alone for a whole night, and a whole day with Baekhyun. What are you going to do for that whole time?

You decided since it was late anyway, that going to sleep would be your best option on trying to get through the night. As you entered the room you saw that Baekhyun had the same idea. So you just crawled into bed, willingly letting sleep wash over you.

You woke up about 45 minutes later by your blanket being pulled. You turn over to see Baekhyun as the culprit. “What are you doing?” You ask in a half whisper. Baekhyun responded by scooting closer to you, kind of taking you by surprise. “It’s freezing I can barely feel my toes.” his teeth were chattering as he spoke. As you woke up more you realized you were also freezing. “Okay.” was all you said and you scooted an inch closer to him. You gasped when he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you to his chest. “Sorry, it’s fucking freezing.” he said again. He evenly spread both blankets over the two of you and made sure to wrap his legs around yours. You were frozen, you didn’t know what to do except for to lay there. Minutes passed, and when you saw that he had  finally fallen asleep you relaxed a bit. He was wearing a black t-shirt and some grey sweats, and somehow managed to still look good. His hair was tossed and lips parted as he slept. He had both hands wrapped around your waist joining together at your back while your hands were placed on his chest. He smelled of a husky lavender and his chest felt so prominent under your touch, you laid there feeling how his chest rose and fell. You had never even given him a hug let alone been this close to him before. “You can stop staring at me now and go to sleep.” You heard him saying in a deep sleeping voice. You tensed. How the hell did he know you were staring at him? You didn’t know what to say, “Goodnight.” was all you could manage to get out before trying your best to let sleep take over you once again.


You woke up to Baekhyun basically suffocating you. His legs locked around yours and his arms constricted around your shoulders and waist. You tried to move but he only shifted a little and squeezed you tighter. “Baekhyun. Baekhyun.” you whispered while tapping his chest a few times. He took a deep breath, finally waking up. “Baekhyun, you’re suffocating me”, he opened his eyes fully and looked down at you. He must’ve found it amusing because he loosened his grip and then let go with a little giggle, “sorry. you’re comfortable.” he spoke in a raspy morning voice, still smiling. Finally able to breath you giggled along, “don’t know if I can say the same about you.” He laughed as he stretched his limbs. “What do you want for breakfast?” You asked turning to him.’Holy shit’. Was honestly all you could think as he sat up. The morning light hit him perfectly; his tan skin glowing and arms flexing as he stretched a second time. All you could do was hold your breath and force yourself to rip your eyes away from him. “There’s pancake mix in the pantry, do you want me to make them?” he said as he turned to you with a light smile. It finally occurred to you that he was being nice for once, actually the first time you’ve ever seen him be nice to you. You nod and he gets up, heading to the kitchen. Everything just seemed… brighter.

You take a quick shower before joining Baekhyun in the kitchen. When you entered he was sitting at the small circle table in front of the large window displaying the beautiful redwood trees eating a stack of pancakes. When he looked up at you his eyes traveled up and down your figure, you were wearing a light grey tank top with a pair of pajama pants sitting at your hips. As you saw his actions you felt your face heat up and immediately regretted your choice of clothes. There was another plate of pancakes and a glass of orange juice sitting in front of the seat across from him, assuming they’re for you, you walk over and sit down in the small wooden dining chair. “Okay wait. Everyone that has ever ate my pancakes says they’re the best damn pancakes on the planet. So you have to tell me what you think, okay?” His eyes were piercing you with pure anticipation as you took a bite. And then another. And then another. “So?” He looked so nervous for your answer, it was actually quite adorable.  You sighed, “I didn’t want to admit it… but these are the best damn pancakes on the planet.” to say he was smiling ear to ear at your words was an understatement. You took another bite, they really were the best pancakes you had ever eaten. “What do you want to do today?” his words shocked you; sure he had been nice all morning, but you really didn’t expect for it to last throughout the day. “Uhmm, I don’t know. We could go swimming?” You said, taking a swig of orange juice. “Yeah, let me go take a shower. I’ll be like 10 minutes.” he stood from the table bringing his dishes to the sink “don’t worry about that, go shower.” you exclaimed while in mid bite. He gave you a small thanks before heading to the bathroom.

As you were finishing washing the dishes, you couldn’t help but think about how everything felt so flipped. Baekhyun was never nice to you, in fact he had never been nice to you once since the day you met him. Why today? You kept thinking about it as you made your way back to the bedroom. Suddenly the bathroom door in the hall just right to you opens, a wet Baekhyun stands in the frame of the door. His hair was wet and hanging over his right eye and you really couldn’t help but let your eyes wander over the rest of his figure. His towel hung loosely from his hips, he had a six pack like none other. His body was made of pure lean muscle with water droplets traveling down it. When you looked back up to meet his gaze, his lips were curled into a smirk. You hurriedly walked, or practically ran, back to your room. Oh god. OH GOD. The last time you saw Baekhyun shirtless was your last trip to the cabin and he did not have that body, not at all. You could barely breath, not only because his body was heavenly, but because he caught you staring at it. For your own sanity you decided to get ready to go swimming instead of thinking about Baekhyun’s body.

When you finally put on your black bathing suit you put on some jean shorts with a simple white t-shirt over and headed to the living room. Baekhyun was standing there, still with only his towel on, “I’ve been waiting for you so I can put on my trunks. Hold on, I’ll only be a minute.” he said to you while you were basically eyeing the floor down trying to avoid eye contact. He returned about a minute later with black swim trunks and the plain black t-shirt he had worn to bed the night before. “You ready?” to which you nodded.

When you stepped outside Baekhyun started walking the opposite direction of the lake that was no more than 20 feet away. “Where are you going? The lake is right there.” He turned around “you don’t think I know that? Come on.” he gestured for you to follow him and you complied by going to his side to see where he was going to take you.

After about 20 minutes of walking through the literal woods, you came across a beautiful small body of water. On one side it had a wall of rock with moss and water falling from it creating a small water fall. It was surrounded by small flowers and you could see the water was clear and clean. “My brother and I used to come swim here when we were little. I’ve never seen anyone else here, it’s kind of like our secret.” Baekhyun uttered while looking at the water in remembrance. He was the first to remove his shirt and shoes to step into the water and you followed soon after, still taking in the beauty of the scenery around you. When you looked down into the water, Baekhyun was fixated on your body, following every curve until he met your eyes and quickly looked away. Your face was on fire, you quickly stepped into the water so he couldn’t see you. You both had a fun time, swimming around, splashing each other, having an actual good time with Byun Baekhyun.

On your way back to the cabin you realized you had nothing to cook for lunch, “hey I’m gonna go to the grocery store. There’s nothing to eat for lunch, do you want anything specific?” you asked him still walking towards the now visible house. “Get me milky way will you?” you laughed at his choice and quickly ran inside to grab the car keys. “I’m gonna take a nap I’m so tired.” he exclaimed, heading to the room. “Okay, I’ll be back in like 30 minutes. I’ll be quiet when I come in.” He nodded and disappeared into the hallway that leads to the rooms.

On your way back to the cabin pissed that you drove to the store and it ended up being closed due to the fact that it’s Sunday. You cursed yourself as you parked the car. You assumed that Baekhyun had already fell asleep so you walked in as quietly as you could manage. Sitting on the couch, you were about to open your laptop when you heard it. A low moan coming from the bedroom, followed by another soon after. Something brought you to your feet and now you found yourself tiptoeing towards the room. The door was cracked a few inches, giving direct sight to the bed. That’s when you see him. His head is thrown back, mouth slightly parted allowing more moans to slip past his lips. As your eyes travel farther down you see that his hand is wrapped tightly around his cock, pumping it at a medium pace. You focus on his cock, the tip is swollen red and glistening from his precum. His slender fingers travel up just to come back down. You should not be watching this, you should not keep watching this. You’re trying to convince yourself to turn around and walk away when your name falls from his lips in a moan. He was thinking of you. He said it again soon followed by another moan. You can’t help the wetness that’s taking over between your legs. Your heartbeat is in your clit, pounding and begging for some friction. You unbutton your shorts and let your hand travel into your panties. You find your clit and sigh as you relieve some tension. ‘This is wrong’ you keep telling yourself, but can’t break your eyes away from the sight in front of you. He speeds up his movements trying to chase his release. Your legs are shaking from how turned on you’ve become, you’ve never wanted someone so badly in your life. Baehyun’s breath become ragged, his hand movements becoming sloppier and sloppier, you’re also on the brink of your release as you rub your clit to try to match the speed of his hand. “Fuckk y/n”, that’s all it takes for you to be covering your mouth trying to ride out your orgasm while watching him the best you can. He releases a series of high pitch moans, and with his head thrown back he cums while moaning your name. When he rides out his release he relaxes, laying there with his eyes closed. You decide that this would be a good time to fake your coming home.

You open and close the front door and make sure to jingle the keys to let him know that you’re home. You hear frantic rustling from the bedroom, until he emerges. “Hey, why are you home so soon? Where my Milky Way?” he stands there with a fake pout and his arms crossed. “ The store was closed because it’s Sunday. I tried to drive around to see if I could find another one that was open but I couldn’t. Guess were having pb&j’s for lunch.” he smiled at the suggestion. “good enough for me.” he departed for the kitchen. “Hey, I thought you were gonna take nap.” you tried to sound like you didn’t know that he was just rubbing one off to you. “Couldn’t sleep.” When you were just about to say something Baekhyun’s phone started to ring.

“Hey mom. Yeah were okay. PB&J’s. We had pancakes. Yes I made the pancakes. We’re doing fine. No were not gonna do that today. Okay Mom. What? Another couple days? Yeah that’s fine. Okay. I love you too. Okay bye.” He ended the call and looked at you, “I guess the lodge is having some kind of autumn retreat, and they all want to stay for a couple more days. So it’s just you and me until Friday.”

Byun Baekhyun//Psych - Part 1

Summary: After a month of being broke at college, you finally find a place to stay, but the only con is that there is nine other people you have to share a house with - one in particular who makes it his mission to irritate you at every turn - but they’re hiding something from you. Something big. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7)
Scenario: Werewolf!AU, college!AU, series
Word Count: 5,972

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